CGSA Chapter 115

For context on the title and this chapter, the divorce being pertained here usually refers to the husband “divorcing” their wife in Ancient China because of the severe gender inequality and male chauvinism back then. You would never see the wife “divorcing” their husband. There’s quotation marks on the word divorce because it’s actually more like casting the wife away, which is much more severe than the divorce we know today. It’s basically like a death sentence for the wife because they can no longer marry, have no support from their husband’s family or their own family, and will probably have to stay in a monastery as a nun for the rest of their lives with their reputation in complete shambles. Since their husband resorted to such an extreme action, people would think it’s because of something the wife did.

Chapter 115: Divorcing the Husband, Shocking Everyone Around Her

“What’s going on?” The audience was once again in disarray.

Did this woman really not understand, or was she just pretending not to understand?

Chenzhu already had a sour expression on his face.

His original plan was to play word games with Chu Ye. He wanted to entrap her and get ahold of her first, sparing the talk for later. He didn’t expect that faced against her, he was just too… inexperienced.

“Hahaha…” Lanxi Liuhua and Huan Cheng both burst into hearty laughter.

They felt happy seeing Chenzhu’s stressed and sour face.

When they had seen Chu Ye accept the ring in Chenzhu’s hand in such a casual manner, their hearts nearly stopped. But unexpectedly, all of them were made fools by her so effortlessly.

Especially Boling Canglan.

His last wishful thinking was shattered by the raise of Chu Ye’s eyebrows and her smile.

Toward this daughter who suddenly returned after six years of not seeing each other, he didn’t know how to express his feelings in words.

It was finally time for this competition to end. With extremely tangled thoughts, Boling Canglan succinctly announced the conclusion of the competition and let the guests move to have enjoy a meal and some tea. He only spoke a few words, not even bothering to coat them with superficial politeness.

He truly wasn’t in the mood.

This year’s internal competition had enraged him more than any other year. Everything seemed to be beyond his control. That he didn’t fly into a terrible rage right then and there was already a display of his extreme restraint.

After Boling Canglan spoke, everyone got up, feeling strongly interested. They had watched so many competitions over the years, but the Boling clan’s internal competition today was worth seeing the most.

In their hearts, they couldn’t help but exclaimed:

Satisfying! How satisfying to watch!

No one noticed when Boling Ming had changed his clothes, but he appeared in different clothing, sitting on a big chair which was being carried by two guards. Beside him was his father Boling Yan, who was one of the ten great elders, and also his grandfather Boling Mou, who was the head of the ten great elders.

Because all of Boling Ming’s limbs had been deliberately injured and gashed by Chenzhu, he couldn’t move at present, so Boling Yan and Boling Mou greeted Boling Canglan with the proper etiquette on Boling Ming’s behalf. Afterward, they solemnly stood by Boling Ming’s left and right, looking like old hens protecting their chicks.

After shooting a fierce glare at Chenzhu, Boling Ming didn’t beat around the bush and succinctly spoke to Boling Canglan, “Since Clan Head is here, please agree to this nephew’s request.”

As soon as the three appeared together, many of the guests, who were planning to leave, immediately stopped in their tracks.

They found today’s competition to be incredibly enjoyable to watch and didn’t think that something even more thrilling was in store for them.

As a matter of fact, when they heard that Boling Ming seemed to want to raise a request, signaling a change in the situation, they halted at once.

“What’s the matter?” Boling Canglan’s gaze slightly changed.

He thought that Boling Ming intended on raising the issue of Chenzhu maliciously injuring him and wanted him to punish Chenzhu.

This was very much in line with his intentions.

But outside of his expectations, Boling Ming turned to look at Chu Ye, then passionately said, “May the Clan Head allow me to have seventh junior sister Boling Yili’s hand in marriage!”

Hearing this, not only Boling Canglan but also all the spectators couldn’t help but gape in surprise.

Just moments ago, Chenzhu failed to propose to Chu Ye. Everyone had been present to witness that. Unexpectedly, another suitor arrived so soon.

All of a sudden, Boling Canglan turned pale. “This…”

One should know that his seventh daughter was currently Caroline’s sole disciple. Chu Ye’s marriage needed Caroline’s consent as well. In fact, his opinion might not hold any weight in this.

