Cool Goddess Special Agent

Author: Jiang Xiang

Status: Completed – 244 chapters

NOTE: For some reason, the author skipped some chapters so there are actually less than 244 chapters. Please check below the volume numbers to see which chapters were skipped in the indicated volume.

LINK TO RAWS (特工酷女神)

Author’s Synopsis:

What will happen when a wild, arrogant, and cold secret agent transmigrates to the body of a weak and timid young miss of an aristocratic family?

She, Chu Ye, is the CIA agent who grabbed the outstanding title of “Agent 007” after the death of Qian Xie. However, she fell in love with the enemy during an assassination mission and died for love.

She, Boling Yili, is the seventh young miss of the Boling clan, the greatest aristocratic clan of the Eastern Nation, but because of her natural timidity and cowardice and her inability to become a wizard, she was regarded by the family as a disgrace and was exiled to a small remote town, where she supposedly drowned in a pond due to suicide.

When matters are left unsettled, the heart and body will almost thirst for blood, longing for the wildness and madness, even undergoing change to the point of blurring the fine line between life and death. From the moment Chu Ye transmigrated, the Autonomous Wizard Continent better wait for they will witness what it means for the sky and the earth to turn upside down!

The Easy Version:

Her father is the head of the Boling clan, the most powerful wizard clan?

It’s a pity that he’s too snobbish. If you’re gifted, you’re considered a treasure; if you have no talent, then you’re just a weed. This type of father should not be recognized as one.

Her fiance is the most beautiful man in the Eastern Nation?

Okay, I admit that you’re very talented and handsome, but can you wait for a few years for me to accept you? I haven’t played around enough. I don’t want to hang myself on a tree.

Her six half-sisters want to take her man away from her?

Very well. I will break your hands then act dumb. Daring to have improper thoughts, you will all regret coming to this world.

This mighty divine tiger, who keeps on sticking to her like a lackey, wants her to accept it?

Ah, she was devoured by a tiger in her previous life. How is it unusual for her to greatly detest tigers in this life? Well anyway, her hand has been itching lately, and there were few punching bags to practice on. Beating it up while taking breaks every once in a while will help invigorate her…

The Mischievous Version:

Stranger A proudly said: Brother can control wind!

Stranger B proudly said: Brother can control water!

Stranger C proudly said: Brother can control fire!

Stranger D proudly said: Brother can control the earth!

A certain someone passing by arrogantly roared: Sister can control wind, water, fire, and earth!

Table of Contents:

Volume 1

Skipped Chapters: Ch. 19, 22, 29, 35

Prologue: Agent vs Hitman

Chapter 1: Autonomous Wizard Continent

Chapter 2: Fierce Methods

Chapter 3: Sending Punitive Forces

Chapter 4: A Change in Her Eyes

Chapter 5: Becoming a Wind Wizard

Chapter 6: The Arrival of the Young Wizard

Chapter 7: The Dogs Are Lovelier Than You

Chapter 8: Leaving Lu Village

Chapter 9: Bian City’s Boling Clan

Chapter 10: Carles Wizard Academy

Chapter 11: Unable to Get Rid of the Shadow

Chapter 12: Boling Huashan

Chapter 13: I Won’t Kill Her

Chapter 14: I Will Support You In The Future

Chapter 15: Murong Chang

Chapter 16: Extreme Radiance

Chapter 17: Is Your Sexual Orientation Ordinary?

Chapter 18: The Little Nouveau Riche Boy


Chapter 20: Do You Dare To Bet?

