CGSA Chapter 100

Chapter 100

“You…” Within just a moment, Boling Feiwu lost all her bravado. Although she was 9 years older than Chu Ye, she wasn’t very talented in cultivation. She was currently no more than a sixth-grade wizard. She might be a grade higher than Chu Ye on the surface, but she didn’t have the courage to fight Chu Ye.

She turned to the young man beside her for help, only to catch him greasily staring at Chu Ye’s body again, fueling her hatred. Blood rushed to her head, and with a shout, she charged at Chu Ye.

This slightly surprised Chu Ye. She didn’t expect her to still have an ounce of courage. But still, this action of hers was quite stupid. Mercilessly, she raised her foot in a kick, releasing a whirlwind containing sharp, strong needles of wind, which fiercely swept toward the left side of Boling Feiwu’s face.

“Ah!” shrieked Boling Feiwu as she was sent flying four to five meters away into the private room.

It was so painful that she couldn’t manage to get up. She started rolling on the ground, covering the left half of her face.

Chu Ye lowered her foot to the ground and shot a disdainful glance at the young man, whose eyes were still filled with stars. Then lowering her gaze to Boling Feiwu, she sneered and said, “I have to say, your brain is just as stupid as his gaze.”

After saying this, she turned and left with the other four.

The only remnants of the previous confrontation were the indignant but dazed expression on the young man’s face, as well as the left half of Boling Feiwu’s face which was already as swollen as a pig’s head.

After exiting Fu Ya House, Chu Ye approached Chenzhu, who had stayed silent. “What’s the matter? Was I not heavy-handed enough? Does your heart still feel stuffy?”

Chenzhu flashed her a dumb smile. ”Tolerable.”

As for why his heart still felt stuffy, Chenzhu also didn’t know why. After seeing Boling Feiwu, it just started pounding again.

Chu Ye pondered for a moment. Then as if she had made a resolution, she clapped Chenzhu on his shoulder. In a grave tone, she said, “I know that four days later, the Boling clan will hold a grand ranking competition among the younger generation. You should prepare yourself well in the following days. When the time comes, I’ll accompany you.”

She could still remember that prior to entering the Nine-Tiered Heavenly Pagoda, she had visited the Boling clan to look for Chenzhu. And there, she happened to run into Boling Feiwu, who inadvertently revealed that the Boling clan would be holding a ranking competition among the younger generation. Calculating the days, it seemed that it was only four days away.

Chenzhu’s body once again began trembling. The clan junior ranking competition was a grand affair held only once every three years by the Boling clan. Every time it was held, anyone with even a faint connection to the Boling clan would be present to witness the abilities of the clan’s new generation.

“Chu Ye, don’t forget, I already left the Boling clan. They’ve also already stripped away my status as the young master and the clan head’s heir.” Remembering this, Chenzhu felt somewhat down.

“Then, can they also remove the blood of the Boling clan running through your veins? Strip away your identity as a member of the Boling clan?”

“No,” Chenzhu muttered.

A bit of anger rose within Chu Ye at Chenzhu’s spinelessness. So she continued to provoke him. “Isn’t your surname still Boling?”

“Of course.” Chenzhu’s voice grew louder.

Although he hated Boling Canglan and Boling Feiwu’s heartlessness and cold-blooded nature, his parents had given him this surname.

And although his parents came from a distant line and had no noble status, he would always love them.

Even though they had left him a long time ago.

With staunch eyes and an impassioned tone, she said, “That’s not enough. The entire younger generation of the Boling clan are allowed to take part in the clan junior ranking competition. Moreover, I discovered that this year’s first place will become the new heir of the clan head. This is the perfect opportunity for you to go and take back everything you lost.”

In an instant, all the blood in Chenzhu’s body started boiling.

“Go and take back everything I lost!” This particular sentence echoed in his mind over and over again. After enduring for so long, all the pent-up emotions in his heart finally burst out.

He clenched his fists, his gaze as bright and fiery as a torch. “Ok, I will go. I will retrieve everything that belonged to me,” he said with unprecedented determination.

Boling Canglan, didn’t you want me to be the young master again? Then I will take back the position of heir! I want your entire Boling clan to be mine!

Boling Feiwu, didn’t you dislike me and trample on me? Wait until I become the clan heir again. I will make you regret what you did to me!

Boling clan, you wait for me!

The more Chenzhu thought about it, the more excited he felt. He couldn’t wait to get up the Boling clan’s fighting ring and beat up all those who abandoned him and tossed him aside.

Feeling the overflowing batttle spirit emanating from Chenzhu, Chu Ye broke into a pleased smile. This was the true Chenzhu.

This was how men should be.

“But… how will you get in?” Lu Shi couldn’t help but worry. If the Boling clan blocked Chenzhu from competing, would they force their way in?

But with Chu Ye and the others’ current strength, paathat was impossible.

“Yeah, that really is a problem…” Chenzhu felt like a basin of cold water was poured over him. All his enthusiasm cooled down.

“That’s easy,” Lanxi Liuha butted in. “The Boling clan would invite the Eastern Nation’s influential sects and clans as guests every time they held their junior competition. And my Lanxi clan receives their invitation every time. I can bring you two in.”

