CGSA Chapter 114

Chapter 114

Hearing this, Chu Ye furrowed her brows. This answer was truly beyond her expectations.

Keeping her promise, Chu Ye removed her leg from Boling Feiwu’s chest. But after lifting her foot up, she violently kicked Boling Feiwu, who had curled into a ball from the severely intense pain, out of the platform.

Like a beautiful morning glory, the M1905 pocket pistol nimbly spun between Chu Ye’s fingertips. Afterward, Chu Ye wrapped her fingers around it without difficulty.

All of a sudden, she turned to the side and raised her hand, pointing the muzzle toward Shan Wanwan, who sat at one of the seats with the best view.

Shan Wanwan started violently trembling. Her tender, adorable, egg-shaped face turned deathly white, a sharp contrast to its usual rosiness. Drops of sweat slid down her unblemished forehead, and she turned rigid in her seat, not daring to move.

Aside from Chu Ye, no one present in today’s competition understood the formidable might of this tiny gun better than Shan Wanwan.

Seeing Shan Wanwan’s fear, the ninth-grade wizard standing behind her wholeheartedly went into action, having been tasked to ensure her safety. With complete vigor, he stood in front of Shan Wanwan’s body.

Immediately after that, he also constructed a Wind Wall, then overlaid it with more Wind Wall layers just to be safe.

At this moment, the entire audience didn’t even dare take a deep breath.

Although they had never seen the gun in Chu Ye’s hands before, they had just seen Boling Feiwu shoot with it. This made them deeply understand that this “gun” was a new type of weapon, similar to a concealed weapon, and that it was extremely tyrannical and difficult to deal with.

Chu Ye actually had the guts to aim the gun at Princess Wanwan.

They had heard Boling Feiwu call out Shan Wanwan by name and also knew it was this Princess Wanwan who first had the intention to harm someone. But Chu Ye’s actions were simply equivalent to challenging the imperial power!

Boling Canglan had grown so furious that he couldn’t hold back any longer. Seeing Chu Ye want to make a move on Her Highness Princess Wanwan, he also couldn’t stay still in his seat and rose to his feet. Pointing at Chu Ye and glaring at her, he yelled, “Villain, you still won’t—”

However, before he could say the word “stop”, four loud bangs resounded in the air in succession. In a mere instant, Chu Ye had already fired four shots.

Accompanying the sounds of gunfire that shocked the audience was Shan Wanwan’s terrified shriek as she wrapped her hands around her neck. Soon after, red blood trickled out of the gaps between her slender fingers. After a short while, her pink outer jacket was stained red.

The ninth-grade wizard responsible for Shan Wanwan’s safety had constructed a sturdy wind wall. But how could it handle Chu Ye’s four consecutive shots, all of which were shot within a one-second time frame and accurately struck the same place?

As the fourth bullet travelled the same path as the previous bullets, it managed to pierce through the wall, almost penetrating Shan Wanwan’s snow-white neck.

Although the bullet didn’t cause any fatal injury, that cold and terrifying moment when the bullet grazed her skin was enough to scare her out of her wits. She shrieked at the top of her lungs, even forgetting the pain from the incessantly bleeding wound on her neck.

“Heavens…” Shock overtook the entirety of the audience. Everyone has their eyes wide open in disbelief.

Four shots at the exact same place. If one’s techniques were good and they had several years of practice, then they may be able to accomplish it with great difficulty. But to shoot four shots at the same place within such a brief time frame and to also let a bullet pierce through the wall and only graze the other’s neck rather than going through her throat, she must have outstanding eyesight, technique, and control of the entire situation!

This was simply unrivalled display of skill!

Unlike the others’ gasps of admiration and praise, Boling Canglan was so furious that he wanted to break something.

Within one day, Chu Ye had angered him more times than he had ever been angry his whole life. He sat at the highest position in the Eastern Nation’s most powerful wizard clan as its clan head. When had he ever been disregarded like this before?

In his overflowing indignance and fury, he raised his right hand and grabbed at the air. With it, an enormous brown earth-elemental hand formed in the air and advanced toward Chu Ye, intending to punish her.

“F*cking hell…” When everyone caught sight of this, their jaws once again dropped from shock.

What was going on?

The younger sister beat her elder sister earlier. Now, the father wanted to act against his daughter?

