CGSA Chapter 101

Chapter 101

Chu Ye’s body was slightly stiff. Slowly, she placed her hands around Lanxi Liuhua’s waist. “You don’t have to do anything. Isn’t the way we are now just fine?”

How could she not understand what Lanxi Liuhua was trying to say? But she currently had no intention of marrying.

The road of cultivation was endless. She didn’t want to be entangled with other things before she gained any achievements.

Discussing feelings was ok, but discussing marriage… she’ll pass on that for now.

“Ok, I will listen to you. We’ll remain the way we are. But tell me if you ever want to change our current situation someday.” Lanxi Liuhua released Chu Ye from his embrace, casting her a gentle gaze.

He figured it out.

As Chu Ye had said, wasn’t the way they were now just fine?

Why must he so insistent on getting a marriage book?

Would they be unhappy without a marriage book?

The answer was of course no.

He was happy as long as she was happy. And that was already enough.

“You’re finally starting to understand!” said Chu Ye, smiling. Then she stood on her toes and planted a kiss on Lanxi Liuhua’s lips. After separating, she whispered, “Thank you!”

Thank you for accommodating my wish.

Lanxi Liuhua’s heart shook. The fact that Chu Ye actually took the initiative caught him by surprise. The cool but sweet lips on his caused his mind to grow blank.

So much so that he forgot to respond.

“Fool!” spat out Chu Ye in slight anger before biting Lanxi Liuhua’s lower lip. He let out a small cry of pain.

Just as he was stirred up from the teasing, enthusiastic to return the favor, Chu Ye pushed him away and jumped back, pointing to the room behind him.

“They’re all there!” On her face was a crafty, naughty smile.

Lanxi Liuhua’s expression cracked. He knew perfectly well that there were people there. But why did she have to incite his desire? He licked his bitten lip, shooting Chu Ye an accusatory stare.

Chu Ye only flashed him an innocent smile. “Well? Go back.” Then she stepped into her home’s courtyard.

Lanxi Liuhua nodded. Though still reluctant to leave, he eventually imitated Chu Ye and walked back home in slow steps.

The two looked back at each other and smiled, the air between them dripping of sweet honey. This continued until they disappeared from each other’s sight. Only then did they turn back around.

Chu Ye intended on going straight back to her room. But when she passed by Huan Jue’s room, she heard a bit of noise coming from inside, much to her surprise.

Normally, a person in suspended animation like Huan Jue wouldn’t be able to move. It just so happened that the door opened a crack, so Chu Ye neared the door and peeked into the room through that tiny slit.

She didn’t expect to see Lu Shi inside.

Chu Ye saw her carefully wiping Huan Jue, who lay unmoving on the bed, a basin of water beside her. From his to his hands, then to his feet, wiping with such attentiveness.

Then Lu Shi reached out to unbutton Huan Jue’s clothes. But after one button, a fierce blush spread across her face.

It seemed that she wanted to wipe Huan Jue’s body, but due to the differences between men and women, she felt shy and didn’t dare to.

Watching this, Chu Ye felt apprehensive. She thought that Lu Shi would come out at this point. However, Lu Shi wrung her wet handkerchief, wiped the water droplets on her hands, and began massaging Huan Jue, allowing his muscles to relax and his blood to flow more smoothly. She started on his head, then moved down. Shoulders, arms, then legs. She did it over and over, being very patient.

Chu Ye stared.

Turned out, there were some things that she had overlooked until now.

Even though Huan Jue was merely lying down on the bed, his jade-like features and elegant aura gave him a poised and refined handsomeness. He was absolutely a top-class, middle-aged male beauty.

And Lu Shi, who had been heartlessly abandoned by Boling Canglan, was a normal woman. She was still young, no more than thirty-two. She also possessed feelings and desires. She naturally had the same desire as all the other women: to have a handsome man who will love and dote on them.

But these past years, she suppressed this desire for the sake of her daughter.

Perhaps Lu Shi had already lost her heart to Huan Jue the moment she saw him sleeping in the garden!

This might be why she risked her reputation to bring Huan Jue, whose condition was unknown, to her home and invite a physician for him. Even after confirming that he was “dead,” she bought him a coffin, planning on giving him a proper burial.

If there was not a trace of strange feelings in there, how would she be willing to pay so much for him?

After quite a while of massaging, Lu Shi had seen enough. She came out with the water basin.

Having foreseen Lu Shi’s intentions for quite a while, she had already hidden behind a pillar in the corridor.

Once Lu Shi disappeared from her sight, Chu Ye walked out of her hiding place. She sighed and continued her way to her own room.

She had one thought in her mind: she must take Lu Shi with her to the Boling clan’s junior ranking competition four days later.

Only when their relationship with the Boling clan was completely severed would Lu Shi finally feel reassured enough to find love.

Although the object of her love was very likely to be bedridden for the rest of his life, during which she’d have to take care of him… Although she wouldn’t be able to receive a bit of affection in return, it was better than nothing.

Besides, Chu Ye believed that since Huan Cheng continued preserving his father’s body, he surely knew of a way to resurrect him. Just that he didn’t have the capability to do so at the moment.

But this was something that should be left for a later time.

It appeared that she would have to help Huan Cheng for now.

Everyone was in harmony for a night, but they actually had their own thoughts.


