CGSA Chapter 93

Chapter 93: Your Kissing Technique Is Extremely Lacking

His entire being already felt drunk.

Drunk from the kiss and from those caresses.

His eyes fluttered shut from the floaty sensation of pleasure. He even felt like he was about to ascend to the heavens and become an immortal. However, as he closed his eyes, Chu Ye’s closed eyes snapped open instead, gaze cold and deep.

She bit hard on his lips.

At this time, her caressing hand already moved to the back of his hand. As she bit him, she snatched the ornament from his hand.

Then she immediately plunged into the waters and swam towards the bank of the pond.

All these actions were completed in quick succession, not giving the other person any time to react.

“Ah…” For the beautiful man, it was like floating in heaven the moment before, only to end up falling into hell in the next second. He covered his bleeding lips, face twisting into a grimace.

By the time he intended to give chase, Chu Ye had already reached the bank of the pond and jumped up the wall of the courtyard, which was several meters high.

Underneath the warm sunshine and surrounded by the gentle breeze, her wet clothes clung to her body, exposing every inch of her captivating figure. It was simply perfect and flawless. Crystal water droplets slid down her body, like little pearls shining brightly in the sky.

She turned around and looked down at him.

She raised her lips in a smile. “Hey. Your kissing technique is extraordinarily bad.” After saying her last words, she jumped down the wall, leaving the courtyard.

The beautiful man’s lips flattened into a line, and his face was full of black lines.

Was she saying he was bad at kissing?

It was clearly her kissing skills that were too superb, okay?

Damn it, how could her kissing skills be so powerful? His mind had even blanked out during the kiss. How experienced was she?

As he was thinking of this, deep wells formed on his clean jade-like forehead.

“Master, do we need to silence her?” A secret guard, dressed in black from head to toe, suddenly appeared in front of the beautiful man out of nowhere. A strong aura radiated from his body, a sign that he was at least tenth grade.

The man frowned and pondered for a moment, before saying, “No need.” He didn’t wish for those heart-pounding lips to disappear from existence.

The secret guard raised his head in disbelief. “But Master, she knows of your existence. Your identity must not be discovered in the Eastern Nation. Otherwise…”

“There is no harm.” The man waved his hand, indicating that he need not say more. “She doesn’t know who I am. Immediately pass on the order that we will move to another courtyard in the west of the city.”

To be on the safe side, it was still necessary for him to change his address.

The secret guard was shocked even further. He didn’t expect that Master would rather relocate for the sake of protecting the woman. It seemed that that woman’s kiss held an extraordinary amount of charm.

Not daring to raise any more doubts, he slightly nodded before returning to his secret location in order to execute the man’s order.

The beautiful man turned his head toward the direction where Chu Ye had disappeared to, and slowly stroked his still-bleeding lips. A bit of her heat and fragrance was still on them.

Hehe, you fascinating woman. We will surely meet again.

Chu Ye didn’t realize that she had already walked through the gates of hell. After jumping down the wall, she conjured a warm breeze to blow-dry her clothes. Then she quickly ran back home without stopping.

And Xiao Yin, after brutally abusing the thief, relied on its spiritual connection with Chu Ye to catch up to her. Its tiny body energetically followed behind Chu Ye’s butt, its little tail swaying in the air to curry favor.

As they passed by a large inn, someone flew out of the inn and threw themselves onto Chu Ye.

To be more precise, the man was thrown out of the inn. She didn’t know who beat his face up this severely, but he was a very miserable sight. As he flew toward the top of Chu Ye’s head, he waved his limbs in all directions, screaming incessantly.

“Shiit!” cursed Chu Ye, as she moved to evade him. What was up with this day? It was just incident after incident. She just wanted to go home early. Did the world have to go against her like this?

“Bang!” In the next second, the bruise-riddled “trapeze artist” painfully crashed onto the ground, eliciting another scream from him.

Chu Ye intended on walking around him.

She didn’t want to meddle in other people’s business.

But the man suddenly rolled and hugged her legs, his tragically swollen face covered in tears and blood. He pleaded, “Honorable Wizard, please help our inn. Someone… someone is committing assault inside. They’re beating up all our staff, as well as our boss. Not only that, but they’ve also driven away all our guests. Now he is planning on tearing down our inn. Honorable Wizard, please save us. We will surely repay you. Requesting for your magnanimity…”

Chu Ye’s clothes were damaged and worn out, as she had just fallen into a pond and was forced to use magic to dry herself. With her wrinkled clothing, she cut quite the sorry figure. However, people with discerning eyes would notice that she was wearing wizard robes. Paired with her distinguishing silver hair, she was undoubtedly a wizard.

So even though she currently looked like a poor person, no one would dare to look down on her. She probably just had a fight, which was why she ended up looking like this. With this train of thought, the man held even more reverence for her in his heart.

Therefore, the man steeled his heart and tightly clung to Chu Ye’s legs to prevent her from leaving.

“Let go.” Chu Ye’s face darkened. This person’s actions held some resemblance to when An Fen’er hugged her legs. Reminded of when An Fen’er scattered the scent of the locust queen’s essence on her shoes, which caused a tide of locusts to madly attack them, her face grew a little colder.

