CGSA Chapter 104

Chapter 104

As she spoke, her eyes were drawn to the young man standing beside Chenzhu. It was the man who had been with her at the Fu Ya House four days ago, Boling Ming.

After Chenzhu was disfigured and driven out, she started fooling around with Boling Ming. She had already come to an agreement with him. If he obtains the position of clan heir, then she’ll marry him and be his wife. Originally, since Boling Ming was an eighth-grade wizard and even had Boling Feiwu’s assistance in the dark, it wasn’t difficult to seize the position of clan heir.

But how could they have predicted that Chenzhu would come and disrupt their plan midway? They couldn’t cope with this sudden change.

In fact, it wasn’t that Boling Feiwu wouldn’t marry anyone apart from Boling Ming. But if Chenzhu became the clan heir again, then Chenzhu probably wouldn’t marry her. After all, when he was disfigured, she had been mean to him. It was likely that he hated her now.

“It has long been decided that I’ll be the Boling clan’s mistress. No one can deprive me of this. No one!” Boling Feiwu inwardly vowed, gnashing her teeth.

Boling Feiwu’s words pierced Boling Canglan’s heart. The Boling clan absolutely couldn’t be handed over to someone who bore grudges against it. He raised a hand, beckoning his guard over. He intended to say a few words to him.

For him, the clan head, revoking the competition qualifications of one of the younger generation was a simple matter.

However, at that moment, another loud but clear announcement resonated through the entire area via the voice amplifier: “Caroline has arrived!”

The people in the audience burst into clamor.

Almost at the same time, all the people stood up and turned to the direction of the entrance.

Caroline had an outstanding reputation in the Eastern Nation.

The vice principal of the Eastern Nation’s number one wizard academy. The Eastern Nation’s number one beauty. The strongest in the Eastern Nation. Someone that held any of these three titles was enough to generate admiration and respect from the people, let alone Caroline who held all three titles.

She was talented, beautiful, and powerful. Faced with this near-perfect, goddess-like woman, who wouldn’t be scrambling like ducks to catch a glimpse of her?

Even Boling Canglan momentarily forgot about giving his guard the orders. He simply watched the elegant lady gracefully walk towards him.

One should know that Caroline was equal to a goddess in his mind. A perfect goddess that could be admired but never touched, much less obtained.

Despite the countless feverish gazes directed towards her, the calm slight smile on Caroline’s face never faltered. She wore a simple, slender wizard’s robe. With her every step, the cream-white lower half of her robes rippled as if the wind were blowing past it, giving her an ethereal and otherworldly aura.

Behind her were two women, one on Caroline’s left and right. And both were equally stunning.

Light muslin covered the face of the woman on the right, so the surrounding people couldn’t clearly see her features. However, her full forehead appeared clean as jade. She had a slender waist, her posture graceful and her steps as feeble as the willow in the wind but also as gentle as the water. Her appearance dazzled everyone. It was a shot in the dark, but this woman must be pretty.

Most of the people seated in the audience were familiar with the woman on the left. It was Caroline’s disciple, Chu Ye, dressed in a blood-red robe with a thin white silk strap around her waist.

She had shapely eyes and brows and a bright gaze. Her silver hair, tied up high, fluttered in the wind. An aura of confidence and sureness surrounded her.

Despite being in the vicinity of Caroline, who enjoyed the reputation of being the most beautiful in the Eastern Nation, she was not at all inferior.

Moreover, her beauty possessed an unconventional unreserved wildness.

Thus, the eyes that were originally on Caroline drifted to Chu Ye’s figure.

A prideful and untethered kind of beauty, a heart-wrenching kind of beauty, and a soul-shattering kind of beauty.

Seeing this trio, Boling Feiwu and Murong Chang gritted their teeth in hatred. Even Princess Wanwan was pouting, exposing her jealousy.

Boling Canglan was finally unable to resist walking up to her, an amiable smile on his face. “I didn’t expect that Caroline would come to my Boling clan’s junior ranking competition. This is truly an honor for these young ones. Please!” he said, sweeping his hand to the side.

At that moment, he only had Caroline in his eyes. He didn’t notice the muslin-covered face unblinkingly staring at him in a daze. Then she breathed out a sigh. Not once had he looked at her. Soon after, she lowered her head and didn’t look at him again.

This man had already forgotten her.

So why should she continue to think of him?

It wasn’t worth getting heartache over him.