In the blink of an eye, four days had already passed.

Bian city was particularly lively today because the Boling clan’s younger generation, which were scattered all over the nation, returned in succession. All in order to take part in the clan junior ranking competition held once every 3 years.

Furthermore, this year’s competition had a great reward. Among those who had at least a little ability, who wouldn’t rush back to the city like ducks?

Thus, the Boling clan was bustling with more noise than ever.

Outside their gates, they welcomed their clan’s younger generation, as well as the distinguished clans and sects that they had invited to spectate.

Inside, they were busy organizing the flow of the competition. They had to arrange each disciple into the competition, inform them of the competition rules, as well as seat the guests and provide them some refreshments.

The hubbub was noisier than that in the main street on the outskirts of the city.

“Oh, Young Master Lanxi, you came quite early. Please, please, please! Come in!” A smile spread across Chief Steward Wu’s face, who was in charge of welcoming the sects, schools, and clans.

Lanxi Liuhua was dressed in a blue robe today, framing his slender body. His long sleeves swayed with his every step, and in his hand was a folding fan. Coupled with his gentle temperament, he appeared to have come from a painting. Like metal attracted to a magnet, all of the surrounding people’s gazes seemed to be drawn to his figure.

He indeed deserved to be called the most beautiful man in the Eastern Nation. His looks and bearing were definitely a sight that no one would forget their whole lives.

“Chief Steward Wu is modest. Please!” Lanxi Liuhua courteously replied as he followed Chief Steward Wu into the main gates.

And behind him were two people who stayed close to each other.

One was dressed in black, tall and rigid. He had sword-like eyebrows, as well as a sword on his back. He also exuded a cold, unapproachable aura.

The other was in white robes. However, he was also wearing a black cloak on top, which covered his face and upper body. No one could see even a bit of his features.

But no one paid too much attention to the two as they only seemed to be Lanxi Liuhua’s followers.

That was what Chief Steward Wu also thought. As such, he allowed Lanxi Liuhua to take the two with him into the Boling clan without question.

“Young Master Lanxi, please come with me. We have already arranged your seat. It’s definitely one of the best seats in the whole audience,” said Chief Steward Wu with a smile, somewhat ingratiating himself with Lanxi Liuhua.

As the third most powerful clan in the Eastern Nation, the Lanxi family could afford flattery from a chief steward.

“No need to hurry. The competition hasn’t officially started anyway. I want to stroll around. Is that possible?” Lanxi Liuhua shook the folding fan in his hand, a shallow smile on his face.

“You can. Of course, you can!” Chief Steward Wu nods his head. “Let this old slave show Young Master Lanxi the way.”

“No need. I can walk around by myself. Chief Steward had better go and do his own work.” Lanxi Liuhua hurriedly stopped his excessive enthusiasm. His expression also slightly dulled.

Was this chief steward kidding him? If he stuck to them, Chenzhu probably wouldn’t reveal himself until he shooed him away.

Chief Steward Wu’s face was warm, but his buttocks were cold. He had been complimenting Young Master Lanxi, but he didn’t show appreciation for it, even sending him away. His face slightly drooped. He forced a smile before returning outside in discontent, where he continued to welcome the other guests.

When Chief Steward Wu left, Chenzhu impatiently asked, “Why has Chu Ye not arrived yet?” Just moments ago, Chu Ye had clearly accompanied him and Huan Cheng, then handed them to Lanxi Liuhua somewhere not far from the Boling clan. He didn’t know when she had left.

Lanxi Liuhua shrugged, innocent. “You ask me, but who should I ask? She didn’t tell me either.”

A bit of dejection entered Chenzhu’s heart. But the arrow was already notched. The plan had already been set in motion. After a pause, he added, “At this time, the Boling clan’s younger generation should be signing up. Once the registrations are closed, they will draw lots to determine the first set of match-ups.”

“Then we better hurry to the registration site!” Huan Cheng spoke up.

Lanxi Liuhua slightly nodded in approval. He sent Chief Steward Wu away in order to let Chenzhu sign up for the competition without any problems.

“Ok, follow me.” Chenzhu shot Lanxi Liuhua and Huan Cheng a grateful look. Then he walked to the Boling clan’s fixed registration site with great familiarity.

The main reason why Boling clan was able to remain as the Eastern Nation’s most powerful family for a long time was their ridiculous manpower. They had nearly a thousand powerful wizards under them.

The Murong clan and the Lanxi clan simply couldn’t compare in this aspect.

One ordinary wizard could defeat ten ordinary soldiers.

A tenth-grade wizard could defeat a hundred, maybe up to a thousand soldiers.

Apparently, a legendary existence like tenth-grade wizards could destroy a city with just a wave of a hand.

Innate-grade wizards, which were a grade higher than the tenth-grade ones, were even more amazing.

Therefore, the Boling clan’s thousand-man wizard group was undeniably a frightening force.

And among the nearly a thousand wizards, more than six hundred were under the age of 25.

That was to say, the participants in the Boling clan’s junior ranking competition numbered more than six hundred.

So when Chenzhu arrived at the registration site, it was already crowded.

The tens of registration points were all surrounded by an impenetrable crowd of youths. They brimmed with vitality and enthusiasm, each eager to win and become the clan heir, standing over a thousand people while only below one person.

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