The Boling clan’s internal competition this year was simply a marvel to behold!

When Chu Ye saw that giant hand filled with horrific power about to slap her, she stood firm and proud on the platform, not dodging or running away. Instead, her lips curled upwards in a sneer.

So you finally burst into anger from the extreme shame and taken action?

So you finally exposed your true hypocritical self?

Then bring it on! You destroyed the last remaining father-daughter sentiments between you and Boling Yili the moment you made a move against me!

From now on, you and I will no longer recognize each other the next we meet. We will only treat each other as strangers.

With a deafening bang, the enormous elemental hand exploded.

However, as the head of the Boling clan, Boling Canglan naturally possessed great strength. Although the elemental hand was crushed, it didn’t immediately revert into elemental particles then dissipate in the air. Rather, the shattered remains of the elemental hand solidified into elemental granules with incredible penetrative abilities and shot toward all directions.

Chu Ye, who was closest to these granules, as well as the guests who were also in rather close proximity, immediately constructed protective shields in front of them.

But when strong characters such as Boling Canglan and Caroline made a move, the resulting aftershocks weren’t something ordinary people could completely ward off.

Those less powerful and slow to react were launched back after getting hit by some of the elemental granules. Screams rang in the air for a moment before they were replaced by angry curses.

Boling Canglan knew that he was in the wrong. He was too ashamed to shout at them to stop cursing, but he also didn’t offer an apology. He was the head of the Boling clan. An apology from him was something very few people in this world could afford to obtain.

Of course, this was merely his own self-righteous belief.

Caroline withdrew her hand before turning to Boling Canglan in an aloof manner, her incredibly beautiful features growing a few degrees colder. “What do you mean by this, Clan Head Boling? You actually have the nerve to launch a surprise attack on someone from the younger generation like this in front of so many guests?”

Boling Canglan’s face heated up. He felt extremely awkward and embarrassed. The fury had rushed to his head. At that moment, he only remembered that Chu Ye, who acted so brazen and disobedient toward him and treated his words like air, was his daughter. He had completely forgotten that she was also Caroline’s sole disciple.

After a pause, he lightly coughed then said, “The little girl was being too unreasonable. As her father, I didn’t manage to teach her well, and I fear that she may one day disturb a larger hornet’s nest. I’m already doing her a favor.”

What a pompously benevolent reason!

Chu Ye’s lips couldn’t help but twitch.

This was clearly a case of him flying in a rage out of humiliation and shame. At the same time, this was to justify to the imperial family, so that when the current emperor came to retaliate for his daughter’s sake in the future, he and the entire Boling clan wouldn’t be implicated.

Despite this, he was still able to describe himself as a compassionate father who hated his daughter for not becoming steel.

He must be the most shameless person in the world.

“Is that so?” Caroline broke into a profound smile. She didn’t hound on this matter any further. Since some people liked to pretend to be gentlemen, then let him continue pretending. In any case, now that he had momentarily shed his mask, everyone could clearly see his true colors. She then added, “Now that the competition has concluded, shouldn’t Clan Head Boling announce the results?”

Meanwhile, Shan Wanwan was truly frightened by what Chu Ye had done just now. Although she had people ready to protect her, she still didn’t dare speak another word.

That gun was still in Chu Ye’s hands!

“This… Of course, of course.” All of a sudden, Boling Canglan had the feeling that he was being pushed to do something beyond his abilities. Although he personally didn’t acknowledge Chenzhu and Chu Ye’s team’s victory, he couldn’t really say that when so many people were present.

Furthermore, Caroline was also here.

His attack on Chu Ye just now had already made Caroline angry. If he made things difficult for Chu Ye again, Caroline might come to hate him.

This wasn’t something he wanted to see.

Thus, he stood up, flicked his sleeve, then flew into the air before agilely landing on the main stage at the center of the competition field. With both hands behind his back, he spoke in a resonant voice, “I hereby announce that the victor of my Boling clan’s 365th clan junior ranking competition is Boling Chenzhu!”

From off the stage, Chenzhu steadily climbed up the stage and approached Boling Canglan.

As he did so, the audience gave a round of applause.

He stood high in popular favor!

