CGSA Chapter 102

Chapter 102

After Chenzhu chose a random registration point, he lined up at the back without making a fuss. Lanxi Liuhua and Huan Cheng accompanied him.

Not many people in Bian city didn’t recognize Lanxi Liuhua, so his presence in the area attracted the gazes of all the younger generation present. They burst into whispered conversation, trying to guess the identity of the figure tightly wrapped in a black cloak. He could even trouble the Lanxi clan’s young master to join him in the queue.

Fortunately, the registration process was quite simple. One only had to report their name. Then, the person in charge of verifying the identity would issue them a mini competition arrow banner [1], marked with a serial number on the upper part, making identification convenient.

In this way, the registration proceeded rather quickly. Soon, it was Chenzhu’s turn.

“Your name?” asked the youth in charge of confirming the participants’ identity, face expressionless.

“Boling Chenzhu!” he responded, voice calm and patient. Soon after, he lowered the cloak from his head, revealing his handsome features.

It had been four days since Chu Ye rubbed the precious ointment on the rashes on Chenzhu’s face. During this time, he had kept his sunbathing at a reasonable duration under Chu Ye’s guidance. And in just these few days, he had gotten good results. Although his smooth skin was as pale as before, it no longer appeared effeminate. No longer pink and tender. This change caused him to lose his prettiness, even becoming more handsome than before.

Everyone was taken by Chenzhu, whose looks were almost comparable to Lanxi Liuhua. So much so that they didn’t pay attention to the name Chenzhu had announced.

“Here!” The youth handed a mini competition arrow banner, gazing dumbly at Chenzhu.

Boling Chenzhu took it without difficulty, his white, slender fingers lightly rubbing the surface of the mini arrow banner. The corner of his lips raised in a sneer of disdain.

He raised his gaze to shoot a casual glance at the staff member. His eyebrows arched, and his sneer turned into an evil smile. “Thanks!”

Then he walked toward the area for drawing lots several hundred meters away with Lanxi Liuhua and Huan Cheng.

“Hmm, something’s fishy…”

“He… What did he say his name was…”

“Chenzhu, Boling Chenzhu… Heavens, isn’t that the previous clan heir?”

“God, that really was Boling Chenzhu. I’ve seen his face before. That’s him, that’s him.”

“So Boling Chenzhu isn’t disfigured…”

“You’re right. And why does he look more handsome than before?”

“What’s going on? He actually signed up for the competition…”

“Is he going to compete with us for the clan heir position?”


Just as Chenzhu walked off, someone in the crowd discovered a clue. Hearing this person’s utterances, the surrounding people came to a realization as well. Their heads turned to the calmly departing Chenzhu, eyes full of shock. And all of a sudden, the crowd burst into endless conversation and disputes.

Chenzhu didn’t break his stride as he listened to the arguments behind him, maintaining a straight face the entire time. Yes, talk, talk. Talk to your hearts’ content. I returned to snatch back the position of clan heir.

It was like lightning struck the youth who had personally given Chenzhu an arrow banner. He might have started a great calamity. He stood up, bumping into a fellow staff member and stumbling in the process. Then he sped toward the gates to look for Chief Steward Wu.

In fact, it wasn’t entirely his fault. He was merely a small character in the large Boling clan. He wasn’t qualified to even catch a glimpse of Young Master Chenzhu before, so today was the first time he had ever seen him.

However, he still knew about some matters in the Boling clan. The waste young master who was driven away had returned in secret, looking perfectly fine. Moreover, he wanted to occupy the position of clan heir once again. This matter had hints of provocation, no matter how you looked at it.

Maybe today’s competition would be thrown into chaos.

When that happened, he would be subjected to a thousand deaths. It would be difficult to assuage Clan Head Boling Canglan’s anger.

After practically rolling and crawling in his haste, he finally found Chief Steward Wu, who was welcoming the sects, schools, and clans at the gates with a smile.

After the youth recounted the entire story in between gasps of breath, Chief Steward Wu’s face turned ashen. Tons of sweat formed on his back and forehead. “What? Bring me there. Hurry!”

God forbid this matter to be true.

This man had entered the residence under their eyes. If anything happened, he would be held responsible.

However, when Chief Steward Wu arrived at the area for drawing lots, they had already determined the match-ups for the first preliminary round. The competitors were now heading for the competition area.

Hearing this, Chief Steward Wu and the youth approached the competition area in quick steps.

But it was too late. The preliminary matches had already started, so the competitors were all inside the competition field.

The six hundred or so people formed a dense crowd, rendering the two unable to catch sight of Chenzhu.

The youth said, “What do we do? Chief Steward, why don’t we pause the competition—” However, he hadn’t finished speaking when Chief Steward Wu slapped him in the face.

“Trash. Do you think we can pause this competition just because you said so? Do you know how many influential clans and nobles came to spectate today? The Boling clan can’t afford that. Quick, follow me to see the clan head!” Chief Steward Wu was in a fluster. For such a big affair, he didn’t dare make a decision himself.

“Dong! Dong! Dong!” The opening gong was struck three times. The first knock-out preliminary round officially started!

The preliminary round was very simple. It was 1v1. The loser leaves the competition field, while the winner gets to stay. Then the remaining competitors would draw lots again for the second round.

