CGSA Chapter 92

Chapter 92: A Wild and Forceful Kiss

To be more precise, all except for the thief. Hearing her furious roar, he ran even faster, overcome with guilt and fear.

Amidst the unmoving crowd of people, he was like a crane mixed in with a flock of chicken. Spottable at a glance.

The corners of Chu Ye’s mouth raised in a cruel sneer. This man was courting death. “Xiao Yin, catch up to him.”

“Yes, Master!” Xiao Yin adopted a more serious attitude. Under the stupefied gazes of the crowd, its small body flew into the air without any preparatory movement or support, and shot like lightning toward the desperately escaping thief.

“Heavens, that kitten could fly…”

“Wow, so cool…”


The crowd shrieked. The noblewomen were especially enthusiastic.

The thief felt that the sounds coming from behind him didn’t seem right, so he twisted his head to take a look. Only to see a lightning-fast kitten right at his face.

The kitten extended its sharp front claws at the thief’s ugly mug. Blood sprayed, as his face became disfigured beyond recognition.

“Ah!!” The thief started rolling on the ground from the pain, miserably screaming.

He was in such excruciating pain that he threw away the waist ornament he had stolen. It gracefully flew in an arc before landing inside a nearby courtyard.

Without hesitation, Chu Ye followed its flight path and jumped over one of the walls surrounding the courtyard to go after her waist ornament.

“Me-aw!” Xiao Yin’s spirits lifted at being of help to its master. Stepping on the ugly thief’s body, it bit and gnawed at him, causing bits of flesh and even more blood to splatter everywhere.

Cold shivers ran down the spines of those witnessing this scene, and their faces gradually lost all color. Those noblewomen, originally so endeared with Xiao Yin’s adorable appearance, stiffened. They didn’t dare say that they liked the little kitten again.

Meanwhile, after Chu Ye made the jump, she didn’t expect that directly behind the wall wasn’t land, but actually… a pond.

“Splash!” Since she was already falling and could no longer alter the direction of her landing, she simply went into a beautiful diving posture before entering the pond waters.

However, another thing she didn’t anticipate was the depth of this pond. Chu Ye’s body sank no less than 3 meters.

She frantically kicked until her head finally broke through the surface. “Gasp…” After shaking her silver hair and wiping the droplets of water off her face, Chu Ye opened her eyes, appearing quite fresh and refined.

She scanned the land around the pond but found no trace of her ornament anywhere.

It must have fallen into the pond.

So Chu Ye took a deep breath and went underwater again to search for it.

However, she didn’t expect the splashing sound 3 to 4 meters behind her. Turning around, she caught sight of an ethereal face floating to the surface. Flowy azure hair akin to a waterfall, thin petal-like lips, with the crystal drops of water falling on smooth, flawless skin, which appeared to be a translucent pink underneath the brilliant sunlight. All these shrouded them a layer of mystery and gave them the image of tranquil beauty.

When Chu Ye first saw the person, she thought that she had encountered a peerless female beauty, but when the upper half of their body rose above the water, the flat and firm chest told her that this was a man.

Chu Ye couldn’t help but drool. God, this man was a lot more beautiful than a woman.

He was definitely the prettiest man Chu Ye had ever seen.

“Have you stared enough?” He opened his slightly raised peach blossom eyes, meeting Chu Ye’s gaze. Upon seeing that Chu Ye’s looks weren’t any inferior to his, his serene blue eyes slowly gained a more appreciative light.

“Not yet,” Chu Ye responded.

The beautiful man froze, as if he didn’t expect Chu Ye to give such a blunt answer. His thin petal-like lips parted to scold her. “Starry-eyed idiot. Are all the women in the Eastern Nation this bold?”

Hearing his words, Chu Ye’s lips twitched. “Who asked Sister to look so beautiful? Even I, a woman, was shocked to the heavens, unable to move my eyes from you,” she bickered back.

Calling her Sister was intentional.

Sure enough, the beautiful man’s expression darkened. In almost an instant, he had already swum right in front of Chu Ye, as if he was a deep-sea merman.

Chu Ye, who was still in the water, wasn’t able to evade and was brought into his embrace. Having this much skin-to-skin contact, she was able to feel the heat emanating from his wet body, as well as the beating of his heart.

But the beautiful man wasn’t done yet. He wickedly pressed his rigid and scorching lower half onto Chu Ye’s lower abdomen, a similarly evil smile on his face. “Why don’t you quickly call me Brother? Otherwise– ahh…”

He hadn’t finished speaking when he suddenly screamed and keeled over into the water, covering his lower half.

