CGSA Chapter 98

Chapter 98

“Me too. I also want to go.” It was Huan Cheng who had just returned. He seemed to have had a good harvest today, judging from his bursting waist purse, which had been completely empty this morning.

“Ok then. Let’s all go together.” Chu Ye never acted shy or embarrassed when around friends. It was good to enjoy such a grand place as Fu Ya House together.

But before leaving, Chu Ye went back to her room to change clothes and apply some light makeup. She had to give Lanxi Liuhua some face.

Soon after, Chu Ye languidly exited the room in an elegant wide-sleeved flowing fairy dress [1]. The blue dress gave off an aura of solitariness, just like the ripples caused by the wind during Cold Dew. It simply complemented her natural beauty. Her facial features enhanced by the light makeup, her pearly white teeth, her jade-like skin, and her blooming face which was as gorgeous as a goddess. Her looks could intoxicate people.

(T/N: Cold Dew – pinyin Hanlu; a period when it is super cold, usually around Oct 8-23)

Huan Cheng and Chenzhu were stunned at the sight of her. Even Lu Shi and Xiao Yin were too.

They had previously never seen Chu Ye dress herself up. On normal days, if she wasn’t wearing close-fitting fighting clothes [2], then she would be in a simple, slender wizard’s robe. Despite their simplicity, they gave her the image of a strong, capable beauty. But now, she very much exuded a feminine charm that was simply unmatched in the nation.

“Seen enough?” Chu Ye stared at everyone with some bashfulness. She wasn’t that used to dressing this beautifully. She took the initiative to walk out the gate, saying, “Let’s go.”

It wasn’t until her figure disappeared out the door that everyone else snapped back to their senses and hurried after her. However, when Chenzhu neared the gate, he paused, then suddenly rushed back to his room, where he put on a big black cloak to conceal his terrifying heat rashes.


Fu Ya House had a total of six floors. The first and second floors were for receiving nobles, the third and fourth floors were for warriors, and the fifth and sixth floors were for wizards. Every room had exquisite furnishing and ornaments, as well as exclusive servers. Fu Ya House could be considered on the same level as modern five-star restaurants.

What was more amazing was that Fu Ya House could also completely redesign the room according to the customers’ demands. They would do whatever the customers said. Of course, their bill will grow even more expensive.

When Chu Ye’s group arrived, two good-looking and exceptional servers, one male and one female, came up to them with professional smiles on their faces. But when they stood in front of Chu Ye, their faces momentarily paled. Their good looks that they were so proud of seemed inferior to her. It made people feel that the so-called handsome and beautiful servers of Fu Ya House were only so-so.

After Chu Ye mentioned Lanxi Liuhua’s name, the two servers, with shame on their faces, deferentially led them all the way up to the sixth floor.

Uproars erupted wherever Chu Ye passed by. Some of the people had never seen such a beautiful woman before.

And those going up the staircase subconsciously made way for Chu Ye’s group.

On the sixth floor, Lanxi Liuhua stood waiting inside a luxurious private room. When he heard a knock on the door, he joyfully went to open the door.

When he saw Chu Ye dressed so exquisitely, his mouth gaped. He had always known that she was beautiful, but he didn’t expect that she could be so breathtaking and heart-stopping underneath her callous and tough attitude.

But when he caught sight of Huan Cheng and Chenzhu behind Chu Ye, the smile on his face stiffened. But when he also saw Lu Shi, he couldn’t speak up. He could only continue to smile and invite the four people into the room.

“Wow, so many flowers!”

As soon as the four people entered the private room, they were all shocked by the unique design of the room. Bouquets of red roses covered the entire room. Entering the room was like walking into a sea of flowers. The delightful fragrance of roses pervaded the entire room.

The enormous golden table and chairs were placed at the center of the sea of flowers. On top of the table were ninety-nine top-quality delicacies, as well as a candle holder with the candle already lit up. It was quite romantic.

With one glance, Chu Ye’s entire group guessed that Lanxi Liuhua had asked Chu Ye to come here to have a meal together.

Lu Shi’s cheeks flushed in embarrassment underneath her veil. She knew she should’ve insisted on not going. After racking her brain, she rubbed her eyebrows and showed an expression of pain. She then said to Huan Cheng and Chenzhu, “Ugh, I suddenly feel a little unwell. Huan Cheng, Chenzhu, you two send me home. Let’s not eat anymore.”

Chu Ye fell for Lu Shi’s act. “Mother, where do you feel unwell?” she asked, moving to support Lu Shi.

“This is nothing. I’ll be fine after going home and lying down. Huan Cheng, Chenzhu, what are you blanking out for? Quickly send me back.” Lu Shi’s embarrassment grew. The ones who should have taken the bait didn’t do so, while the one who shouldn’t have taken the bait was hooked in.

Huan Cheng and Chenzhu might not be sensitive in other matters, but it was entirely different if Chu Ye was involved.

It was clear that Lu Shi was simply making an excuse to send them away. That way, Chu Ye and Lanxi Liuhua could spend some time together, allowing the smooth execution of some certain “matters”.

“Auntie, since you’re not feeling well, you should take medicine. How could going home and lying down be effective? Here, I have a Baishanlu pill. It can cure all kinds of illnesses. Even people without sickness can consume it. It’s energizing and nourishing.” Huan Cheng “sincerely” took out a Baishanlu pill, whose translucent body glistened in the light, and handed it to Lu Shi.

His statement “even people without sickness can consume it” made Lu Shi’s face burn even hotter.

She was seen through.

