CGSA Chapter 111

Chapter 111: Fighting and Chatting At The Same Time

Meanwhile, Boling Feiwu turned pale in shock on the platform. Her movements also grew sluggish.

After the initial shock faded, doubts filled her mind. She and her team didn’t understand why Chu Ye would reveal her talent in earth magic at this time.

But now was the opportunity to strike. Boling Feiwu didn’t want to delay for another half a second. Boling Feidie might have promised to give Chu Ye ten seconds, but she didn’t. She waved her hand at the young man behind her and ordered in a low voice, “We’ll do it together. Quick.”

She meant to rush toward Chu Ye right now.

But the young man didn’t respond. Boling Feiwu immediately flew into a rage and turned around toward him in deep fury, ready to scold and curse at him. But the words got stuck in her throat when she finally saw the situation behind her.

A brown cage with a criss-cross pattern shot up from the ground near where the young man stood. In the blink of an eye, the young man was completely trapped inside it.

At the same time, countless slender and sharp thorns extended from the cage’s frame at a rapid speed. Only when the thorns touched the young man’s skin did they finally stop extending.

For a while, the young man felt as though he was wrapped around a spiky hedgehog. Originally, he still thought of struggling, but now, he rigidly stayed in place, not daring to make even the slightest movement.

He didn’t even dare to breathe.

Because so long as he breathed slightly harder than usual, his chest would involuntarily meet the thorns that were kissing the surface of his skin.

It was very clear that if he dared to move, these solid, sharp thorns would definitely pierce him and kill him.

Besides, he was incredibly unwilling to help Boling Feiwu in the first place. Now that this matter concerned his own life, it was all the more impossible for him to disregard his life and break out of this cage that had spikes all over. After shortly gauging the severity of the situation, he decided to stay put, unmoving and unresisting.

In fact, this was the only thing he could do.

At this time, all the spectators were already in an uproar.

Seventh-grade earth magic, Earth Cage!

They couldn’t be any clearer about that, but they had never seen one with long spikes protruding from its frame before, causing the person inside to not even dare to move an inch. It had become an extremely strange Spiky Earth Cage.

Completing such a feat would have required an incredibly precise control over the earth elements!

The most surprising thing was the outstanding innovation the caster channeled to be able to modify the original spell.

Truly too f*cking exciting, crafty, unexpected, and hair-raising!

Furthermore, only a few short seconds passed from when Chu Ye revealed her talent in earth magic to when she finished casting the seventh-grade earth spell. This speed was too outrageous. Let alone the young man, who was only of the sixth grade, even a wizard of the seventh or eighth grade could also be easily trapped inside the cage.

Boling Feiwu was stupefied the moment she turned her head back. She even took four to five steps back from fright. She was afraid that another Spiky Earth Cage would suddenly shoot up from the ground near where she stood.

She didn’t notice how Aya and Lulu, completely silent this entire time, speedily swooped down on her.

By the time she discovered them, they were already in close proximity of her.

Boling Feiwu didn’t expect that these two unknown small-fries would have the audacity to declare war on her, their eldest miss. In a moment of desperation, she summoned the elements to take of Aya and Lulu, full of fury, fire, and indignance.

Unfortunately, she had already lost her key opportunity. Furthermore, she was only a sixth-grade wizard. Within a short while, she had already grown flustered from Aya and Lulu’s harrassment tactics, unable to extricate herself from them.

She was no longer able to deal with anyone else.

“Done!” Raising the sword in her right hand until it was parallel to the ground, Chu Ye raised her eyebrow at Boling Feidie and flashed her a smile. “Second Sister, please!”

She then flipped her left hand, after which a short dagger appeared on it.

For a moment, Boling Feidie was stunned. She stared at Chu Ye’s sword on one hand and her dagger in the other. Chu Ye looked strange no matter how you looked at her, but she didn’t dare underestimate her even by a little bit.

Because she could clearly sense that when Chu Ye officially declared war on her, her body emitted a strong killing intent, sending a slight shiver through her heart.

“Watch out, Seventh Sister!” Boling Feidie yelled, her sword in hand. At the same time, purple warrior qi burst out from her, splitting the air.

Chu Ye shook her hands. An unending stream of brown-colored earth elements poured into her sword and dagger. The energy caused the blades to gain an intense glow, after which it formed an earth-elemental version of the Wind Blade, possessing a strong momentum.

Her momentum didn’t lose to that of Boling Feidie.

A clang sounded as their weapons clashed against each other, shaking the entire competition platform.

Both of them stepped three continuous steps back, the fingers wrapped around their swords wriggling in secret. This was because the web between their forefinger and their thumb was torn from the resulting impact of their clash.

The first round between them was a draw.

Without any superfluous words, the two regained their spirits and charged at each other.

Dazzling purple warrior qi and brown-colored magic met in violent conflict again and again. These two girls’ nimble yet fierce skills became the greatest highlight in the entire arena.

Everyone was burning in excitement as they watched. They tightly clenched their fists, hating that they couldn’t enter the competition ring in person and join in the fight.

The blows Boling Feidie exchanged with Chu Ye, the more frightened she grew. She studied warrior qi and practiced warrior skills. She excelled in close combat, but she didn’t expect that as a wizard, Chu Ye would also be this outstanding close combat.

She held a sword in one hand and a dagger in the other. It didn’t seem like she had a proper fighting method. However, she could attack from far away and defend for up close, as well as defend from afar and attack up close. Moreover, her moves were often unexpected, sly, and strange, forcing her back step by step.