Because the preliminaries weren’t interesting to watch, they were held incredibly early. This way, once the true major guests arrived later, they only had to watch the crucial parts of the competition.

Most of the junior ranking competitions held by the powerful clans did it this way.

Chenzhu’s first opponent was a 15-year-old boy with only the strength of a third-grade wizard. He had yet to make a move when Chenzhu knocked him out of the competition ring.

The youth still hadn’t processed what happened when the referee stepped forward and took him out of the competition field.

Chenzhu simply stood with his hands behind his back, the picture of confidence.

For the past few days, Chu Ye had been providing him actual combat experience from day to night. Plus, he started training himself hard after he had gotten injured. He was no longer the fifth-grade embroidered pillow who couldn’t defeat a first-grade magical beast.

Half an hour later, the first knock-out preliminary round was over.

Half of the competitors, more than 300, were eliminated.

After another drawing of lots, the second knock-out round commenced.

Meanwhile, Chief Steward Wu anxiously rushed to Boling Canglan’s study, but it was empty.

He questioned the maid who was keeping watch outside the study. Only then did he learn that Boling Canglan was summoned to the Imperial Palace by the current emperor. He likely wouldn’t be returning for quite a while.

With no other choice, Chief Steward Wu looked for Eldest Miss Boling Feiwu.

But who could have known that Boling Feiwu had already gone to the competition area to watch the competition.

Chief Steward Wu was out of breath after running in circles, but this affair still wasn’t solved. He felt so anxious that he violently beat up the unlucky youth.

When he dashed to the competition area once again, he heard that Princess Wanwan had arrived and that Boling Feiwu had rushed to the main gates to welcome her. Goddamn it!

Chief Steward Wu spurted out blood, depression overtaking him, before fainting from anger.

The youth grew panicked after witnessing this. He didn’t dare stay any longer. Dragging the chief steward with him, he walked far far away, his body full of bruises.

One had to say, the heavens really were helping Chenzhu!

After several rounds, only 40 people remained in the competition field. Chenzhu suffered no mishaps or obstacles thus far.

These 40 remaining wizards were all well-known figures among the Boling clan’s younger generation. They each possessed outstanding talent and strength.

At this stage of the competition, things were already heating up.

Every battle at the final rounds was an incredibly marvelous and stunning sight.

At this time, nearly all the invited guests had arrived. For example, the clan head of the Eastern Nation’s second most powerful clan Murong Wanxie and his daughter Murong Chang, whose arrival was quite high-profile. They sat at the frontmost row.

Then there was Princess Wanwan who came on behalf of the emperor. She also sat on the first row, right next to Lanxi Liuhua who had sat on his seat earlier than her. She stared at Huan Cheng the entire time, her red-rimmed eyes seeming to bear a hidden grudge.

(T/N: Essentially saying that she deliberately sat next to Lanxi Liuhua. She saw him on his seat and then chose to sit next to him.)

Huan Cheng stood between the two, sword in hand. Unfortunately, he didn’t cast Wanwan a single glance, keeping his gaze fixed on the competition. Wanwan felt so angry that she gritted her teeth and twisted her fingers.

But there were many nobles and upper figures from powerful clans nearby. It wasn’t good for her to get angry here, so she had to restrain herself, causing her to bite her lips red.

On Wanwan’s other side sat Boling Feiwu, who saw this scene. An unreadable smile emerged on her face as she meaningfully stared at the apathetic Huan Cheng. However, her finger continued to tap against the melon seeds in her hand, the speed not faltering.

Soon after, her eyes shifted to the competition area. At the moment, only 3 pairs remained.

The first pair was Chenzhu fighting against a 20-year-old man.

The man was a sixth-grade wizard. He could be considered fairly experienced. Every magic he casted drew a lot of cheers from the audience.

But Chenzhu was able to avoid all of these attacks with ease.

Chenzhu didn’t rush to attack until the man finished casting a sixth-grade magic spell. The new spell had yet to materialize when Chenzhu suddenly made his move. He casted Earthbind, firmly tying up the man’s feet. Then a heavy Earth Fist. At the same time, the Earthbind quickly withdrew.

With the disappearance of that pull, the man lost his balance. And was hit by Chenzhu’s fist, pushing him out of the competition ring.


“Wooo!” screamed the crowd.

When Chenzhu had casted magic, the rings of light behind him were seen by some of the true powerhouses.

“Ninth-grade wizard…”

“A teenage ninth-grade wizard? So my eyesight hasn’t gone bad…”

“Heavens, when did the Boling clan have such a crazy genius?”

“No, isn’t that young man in white Boling Chenzhu, the Boling clan’s former clan heir?”


For a while, the spectating guests whispered into one another’s ears in surprise.

“Chenzhu…” Boling Feiwu finally caught sight of Chenzhu. Her hand slackened, causing the melon seeds to fall to the ground. She simply stared, mouth agape, the astonishment on her face definitely greater than anyone else’s.

Translator’s Notes:

From largest to smallest area of land: competition area (competition field + the area for spectators) -> competition field (all the 1v1 fights) -> competition ring (individual 1v1 fights)

[1] Arrow banner – below is what it looks like. In the text, the size is a lot smaller, probably like the size of your hand or a badge.

Arrow Banner

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