“Clan Head Boling!” At this time, another pleasant-sounding voice rang in the air. Lanxi Liuhua gently waved his fan, robes lightly swaying in the air as he walked past the people in large strides. He had a gentle smile on his face, looking just like the faces one would see on a signboard, but his gaze toward Boling Ming were chilly. He said, “I have already been betrothed to the Boling clan’s seventh young miss Boling Yili since 16 years ago, when she still hadn’t been born. If you didn’t know about this matter, then your father and grandfather should know about it.”

The implicit meaning: Wishful thinking for things to go as you wished.

When Boling Ming heard this, his eyes burned in rage.

Yes, he did have this idea in his mind. Chu Ye wasn’t only Boling Canglan’s seventh daughter but also Caroline’s only disciple. And the most important thing was Chu Ye’s peerless elegance and ethereal beauty. At the same time, she possessed outstanding talent. Who wouldn’t want to marry such a woman?

Furthermore, she was also the woman Boling Chenzhu liked. Boling Ming wanted to obtain her as revenge.

Right now, faced with Lanxi Liuhua’s  words, how could he not have any tricks himself? In a hurried manner, Boling Ming resentfully gazed at his father and grandfather. “Say something. I don’t care, I want to marry her. I want her to be my woman!”

For three consecutive generations, Boling Mou’s family only had one son in each generation. Seeing his beloved grandson get injured in the competition had already made his heart ache. And now, to see him unable to obtain a woman, hot anger reared its head in his heart.

“Clan Head, I can forgo following up on the matter of Ming’er’s serious injuries. But since he likes Seventh Young Miss so much, please grant this request of his. As for the prenatal betrothal with the Lanxi clan, our Boling clan can propose to dissolve the betrothal. If Clan Head is reluctant, then this matter could be handed over to this old man. Is our Boling clan be afraid of his Lanxi clan?” Boling Mou’s words couldn’t be considered not overbearing. Look at his disregardful attitude toward Boling Canglan.

(T/N: Prenatal betrothal – self-made term XD; when two families arrange a betrothal between their descendants before one or two of the children concerned were even born)

Being the head of the ten great elders of Boling clan, it was needless to say that he was excellent and surpassed many others. In terms of personal strength, even the clan head Boling Canglan wasn’t a match for him.

Therefore, he had the capital to be arrogant.

By this point, many of the guests, who had already left their seats, returned to them with expectant expressions, looking as though they were about to watch a show.

Faced with Boling Mou’s strongly pressing words, Boling Canglan’s face darkened all of a sudden. However, Boling Mou’s identity as the head of the ten great elders still existed. The Boling clan still needed to rely on him on many aspects. For a while, he didn’t refute him too much so that the great elder didn’t lose face.

After pondering for a few moments, he said, “Elder Mou, we have to have a proper discussion about this…”

“Discussion? What is there to discuss?” cut in a cold voice. At the side, Chu Ye stepped forward in a dignified manner, head high and chest out.

As her cold gaze swept across Boling Canglan and Boling Mou’s old faces, she let out a snort and said, “Do you think I’m dead? Or do you think that I’m like the other young misses in the Boling clan, compliant to your every wish? If you say go left, then I go left, and if you say go right, then I go right? Well, let me tell you, you’re making an especially big mistake! Whatever anyone says about my marriage doesn’t count. I will marry who I want to marry, and no one can interfere with it.”

Chu Ye’s voice wasn’t that loud, but it also wasn’t that soft. Furthermore, through a cold penetrative force, all the people in the area could clearly hear her.

At that instant, a startled expressed appeared on each and every one of their faces, and their gazes simultaneously focused on Chu Ye.

“Rebellious girl. Don’t speak such conceited nonsense…” Boling Canglan’s face darkened even further from what Chu Ye said.

The haughty Boling Mou reacted more sensitively from how he had just been pointed at the nose and scolded by a junior. At that moment, he flew into an even greater rage than Boling Canglan and yelled, “Seventh Young Miss, it seems your years at the countryside have already rendered you incapable of distinguishing between seniors and juniors. We elders are talking here. How can we have someone from the younger generation intervene? It is always the parents who decide their children’s marriage. When the time comes, how can it be up to you to determine who you will marry or not?

“How funny!” Chu Ye couldn’t help but scoff as if she had just heard the world’s greatest joke. After her laughter faded, she coolly met Boling Mou’s gaze, then sarcastically said, “With your grandson Boling Ming’s morality and conduct, how can he match up to me? Such an unqualified man is someone I would avoid at all cost!”

With just two sentences, the audience grew shocked.

Truly fucking awesome!

Crazy! Could you be even crazier than this?

