CGSA Chapter 99

Chapter 99

Yes, he had long prepared himself for Chu Ye’s rejection. But he didn’t think that Chu Ye would do so this bluntly. She didn’t give him any leeway at all.

He believed that Chu Ye also held favorable feelings towards him.

Only, her like for him wasn’t deep enough for them to discuss marriage.

If it weren’t for the many outstanding men popping up by Chu Ye’s side, he wouldn’t have been this impatient.

He really cared about her.

But oftentimes, the more you wanted to hold onto them, the quicker they slipped through your fingers, just like sand.

Seeing the sad look on Lanxi Liuhua’s face, Huan Cheng and Chenzhu breathed out a long sigh of relief. However, they couldn’t feel happy either.

Chu Ye’s blunt rejection seemed to be showing them a glimpse of their own future. How could they be happy?

Chu Ye truly wasn’t an easily obtainable woman!

After taking a few moments to calm himself down, Lanxi Liuhua once again raised his head, his usual refined smile back on his face. “Can you tell me the reason for your refusal?”

He wouldn’t give up.

Chu Ye raised her head to meet Lanxi Liuhua’s eyes and said, “Actually, I was quite moved, but your earlier words scared me.”

“Which words?” Lanxi Liuhua asked in a hurried tone, wondering what could’ve scared her.

Huan Cheng, Chenzhu, and Lu Shi stretched their necks forward. What was Chu Ye pertaining to? They didn’t think that Lanxi Liuhua had said anything wrong. On the contrary, everything he had said was incredibly touching.

“You said that you want to take care of me for the rest of my life. To give me the happiest, most blessed life in the world.” Chu Ye couldn’t stop the sneer from crossing her face. “The fact that you said these words only proves that you don’t understand me at all. Do you not have even the slightest idea of what I’m after?

Then let me tell you. I don’t want a happy, blissful life, much less live my life under someone else’s care. I like freedom, physically and emotionally. I yearn for wild and crazy adventures, to feel the excitement of toeing the line between life and death. What I hate the most is peace and stability. That’s why I’ve never wanted marriage.”

There was once a man who had given her the impulse to step into the marriage hall. But that was only for a moment. Now that she’d died and been reborn, that impulse and desire had already dissipated.

Hearing this, everyone’s faces changed.

This mentality was absolutely the gutsiest, most unorthodox, most avant-garde, and most inconceivable thing that they’d ever heard.

How could a woman have such frightful thoughts?

Wanted freedom, wanted adventures, wanted excitement, didn’t want to depend on other people, didn’t want a peaceful, stable life, didn’t want marriage. Shouldn’t only some buff men have this kind of mentality?

At this moment, they had to reassess Chu Ye.

This woman’s heart was too big! Too wild!

She was just like her name. Wild, undisciplined, and out of control. Who could bring her down?

Seeing everyone staring at her, Chu Ye innocently shrugged her shoulders and said, “I know that it’s a little hard for you to accept, but that’s how I am. Now that you know of this, I hope that you’ve psychologically prepared yourself. I’m not willing to be a wife, but I can consider being a lover.”

Lanxi Liuhua, Huan Cheng, and Chenzhu felt like they had been struck with thunder at that.

Not willing to be a wife, but can consider being a lover?

What weird logic was that?

Huh? No, wait a minute. She didn’t seem to have specified who this lover was just now.

The three men suddenly began a game of “you look at me, I look at you” before simultaneously turning towards Chu Ye and asking, “Who’s the lover?”

“Still considering.” Now that everything had been explained, Chu Ye lightly got up and left the room, throwing out an “I’m full. I’ll be taking my leave first.”

The three men immediately chased after her. They shouted, “Speak clearly before you leave…”

Lu Shi helplessly shook her head as she was forced to catch up to them. Her daughter was really becoming more and more radiant.

However, she didn’t anticipate that after leaving the room, the neighboring room’s door would open just as she was about to pass by it. A figure dressed in fiery red stepped out of the room. However, her stride was quite wide, causing Lu Shi to accidentally step on the lady’s white boots.

The lady let out a pained cry. “Are you blind?” she indignantly yelled, shoving Lu Shi. This caused Lu Shi to stumble and almost fall down.

Not that far ahead, Chu Ye turned around after hearing some noise behind her and saw this very scene.

Anger rushing through her veins, she coldly shouted, “Stop!”

Then she strode toward Lu Shi and supported her unsteady figure.

When Chu Ye looked up, she finally noticed that this capricious, mule-headed lady in red was actually Boling Feiwu, the eldest miss of the Boling clan.

Without hesitation, Chu Ye repeatedly slapped her, putting all her strength into it.

Who was she to dare push her mother?

Boling Feiwu caught sight of Chu Ye’s face for one second before she was once again subjected to a series of slaps.

Once the barrage of slaps finally stopped, she shot Chu Ye an incredulous look while holding her cheek. “You… you actually slapped me?”

She was the noble Boling Feiwu, the eldest miss of the Boling clan. Not once in her life had someone dared to beat her like this.