After a pause, Boling Canglan continued, “Prior to the start of the competition, we have expressly stipulated that the victor will become the Boling clan’s new clan heir. At the same time, they will receive three high-level sacred-grade tools as added special rewards: one life-type spatial ring and two swords!”

After Boling Canglan specified the three high-level sacred-grade tools that were to be given, his heart throbbed in pain. He even had a slightly hard time breathing.

He had no choice but to give these high-level sacred-grade tools— these three high-level sacred-grade tools—to Chenzhu. His entire being was in pain. It seemed that he could only wait and find a way to get them back from Chenzhu someday.

He didn’t think that his preemptive planning this time would be crushed in the bud.

When the seal representing one’s status as the Boling clan’s heir and the three high-level sacred-grade tools were handed over to Chenzhu, Chenzhu stroked their surfaces one by one in delight, especially the clan heir seal that he had finally won back again.

Then under the gazes of the numerous spectators, he held the two sacred-grade swords and went down the stage, walking toward Aya and Lulu.

“A friend in need is a friend indeed. Although this is the first time we’ve met, you helped me in this fight despite the pressure from external forces. I can’t thank you enough for this kindness, so I can only give you these swords,” said Chenzhu in a serious manner.

Afterward, he extended his hands in front of him, presenting the two sacred-grade swords to Aya and Lulu without hesitation.

“What…” In an instant, all the spectators burst into an uproar. As they watched Chenzhu’s actions, most of them jumped to their feet in astonishment.

Was there a mistake here? Was there a problem with their eyes?

Those were two high-level sacred-grade swords. So many people would never be able to obtain such a thing their whole lives.

And yet Chenzhu was so easily able to gift them to these two nobodies after they had lent him just a little bit of help when he was down in the dumps.

Was there something wrong with his brain?

Everyone had this thought in their minds. They didn’t know how else to explain Chenzhu’s crazy move.

Aya and Lulu also never thought that Chenzhu would give such valuable things to them. They were given a big shock for a while.

But to the side, Ah Wu, who had undergone numerous trials and tribulations, recovered from his initial shock and quickly refused, saying, “This is absolutely unnecessary, Young Master. You should keep such precious weapons for yourself.”

“But I’m not a warrior. What use are these swords to me?” Chenzhu simply replied.

The speaker didn’t care, but the listeners… were on the verge of spitting out blood.

Some people stretched their necks out and gazed at the two swords, salivating over them. They wished they could throw a tantrum. Heavens, if you don’t want it, then give it! Give it to me! He even said that it was useless to keep these weapons?

Oh heavens, this is really not letting people live…

Especially those individuals whom Chenzhu had approached for help earlier but refused. Their intestines were currently green from the regret.

If they had known that they could obtain such a great reward for helping him, then they would’ve agreed even at the risk of their own lives.

Unfortunately, there was no medicine for regret in this world.

Ah Wu couldn’t help but choke up from Chenzhu’s simple response, unable to say anything in return. After pondering for a while, he said, “Young Master can keep it safe first. You should wait until you meet some virtuous talents who can truly help Young Master in the future before giving these swords to them. This will surely be helpful to Young Master—”

“Ah Wu, no need to say anything more,” Chenzhu cut in, tone earnest. “If you want to exchange loyalty for these sacred-grade swords, then I’m afraid that this loyalty won’t go anywhere. In my opinion, it’s better to make friends with people who are genuine and sincere.”

He then forcefully shoved the swords into the dazed Aya and Lulu’s hands and continued, “For now on, you are considered my friends. Since we shared the same difficulties, we should naturally share the same happiness.”

Grasping the high-level sacred-grade sword in their hands, Aya and Lulu finally returned to their senses.

At the moment, their hearts were surging.

Their blood was boiling.

The two exchanged looks before gravely nodding. Then facing Chenzhu, they knelt on one knee, slightly bowed their heads, and loudly swore, “I, Boling Aya/Boling Lulu, pledge my life-long loyalty and devotion to the Young Master. If I break this vow, may the heavens strike me down with lightning.”

When the vow was finished, the laws governing heaven and earth descended.

Vows in the Autonomous Wizard Continent were akin to making a contract with the world. If one dared violate their vow, then they would be obliterated by the world’s laws.

Thus, no one would make such a vow under normal circumstances.

