CGSA Chapter 109

Chapter 109: Nefarious Intentions

After just one bout, their opponents, a four-man team with considerable strength, was reduced to two members.

Everyone in the audience was dumbstruck.

Almost everyone’s gazes were focused on the challenge ring Chu Ye was on. No one had paid any attention to Boling Feiwu’s team’s fight.

Shouldn’t this be considered a sneak attack?

The people in the audience exchanged glances with one another. Caroline’s disciple actually acted with such unscrupulousness?

Wasn’t this a loss of face for Caroline?

Thinking of this, they turned toward Caroline. But outside of their expectations, they saw Caroline, whose faint smile had never seemed to leave her face all this time, break into a grin, exposing eight pearly white teeth. Satisfaction was clearly written on her face, no matter how one looked at her.

The corners of everyone’s mouths twitched. They truly couldn’t understand the thought processes of those powerhouses.

On the field, after several moments of astonishment, the eighth-grade wizard leading the opposing team burst into an unquenchable rage. He pointed a finger at Chu Ye, yelling, “That was a sneak attack! A foul! I’m protesting against this—”

“Your protest isn’t valid. The bell already rang, so I didn’t commit a foul.” Chu Ye’s lips curled into a smile. “Your reaction speed’s just slow.”

Then she turned around to attack the other sixth-grade wizard.

“You…” The eighth-grade wizard stomped his feet out of rage. How could he not know that Chu Ye hadn’t really committed a foul? But he wasn’t willing to accept that two of his teammates were wordlessly kicked out of the competition ring before they were able to do anything.

Seeing Chu Ye about to attack another one of his teammates, he lunged toward her back, similarly intending to sneak-attack on her.

Only, he forgot to wonder why Chu Ye would dare to present her back toward him without the slightest bit of apprehension.

So, just as the man was about to launch a sneak attack on Chu Ye, he ended up being the target of an attack instead.

This was because he had made a fatal mistake. Chu Ye was not the only person on her team standing within the challenge ring.

By the time he intended to attack Chu Ye from behind, Chenzhu was already prepared to take action.

Eight sharp and slender Earth Thorns shot up from the ground, penetrating the eighth-grade wizard’s shoes and passing through the gaps between his toes. In a flash, he stopped as he was almost nailed to the ground, face deathly pale from fright. He didn’t dare move again.

After casting the spell, Chenzhu charged toward the eighth-grade wizard, a blade in hand, and fiercely hacked at him. The eighth-grade wizard’s eyes rolled up as he was beaten to unconsciousness, his limp body falling to the ground.

At the same time, Chu Ye eliminated the remaining sixth-grade wizard.

The round was already over before Aya and Lulu had the chance to do anything.

The entire audience was silenced. They originally thought this would be a fierce battle with many exciting exchanges of blows. But in the end, there was nothing worth watching during the entire fight.

This speed was astounding!

As a result, only Boling Feiwu and Boling Ming’s fight was still ongoing.

In contrast, the fight on their end was extremely fierce since the strengths of both sides were fairly even. It took around half an hour for the fight to come to an end.

Boling Ming and Boling Feiwu’s team was victorious.

At this point in the competition, only Chenzhu’s and Boling Ming’s teams were left. There wasn’t a need to draw lots anymore.

Immediately after this should be the 1v1 finals.

However, Boling Canglan ordered another 30-minute suspension. During this break, snacks and drinks were offered to the two competitors so that they can replenish their energy.

Looking at all the various delicacies being served, Lulu lit up. She reached out, wanting to put one into her mouth.

“Don’t eat.” Chu Ye lightly slapped the back of Lulu’s hand. Afterward, she took out four bottles of water from her spatial ring and gave them one each. “Drink a bit of water to moisten your throat. When this game’s over, I’ll invite you to eat outside.”

“Why can’t we not eat right now?” Lulu stared at the delicacies with greedy eyes. She really wanted to eat.

One should know that she and Aya were both only distant collateral relatives of the Boling clan. Their statuses were low. Naturally, they didn’t possess any wealth in the clan. Don’t even speak of eating such good food, they had never even seen them before.

Chu Ye kept herself patient as she seriously explained, “Think about it. The finals are supposed to start immediately after the semi-finals, but out of nowhere, Boling Canglan postponed it for half an hour. Why?”

“To give us time to eat and replenish our energy!” Aya’s thoughts were simple.

Chu Ye released a laugh and shook her head. She then turned her head and asked, “What do you think Chenzhu?”

Chenzhu grew solemn, a glint of anger in his eyes. “He says it’s to let us replenish our energy, but the truth is he just wants to give Boling Ming and Boling Feiwu enough time to recover.”

Chu Ye nodded, pleased. Chenzhu has indeed matured. If she were to ask him that in the past, his answer would definitely be the same as Aya. He would have only looked at the surface of the matter too.

Staring at Chenzhu with admiration, she said, “You got a part of it right. Our team won too easily in the last round, so we basically didn’t consume any stamina. On the other hand, Boling Ming and Boling Feiwu’s fight against their opponents lasted for 30 minutes. They’ve probably exhausted at least 70% of their stamina.”

