CGSA Chapter 103

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Chapter 103

How was this possible?

He had clearly been disfigured, his looks ruined. Then why… why did he look perfectly fine?

Boling Feiwu cried out, shooting up on her feet. She gazed at the high-spirited Chenzhu in disbelief, mind completely blank from shock. For a while, she even forgot to wonder how Chenzhu managed to appear in the competition ring.

Soon after, the current round of competition was completed. The top 40 became the top 20. The fights in the next round would only become more intense.

Then at this time, a loud announcement rang throughout the audience area: “Clan Head Boling has arrived!”

It was easy to tell that a tool to amplify the voice had been used. After all, thousands of people were gathered in this large area. Without it, the announcement wouldn’t have reached everyone’s ears unless it was a powerhouse speaking.

As the voice left the announcer’s mouth, Boling Canglan strode forward, dressed in a navy blue robe. His body radiated a mature charm, as well as an awe-inspiring stateliness. And although he was already in his fifties, he only looked to be in his thirties. He was as handsome and bursting with life as before.

In the first few moments he appeared, all those young misses who accompanied their fathers had butterflies fluttering in their stomachs, their faces as red as a tomato.

One should know that for some of these eldest misses whose fathers had cherished them since childhood, such mature men were more attractive than those hairless young boys who had just stepped out into the real world.

This was the so-called electra complex.

Feeling the adoring gazes all around him, Boling Canglan suddenly fell into a good mood. His lips slightly raised in a perfect arc, forming a graceful smile as he greeted the surrounding guests.

Following that, he walked to the seat reserved for the Boling clan head and sat down.

His seat had the best view of the entire competition field.

Even Princess Wanwan, Murong Wan, and Lanxi Liuhua could only sit on the seats beside his.

It wasn’t that Boling Canglan considered everyone else to be beneath him. It was just that the Boling clan had the capital to be prideful as the most powerful wizard clan in the Eastern Nation. If they didn’t show off their unparalleled existence, wouldn’t they be letting themselves down?

As Boling Canglan sat down, he planned on saying a few polite remarks to Princess Wanwan, Murong Wan, and Lanxi Liuhua. However, before he could, Boling Feiwu ran past them without any bit of decorum in her rush to talk to Boling Canglan. “Honored Father!”

Boling Canglan’s face darkened. “What matter made you so impatient?” he said, before scolding, “How can you be lacking in manners in front of so many seniors?”

His eldest daughter had always been this irascible. She could never remain composed when dealing with matters. In recent years, he regretted appointing her to be the wife of the Boling clan heir.

But of all his daughters, only his eldest hadn’t married. His regrets held no value.

But how could Boling Feiwu still have the mind to consider Boling Canglan’s face? Pointing at the most eye-catching Chenzhu standing side by side with the 19 other remaining contestants, she hurriedly said, “Honored Father, look, look…”

Boling Canglan followed her finger with a frown on his face. In the next second, his pupils constricted, and his hands tightly balled into fists. However, as someone who had firmly remained the clan head for decades, he was several times more black-bellied than Boling Feiwu. He was only shocked for a few moments before wiping all emotion from his face.

“Ah, Brother Canglan, isn’t that charming young man on stage Boling Chenzhu, your previous clan heir? Why is he also competing for the position of your Boling clan’s clan heir?” asked Murong Wan in a peculiar tone, an amused smile on his face as though enjoying a show.

Compared with Boling Canglan’s handsome and tall figure, Murong Wan was much more inferior in terms of appearance, being lanky and dark-skinned. At first glance, he looked like an African refugee who had been starving for decades. If not for his gorgeous clothing and his unquestionable status as the Murong clan’s head, who would expected the clan head of the second most powerful clan to have such a countenance?

But his daughters were absolute beauties, each prettier than the next. The looks of his eldest daughter Murong Wugui, who was also the current empress, were a testament to that.

The people could only sigh. Some people were ugly, but their wives and concubines were beautiful. It was pointless to be jealous.

Boling Canglan shot Murong Wan a frosty glance, a fake smile on his lips. “Brother Wan, you’re quite forgetful. Why was Chenzhu’s Young Master title revoked several months ago? It’s all thanks to your dear granddaughter. Now that you’ve seen that he’s perfectly intact, you look unhappy. Could Chenzhu’s disfigurement be deliberate on your Murong clan’s part?” he asked, eyes meaningfully sweeping over Murong Chang, who sat beside Murong Wan.

Boling and Murong. One was the Eastern Nation’s most powerful clan, while the other was the second most powerful. They were as incompatible as fire and water. Even though they occasionally crossed paths, their harmonious relations were merely on the surface.

Though Chenzhu’s sudden appearance also shocked Boling Canglan, he didn’t intend to reveal his dissatisfaction in front of outsiders and let them watch a joke.

Shivers ran through Murong Chang due to Boling Canglan’s cold gaze. But she had always been rude and unreasonable. She wasn’t willing to eat any losses.