Ah Wu originally intended on advising Aya and Lulu to return the swords to Chenzhu because they couldn’t afford to accept them. But seeing them pledge to Chenzhu, he released a heavy sigh before breaking into a smile.

To follow Young Master and pledge his life to him was also his life-long wish.

In that moment, everyone couldn’t help but feel touched.

In that instant, they finally understood why Chenzhu gave two priceless swords to these unknown young characters. They might be too young and weak, but they had sincere hearts that they themselves didn’t.

“Get up.” Chenzhu quickly supported them with his hands, a smile on his face.

Could this be considered his very first small sphere of influence within the Boling clan?

On stage, Boling Canglan already had his jaw clenched, his teeth audibly grinding against each other. Inside his sleeves, his ten fingers also tightly balled into fists as he tried to control his emotions as much as he could so that they wouldn’t leak too much into his facial expression.

He was furious!

So furious!

His two high-level sacred-grade swords were gone just like that.

However, the thought of the life-type spatial ring that was still in Chenzhu’s hands managed to slightly pacify him.

He lowered his gaze to the platinum ring on his left middle finger. Although it was also a high-level sacred-grade tool, it was nothing more than an ordinary type of spatial ring. It wasn’t capable of storing living beings.

His mind turned countless times as he plotted how he could take the life-type spatial ring from Chenzhu’s hands.

Outside of expectations, Chenzhu turned to Chu Ye after giving the two swords away.

He first brushed the front surface of his robe. Then without any forewarning, he knelt on one knee, raising the life-type spatial ring with both hands. With bright and passionate eyes, he said in a gentle voice, “Chu Ye, are you willing to accept this ring?”

“Woah!” The audience once again burst into an uproar.

This posture, those words. No matter how you looked at it, this was definitely a proposal!

And to actually use a high-level sacred-grade life-type spatial ring to propose! This was quite an expensive gift. Even the empress might not have received as precious of a gift as this when she had married the emperor.

No one knew who started chanting the word “accept.” But after a while, everyone joined in the chanting.

“Accept! Accept! Accept!” they cheered.

Lanxi Liuhua had been spiritedly watching Chu Ye on the platform this entire time. But at that moment, he couldn’t help but rise to his feet.

How familiar this scene was!

Didn’t he also propose to Chu Ye just a few days ago, holding his clan’s precious diamond spatial ring with both hands?

His posture when he had proposed was exactly the same Chenzhu’s right now!

Ah, no. It should be Chenzhu’s posture was exactly the same as his.

Lanxi Liuhua had an internal conflict with himself.

Behind him, Huan Cheng furrowed his eyebrows and frowned. He took a step forward, staring at Chu Ye with nervousness in his eyes. He worried over the possible responses Chu Ye could make.

Underneath thousands of gazes, Chu Ye blinked blankly before breaking into a smile. With calm poise, she  took the life-type spatial ring from Chenzhu, wore it on her left forefinger, and said, “Not bad. Though the diamond’s carat value is a little small.”

Hearing this, everyone spectating fell over.

What the hell! This was a high-level sacred-grade ring they were talking about! With 30,000 square meters of space, 3,000 square meters of which can store living creatures! And yet you only cared about its external appearance?!

In an instant, all the people had the impulse to strangle Chu Ye.

Chenzhu jumped up in happiness, hands grabbing Chu Ye’s arms. His voice trembled in excitement as he spoke, “Chu Ye, you finally agreed to marry me! I’m so happy! Ah, I feel like I’m about to die from this happiness…”

“Huh, wait, wait.” Chu Ye quickly waved her hands to stop the extremely ecstatic Chenzhu. With raised eyebrows, she asked, “When did I agree to marry you?”

“Just now. Didn’t you accept my proposal ring?” Chenzhu suddenly had a bad feeling in his gut.

“Just now?” Chu Ye gazed at him with an unfathomable expression. “You were proposing to me just now?”

“Uh…” It was now Chenzhu’s turn to be stunned. He clutched his head. “It was clearly a proposal. Everyone saw it too. You clearly agreed to it, so you can’t go back on your word.”

“Really? But didn’t you just ask me whether I was willing to accept the ring? So I accepted it.” Chu Ye blinked innocently.

Translator’s Notes:

Shan Wanwan’s outer jacket looks kinda like this.

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