CGSA Chapter 91

Chapter 91

Rather than master and disciple, it would be better to say they were more like sisters since Chu Ye could only bring herself to treat Caroline like a sister.

Despite Chu Ye’s casual tone and manner of speaking, Caroline wasn’t angry. On the contrary, she even laughed.

For many years, everyone feared and revered her, flattered and fawned over her, sung praises to her. Fewer and fewer people dared to speak this frankly and frivolously to her.

Having such a light conversation with Chu Ye, she even felt a few years younger.

She might look like she was in her twenties, but her appearance hadn’t changed for decades. Her real age was actually almost a hundred.

At this time, there was a secret, one unknown to outsiders except for one person – Carles Academy’s principal who is also the emperor of the Eastern Nation, Shan Yuncheng.

As to how he learned about it, that was yet another secret.

An enormous secret that even the other members of the royal family weren’t allowed to see.

If Chu Ye knew Caroline’s true age, she would probably curse, “You old hag!” It was scarcely realized that once one reached a high enough cultivation level, one could stop aging.

“Okay, let’s make the long story short.” Caroline got back to the main topic. “Your magic grade advanced so quickly. Did you consume an elemental sprite, or did you establish a blood contract with a powerful magical beast?”

Chu Ye gave a succinct answer. “The latter.”

Caroline nodded, not the least bit surprised. After all, elemental sprites were rare, while powerful magical beasts were more prevalent. “What grade is your contracted magical beast? Call it out and show me.”

Chu Ye hesitated for a moment, before mentally calling Xiao Yin out.

There wasn’t really a need to hide anything from Caroline. She didn’t know why Caroline had been so determined to accept her as a disciple, but Caroline told her that she had no malicious intentions.

A silver light flashed between Chu Ye’s eyebrows, and Xiao Yin appeared. Again as a “little kitty”. It lay on its belly on Caroline’s black desk, looking so pitiful that you couldn’t help but want to dote on it.

This guy had indeed grasped Chu Ye’s thoughts. Chu Ye hated tigers but liked cats. Ahaha, then from now on, it would materialize itself as a cat, vowing to make itself cute and adorable.

But before it had the chance to act cocky, a strong aura assaulted its senses, causing it to shiver. It looked up, and suddenly, hearts replaced its eyes. What a beautiful beautiful woman!

Aside from its master, she was by far the most beautiful woman it had ever seen.

The little divine tiger forgot about the dangerous Pa Lin, who had a similarly powerful aura, turning into a starry-eyed tiger.

“Huh?” Caroline inspected it in doubt. “The aura of a divine beast, the physique of an immortal beast, and the strength of a sacred beast. Chu Ye, why is your contracted beast so strange?”

Moreover, with Chu Ye’s current strength, how did she subdue this strange magical beast?

And even if the magical beast was subdued, there must be a beast-taming wizard to mediate during the formation of the contract. Since when was Chu Ye acquainted with one?

Too many questions.

“It’s a long story. I will tell you later when I have time. I really need to go home now. Please, what else do you have to tell me?” Chu Ye was already feeling restless.

“Fine. In short, it’s a good thing to have such a blood-contracted beast.” Caroline gave Chu Ye a helpless look. She planned to go to the eighth floor of the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda once Chu Ye reached the tenth grade to capture a divine beast for Chu Ye to establish a blood contract with. But it looked like she was overthinking it.

After a pause, she said, “In the future, you don’t have to go to the classroom for lessons. Starting tomorrow, come directly to me in this office. I will arrange a place for you to cultivate and practice alone. You will cultivate there every day from 6am to 6pm. For other times, you can make your own arrangements.”

“Understood.” She was finally receiving special attention.

To Chu Ye, 12 hours a day was nothing compared to the series of devilish secret agent training she had gone through in her past life.

“Is there anything else?” Chu Ye was already standing up and stepping toward the door.

