CGSA Chapter 113

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Chapter 113: Stomping on Your Chest

Chu Ye’s eyes were as cold as ice as she unblinkingly stared at Boling Feiwu. Her red robes and brown hair fluttered in the wind. Not bothering with any superfluous words, she pressed in on Boling Feiwu step by step.

Chu Ye’s pace wasn’t fast. One could even call it somewhat slow.

But this unhurried pace made Boling Feiwu’s heart beat increasingly faster.  She retreated one step at a time, face already as white as a sheet.

“Don’t come here. I… I won’t fight anymore. I forfeit from the competition.” Someone who had yet to lose had already lost. Boling Feiwu had yet to fight, but she already went and forfeited.

“Boling Feiwu, you only have this little ability. You bully the kind-hearted and weak and fear the ruthless and strong.” Mocking laughter left Chu Ye’s lips. “What, because you started this game, once you say it’s over, then it really will be over? Don’t forget what I told you earlier: I’ve wanted to beat you up for a long time.”

Then all of a sudden, Chu Ye accelerated and rapidly charged toward Boling Feiwu like a panther, a sharpness to her gaze.

“This is against the rules. I’ve already forfeited the match. You have no right to make a move on me—AH!” Boling Feiwu had yet to finish speaking when Chu Ye already arrived before her, slapping her with both her left and right hands. Within a blink of an eye, she was already given seven or eight slaps.

And the last slap was so powerful that it flung her into the air. She made a 360-degree flip before crashing onto the ground with rather great force.

Seeing this, the audience let out a hiss. “Woah…”

Boling Feiwu’s surrender just a moment ago was spoken very loudly. The audience had heard it loud and clear. But outside of their expectations, Chu Ye still rushed forward. And toward her eldest sister too, even if they were only half-sisters, having only the same father. It seemed that her return to the Boling clan this time was likely not to recognize her ancestors. On the contrary, it was more like she had returned to collect debts.

Boling Canglan’s face had completely turned purple.

There was actually such hostility between sisters. And to say nothing of how Chu Ye aired the clan’s dirty laundry in front of so many people, those several slaps didn’t merely hit Boling Feiwu’s face. They were moreso slaps to the Boling clan’s face.

Below the challenge ring, a member of the judging panel warned her, “Seventh Miss, the Eldest Miss has already surrendered. According to the rules of the competition, you cannot make a move on someone who’s surrendered again. Otherwise, you will truly be issued a foul, thereby disqualifying you from the competition. Moreover, all your past performance records will be erased.”

There were even two guards rushing onto the challenge ring.

Chu Ye made a meaningless shrug. “Ok, I won’t do it again.”

Although she felt that she still hadn’t slapped Boling Feiwu enough to fully satisfy her, it was good enough.

She deliberately let this matter go, but some people didn’t understand how to be grateful.

“Scram…” Boling Feiwu pushed away the two guards who helped her up. She wiped away the blood on the corner of her mouth, glaring at Chu Ye with an incredibly vicious gaze.

In terms of magic, she was a grade lower than Chu Ye.

In terms of talent, she was even more inferior to Chu Ye.

But she had one final trump card.

She slowly raised her left hand. On her middle finger was a low-grade spirit tool, a spatial ring. Boling Feiwu used her right hand to gently stroke the spatial ring, after which a black object appeared in her hand.

“Go to hell!!” yelled Boling Feiwu, nearly driven mad already. She bent her right forefinger, pressing the trigger.

With a loud bang, a black bullet rapidly shot toward Chu Ye’s chest in close range.


How could this world have a modern, advanced weapon like a gun?

Since transmigrating into this Autonomous Wizard Continent, Chu Ye had never been this dumbfounded before.

Yes, the black object in Boling Feiwu’s right hand was a small modern-day black gun.

For Chu Ye who had been an excellent secret agent in her past life, what could she be more familiar with than guns? She didn’t even need to wait for her brain to process the situation. With the conditioning from her past life, her body reacted on reflex, causing her to drop and fall on her side.

However, she was too close to Boling Feiwu. The bullet was too fast. Although Chu Ye had managed to dodge, the bullet still grazed her arm.

Chu Ye stifled a groan. Blood gushed out of the wound on her left arm like a stream.

Around a second later, a spectating guest who was exactly behind Chu Ye tens of meters away screamed and fell to the ground.

This sudden change in the situation caused the audience to turn lifelessly silent.

Chu Ye was the most aware of a pistol’s power. Even though her arm was still bleeding, she didn’t stay passive any longer. In smooth succession, she rolled on the ground toward Boling Feiwu then seized the opportunity to kick the hand with the gun.

Having injured a guest by mistake, Boling Feiwu had grown scared and dumbstruck. By the time she noticed Chu Ye’s advance and wanted to shoot a second time, it was already too late.

One couldn’t call Chu Ye’s kick a light one. A cracking sound could be heard as the bones in Boling Feiwu’s right hand snapped under the force of Chu Ye’s kick.

Boling Feiwu released a wretched scream. Her hand slackened, causing the pistol in her hand to fall to the ground.

Chu Ye bent and picked up the pistol.

With just a slightly closer inspection, Chu Ye recognized the pistol’s model and make. “An M1905 pocket pistol!”

However, this M1905 was clearly a meticulously modified version for increased performance. It was the only one of its kind.