Caroline nodded, a smile across her lips. “Clan Head Boling is modest!”

Then she walked past Boling Canglan, not a trace of politeness in her actions, before gracefully sitting down with a flick of her sleeve and closing her eyes. Meanwhile, Chu Ye and Lu Shi sat in the row behind her seat.

The nearby people sucked in a breath.

Because Caroline was sitting on Boling Canglan’s seat.

The guest was trying to upstage the host. And in such an obvious, garish manner too. This was not giving Boling Canglan any face.

Outside of expectations, Caroline opened her eyes and innocently blinked at Boling Canglan. In a “concerned” voice, she said, “Clan Head Boling, why don’t you sit?”

Boling Canglan grew even more embarrassed, but he couldn’t muster any anger upon seeing her innocent gaze. He simply waved at Boling Feiwu, hinting for her to give her seat to him.

Boling Feiwu broke into a begrudging pout but didn’t dare protest. She could only get up and move to the second row.

Boling Canglan forced a smile before sinking on Boling Feiwu’s seat.

Everyone couldn’t help but scoff.

They thought he would fly into a rage, but he merely acquiesced to it.

By the time this incident was resolved, the round that would determine the top 10 had already started.

Worry began eating at Boling Feiwu even further. She was about to give Boling Canglan another reminder when Caroline spoke up first. “Clan Head Boling, what rewards will the winner of this time’s competition receive?” Her gaze was on the 10 matches, all already in full swing. She still had that faint smile, yet her flat tone made it hard for the others to decipher her intentions in asking this.

“The Boling clan had made a big gamble this time,” butted in Murong Chang before Boling Canglan could reply. “The winner will become the clan head’s new successor.”

Caroline hummed. “Indeed a huge gamble. Since it’s like this, why don’t I add something to the reward? That way, my trip here wouldn’t be in vain.”

She brushed her fingers against the spatial ring on the middle finger of her left hand. And a brilliant diamond ring appeared on her palm.

“A sacred-grade spatial ring!” exclaimed Murong Wan, green with envy.

“Clan Head Murong has good eyes, but you were slightly off. This is a high-grade life-type sacred tool. It contains 30,000 square meters of space, and 3000 of it can be used to store living creatures, including humans,” she said, shocking the people around her.

All of a sudden, there was a burst of discussion.

“Heavens, a high-grade life-type sacred tool…”

“A spatial ring that can store living creatures…”

“That’s more expensive than an ordinary spatial ring…”

“If that shows up in an auction, its price might shoot up indefinitely. It’s high in demand but practically none in supply.”

The people stared at Boling Canglan, eyes full of jealousy. Why wasn’t it them who had come across such a good thing?

Boling Canglan was overwhelmed from the favor he received. Quickly, he ordered someone to take the life-type spatial ring, then made Caroline’s prize known to all the participants.

As such, their motivation was boosted, causing the 10 ongoing matches to grow fiercer. Not only would they become the next clan heir, but they would get a high-grade life-type spatial ring too. Normally, it would’ve been impossible to obtain such an amazing item.

If they didn’t properly grasp this chance, then they would be fools.

And so, a proper competition suddenly turned into a life-or-death competition. Each and every one of them showed ferocity when beating down their opponents. Even when they were already spitting blood, they still continued to stand up again and fight.

These matches had the spectators’ blood boiling. They were more exciting to watch than the fights in the Human-Beast Fighting Grounds. Some people got so worked up that they stood and cheered for the competitors.

In those moments, the noise was deafening as fervor overtook the entire audience.

The competitors were also influenced by the atmosphere, their movements becoming even more ferocious. A flurry of punches and kicks were being dished out, resulting in broken teeth, fractured legs, and spitting of blood.

Their vision had gone red. Not long ago, they had been good brothers and bosom buddies. But now, they seemed to have turned into personal enemies. The type that wouldn’t stop until they killed the other’s entire family.

Thus, the audience entered a crazed state.

The people using their fists lost control. The ones watching them were even more out of control.

“This…” Boling Canglan finally couldn’t sit still. This year’s competition was much wilder and more brutal compared to the previous years’, something totally beyond his expectations. But he had no way of stopping this development.

He could only helplessly look to the side, worried out of his mind. In that moment, he loathed the shouting and cheering faces of those in the audience area. What were his Boling clan’s children? Monkeys performing tricks? Were they there for these people’s entertainment?


By contrast, his gaze was drawn toward Chenzhu.