Hearing this, Boling Mou almost fainted from anger.

Boling Ming was even angrier, his eyeballs suddenly bulging. He shot Chu Ye a disdainful glare, fingers balling into fists and veins bulging from his skin, causing his old injuries to once again open.

Such humiliation! He, Boling Ming, had never suffered such a humiliation his entire life.

His father Boling Yan was also rather mad. When he saw his precious son’s wounds bleeding again, his heart ached. He promptly used healing magic on him.

Ignoring their murderous eyes, Chu Ye slightly raised her head and curled her lips in a perfect arc, showing a profound smile. Then, a haughty and clear voice resounded throughout the entire audience area, saying, “All of you think that children must marry according to their parents’ wishes. Then what if the father are no longer his daughter’s father? Do his opinions still matter?”

At once, everyone grew confused.

How would a father not become his daughter’s father anymore?

Since the father was the girl’s father, how can he stop being the girl’s father anymore?

They exchanged glances of dismay, unable to make sense of what was happening.

However, some smarter people already managed to think of something. Following that, they stared at Chu Ye with widened, disbelieving eyes. They were so shocked that they even forgot to blink.

Boling Canglan was one of those smart people.

When he saw Chu Ye’s resolute smile, his heart shook. Flinging his sleeve with force, he sternly said, “Rebellious girl. Have you gone crazy? Is it not enough for you to make a fool of yourself in front of so many people? Men, take the seventh young miss away.”

At his orders, two guards approached Chu Ye.

“Stop!” Chu Ye raised the gun in her hand and unhesitantly aimed it at the guards. “I’ll shoot whoever dares to take a step closer.”

The two guards’ faces immediately changed. They stopped in their tracks, afraid of taking another step.

They had just witnessed the power contained within that gun in Chu Ye’s hands. Even though a ninth-grade wizard had created several protective shields, the gun was still able to injure Princess Wanwan.

Fourth-grade warriors like them had even less chances against it.

Moreover, judging from the fire in Chu Ye’s eyes, they absolutely believed that she would really do it.

After successfully scaring the two guards, Chu Ye strode toward the center where the main platform was situation.

Her red robe slightly swayed from her movements as the white silk girdle hugged her waist

Brown hair fluttered in the wind.

Keeping her head high, she held a gun in one hand, while the other hand was placed behind her back. She was like a noble phoenix standing amidst the world. She was so beautiful that no one dared to breathe or look straight at her.

She lifted her gaze and turned to Lu Shi, who was seated with Caroline. She flashed a smile and said, “Mother, have you prepared the four treasures of the study?”
(T/N: Four treasures of the study = brush, ink, paper, and inkstone)

Looking at her daughter’s peerless elegance, radiance, and imposing aura, Lu Shi felt her blood boiling.

This was her daughter. This was her daughter!

With such a daughter, she had no regrets in this lifetime!

Lu Shi had never been as daring as she was right now. It was as though she had been injected with courage. Without hesitation, she stood up, lifted her head, and straightened her back. With a smile, she walked toward Chu Ye on stage, her white dress gently dragging against the ground. A gentle cool breeze drifted in the air wherever she passed by.

Everyone gazed at the mother-daughter pair, who shone brightly amidst the audience. Regardless of whether they understood what the two women intended to do or not, they were all totally enamored.

Including Boling Canglan himself.

Lanxi Liuhua, Chenzhu, and Huan Cheng raised their head 45 degrees, staring at the woman in their hearts in a daze.

At this moment, she was like a goddess in their hearts!

When Lu Shi stepped onto the stage and stood beside Chu Ye, she reached into her wide sleeves and took out two spotlessly white and thin papers and brushes.

After that, they placed them onto the desk on stage.

Mother and daughter shared a glance before letting out a laugh. Then they each took a brush and began writing under the many eyes watching them.

Near silence reigned in the air. Only the rustling of the brush hairs against the paper could be heard.

After several natural and unrestrained strokes, they were done.

They tossed the pen onto the ground and lifted the paper up.

“Boling Canglan, continue!” Chu Ye turned around with the two papers in hand, looking as imposing as lightning, before swiftly flinging the papers toward Boling Canglan.

Even if Boling Canglan wanted to dodge, he didn’t have the time to do so. He had no choice but to condense elements on his fingertips and extend his hand to grasp the two papers.

Then with furrowed eyebrows, he took a look—

All of a sudden, his pupils contracted, and the flesh on his face violently trembled.