When he resurfaced, there was a peculiar blush on his face. A sign of pain.

“You woman! Do you even know the meaning of ‘shy’?” The man removed one hand from his lower body to point a finger at Chu Ye.

Just when he was feeling pleased with having Chu Ye call him Brother, Chu Ye ruthlessly kneed him in the balls.

Despite being faced with his accusations, Chu Ye’s gaze was more attracted to the right hand pointing at her.

Because in his right hand was the waist ornament that she was looking for.

It was safe to assume that the beautiful man saw the moment it flew into the courtyard, so he was able to pick it up before her.

“That waist ornament in your hand is mine. Please return it to me.” Chu Ye softened his tone as much as possible.

The beautiful man “oh”-ed, and a crafty light flashed in his peach blossom eyes. Dangling the waist ornament, he said, “Oh, is it? Why should I believe you? Do you have any evidence that can prove this is yours?”

“Speak less nonsense. Are you giving it to me?” Chu Ye’s gaze was icy.

She couldn’t tell him that the golden lock in the ornament was a small storage device, and that it contained all her belongings. Wouldn’t that be inviting trouble to herself? If the other party had evil intentions, this situation would become even more troublesome.

She also neglected the fact that the golden lock wasn’t a high-grade sacred tool that can only be opened by its owner after the owner fed it a drop of their blood. It was merely a low-grade spirit tool. Anyone possessing magic power could freely see its contents and take them. They only needed to slightly push their magic power into it.

From his blue hair, something that cannot be seen amongst ordinary people, he was obviously a water wizard. And judging from the speed at which he hugged her, he was very likely a high-grade wizard.

“Oh, a gold storage lock?” Once he paid a little attention to it, the beautiful man immediately discovered something peculiar and wanted to push his spiritual energy to see what was inside.

“You can’t look!” She released the Wind Slash that she had been preparing for quite a while. If he discovered the two elemental sprites inside the gold storage lock, he likely wouldn’t give them back.

“Wow, how could you be so fierce?” The man cried out, but there wasn’t a trace of fear on his face. He raised his hand, and a Water Wall appeared, blocking the attack.

Eight rings of light loomed behind him.

Chu Ye gritted her teeth. “Eighth-grade water wizard.” She had known that meeting force with force wouldn’t work. However, although this man had a somewhat vile personality, he didn’t seem to be hostile toward her. So she restrained her cold expression and flashed a smile. “What will it take for you to give it to me?”

“Hmm…” The man dragged this syllable for a long time before smirking and pointing at his left cheek. “Kiss me here. Then call me Brother.”

When moist, soft, and slightly cold lips touched his cheek, the beautiful man’s heart skipped a beat. What a soft and sensuous kiss.

So much so that he overlooked the lack of clarity in Chu Ye’s address of “Big Brother” to him.

He found that he had fallen in love with this feeling. The corners of his lips raised in a smile as he shamelessly pointed to his right cheek. “Kiss here too.”

“You… Winning an inch and wanting a foot!” Chu Ye glared at him, furious.

“If you don’t kiss, then I’ll take a look inside.” The smile on his face grew even more jubilant. Because he realized that the angrier she was, the happier he felt, hahaha.

Forcibly suppressing her desire to kill the man in front of her, Chu Ye once again planted a light kiss on his right cheek. She then said, “Hand it over.”

“Oh, also kiss here and here.” The beautiful man’s fair hand touched his belly, then his dainty petal-like lips. “Then I’ll give it to you.”

“You… still not satisfied!” Chu Ye already had no words to describe this man. She thought that the bewitching man had been roguish enough. She never imagined that there were even worse scoundrels in this world.

“To kiss or not kiss is your choice. To look or not look is my choice. If you don’t kiss, then I’ll look–Mm…”

One second ago, his lips were still chattering nonstop. The next second, dainty and soft lips roughly covered them.

Shocked at the suddenness, the beautiful man froze in place.

The lips covering his felt scorching hot as they aggressively took control of the kiss. Her tongue was akin to a foreign invader as it fiercely struck his two rows of teeth until it was able to force its way in his mouth. After entering, her tongue teased and tantalized…

The kiss caused his brain to crash and blank out, his body filled with a light and airy feeling. At that moment, he had forgotten where he was.

Following this, a pair of fair and soft hands caressed his broad back. They slowly slid toward his chest and down his arms.

Those soft hands were obviously cold, but he could somehow feel the heat emanating from it. Searing heat spread throughout his body and his heart was pounding, all brought about by the gentle caresses. All the sensations had left him limp and trembling.

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