CGSA Chapter 112

Chapter 112: One Should Live For Oneself

Hearing this, Chu Ye grew slightly startled before going into a rage. “It’s the Murong clan again. They’re really such intolerable bullies. And setting aside the fact that the Murong clan’s son is already dead, even if he were still alive, you still have the option to leave him all the same if you don’t like him. After that, you can remarry if anyone catches your eye, as well as concentrate on your cultivation until you become a true powerhouse. What I’m saying is: we must take charge in creating our own path and forging the right conditions to success, ” spoke Chu Ye in a rather loud and resounding voice.

All the guests in the audience were people of status and strength. Naturally, everyone was all able to hear Chu Ye’s words very clearly.

For a while, whether male or female and old or young, all the spectators’ faces contorted. They burst into an uproar.

One should know that in the Autonomous Wizard Continent, people placed importance on magic, warriors, and physical force. Theoretically, so long as one had the talent and strength, any man or woman could be respected as powerhouses.

But in reality, women weren’t as respected as men. In a woman’s lifetime, they must obey three men in turn: father, husband, and son. They must also uphold the four Confucian womanly virtues: morality, physical charm, propriety in speech, and efficiency in needlework.

While men could have wives and concubines, women weren’t allowed to remarry and could only be faithful to her first husband unto death. One couldn’t serve two husbands; otherwise, she would be viewed as a whore in the eyes of society.

This bore great resemblance to Ancient China’s feudal system.

Chu Ye speaking of the dead husband and remarriage undoubtedly subverted everyone’s impressions and views on morality. After all, such things were unheard of and considered offensive to the whole of society.

Following that, everyone’s gazes turned to Murong Wan one after the other. Because Chu Ye’s words were aimed at Murong Wan’s eldest grandson Murong Chuan, who had been dead for six years. He was also Murong Chang’s elder brother.

Murong Wan’s face had grown so dark that it couldn’t possibly go any darker. His small eyes turned similarly gloomy, and his facial muscles spasmed in anger. One could see just how furious he was at the moment.

Beside him, Murong Chang twisted her lips in a somewhat amused sneer. Before this, she had still been racking her brains as to how to convince her grandfather to help her get rid of Chu Ye. But now, everything had fallen into place. Chu Ye herself took the initiative to anger her grandfather.

Great! Simply fantastic!

“So this is the daughter that your Boling clan raised, Clan Head Boling. Hm, doesn’t seem to be that good. She’s truly eye-opening and beyond my reach!” said Murong Wan sarcastically, his teeth clenched in anger, shooting Boling Canglan a cold side-glance.

How could Boling Canglan not hear the ridicule in his voice? At once, his face turned ashen. Although Chu Ye’s unconventional remarks also surprised him, he couldn’t tolerate other people pointing at his nose and lecturing him.

He gently brushed his sleeves and coldly replied, “Clan Head Murong, you and I are from the older generation. Why should we haggle over minor matters with someone from the younger generation? Moreover, she only said it casually. She wasn’t necessarily serious about it. As for my second daughter Feidie, since she has married into your Murong clan, she will forever be a part of the Murong clan. Even after death, she will still be your Murong clan’s ghost. Rest assured, I will absolutely never let her do anything that will disgrace your clan.”

Even at this time, his children’s happiness still wasn’t as important as the clan’s reputation.

Hearing this, Murong Wan’s tone became much friendly as he said, “That’s good. I hope Brother Canglan will remember what you just said. Don’t go back on your words. After all, we have so many witnesses here.”

Since he was given a way out of this embarrassing situation, Murong Wan took it. He also didn’t want to fall out with the Boling clan.

And there, these two people’s exchange of words had determined a woman’s life.

After listening to Chu Ye’s words, Boling Feidie, who had once again been betrayed by her own father, grew deeply aware of her uncertain future. At the instant, she finally seemed to have been enlightened as she came to a sudden realization. But after a thought, she couldn’t help but frown and vent her anger, “We women can’t do that. Otherwise, we will be reviled by the world.”

“The people are ignorant. Fame, fortune, reputation, and vanity are nothing but mere worldly possessions. We should live life in the way we want to. If we don’t follow our heart’s desires and live for ourselves, then what meaning is there to life? You might as well just go die!” said Chu Ye in a resounding voice.

Each word was like a streak of lightning, frying everyone’s brains.

At that moment, the crowd felt boiling blood surging through their veins.

Such an open, straightforward, and incisive opinion spoke of the true meaning of life, which many people wouldn’t be able to grasp, much less put into action.

Meanwhile, all the cells in Boling Feidie’s body were screaming. That’s right, why had she never understood that? Why was she so obsessed with how those unknowing strangers viewed her?

Taking a deep breath, Boling Feidie raised her sword, eyes unprecedentedly resolute and clear as she stared at Chu Ye. With a sincere tone, she said, “Thank you for this wake up call. I finally have a clear vision of my path. So today, on this platform, the first step I want to take is to defeat you.”

Chu Ye flashed a smile. “Give me all you got!” To think that this Boling Feidie already managed to get herself together.

And so, a strange scene emerged before the entire audience. A moment ago, the two women were still casually chatting. But now, they suddenly seemed to going at each other’s throats.

Neither was merciful to the other. Every move they made against the other was potentially dangerous. Everyone watching couldn’t help but shiver in fear.

But Boling Feiwu was completely unable to make sense of Chu Ye and Boling Feidie’s actions. Those two had been chatting like old friends, so why did they have to fight this ferociously as though this was a life-or-death struggle?

