CGSA Chapter 108

Chapter 108: I’ve Wanted to Beat You Up for a Long Time

The dark-skinned youth was forced to retreat step by step. The Walls of Fire that he had cast with great difficulty was easily destroyed by Chu Ye’s rapid-fire of Wind Blades.

In the end, he wasn’t able to retreat any further. He stepped back, only to feel nothing beneath his foot, causing him to fall from the competition ring.

The rules of the competition stated that those who were forced out of the competition ring would lose their qualifications to advance.

Almost at the same time, Chenzhu kicked the sixth-grade wizard, sending him flying out of the ring.

The two exchanged smiles before shifting their gazes to the two fifth-grade warriors who were forcing Aya and Lulu back little by little.

In fact, upon taking a closer look, Chu Ye found that Aya wasn’t weak at combat. She could even say that he was quite excellent. He was brought to a disadvantage only because he had to split his attention during the fight and assist the fourth-grade Lulu.

Chenzhu pointed at the two warriors, who were fighting in a cocky manner. “Deceleration Technique!”

The next second, the two warriors’ bodies became heavy, like they had been filled with lead. They moved more than ten times slower than before.

Like this, Aya and Lulu immediately turned the tide and knocked the two warriors out of the competition ring without the least bit of restraint.

Thus, Chu Ye’s team’s victory in the quarter-finals was unusually relaxed.

After the fights in the other three competition rings ended, it was time for the semi-finals.

During the drawing of lots, Chu Ye and Chenzhu once again ran into some acquaintances. Boling Ming and Boling Feiwu.

Boling Ming was one of the four remaining competitors, and Boling Feiwu was his teammate.

Just like in their encounter a few days ago, Boling Ming eyed Chu Ye’s body, not even blinking. This made Boling Feiwu hate Chu Ye to the bones even more.

Shooting Chu Ye a fierce glare, she said in a sharp tone, “I didn’t expect you to be that trash seventh sister of mine. You sure are capable. You hid yourself so deeply that all of us were fooled for so many years. What intentions are you harboring? Hm, Seventh Sister?!”

The last two words were forced out between clenched teeth.

Indifferent, Chu Ye raised her gaze and coldly said, “What does that have to do with you? And don’t call me Seventh Sister. Hearing that gives me the chills. Since the very start, I’ve never intended to recognize you as an eldest sister.”

Not only this eldest sister, but she would also not recognize the Boling clan apart from Chenzhu. They weren’t worthy!

Of course, these were only Chu Ye’s internal thoughts. Now was not the right time to verbally clarify this matter. The waiting would end once the competition was over.

Rejected by Chu Ye, who didn’t give her any face at all, she burst into anger. “You…” However, she immediately restrained her fury and paused, before saying, “Since you’re this unhappy, why didn’t you keep concealing your identity? Why did you still return? Don’t tell me… you want to snatch the position of the future Boling clan mistress from me?”

As she spoke, her gaze drifted toward Chenzhu.

If Chenzhu won the title and regained his position as the clan heir, and he refused to marry, her father would very likely betroth Chu Ye to Chenzhu in order to preserve the lofty status of their bloodline.

After all, Chu Ye was also her father’s blood-related daughter, the Boling clan’s seventh miss.

If this were to happen, then what foothold would she, Boling Feiwu, have in the Boling clan in the future?

Just the thought of it was enough to make her collapse.

Boling Feiwu’s question brought laughter out of Chu Ye’s lips. She shook her head, anger in her eyes she stared at Boling Feiwu. “How shortsighted. You should know that other people aren’t like you, let alone think the same way as you do. Not everyone’s mentality is this narrow or shallow.”

The Boling clan’s future clan mistress?

Perhaps for Boling Feiwu, this was her life’s wish and her entire future. But for Chu Ye, this was…


She had never valued nor attached importance to the Boling clan.

So what if they’re the most powerful clan in the Eastern Nation? If she wanted to, she could establish a second Boling clan.

This wasn’t just big talk. That might be impossible for her to achieve right now, but she would definitely be able to in the near future.

And the reason why Chenzhu returned to the Boling clan for the competition was merely for the sake of his trampled dignity.

For a moment, Boling Feiwu couldn’t comprehend Chu Ye’s response, similar to how a small fruit fly couldn’t understand a swan’s aspirations. People of her type were simply incapable of understanding Chu Ye’s internal convictions.

But some people didn’t understand yet still pretended to understand. Boling Feiwu’s neck stiffened, and in a bold and confident voice as though she was in the right, she retorted, “No matter what you say, no one can snatch the position of future clan mistress from me. Otherwise… I will take her down with me.”

For this position, she had undergone various types of training from the age of 16, delaying her cultivation. Not only was she not allowed to think about romance, but she also had to do many things she didn’t like.

