CGSA Chapter 110

Chapter 110

Chenzhu’s words slightly shocked Chu Ye.

One should know that the Boling clan was known as the most powerful clan in the Eastern Nation. Their power naturally stemmed from the wizards in the clan. Although there were also warriors in the clan, they were few in number.

Moreover, Boling Feidie was Boling Canglan’s own daughter, a direct descendant in the Boling clan line. And yet she didn’t learn magic but warrior qi, which was even more puzzling.

But that wasn’t the main point right now.

After releasing a soft “oh” of realization, Chu Ye asked, “What grade?”

Chenzhu’s expression grew more grim. After a pause, he replied, “Eighth-grade warrior!”

“Heavens…” Shocked, Lulu couldn’t help but exclaim, “Second Miss is too awesome!”

Aya’s face twisted into a slight frown, and he let out a sigh. “Eighth-grade warrior… Lulu and I together wouldn’t last against her…” for more than three moves.

Of course, he didn’t say the last five words out loud. He was afraid it would affect everyone’s morale pre-battle.

Furthermore, aside from Boling Ming and Boling Feidie, their team still had a young man who was a sixth-grade wizard.

But Chu Ye, who knew a ninth-grade warrior like Huan Cheng, was fully aware of how strong an eighth-grade warrior was in combat. Even if Boling Feidie were to go up against Chenzhu, a ninth-grade wizard, Chenzhu’s victory still wouldn’t be certain.

After weighing the pros and cons of the overall situation, Chu Ye promptly explained the battle plan, “Chenzhu, you will fight Boling Ming. But be cautious of him during the fight. That guy’s ability to see through things with one glance isn’t good. Be careful of his tricks and schemes.” She then turned to the other two, saying, “Aya, Lulu, you will attack Boling Feiwu together. Remember, employ harrassment tactics against her for as long as you can. Don’t directly confront her with force so that you won’t get hurt. If you can’t persist any longer, just jump down the platform. As for Boling Feidie and that young man, leave them to me!”

Chenzhu said, “No. How can one person handle two people at the same time? And Boling Feidie’s an eighth-grade warrior too—”

Chu Ye said, “Chenzhu, you just said that you’ll listen to what I say. It’s settled now. Because if we follow this plan, we have an actual chance to win.”

Aya and Lulu were too weak. In the first place, they only joined to meet the required number of team members in Chenzhu’s team. To truly hope that they could defeat their opponents was basically forcing these two children to their deaths.

Meanwhile, Boling Ming’s team was also working out a battle plan.

With her identity as the eldest miss, Boling Feiwu utilized her seniority as the eldest sister and ordered, “Second Sister, you fight that bastard child Chenzhu. With your strength as an eighth-grade warrior, you can definitely defeat him. Better yet, you should take advantage of this opportunity to beat him until he becomes crippled. That way, he can no longer compete with us for anything.” The entire time, her features were filled with cruelty.

Boling Feidie frowned upon hearing this. In a somewhat cold voice, she said, “Eldest Sister, I’m willing to help you this time because of my mother’s personal request. But don’t think that I’ll help you assault people. And although Chenzhu isn’t our blood-related brother, we still watched him grow up. Don’t say the words ‘bastard child’ either. If someone hears you, people will say that our mother hasn’t taught you well, and our mother’s reputation will be tarnished.”

All of a sudden, Boling Feiwu scowled in anger. “Second Sister, you… Why are you speaking for an outsider? I’m your elder sister!” The start of the finals was drawing near. It wasn’t good to be too severe with her words, so she had no choice but to pull out the elder sister card.

Unfortunately, Boling Feidie wasn’t having any of it. Unyielding, she raised her head, looked straight into Boling Feiwu’s eyes, and coldly said, “So you still remember that you’re my elder sister, hmm. Back then, you incited Father to marry me to a severely ill man who already had one foot in the grave to usher in good luck. You made me a grass widow from the age of eighteen all the way until now. At that time, did you ever remember that I’m your sister?!”

(T/N: Usher in good luck – a superstition wherein the family will let a severely ill relative marry someone and use this happy event to flush out the bad luck surrounding that ill person. This will then supposedly allow him to finally recover.

Grass widow – legally married but hasn’t experienced the married life (e.g. sex) ; here, the husband died soon after they married.)

“I had nothing to do with that matter. It was only after you entered the marriage sedan that I discovered that the groom’s family arranged this marriage to usher in good luck…” said Boling Feiwu, eyes slightly shifty. She was naturally most clear on the truth behind that matter.

Seeing her younger sister get a better marriage partner while she could only stay at the residence as an old maiden was not something she was willing to accept.

At the same time, she also felt envious.

Which eventually turned into hate.

Since she couldn’t have an easy time, no one else should think they’d have one either.

As a result, the first target of her schemes was her dearest sister, Boling Feidie.

Boling Feidie snorted. “You know your own thoughts best. The heavens are watching the actions of the people from above. Retribution will be served.”

This made Boling Feiwu want to break into an angry fit.

By their side, Boling Ming couldn’t bear to watch them any longer and hurriedly intervened. “These two great aunts, what time is it now? And yet you’re still reviving old quarrels. Please put off whatever you’re talking about until the end of this competition, alright?”

Hearing this, the two women hmph-ed and turned away from one another. They didn’t make another sound.

Boling Ming turned to Boling Feidie and said, “Sister Feidie, the competition is about to start. We should all work together. We shouldn’t fight amongst ourselves.”

Boling Feidie shot him a cold glance. “Don’t worry. Since I promised my mother that I will help you, I definitely won’t go back on my word just before the start of the battle like a villain. But if you want me to hurt other people, don’t even think about it any further!”