Chapter 21: The Sword That Astonished The Audience


Chapter 23: A Pile of Treasures

Chapter 24: Wind Department, 1st Grade Class 7

Chapter 25: Please Don’t Shout Like A Mad Dog

Chapter 26: Challenge Arena

Chapter 27: Throwing You Down Can’t Kill You

Chapter 28: A Crafty Counterattack


Chapter 30: Those Who Wish to Survive Will Not Die

Chapter 31: The Peerless Genius Caroline

Chapter 32: Pay Respects To Me as a Teacher

Chapter 33: Wind Needle Torture

Chapter 34: Extremely Uncomfortable


Chapter 36: What You Seek is the Mistress Position

Chapter 37: Drag Him Down and Beat Him to Death

Chapter 38: I’ll Wait For You

Chapter 39: Lady Zanhua

Chapter 40: Resident

Chapter 41: I’m Not Interested In Women

Chapter 42: You Will Know What Kind of Scallion I Am

Chapter 43: Relentless Harassment

Chapter 44: Entering the Pagoda

Chapter 45: Large-Scale Space Transmission Array

Chapter 46: The Adventure Begins

Chapter 47: Intestines Pierced, Stomach Split Open

Chapter 48: A Little Fishy

Chapter 49: Thousands of Locusts

Chapter 50: We Will Go!

Chapter 51: Awakening Talents in the Earth System

Chapter 52: Because I am Your Fiancé

Chapter 53: Water Screen Boundary

Chapter 54: Fatal Retaliation

Chapter 55: Step-by-Step Plan

Chapter 56: Deep-Sea Mermaid

Chapter 57: Nowhere to Go

Chapter 58: Impervious to Reason

Chapter 59: The Threat of Despair

Chapter 60: Deadly Blood Leeches

Chapter 61: Dying For You

Chapter 62: Cutting off an Arm in Exchange for a Life

Chapter 63: Leaving Alone

Chapter 64: Beautiful Men Are Like Clouds

Chapter 65: Absolutely the Face of Bewitching Sin

Chapter 66: I Won’t Beat You To Death, I Want To Infuriate You To Death

Chapter 67: If I Wish To Die, We Must Die Together

Chapter 68: You’re Playing With Fire

Chapter 69: Sinister Magic Array

Chapter 70: Beast-Taming Wizard

Chapter 71: Beating You Into Submission

Chapter 72: I’m a Godly Tiger, You Know?

Chapter 73: The Heaven-Defying Soul Pearl

Chapter 74: Too Cruel

Chapter 75: My Figure is Better than Theirs

Chapter 76: First Chopping off the Arms, Then Legs, Before Disfiguring

Chapter 77: Giving Up and Breaking Free

Chapter 78: Lighting a Fire

Chapter 79: Everything Was All For Her Wedding Clothes

Chapter 80: A Wolf Ahead and A Tiger Behind Them

Chapter 81: Need Two

Chapter 82: Who Should I Give It To?

Volume 2

Chapter 83.1: How Little Birds Depend on People (Part 1)

Chapter 83.2: How Little Birds Depend on People (Part 2)

Chapter 83.3: How Little Birds Depend on People (Part 3)

Chapter 84.1: You Don’t Deserve A Dignified Death (Part 1)

Chapter 84.2: You Don’t Deserve A Dignified Death (Part 2)

Chapter 85.1: Please Shit Elsewhere (Part 1)

Chapter 85.2: Please Shit Elsewhere (Part 2)

Chapter 85.3: Please Shit Elsewhere (Part 3)

Chapter 86

Chapter 87.1: The Loli Devil (Part 1)

Chapter 87.2: The Loli Devil (Part 2)

Chapter 88

Chapter 89: Sister, Please Don’t Forget Me

Chapter 90: Shielding One’s Shortcomings and Faults Is Also a Survival Skill

Chapter 91

Chapter 92: A Wild and Forceful Kiss

Chapter 93: Your Kissing Technique Is Extremely Lacking

Chapter 94

Chapter 95

Chapter 96: Men Vying for Affection

Chapter 97

Chapter 98

Chapter 99

Chapter 100

Chapter 101

Chapter 102

Chapter 103

Chapter 104

Chapter 105

Chapter 106

Chapter 107

Chapter 108: I’ve Wanted to Beat You Up for a Long Time

Chapter 109: Nefarious Intentions

Chapter 110

Chapter 111: Fighting and Chatting At The Same Time

Chapter 112: One Should Live For Oneself

Chapter 113: Stomping on Your Chest

Chapter 114

7 thoughts on “Cool Goddess Special Agent

  1. Thank you so much for translating this LN! 😂😂
    I have to say, your translations make a hell of a lot more sense than the auto-translated version of the pages at the original site haha


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