“What does that have to do with the snacks?” Although Lulu was alarmed by the crafty scheme happening behind the scenes, most of her concern was focused on these mouth-watering delicacies before her.

This caused Aya and Chenzhu to speak up too. They were also puzzled about this matter.

Chu Ye shook her head helplessly. It seemed like her words hadn’t been clear enough. “Think about it again. Why would Boling Canglan do something like this? He clearly doesn’t want our team to win too easily or even win at all. So, I suspect he didn’t just serve snacks and drinks to give Boling Ming’s team time to recover their strength. It’s likely that… the snacks served to us have been drugged. This is called the two-pronged approach. And this way, they’ll have double the insurance.”

Her words struck Chenzhu, Aya, and Lulu dumb.

At once, Lulu’s beautiful face turned pale. She took a step back, not daring to look at the delicacies anymore, fear lingering in her heart. Patting her small chest, she said, “Thank you for the warning, Sister. Otherwise, we would have been poisoned to death… How terrible.”

Aya also furrowed his brows. No wonder his father had such a grave expression when he dragged him here earlier. It seemed that his father had long guessed that this competition was destined to be chaotic.

Chenzhu also stiffened, astonishment crossing his eyes. Apparently, he still thought too kindly of Boling Canglan. How could he not grow from this? This was gaining wisdom after experiencing setbacks.

The more he thought about this matter, the angrier he became. And the angrier he became, the more useless he felt. He didn’t even manage to notice that. He gripped the edge of the table full of delicacies, wanting to overturn the entire table.

“Chenzhu, don’t.” Chu Ye grasped his slightly cold hand, slightly shaking her head. “We can’t be impulsive at this time. We can’t eat this food, but we mustn’t make it too obvious. Whether you can regain your position as clan heir depends on Boling Canglan’s consent to it.  It’s not too late to repay the debt once the overall situation has settled.

Hearing this, Chenzhu gained his reason and solemnly nodded. “Okay, I’ll listen to you.” He indeed shouldn’t be impulsive right now. Wouldn’t it be a waste of Chu Ye’s recent efforts otherwise?

Chu Ye turned toward Lulu and saw her pale face. She then said, “Don’t be afraid. Even if the food has poison, it wouldn’t be of the fatal type. At most, you wouldn’t be able to utilize your strength and magic power, which will cause you to lose. Nothing more.”

Even if Boling Canglan planned on severely poisoning them, he wouldn’t do it under the public eye. If it was highly poisonous, wouldn’t that be the equivalent of smashing his feet with a rock?

Furthermore, he just recently discovered that Chu Ye was his daughter. Chu Ye had yet to shed all pretenses of cordiality with him too. He definitely believed that she only returned to acknowledge her ancestors and nothing else. Thus, it was all the more unlikely for him to deal a heavy blow to her.

Chu Ye’s analysis was exceptionally accurate. In fact, Boling Canglan was observing Chu Ye’s team from his seat up above. When he noticed that they didn’t move to eat the snacks, his face turned slightly ugly.

It seemed that after six years of separation, his daughter had matured far beyond his expectations.

Domineering, wild, and unruly. Yet also astute, tolerant, and meticulous.

From this, it could be seen that his other six daughters didn’t hold a candle to her. Not even a little bit.

He didn’t need to mention Boling Feiwu.

For a time, thoughts of letting Chu Ye become the future clan mistress arose in Boling Canglan’s mind. Of course, this would depend on Chu Ye’s sincere obedience to him and his orders. She should also place importance to the Boling clan’s honor, prosperity, and clan matters above all else.
(T/N: Ever wondered why Boling Feiwu turned out like that?)

He had yet to learn that all his thoughts were just wishful thinking.

In the near future when no one was around, he would even slap himself in the mouth for his nefarious intentions today.

Half an hour later, the ringing of the bell resonated throughout the entire competition area.

At last, the finals officially started.

The remaining two teams once again entered the challenge ring.

The audience was completely silent. They were all solely absorbed in following the eight people’s every move.

Boling Ming and Boling Feiwu’s team stood on the left, while Chenzhu and Chu Ye’s team stood on the right. Around 30 meters apart, the two teams stared each other down. Sparks were flying everywhere!

This spark came from a silent vow to trample the opponent underneath their feet.

On the opposing team, the actual competitor, Boling Ming, was an eighth-grade earth wizard. And at the peak of the eighth grade too, based on the circumstances. He could advance to the ninth grade at any time. As such, his combat strength wasn’t too distant from Chenzhu’s.

Boling Feiwu was a sixth-grade fire wizard.

Between their other two teammates, one was a woman in fitting black combat robes, a broadsword on her back. She appeared to be around 22 to 23. Valiance and heroism were evident in her elegant features, which only few people possess.

She was a warrior.

Chu Ye found her a bit familiar. It was probably the original Boling Yili who had met this woman before. But the past six years in the countryside had already blurred the original’s memories.

As if sensing Chu Ye’s confusion, Chenzhu promptly explained, “She’s Boling Feidie, your second sister. She and Boling Feiwu were born from the same mother. She’s also the only warrior among the entire younger generation in the Boling clan.”

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