Unexpectedly, another person was sent flying out of the inn, falling in front of Chu Ye and blocking her way.

Then came a third, a fourth, a fifth…

“F*ck!” Chu Ye burst into swears. However, the perpetrator inside was still not done.

A sixth person was thrown out. He even spat out blood onto Chu Ye.

At this point, Chu Ye was seething with rage.

Kicking away the person hugging her leg, she entered the inn.

With one glance, she spotted a young man dressed in black reaping havoc, his back facing her. All the tables and chairs in the inn had already been destroyed by him.

Chu Ye slowly approached the young man. “Bro. If you don’t stop, the Imperial City Guards will come.”

(T/N: bro – 老兄[lao xiong]; a form of address between male friends)

Bian City, as the capital of the Eastern Nation, had prohibited any sort of fighting or brawl. After 3 minutes at the most, the Imperial City Guards responsible for Bian City’s safety would arrive at the scene where the fight broke out.

The Imperial City Guards weren’t ordinary guards. They were divided into 100 teams, each consisting of 10 people. And in each team, there were three wizards and seven warriors, all of which were at least fifth-grade. There were also people of the sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth grade among them.

This was an intimidating and powerful Imperial Army.

Upon hearing her words, the young man stiffened and abruptly turned. Seeing that it really was Chu Ye, he immediately stopped, like a child who had done something wrong. As he stood amidst the mess that he had caused, he bit his lips, embarrassed.

Chu Ye was similarly stunned upon getting a good look at the young man’s face. She rushed forward, grabbed his hand, and dragged him outside, all while scolding him. “Do you not notice where you are? When the Imperial City Guards arrive, you’ll be in for it. Let’s quickly leave.”

With the soft and silk-like sensation of Chu Ye’s hand on his, the young man’s raging emotions were immediately placated. Curiously, he didn’t speak up, only letting Chu Ye drag him along and following her in running away in a direction different from the approaching sound of heavy footsteps.

“Thank you, Honorable Wizard!”

“Thank you, your head! They’re companions!”

“Heavens, is there still heavenly justice in this world?”

Then from behind them, someone imposingly shouted. “What’s the matter? Who is making trouble?” It was the Imperial City Guards who arrived late.

“Xiao Yin, enlarge yourself!” Chu Ye increased her speed. At the order, Xiao Yin, who had been following her from behind, made its body larger until it was two meters high and three meters long.

“Come up.” Chu Ye pulled the youth onto the tiger’s back.

With a whoosh, Xiao Yin flew up and disappeared from everyone’s sight in lightning speed.

As they were not able to find even their silhouette, those Imperial City Guards had already lost the pursuit.

A few minutes later, under the Chu Ye’s directions, Xiao Yin landed near her home.

“What were you doing, Huan Cheng? Why were you so angry at the inn?” After letting go of Huan Cheng’s hand, she stared at him, puzzled.

This guy. If she hadn’t taken him away in time, she reckoned that he would have been locked up in a prison cell.

Huan Cheng clenched his right hand, which was slightly sweaty after being held by Chu Ye. After a pause, he said, “They… lost my honored father.”

(T/N: honored – orig. 大人; a title of respect)

Her confusion rose after hearing his words. “Your father? How could he be lost?” His father was his father. And Huan Cheng even added ‘honored’. It seemed that his father was an extraordinary personage. Or perhaps, in his heart, his father was as mighty as a mountain, so he sincerely held him in high esteem.

“This… It’s a long story. In any case, long story short, they lost my honored father. I have to return to find him. I have to retrieve my honored father.” The more Huan Cheng spoke, the more anxious he became. He turned around, wanting to go back to that inn.

Chu Ye was only getting more and more confused. Seeing Huan Cheng getting ready to leave, she quickly stopped him. “You can’t leave. The Imperial City Guards are looking for you. Wouldn’t you just be walking right into a trap?” Although Huan Cheng was a ninth-grade warrior, meaning that his strength wasn’t lacking, the Imperial City Guards weren’t inferior to a ninth-grade warrior.

“But my honored father…” Huan Cheng was also worried. When he returned to the inn and found his honored father gone, he nearly went on a rampage. The fact that he didn’t immediately kill everyone in the inn was already him showing extreme restraint.

Chu Ye had to calm him down. “Don’t. Hide in my house first, and wait for things to cool down. Then I can go back to that inn with you for an in-depth investigation, ok?”

“Huh? To your house?” asked Huan Cheng in astonishment.

“Well, although my house isn’t that big, there are a few empty rooms. Let’s go.” Chu Ye dragged Huan Cheng.

After turning a corner, they saw Lu Shi waiting at the door.

“Mother.” Chu Ye rushed over to her, beaming in joy.

“Lili, you’ve returned.” Lu Shi immediately reciprocated the smile, the worry in her eyes slowly fading away.

“Mother, why do you always wait for me by the door? You don’t have to do this next time. I will naturally come back home. Are you afraid that I’d run away?” Chu Ye rarely showed this lovable side of her.

Lu Shi poked her forehead with a sense of doting. “Naughty. Mother isn’t afraid of you running away. Mother… just wants to see you as soon as you come back.”

Her words warmed Chu Ye’s heart. So this was the happiness of having a family.

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