Now, she was already 26 years old. She had wasted her ten most beautiful years as a woman. If she still didn’t manage to obtain her wish, then she didn’t have any other reason to live.

Chu Ye couldn’t help but once again burst into laughter. What was the use of playing the lute to a cow? She finally realized the true essence of this phrase today.

Chu Ye shook her head. “I have no words for you.” She didn’t want to play even another half note to this “cow.”

Chu Ye and Chenzu then drew lots and glanced down at the inscribed bamboo stick they had drawn. Their opponent this round wasn’t Boling Ming’s team.

At the same time, Boling Feiwu took a look at the bamboo stick in her own hand. Their opponent really wasn’t Chenzhu’s team.

As such, they were doomed to not become opponents in the semi-finals.

Unless both teams managed to win and move to the next round—the finals.

“I hope you don’t lose this round because I want to beat you. I want to let Father know that I’m the best person to become the Boling clan’s future clan mistress.” Boling Feiwu raised her chin in an arrogant manner.

“I could say the same thing to you. You should also not lose.” Chu Ye shot her a sidelong glance before placing her hands behind her back. When she brushed against Boling Feiwu, she briefly paused, flashed a bloodthirsty smile, and softly said, “Because I’ve wanted to beat you up for a long time.”

Afterward, she led her other teammates to a nearby competition ring.

“You…” Boling Feiwu gnashed her teeth in anger, fire lighting in her eyes as she watched Chu Ye’s figure shrink in the distance. It was like she was trying to burn a hole on Chu Ye’s back.

When Boling Feiwu turned around, she noticed Boling Ming’s gaze still following Chu Ye. He was unexpectedly obsessed.

All of a sudden, hot fury rushed to her head. She raised her hand and delivered a heavy, resounding slap on Boling Ming’s face.

She yelled, “Useless stinky male. You saw that they were bullying me, but you didn’t even step in. Let me tell you, if you make even a small mistake at this critical juncture, you will never be able to become the clan heir all your life.”

Boling Ming was unable to protect himself from Boling Feiwu’s slap. Rage crossed his face, and his eyes grew hazy. “You…” He raised his head, ready to return the favor.

One should know that Boling Ming wasn’t just a collateral relative who held no status.

The Boling clan had ten great elders, all of them tenth-grade powerhouses. They enjoyed incredibly high fame in the entire Eastern Nation. These ten great elders were also the Boling clan’s strongest forces.

Boling Ming’s father was a great elder of the Boling clan. His grandfather was also the leader of the ten great elders.

Therefore, although Boling Ming didn’t hold the position of clan heir (or young master), he had long been considered a young master. His status and salary weren’t inferior to those of the clan heir. They might be even better.

So how could such a person tolerate being slapped in the face by a woman right in plain view of so many people? She didn’t give him any leeway at all either.

But when his hand was halfway up, he curved his fingers and scratched his head. His expression changed, becoming one of flattery. In a fawning manner, he said, “I was wrong, Sister Feiwu. I admit that it was my mistake. Rest assured, I won’t be hesitant nor softhearted in the future. I will definitely win this competition and take you as my wife.”

“Not bad. Let’s go get up. The round’s about to start.” Haughty, Boling Feiwu took the lead in heading toward the competition ring.

She didn’t notice how the haziness in the depths of Boling Ming’s pupils grew more intense.

“Yes, yes, yes!” However, his mouth was still as pandering as before.

If it weren’t for the position of clan heir, he would’ve long sent this barbaric, loathsome lowlife of a woman flying.

Once he finally obtained the power… hehehe…

As he coldly gazed at Boling Feiwu’s back, the corners of his lips raised in a similarly cold smile.

Then the bell was struck, signaling the start of the round.

The semi-finals had officially begun.

At this moment, only two competition rings remained in the large competition field, as well as the 4 groups.

This round, Chu Ye and Chenzhu’s opponents were relatively stronger than their previous opponents. The competitor was an eighth-grade wizard, while his three teammates were all sixth-grade wizards.

The audience could only say that this round was likely going to be very exciting to watch.

Outside of their expectations, as the bell rang, the lingering sound having yet to fade, Chu Ye shot toward their four opponents like a leopard.

The other party didn’t expect that Chu Ye wouldn’t even bother with the greetings and simply rush at them without saying a single word.

The other team consisted purely of wizards. They began to utilize their magic power to cast offensive magic at Chu Ye, but Chu Ye had taken advantage of her few extra seconds to close the distance between them. She now stood right before them.

Chu Ye then jumped, left leg curled up and right leg extended and sweeping horizontally toward two sixth-grade wizards’ faces. Her kick split the air, generating a strong wind. Mixed with the crackling sound of the wind was the flapping of the lower half of her robe.

“Bang! Bang!” Two of the sixth-grade wizards didn’t have time to react before Chu Ye sent them flying out of the competition ring. They painfully collided with the ground several meters away from the edge of the ring.

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