Haughtily, she raised her chin and cocked an eyebrow. “Clan Head Boling, you are a person of status. You can’t make such irresponsible remarks without evidence. Otherwise, you could lose your status. Hundreds of people clearly saw how Boling Chenzhu was injured. He jumped in and stupidly shielded that woman of his own volition. Don’t blame me.”

Murong Wan lightly stroked his short beard, smiling but not speaking. His granddaughter’s arrogance just happened to help him get back at Boling Canglan, which was exactly what he wanted.

“Impudent! What right do you have to cut into a conversation between elders? Could this be how the Murong clan brought you up?” scolded Boling Canglan, his expression sagging a little.

Murong Chang let out a snort, not backing down by even half a step. “In terms of clan upbringing, how can my Murong clan be comparable to your Boling clan?” she said, shooting Boling Feiwu a side glance.

She was clearly mocking Boling Feiwu’s recent lack of conduct.

Seeing Murong Chang make fun of her, Boling Feiwu grew angry. Flicking her sleeves, she coolly said, “Murong Chang, what use is your glib tongue? If you have the courage, then let us exchange blows.”

Murong Chang rose to her feet, glaring at Boling Feiwu. “Who’s afraid of whom?” The smell of gunpowder pervaded the air.

Following that, her lips morphed into a smile. “Don’t blame me for not reminding you. My fire magic broke through to sixth grade yesterday. If I remember correctly, you’re also a sixth-grade wizard. Oh, I almost forgot. I heard that you’ve been stuck at sixth grade for quite a few years now. Who know whether you still have a chance to advance to the seventh grade? I’m really worried for you.”

“You…” Boling Feiwu’s blood was boiling. So much so that she started summoning fire elements.

“Now, now,” interjected Lanxi Liuhua, just at the right time. Previously, he had been watching the spectacle at the side. Fan in hand, he stood and faced Boling Canglan with a smile. “Younger generation’s Lanxi Liuhua has seen Clan Head Boling.”

Boling Canglan modestly reached out to pat him. “No need for courtesies, my dear nephew!” Compared to the Murong clan, he had less emnity with the third most powerful Lanxi clan.

Mouth stretching in an elegant smile, Lanxi Liuhua said, “Today is an important date for the Boling clan. Everyone should sit and watch the competition with amity. On the matter of Chenzhu’s injuries, I was also at the scene that time, and it was indeed not Miss Murong Chang’s fault. This I can testify.”

At this, Boling Canglan’s expression grew a bit colder.

Lanxi Liuhua’s words were rather vague, but he seemed to be helping the Murong clan.

Had the two clans formed a secret alliance? For a moment, Boling Canglan thought of this possibility that he was most reluctant to come to fruition.

Who would have known that Lanxi Liuhua hadn’t finished speaking yet? He continued, “But it’s also clear that Miss Murong Chang still holds responsibility for Chenzhu’s grave injuries. However, later on, Miss Murong Chang was fiercely beaten by Chu Ye. So much so that she had to stay in bed for three days and three nights, hovering between life and death. In my opinion, we can say that she’s already received her due punishment. Everyone should be even now, right?”

Hearing this, Murong Wan and Murong Chang, who initially thought that Lanxi Liuhua was on their side, turned ashen.

Especially Murong Chang.

That day, Chu Ye beat her in the Challenge Arena so badly. And that had become her greatest sore spot. No one around her dared to mention it again for fear of provoking her.

Now that Lanxi Liuhua stabbed through her last layer of dignity — and in front of so many people too — murderous intent surged through her.

But she didn’t have the guts to make a move on Lanxi Liuhua. She wasn’t the only one who broke through yesterday. Lanxi Liuhua had broken through to eight grade.

Boling Canglan let out a laugh. “That sounds reasonable. I will listen to you. We won’t look into this matter any further,” he said. His eyes, curved in a smile, meaningfully scrutinized the outstanding Lanxi Liuhua. Then a certain matter came to mind.

It seemed that the Boling clan had relations with the Lanxi clan…

Thus, after six whole years, Boling Canglan magically remembered Boling Yili once again.

It looked like he’d have to send someone to bring back his seventh daughter, who had been driven away to the countryside for quite a few years, and let her marry Lanxi Liuhua earlier.

That way, he could pull Lanxi Liuhua to his Boling clan’s side.

He didn’t know that his seventh daughter Boling Yili, who he believed to be at his constant beck and call, had already arrived right under his nose several months ago. She had even stood in front of him. Only, he didn’t recognize her at all.

At this moment, the officials below finished drawing lots for the next round, prompting the start of the matches.

Seeing Chenzhu about to take part in the next round of competition, Boling Feiwu couldn’t care about fighting with Murong Chang anymore. “Honored Father…” she quietly said, shaking the somewhat absentminded Boling Canglan. “Quickly revoke Chenzhu’s competition qualifications. We drove him out from the Boling clan several months ago. He’s definitely nursing a grudge against us. I’m afraid it’ll be detrimental to the Boling clan if he seizes the position of clan heir today.”

As she spoke, her eyes were attracted to the young man standing beside Chenzhu. It was the man who had been with her at the Fu Ya House four days ago, Boling Ming.

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