If she didn’t have the advantage of her eighth-grade warrior qi and superior internal energy, she would have probably already been forced out of the platform.

“Who could have thought you’d have such outstanding skills, Seventh Sister? Why don’t you be a warrior?” said Boling Feidie in the midst of their fight.

Actually, she felt somewhat empathetic toward Chu Ye since they had similar circumstances.

“That suggestion’s not a bad idea. I’ll consider it,” responded Chu Ye with a chuckle. Her movements never slowed down.

In fact, it wasn’t as though Chu Ye never had the thought of cultivating warrior qi. It was just that when she had arrived in this world, she came into contact with this wizard business first. She had never been an indecisive and half-hearted person. Since she had chosen to become a wizard, she must make a name for herself in this aspect.

She would absolutely never act wishy-washy. It was simply strenuous and unrewarding.

Maybe it wasn’t impossible to cultivate warrior qi after attaining great achievements in magic.

“If you ever want to learn one day, you can find me. I don’t dare teach you, but I can at least train with you.”

“Okay! It’s a deal. Besides, I’m a little curious. Second Sister, why did you become a warrior and not a wizard?”

“It’s a long story.”

“You can make the long story short.”

“It started when I was young…”

The two were fighting and chatting at the same time.

All of a sudden, the mouths of everyone in the audience couldn’t help but twitch.

Beside them, Boling Feiwu was angered by Aya and Lulu’s annoying tactics. When she heard them chat, she seethed, growing even more infuriated. She almost ground her teeth from her anger.

Unfortunately, the two were still chatting as though nobody else was around.

“Ah, we have both had our share of misfortunes in life. But you’re a lot more fortunate than Boling Yili. You were at least able to become a warrior after several years of stagnation as a second-grade wizard. Your achievements aren’t that bad either. But Boling Yili could only muddle through life after being driven out of the clan residence. Boling Yili even…” died at the bottom of a deep pond, unable to make a sound or breathe.

After listening to Boling Feidie and noticing that she had somewhat similar bitter experiences as Boling Yili, Chu Ye was filled with melancholy.

Seeing Chu Ye use strange wording and then cut herself off despite wanting to speak further, Boling Feidie grew slightly puzzled.

But she didn’t think about this matter too deeply and continued, “Haven’t you also freed yourself from misery now, Seventh Sister? I’d say that within three days, the entire Eastern Nation will know your distinguished name! As for me, this is how life will be for the rest of my life. I’m afraid I can only stay at home as a grass widow and abide by the customs until I die…”

It was because of her mediocre talent in magic, rendering her incapable of advancing from the second grade for several years, that her father had carelessly married her off. Despite knowing that the bridegroom’s family only wanted her to marry the groom to usher him good luck, he still made her enter the tiger’s den in order to borrow the influence of the bridegroom’s family.

Since then, she strove to continuously improve herself. She worked hard to cultivate in the path of a warrior.

It was only in the past two years since she became an eighth-grade warrior that her father began treating her better. But she no longer cherished his favor.

Her most beautiful years had already been ruined by his selfishness and ruthlessness. In this ice-cold Boling clan, the only person she could still recall with a bit of fondness had been her mother.

Unfortunately, her mother had favored her elder sister Boling Feiwu since they were young. This time, for Boling Feiwu, she personally visited her already-diseased husband’s family home to approach her for help.

She clearly expected that she would end up in this situation. Aside from Boling Canglan, a part of the reason was also Boling Feiwu.

But her mother still approached her to force her to help Boling Feiwu.

She agreed and said nothing else.

But something at the bottom of her heart shattered as she did so.

Imperceptibly and silently, her last trace of concern for the Boling clan was smashed to smithereens.

Hearing the loneliness and desolation in Boling Feidie’s voice, Chu Ye swung her sword, fiercely striking the blade of Boling Feidie’s sword.

A jolt ran through Boling Feidie’s hand from shock, and her sword was nearly sent flying. She steadied herself and hurriedly stepped seven to eight steps back.

Boling Feidie then stood still, hot anger filling her heart. She thought that Chu Ye had spoken so much to her just so she would grow distracted, which gave Chu Ye the opportunity to gain the upper hand. As such, she was about to scold her coldly.

However, Chu Ye withdrew her sword, possessing a serious expression. She raised her eyebrows and said, “What ‘this is how life will be for the rest of my life’? Women don’t understand that they must first treasure themselves. Otherwise, other people would all the more not treasure you. To tell you the truth, you’re the first woman in this world that I actually like upon our first meeting. I originally thought you were different from everyone else. I didn’t think that you’re also too adherent of old customs!”

Hearing this, Boling Feidie grew baffled.

She still thought that Chu Ye was trying to follow up on her previous advantage and pursue victory. But outside of her expectations, Chu Ye actually retracted her weapon and denounced her with a stern countenance.

For a while, she simply stared at Chu Ye, unable to say a word.

Chu Ye continued, “So what about observing widowhood? Who asked you to keep watch and abide by the customs? Isn’t the bridegroom’s family already dead for many years now? Their corpses have long decomposed underneath the ground. For whom are you abiding for? Have you never wanted to resist?”

Having been scolded so severely by Chu Ye, Boling Feidie couldn’t help but blank out. At the same time, she no longer held back her reservations and vented the apprehensions inside her heart. “But the other party is the Murong clan…”

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