Chenzhu innocently blinked his big eyes. Then in a concerned voice, he said, “You were still fine just now. How did you suddenly feel unwell upon entering the room? Is Auntie allergic to flowers? Why don’t we remove all of the roses from this room?”

Chenzhu was even worse. He wanted to completely destroy this romantic scene that other people had painstakingly arranged.

When Lu Shi heard this, she didn’t scold nor curse at them. She simply flung her sleeves and said, “Fine. Fine. Just do whatever you want to do. Auntie won’t bother with you.” She then took the initiative to seat herself on a chair.

Chu Ye dumbly shook her head before apologetically shrugging her shoulders at Lanxi Liuhua.

Lanxi Liuhua shot her a reassuring smile, but a different thought was running through his mind.

Did these rascals think that they could stop his plan if they didn’t leave?

Too naive!

After pulling a chair for Chu Ye like a gentleman, Lanxi Liuhua gracefully sat down beside her. Huan Cheng and Chenzhu, who were ignored, also skillfully seated themselves. Even though this was their first time here, they didn’t act like it.

They had to say, Fu Ya House’s dishes weren’t only aesthetically pleasing. The taste was also top-class.

As everyone joyfully immersed themselves in eating, Lanxi Liuhua suddenly raised a toast, his azure eyes solemnly staring at Lu Shi. “Auntie, all those years in the countryside where you raised Chu Ye must have been difficult. Liuhua is here to offer you a toast.” After which he raised his head and downed his entire cup of wine.

Lu Shi stared blankly for a moment before also raising her wine cup. However, her cup only contained tea. She flashed a bitter smile before returning his toast with one of her own.

For six years, she had to maintain a subservient attitude to her family while she raised her daughter in the Lu family manor. How could the word “difficult” fully encompass all that she had gone through!

Seeing this, Huan Cheng and Chenzhu followed suit and offered a toast to Lu Shi as well.

However, Lanxi Liuhua didn’t give them any room to speak. He continued, “Chu Ye and I were betrothed before she was even born, and now, we’ve already grown up. Liuhua wishes to replace Auntie as Chu Ye’s caretaker for the rest of her life. To give her the happiest, most blessed life in the world. May Auntie allow me to accomplish this.”

Everyone around the table was stunned.

Although they had already formed some speculations after seeing Lanxi Liuhua take such great pains to arrange this dinner, they were still stupefied upon hearing Lanxi Liuhua say it himself.

Chu Ye stiffened in her seat, her back becoming ramrod straight.

Lu Shi blanked for a moment before muttering, “Did your parents agree to this?”

One should note that Chu Ye was unwilling to return to the Boling clan. Therefore, she was no longer considered a daughter of the Eastern Nation’s most powerful clan. Now that it was like this, would Lanxi Liuhua’s parents still agree to their marriage? Lu Shi had no idea.

Lanxi Liuhua rushed to explain, “My parents have already given their approval. Only, Liuhua didn’t know that you were coming today. I will notify my parents. If possible, our two families can meet here again tomorrow.

Although Chu Ye had lost her status as the Boling clan’s daughter, the honor of becoming Caroline’s sole disciple was much greater than the former. Therefore, it was impossible for the Lanxi clan to object.

“That’s great…” she said, joy brightening her entire face. But after glancing at Chu Ye, who hadn’t spoken a word since coming here, she instead said, “This matter… should be left to Lili to decide. If she agrees, then I have no complaints.”

If it were in the past, she would agree on behalf of her daughter. But now that Lili was no longer the Lili she used to be, she realized that she shouldn’t get involved in this matter. After all, Lili was now more assertive than her.

“Chu Ye, please marry me!” After brushing her skirt away, Lanxi Liuhua knelt on one knee in front of Chu Ye, his hands holding up a brilliant diamond ring and his deep blue eyes unblinkingly gazing at Chu Ye.

One should know that this wasn’t an ordinary diamond ring. Aside from its extraordinary appearance and its symbolism of beautiful love, it was also a sacred tool. A spatial ring, which was one of the Lanxi clan’s treasures.

“Bang!” “Bang!” Huan Cheng and Chenzhu fiercely stood up after hearing Lanxi Liuhua’s proposal, toppling their chairs in the process. However, who would be thick-skinned enough to block them?

They had been betrothed to each other since young. Now that they’d both grown up, they could get married as promised. It was appropriate and justifiable. What reason did they have to stop them?

In the end, they shifted their gazes towards Chu Ye, waiting for her answer.

At that moment, Chu Ye slightly lowered her head, slowly chewing the food in her mouth. Her face seemed as serene as usual, but her quivering lashes betrayed her currently pounding heart.

For quite a while, the other four people in the room fixed their gazes on Chu Ye, not blinking at all. Their eyes even started to burn. Chu Ye then put down her chopsticks and turned to Lanxi Liuhua. Taking a deep breath, she gently said, “I’m sorry. I can’t agree to this.”

Lanxi Liuhua’s hand which held the diamond ring shook, and his heart seemed to have suddenly stopped beating. Slowly, he stood up and got back to his seat, before bursting into laughter. “Actually… I’ve long predicted that this would happen.”

Translator’s Notes:

[1] wide-sleeved flowing fairy dress – this picture is from a TV show

[2] fighting clothes – the clothes you see swordsmen and martial artists wear in Chinese wuxia movies. I can’t find a whole body picture that I’m satisfied with because the images that I’ve found all have long skirts. I tried searching for old wuxia movies that I’ve seen but I also can’t find good pics. Anyway, they have pants on XD

黑色劲装新品|黑色劲装價格|黑色劲装包郵|品牌– 淘寶海外

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