“Letter of Severance?” Boling Mou read the first sheet of paper, eyes wide in disbelief.

“Letter of Divorce?” Boling Yan read the second piece of paper, mouth open in bewilderment.

These two sheets of paper…

One was a letter of severance, requesting to sever the paternal relationship between the two. This was definitely written by Chu Ye!

The other was a letter of divorce, requesting to sever their husband-concubine relationship. This was definitely written by Lu Shi!

This move was absolutely unprecedented. No one would likely dare imitate such a move in the future either. Boling Mou and Boling Yan belonged to the not-so-smart group, so they didn’t manage to glean anything from Chu Ye’s words. Thus, they completely didn’t expect that this would happen. Because of their utter shock, they blurted out their thoughts in a loud voice without thinking things through.

As a result, everyone in the audience was able to hear what they had said.

They also discovered the contents of the papers Chu Ye and Lu Shi had written on!

In an instant, it was like a super-bomb had been thrown toward the spectators. They all burst into a flurry of noise.






Afterward, disputes arose everywhere!

Some expressed their indignance at this injustice, while others complained about it, spouting “righteous” logical rhetoric. While yet some others expressed their approval and praise at this non-conformist move, they could barely be heard, drowned out by the vocal voices of the first two groups.

It was clear that the current social norms of this world were too old-fashioned, traditional, and pedantic. The ideology that men were superior to women was ingrained bone-deep within the people.

With the two letters in hand, Boling Canglan slowly tightened his grip on them, the veins on his hand bulging out. A vicious and murderous aura surrounded his figure.

Humiliation. This was absolutely the greatest humiliation a man could experience.

Moreover, the man in question was the clan head of the most powerful clan in the Eastern Nation, who had been standing at the peak of the world for decades.

If he could still bear with this, then he wasn’t a man at all!

He ferociously balled his hand into a fist, turning the two letters into powder. He then shot a fierce glare at the two through the corner of his eye, appearing to look down on them because of his high social standing. With a pause after every word, he said, “Unfilial rebel daughter. Disloyal lowly concubine. It won’t be a pity for you to die!”

After speaking, he spread his hands outward, hair fluttering. Immensely powerful earth elements crazily gathered around his hands.

“Ground-splitting Catastrophic Earthquake! bellowed Boling Canglan.



“This can’t be…”


In the wake of the various screams and cries of shock among the people, the horrifying tenth-grade magic Ground-Splitting Catastrophic Earthquake caused the stage that Chu Ye and Lu Shi stood on to explode, as though a nuclear warhead had been launched at them,

In a flash, bricks, soil, and dust particles burst out from the ground and flew in all directions, and a huge black mushroom formed in the air!

Many of the guests who were closest to the stage were also within the attack’s range. They screamed and went into a chaotic frenzy.

Almost at the same time, Lanxi Liuhua, Chenzhu, and Huan Cheng stared at the destroyed host’s platform that looked like it had been subject to a volcanic eruption, mouth wide open. Soon after, they cried out in distress, “Chu Ye!!”

Only a moment had passed from the time when Boling Canglan gathered the elements onto his hand to when he extended his hand. It all happened so fast that the others had no time to react. By the time they wished to step forward to block the attack, Boling Canglan’s attack was already done.

“What are you calling my name for? I’m here!” a lively voice called out, resounding in everyone’s heads.

Another bang, its volume no inferior to that of a clap of thunder, resounded in the air, rattling everyone’s already brittle nerves.

As the sound faded, someone appeared. From up above, two water vines were coiled around Chu Ye’s waist, gradually lowering her.

Above her was Caroline, her ivory-white wizard’s robe dancing with the wind in flowing motions that were akin to that of a waterfall. She was supporting Lu Shi, who had become completely limp and white as a sheet from the fear, with her left hand. As she stood in mid-air, she looked like a goddess who people could only admire from a distance.

No one saw when Caroline had stepped in to save them?

And how did she rescue Chu Ye and Lu Shi from such fatal circumstances?

Their admiration for the goddess deepened.

“Chu Ye…” Seeing Chu Ye perfectly unharmed, Lanxi Liuhua, Chenzhu, and Huan Cheng immediately rushed toward her.

Then they wrapped their arms around Chu Ye in a tight hug.


Only the heavens knew how their hearts dropped when they had watched the place where Chu Ye was standing explode into pieces.

It had felt like it wasn’t just that platform that got destroyed, but… their entire world!

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