Immediately afterward, Chu Ye’s expression changed.

Because she thought of 001.

She could still remember that when she had fought 001 in her past life, she saw him use this modified M1905 pistol.

Later on, they set aside their hostility and befriended each other. When they had fought hand in hand trying to escape death, she also saw four similar M1905 pocket pistols stuck inside his black boots. They were all personally modified by him too.

As she squeezed the pistol in her hand, Chu Ye’s heart once again began violently pounding, seeming really to jump out of her throat. She couldn’t suppress it.

Then, under everyone’s alarmed gazes, Chu Ye rushed toward Boling Feiwu, who was rolling on the ground from the pain of having her bones fractured. After stopping right before her, Chu Ye raised a leg and stomped on Boling Feiwu.

“Speak. Where did this gun come from?”

All of Chu Ye’s blood was boiling. At the thought that 001 had very likely come to this world as well, she even forgot to breathe for a moment.

“Ah… My chest… Ah… Hurts…” Boling Feiwu grabbed the leg that was stepping on her nearly on reflex. She was so desperate that she also used her right hand despite the bone fractures. But she was still unable to push off Chu Ye’s anger-filled foot.

Countless sharp intakes of breath could be heard among the audience.

As everyone watched the situation unfold, fierce shivers uncontrollably wracked their bodies.

In particular, all the women immediately covered their chests with their hands and shrunk back, almost on reflex.

Because of her emotional state, Chu Ye didn’t realize that she had stepped on the wrong place. She only realized after hearing Boling Feiwu’s miserable wails and the people’s sharp intakes of breath. Looking down, she was shocked to see that she was actually stepping on the two towering “jade peaks” on Boling Feiwu’s chest.

Upon seeing the stunned look of sudden realization on Chu Ye’s face, the audience promptly understood that she hadn’t done it intentionally. One by one, they all grew relieved. They believed that since Chu Ye already realized that her foot had hit the wrong spot, she would soon lift her leg.

All the women present also let out soft sighs of relief.

Thankfully, it wasn’t intentional.

After all, how could there be such a terrible woman? To actually stomp on the chest of someone from the same sex.

One had to know what breasts meant and represented to women.

Especially in the eyes of men, they were the most beautiful, most erotic, most enrapturing, and most unrivaled temptation in the world!

However, it turned out that some people couldn’t be gauged using the thought processes of ordinary people.

Chu Ye’s leg, which held the attention of tens of thousands of people, slowly lifted up, leaving Boling Feiwu’s chest. Everyone took a breath.

But immediately after, everyone’s eyeballs almost popped out of their sockets.

They simply stared with their eyes and mouth wide open, each and every one of them stupefied and dumbstruck.

Because the next second after Chu Ye slowly withdrew her foot, she fiercely and mercilessly stomped on Boling Feiwu’s chest once again without any apprehensions.

“Ah!” Alongside Boling Feiwu’s wails were the cries of alarm from all the women watching the scene as they continued hugging their chests.

Even Murong Chang and Princess Wanwan hugged their chests with both hands, violent shudders running through their bodies.

In particular, Princess Wanwan’s tender egg-shaped face, normally a rosy color, turned deathly white.

“Speak now!” said Chu Ye in a frosty and already very impatient voice.

Okay, the first stomp wasn’t intentional on her part.

But the second stomp absolutely was.

There wasn’t anything wrong with it developing, but what the hell would you do with such a big chest?

So step on you, step on you, step on you!

Okay, Chu Ye admitted that she was a little jealous.

Although her own chest couldn’t be considered small either, this body was only sixteen years old, so her chest hadn’t completely developed yet. So it was far inferior to Boling Feiwu’s surging chest.

The stomped-on Boling Feiwu was already as white as a sheet and sweating buckets. She grabbed Chu Ye’s leg and tried her hardest to push it away. But this only made Chu Ye put more force onto her leg. The resulting pain was as though a knife was being twisted into her heart. Even breathing became difficult.

To be trampled on the ground in this disgraceful posture under so many eyes, Boling Feiwu really felt like her heart had withered.

She had never suffered such humiliation before in her whole life!

“Still not speaking? Do you think I won’t stomp on your chest again?” This one sentence reinvigorated the entire audience.

Everyone spat out a mouthful of water. Someone wasn’t careful and fiercely choked on their own saliva.

(T/N: Maybe a play on the classic scene of drinking something only to be shocked into choking or spitting the water back out?)

As the father, Boling Canglan unwaveringly stared at the scene that was unfolding on the challenge ring, fire burning in the depths of his eyes. He was so enraged that his body began trembling. He even forgot to intervene and stop the situation.

Finally, Boling Feiwu was no longer able to endure and said, “It’s… Princess Wanwan…”

“You’re saying this gun was given to you by Princess Wanwan? Chu Ye was faintly shocked. Immediately after, her eyes hardened. “You’re not lying to me?” she asked, acting as though she was going to treat Boling Feiwu’s chest to another stomp.

“No… Didn’t lie to you…” Tears had long begun streaming down Boling Feiwu’s cheeks from the intense pain. Doing her best to endure through the pain, she briefly explained, “She gave it to me before the competition. She told me… I could take it out when I’m fighting you… Ahhh, it really hurts… Get your foot off of me…”

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