Unknown to her, the strong would never let anyone think that they were deliberately holding back against them. To fight back with all of one’s strength was the greatest respect one could give to their opponent.

At present, Boling Feiwu didn’t have the energy to think about this matter. She had already been driven mad by these two imps’ harassment tactics. They couldn’t injure her, but she couldn’t grab them either.

In a fury, she wanted to take out her final trump card. But after some hesitation, she decided to bear with her situation for the mean time.

Meanwhile, Boling Ming was currently fighting Chenzhu. After retreating a few steps, he finally revealed his final chip.

His blood-contracted magical beast—a sixth-grade Flame Beast.

Around 10 meters tall, it was completely enveloped in flames. With how ginormous the Flame Beast was, it practically covered the sky. When it released a roar and pounced toward Chenzhu, the entire audience couldn’t help but take a sharp breath.

If Chenzhu wasn’t able to avoid the magical beast, then he would probably turn into ash from its flames.

At that moment of imminent peril, a silver light shot out from between Chu Ye’s eyebrows and toward the Flame Beast at lightning speed.

Afterward… a kitten the color of snow landed on the Flame Beast’s large head. But if the Flame Beast was still ready to brutally tear Chenzhu into shreds the previous second, it now closed its ferocious maw, retracting its sharp claws and teeth, and extinguished the raging flames on its body. In an instant, it became a gentle little beast.

It ground its paws against the ground, then stayed in place, not moving even by an inch.

In a rather casual and relaxed manner, Xiao Yin stood on top of the Flame Beast’s head with its head high and chest out, full of spirit and momentum. The combination of one red and one white, one big and one small figure appeared pretty strange no matter how one looked at them.

Spectators only knew that the Flame Beast had abruptly ceased its attack.

But as the Flame Beast’s master, Boling Ming could sense the intense, deep-seated fear in its heart.

It stopped solely because it was unable to muster the slightest bit of resistance when standing before the white kitten.

This simply blew Boling Ming’s mind. No words could sufficiently express just how astonished he was feeling right now. What kind of powerful magical beast was this little creature who looked like a kitten? What was its grade? How powerful was it to make his blood-contracted beast lose all intentions of resisting?

Since his final chip to victory had been easily subdued by the opponent, it was already clear who the victor would be. There wasn’t any suspense anymore.

However, Chenzhu didn’t simply intend to send him out of the ring and be done with it. Wouldn’t that be letting him off too lightly?

Who asked this guy’s eyes to wander around every so often, always greasily roaming Chu Ye’s body?

“Hiss!” Chenzhu sliced Boling Ming’s left arm, his sleeve included. Blood splattered. The wound was deep enough to see white bone.

“AH!” screamed Boling Ming, forehead drenched in sweat from the pain.

But that was just the beginning.




Chenzhu also cut his right arm, left leg, and right leg apart in succession…

Each slice wouldn’t kill him, but the resulting pain was strong enough to be felt in his bones.

After a while, blood was dripping all over Boling Ming’s body.

Boling Ming’s face had long grown deathly pale from all the excruciating pain. He wasn’t stupid. He knew that he had no more chances of winning at this point, so he resolutely clenched his teeth and tiredly rolled his battered body toward the edge like a donkey, throwing himself off the platform.

He would be considered eliminated from the competition once he leaves the challenge ring. At the same time, Chenzhu wouldn’t be able to borrow the name of the competition to abuse him any longer.

And so, Chenzhu won this battle.

Meanwhile, Chu Ye and Boling Feidie already entered the highest climax of their duel.

When the two’s weapons once again clashed, both sides equally unwavering, Chu Ye withdrew her right hand which held the sword, nimbly whirled around, and extended the dagger in her left hand, targeting Boling Feidie’s throat from below at a tricky angle.

This series of movements happened too abruptly. Boling Feidie had only just withdrawn her sword when Chu Ye’s dagger was already nearing her throat. This one delay had cost Boling Feidie the match.

When the sharp dagger touched the skin on Boling Feidie’s throat, it all of a sudden came to a stop. As such, only a shallow cut, along with a bit of blood, was left on her fair neck.

“I lost!” said Boling Feidie, no anger or resentment in her eyes at all.

She had long been sincerely convinced by Chu Ye.

Although she failed to defeat Chu Ye in today’s match, she had at least taken the first step.

Thus, she was incredibly grateful to Chu Ye!

Chu Ye withdrew her dagger. “You let me win!”

Afterward, she turned toward Boling Feiwu, who still couldn’t escape from Aya and Lulu. Taking a step forward, she said, “Aya, Lulu, move back!”

It had long become increasingly strenuous for Aya and Lulu to continue fighting. They followed her order and simultaneously stepped back, increasing the distance between them and Boling Feiwu.

Boling Feiwu, who had finally obtained enough space to cast magic, wasn’t willing to let them get away. She yelled, “Meteoric Flame Arrows!”

The fire elements in the air then condensed into tens of scarlet-red flame arrows. Like a meteor, they headed toward Aya and Lulu at extreme speeds.

Chu Ye waved a hand. “Earth Wall!” She already had the spell prepared to intercept Boling Feiwu’s attack.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!” After sharply colliding with the wall, all the flame arrows snapped into pieces before dissipating in the air.

After her attack failed, Boling Feiwu began to look around the platform. There, she found that excluding the young man still trapped in the Spiky Earth Cage, she was the only one left among her team.

Knowing this, her legs couldn’t help but slightly tremble as she grew timid.

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