In the competition area where the competitors were fighting like mentally deranged dogs, Chenzhu stood out. He remained calm and collected against his opponent, even though his opponent was viciously trying to kill him, having also been infected by the atmosphere.

He wasn’t arrogant and didn’t underestimate the opponent. He moved patiently, waiting for a gap in the opponent’s defense before suddenly striking, sending them flying out of the competition ring. With that, his opponent had lost.

Meanwhile, Chenzhu wasn’t the least bit disheveled from the fight. Not even a drop of sweat. He simply stood in place and placed his hands behind his back, his white robes lightly swaying. Amidst this group of mad dogs, he seemed unrivalled, exuding magnificence unmatched in his generation.

Boling Canglan narrowed his eyes, gaze growing deeper and more complex.

Never had he imagined that the pure and innocent Chenzhu from several months ago would grow up overnight. Whether in terms of bearing and strength, he was no longer like the previous Boling Chenzhu.

However, the more outstanding Chenzhu was, the more restless Boling Canglan became. He had to act carefully. He couldn’t let Chenzhu become the Boling clan’s clan heir again, no matter what.

Unfortunately, he didn’t realize that it was already too late for him to change anything.

This matter had already gone beyond his control.

Then Caroline pointed at Chenzhu. “Oh, the young man in white’s pretty good. He’s handsome, and his strength isn’t weak either. Why does he look so familiar?”

“He’s Boling Chenzhu. Teacher, you should have an impression of him. He was previously a fifth-grade student in Carles Academy but had to drop out becuause of his injury,” explained Chu Ye out of “good intentions.”

“Oh,” Caroline said in realization. “So he’s Chenzhu. Not bad, not bad. Clan Head Boling, don’t you think so too?”

Boling Canglan was startled. Caroline actually took note of Chenzhu. After a pause, he merely replied, “You falsely praise.”

“It’s not praise but approval. This little guy’s quite young, yet he’s calm and steady. Simply a role model that everyone should follow. I approve.”

Boling Canglan didn’t expect for Caroline to admire Chenzhu this much. With how things were, it would be troublesome to kick Chenzhu out of the competition without good reason.

Otherwise, Caroline might investigate in detail. Then the unreasonable one would be him.

All of a sudden, Boling Canglan felt something sharp prickling his nape. He turned his head and happened to see Chu Ye staring at him. A fake smile was spread across her face, which also contained a hint of a sneer.

Boling Canglan furrowed his brows. He now understood why Caroline paid close attention to Chenzhu. How could he forget? Chenzhu and Chu Ye were old acquaintances. Their relationship wasn’t shallow.

He averted his gaze. If he had known that this woman would become this successful, he definitely wouldn’t have dismissed her when Chenzhu had brought her to their residence.

Now, she seemed to hold a bit of hostility toward him.

Boling Canglan recognized that Chenzhu was the reason for Chu Ye’s hostility. However, he didn’t know that Chenzhu was only a part of the reason. There was also Lu Shi and Boling Yili, who he had indirectly killed. With these three victims he had harmed, how could the enmity be small?

As of the moment, Boling Canglan still didn’t take Chu Ye seriously.

So what if she was Caroline’s disciple? Ultimately, she wasn’t Caroline herself. She didn’t have the ability to create big waves.

Did she believe that Caroline’s presence would deter him from doing anything to Chenzhu?

Fine. Since he couldn’t take action out in the open, he’d just do it in secret.

With a wave of Boling Canglan’s hand, his guard immediately came to his side.

He whispered a few words into the guard’s ear. The guard accepted his order and rushed down to the competition field.

When Chu Ye caught sight of this, anger blossomed on her face. He still dared to play his schemes, even with Caroline here. She was about to stand, intending to intercept the guard, when Caroline stopped her with her gaze. “Calm down and don’t be rash!”

Chu Ye hesitated. In the end, she decided to listen to Caroline and watch how the situation unfolded.

Boling Canglan’s whispers most probably hadn’t escaped Caroline’s ears. And since Caroline motioned for her to stay in her seat, Chenzhu shouldn’t be in big trouble.

Finally, the current round had concluded. The top 20 became the top 10.

However, only eight of them could participate in the next round. Although the other two were also qualified, they were beaten to within an inch of their lives. They didn’t have the strength to proceed further.

Just as these eight people were about to start drawing lots for the next round, a resounding voice was once again transmitted through the voice amplifier.

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