“Good. You better remember what you just said.” Boling Feiwu was forced to settle for the second best thing. She was afraid that Boling Feidie would throw the fight midway. At that time, she would have no place to complain and could only suffer in silence. Afterward, she also shifted her gaze toward Chenzhu. “Brother Ming, you and I will deal with Chu Ye together. We must give her a good showing today.”

If she were to go against Chu Ye alone, she would get a bit of… stage fright.

“Okay!” Boling Ming’s face is filled with excitement. He clearly had some devious thoughts.

At this time, Boling Feiwu also didn’t feel like cursing at him. Instead, she patted the young man beside her. “Although you’re the weakest among us, you’re still a sixth-grade wizard. I’ll hand those two warrior small fries to you. Remember to properly teach them a lesson. It’ll be better if you beat them until they can’t even recognize their mothers. To have the impertinence to help those two bastards without expecting them to pay the price, I won’t be able to breathe easy if I just let them go.”

“Yes!” The young man nodded in agreement.

However, his mouth held a trace of an annoyed sneer. She called him the weakest. But did she forget that she herself was also a sixth-grade wizard? How laughable.

After making their battle plans, it turned out to be the complete opposite of Chu Ye’s.

Their discussion seemed complicated, but in reality, it only lasted for a minute or two.

On Chu Ye’s side, Chenzhu was unable to get Chu Ye to change their battle plans and was thus forced to comply. With a low shout, he took the initiative in charging toward Boling Ming.

Right now, he only wanted to defeat Boling Ming as quick as possible, then go help Chu Ye.

Boling Ming entangled with Chenzhu. But Boling Feiwu wanted to drag Boling Ming with her so that they could fight together against Chu Ye, just as they had planned. Flustered and exasperated, she turned to Boling Feidie and ordered, “Hurry, we already agreed that Chenzhu will be your opponent.”

Boling Feidie shot her a cold glance. She didn’t say anything in response before slowly striding toward Chenzhu.

Out of anger, Boling Feiwu stomped her feet.

But she didn’t dare scold.

She knew that her second sister had experienced much anger during these past years as a grass widow, which caused her temperament to undergo huge changes. She became cold and detached. She even disregarded her father. In the entire Boling clan, the only person she would listen to was her mother.

Boling Feiwu was afraid to pressure her too much, so she just flung her sleeve and left. The gains wouldn’t make up for the losses.

But the situation once again deviated from her expectations. With a cold flash of light Chu Ye unsheathed her sword, which she pointed toward the ground. She cast Boling Feidie a sidelong glance before curling her lips in a smile. “Second Sister, why don’t we measure ourselves against each other?”

Boling Feidie stopped in her tracks, brought to a slight stupor. She met Chu Ye’s gaze and with a trace of curiosity, said, “You’re really Seventh Sister? You’ve changed a lot in the six years I haven’t seen you.”

“I could say the same for you. You aren’t the same as the Second Sister from six years ago,” replied Chu Ye in a calm manner.

This exchange of two sentences evoked boundless sorrow in Boling Feidie. Right, six years had passed. The issue was in the past, and the situation had changed. Even if some things hadn’t changed, the people had. So so many things… really had changed. With a soft sigh, she said, “Ok, then let me see how much Seventh Sister has grown over the past six years.”

As she spoke, she kicked her left foot backward, her toes pushing the sword on her back up into the air. As her sword fell, it perfectly fell into her hands.

This made Boling Feiwu seethe with even greater rage. She yelled, “Boling Feidie, you’re crazy. How could you not act according to our plan? You promised me you—”
Unfortunately, Boling Feidie simply dismissed her as a mad dog that kept on barking and howling. She didn’t even bother to turn around and face her. She unsheathed a beautiful sword, the action accompanied by the sharp swish of the sliding of metal. With raised eyebrows and a smile, she said, “Seventh Sister, let’s begin!”

“Alright!” Chu Ye returned the smile. This second sister was actually to her liking. She didn’t find her very annoying. Thus, she winked at her and said, “Wait, give me ten more seconds!”

Boling Feidie was once again slightly stunned. Then she nodded and said, “Sure!”

“Thanks!” Chu Ye flashed her a grateful smile.

Afterward, she lightly closed her eyes in her red robes. Although there wasn’t any wind, her long hair began to flutter in the air. Under everyone’s shocked gazes, her shiny silver hair slowly turned a deep brown, inch by inch.

When she reopened her eyes, a brown glint flashed. Her originally silver eyes had also changed into the complementary brown color. They seemed serene, but their depths were filled with mystery, capable of chilling people to their bones.

At that very moment, shock befell everyone on their seats.

Heavens, was there a problem with their eyes?

To be able to shift between two magic systems, Chu Ye should possess a wind-earth immortal body.

Boling Canglan’s eyes uncontrollably dilated. Then the smile on his face deepened. How many surprises did this seventh daughter of his still have in her sleeves?

Meanwhile, Murong Chang had already turned as white as a sheet. A freezing chill washed over her from head to toe and seeped into her bones. It was as though she had been thrown into a chilled storage room.

Even the advantage of possessing a wind-fire immortal body had completely vanished in front of Chu Ye.

For the first time, Murong Chang cannot help but admit that the gap between her and Chu Ye was only growing wider and wider over time.

But at the same time, it strengthened her determination to eliminate Chu Ye.

With staunch eyes, she fixed her attention onto the high-spirited woman on the challenge ring, fingers wrung together. She must think of a surefire scheme.

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