“So what if I hit you?” Chu Ye coolly spat out. She must be tired of living to have the gall to touch her mother.

“You…” Boling Feiwu seethed with so much anger that she actually forgot to fight back.

“Lili, let’s go. Don’t make trouble,” said Lu Shi, pulling at Chu Ye’s sleeve from behind. She naturally recognized Boling Feiwu in one glance. When she had been driven out of the Boling clan six years ago, Boling Feiwu was already nineteen. Her appearance hadn’t changed much since that time.

She didn’t want to get involved with the Boling clan’s people again.

By this time, Lanxi Liuhua, Huan Cheng, and Chenzhu had all walked back. They stood behind Chu Ye but had no intention of interfering. Chu Ye could easily handle such a small matter.

However, when Chenzhu saw the haughty Boling Feiwu, his breath hitched and his hands balled into fists.

He would never forget how excessively inhumane Boling Feiwu had treated him back when he became disfigured.

“What’s wrong, Sister Feiwu?” A youthful man, around 25-26 years old, walked out of the private room. He could be considered handsome, and his lips were slightly upturned, giving the impression that he was always smiling.

Like Boling Feiwu, he had red hair and eyes. One only needed a glance to know that he was a fire wizard.

As soon he showed up, he intimately wrapped his arm around Boling Feiwu’s waist. She didn’t resist it at all and even subconsciously leaned against him. It could be seen that such intimate actions had become a norm between them.

“Brother Ming, she… she hit me just now…” said Boling Feiwu with a finger directed at Chu Ye, acting like a spoiled child. Then, she maliciously said, “Brother Ming, teach her a lesson for me. I want to return what she did to me tenfold.”

“Whoever dared to beat Sister Feiwu, why don’t you face me?” He didn’t bother distinguishing between right and wrong, only wanting to seek justice for Boling Feiwu. But when his eyes landed on Chu Ye’s clear, cold eyes and beautiful face, a shiver ran through his body, and his red eyes flashed with undisguised greed.

It was clear at a glance that this man wasn’t proper goods either.

Chu Ye turned to Boling Feiwu, a mocking smile hanging from her lips. “Boling Feiwu, is this your new side-guy? Don’t forget that you’re Chenzhu’s fiancee. If news of you having a private meeting with another man today were to spread, you wouldn’t lose face but I’d feel bad for Chenzhu!”

“What side-guy? Don’t speak so vulgarly. Chenzhu and I have already dissolved our engagement. Since then, he and marriage no longer have anything to do with each other,” Boling Feiwu said with her head held high. Meanwhile, her hand ruthlessly pinched the flesh on the man’s waist. Damn male, lecherous and unable to read the situation. She lost all her face because of him.

After experiencing pain, the young man immediately knew that he had forgotten his manners and withdrew his gaze. He didn’t dare give Chu Ye a second look.

“Oh,” said Chu Ye. “So the engagement has been dissolved? When did this happen? Why didn’t I know?”

“Must my Boling clan inform you, an outsider, about our affairs?” The corners of Boling Feiwu’s lips raised in a sneer as she continued, “Besides, weren’t you always pestering Chenzhu before? Why aren’t you looking for him now? Isn’t it because you can’t stand his disfigured, ugly face either? So what qualifications do you have to tell me that?”

Chu Ye turned a deaf ear to her ridicule and profoundly said, “You’re resolute in your decision to not like Chenzhu?”

“You can take him if you want. Maybe his corpse is already rotting and stinking up in some hidden corner,” Boling Feiwu sharply retorted.

“Fine, I hope you’ll remember the words you said just now, and don’t regret them in the future.” Chu Ye shot her a contemptuous stare. This woman was pitifully shortsighted.

Boling Feiwu snorted. “I, Boling Feiwu, will never regret.”

“Good, good!” Chu Ye nodded, breaking into a smile. Then seemingly facing the air, she said, “Chenzhu, you heard her loud and clear. This woman isn’t tied to you anymore. You’re free!”

Behind her, Chenzhu, whose entire body was covered in a black cloak, trembled. But the next second, he slowly unclenched his fists, and his heart grew unbelievably lighter.

Boling Feiwu told Chu Ye of her lack of self-regret, not knowing that Chenzhu was standing right behind them in perfect condition.

Soon, today would become her greatest regret in life.

Now that Chu Ye had wrung out the words she wanted to hear from her, she was no longer interested in tangling with her. She turned around, ready to leave. “Let’s go.”

Seeing Chu Ye give the order to leave, Boling Feiwu shouted, “Stop. You hit this young lady, and now you want to leave like nothing happened?”

“How will you leave if I don’t go?” Chu Ye turned her head. “You want to have a taste of my Wind Needle Torture like Murong Chang?”

Chu Ye didn’t believe that Boling Feiwu was unfamiliar with the Murong clan’s most famous seventh miss Murong Chang. She herself was the Boling clan’s eldest miss, after all. So how could she not know about Murong Chang’s excruciatingly painful experience under the Wind Needle Torture, to the point that she had wished she was dead?

Sure enough, after hearing her words, Boling Feiwu’s face grew deathly pale.

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