“That would be great!” Chenzhu’s ambition was once again lit ablaze. He clapped Lanxi Liuhua’s shoulder. Then with sincere gratitude, he said, “Thank you, Brother Lanxi. You’re such a noble gentleman!”

Some shame naturally bloomed within him at how he had disrupted the other’s careful plans for proposal earlier. But he didn’t regret it.

Even if time were to rewind, he would still choose to do the same things.

Kindness was kindness. Chu Ye was Chu Ye.

He would never let go of Chu Ye for the sake of kindness.

For him, nothing in the world could be more valuable than Chu Ye.

Without Chu Ye, the position of clan heir meant nothing to him.

It was because Chu Ye wanted him to better himself that he went to better himself. It was all just to make her smile.

Obtaining this position signified that he would become the next clan head in the future. By then, with just a word from Chu Ye, he could give the whole Boling clan to her.

Of course, that was a topic to be discussed at a much later date.

“No need to stand on ceremony,” said Lanxi Liuhua, waving his hand in dismissal. He didn’t dare accept the praise “noble gentleman” because he wasn’t kind at all.

It wasn’t like he didn’t realize that Chenzhu would gain more chips in their fight over Chu Ye once he became the Boling clan’s clan heir again. But for Chu Ye, he was willing to become an upright, noble gentleman.

All was fair in love and war!

Huan Cheng, who was neglected at the side, couldn’t help but feel upset. He stuck his head out and said, “I will also go.”

“Why are you going?” Chu Ye couldn’t think of any reason why Huan Cheng had to go.

“You’re all going. If I’m not going, then what would I do?” said Huan Cheng, though he also knew how unconvincing this excuse was.

“Make money then. You always lack money. Think about it, how much money would you lose if you were to waste a day?” said Chenzhu, pretending to be earnest.

Huan Cheng turned his neck to glance at Chenzhu. Then in a lecturing tone, he said, “Kid, once a still-powerless kid like you begins to grow cocky, you will understand the saying, “an arrogant army is bound to lose.”

Huan Cheng sunk into a bad mood while thinking, “You both have the support of your clans behind you, but I don’t.”

Oh, but if he were to say that, he might just shock them to death.

As his thoughts ran in this direction, slight sadness washed over Huan Cheng. He had a family, but he couldn’t return to it!

His large Huan clan had probably already fallen into his heartless mother’s hands.

It was a pity that the only thing he could do was take his father away from home, not even able to hate her.

As a son, nothing could be more painful than this.

Sensing the sadness coming from Huan Cheng, Chu Ye and the others cast glances at each other, afraid that Huan Cheng was thinking of his parents again. For a while, Lanxi Liuhua and Chenzhu didn’t have the nerve to ridicule him again.

“Alright, alright. Let’s go then.” Chu Ye flashed them a bright smile, then shifted her gaze to Lu Shi, whose face was covered with a light-colored muslin. She said, “Mother, you can also go with us.”

“Ah?” Shocked, Lu Shi widened her eyes. “What am I going to do there? Won’t go, won’t go…”

When all was said and done, she still slightly feared Boling Canglan.

If that man were to discover that she had brought their daughter to live right under his nose and that their daughter, who exhibited outstanding talent, didn’t recognize him as her father… she couldn’t imagine just what he would do once he got angry.

Chu Ye stared at the veil that Lu Shi would always wear whenever she went out. “Mother, I once said that there would come a time where you can go out without having to cover your face with that muslin and fear that the people of the Boling clan will recognize you. That you would be able to live a fair life even under their eyes. And the clan ranking competition four days later is also the perfect chance for that. Carefully consider it, Mother. Don’t be in a rush to refuse!”

“This… Ok. I will think about it again…” Lu Shi said with a hesitant nod.

In fact, she was most worried about how Chu Ye would be affected if her identity was exposed. Otherwise, why would she have such apprehensions about it?

The five chatted all the way until they returned home.

At this time, the night sky was as clear as the calm waters, with the exception of the bright moon providing light amidst the darkness.

Under Lu Shi’s firm orders, Chenzhu and Huan Cheng were forced to go back to their rooms first, leaving Chu Ye and Lanxi Liuhua near the gate.

Underneath the moonlight, the two’s shadows elongated on the ground, looking just like this serene night. Tranquil and beautiful.

Chu Ye faced Lanxi Liuhua. “You… should go back.” In this quiet night, she didn’t add any superfluous words.

“Ok.” The same was true for Lanxi Liuhua. He originally had a lot of things he wanted to say. But now that they were alone, these words all seemed to have vanished into smoke. Slowly, he turned around to leave, but after thinking about something, he quickly whirled back, his blue eyes gazing at Chu Ye without blinking.

“What’s the matter?” Chu Ye touched her face. Did she have something on her face?

Then Lanxi Liuhua suddenly rushed forward. He fiercely wrapped his arms around Chu Ye in a hug, tightly and emotionally. It was like he wanted to merge Chu Ye’s body with his own.

“Chu Ye, tell me what I should do…” How can I make you agree to marry me? But he didn’t say that last sentence. He didn’t want to scare her again.

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