Helpless, Caroline shook her head with a smile. “One more thing, a feast will be held seven days later. The principal gave me two invitations and specifically mentioned you to be the recipient of the other invitation. We can go together.”

“The principal?” Chu Ye was slightly stunned. Wasn’t Carles’ principal the emperor of the Eastern Nation? She stopped and turned around. “Is it the royal feast?”

Caroline let out a soft sound of affirmation. “I told you in advance so that you’ll be prepared.”

Chu Ye’s eyebrows furrowed. “What does the royal feast have to do with me? Why does the emperor want me to go?”

She had never seen the emperor before, so it was reasonable to say that the emperor also didn’t know her.

Caroline thought for a bit. “Probably… because you’re my disciple,” she said in a serious tone.

Chu Ye’s mouth twitched. Should she be this narcissistic?

She wanted to refuse, but then remembered the address written on the paper that Wan Wan gave to Huan Cheng.

There wasn’t any harm in going.

After exiting Caroline’s office, Chu Ye directly left the school.

She made her way through the crowd in the main street as fast as she could. Nothing on the streetside could attract her attention right now.

And Xiao Yin’s small fleshy body stuck close to Chu Ye’s feet.

Because Chu Ye didn’t call it back to her beast space herself, it didn’t rashly try to enter it.

Although the main street was congested with people, that didn’t affect its movement at all. It leaped and dodged all the feet around it, easily staying within a meter from Chu Ye at all times. From time to time, it would also stealthily look underneath women’s skirts. If it couldn’t see anything, it would use its claws to lift the skirt.

One woman screamed, thinking that a pervert was molesting her. But when she looked down, she merely saw a pure white kitty innocently staring up at her. Hence, the scream of fear became cooing sounds.

Gasps and sighs could be heard from the woman.

“What an adorable kitten…”

“So loveable…”

“Don’t go, come into Sister’s arms…”

Chu Ye massaged her temples, feeling the onset of a headache. This lustful tiger. Why don’t we see whether you’d dare to do something like this again in the future?

Turning her head to Xiao Yin, who was eating the pretty married woman’s tofu, she snarled, “Come here.”

“Me-aw…” Xiao Yin obediently jumped out of the young married woman’s arms and scampered toward Chu Ye’s foot, rubbing against it.

It still hadn’t learned to meow perfectly, so its strange meow sounded quite disturbing. Shivers ran through the woman’s body, who had just recently held Xiao Yin in her arms like it was a treasure, and goosebumps rose on her skin. She shot Xiao Yin an intense stare before twisting her slender waist and leaving.

Xiao Yin ogled at her flesh, which it had earlier rubbed against when it was in her arms. As it strained its eyes to catch a glimpse of the snow-white skin covered by her clothes, going its way up from her legs, Chu Ye finally exploded.

“Scram, you damned lustful tiger!” She then kicked it away. Simply sex-crazed.

“Me-aw!” Xiao Yin was scared out of its wits, but soon figured that there wasn’t any harm if it was Chu Ye. As it flew into the air, it didn’t forget to meow again.

When the passersby saw Chu Ye treat such an adorable and beautiful kitten this horribly, they originally wanted to speak up for it, even if they had to adopt it and take it back to their homes. However, after Xiao Yin’s meowing, everyone fiercely quivered and left at once.

That kitten’s meowing was too unbearable.

Their ears couldn’t take it!

“Haha!” Watching Xiao Yin fall flat on its back, Chu Ye burst out laughing. Its posture, coupled with the faces of those passersby, was too hilarious.

In a good mood, she continued walking. But at this time, there was a bubble of activity among the crowd as a thin young man stinking of alcohol forced his way through the crowd. When he was right beside Chu Ye, he stumbled, causing him to bump against her.

Chu Ye pushed away his hand in disgust. She was about to continue walking when she sensed that her body somehow felt lighter. She lowered her head and found that her strung-together ornament consisting of the memory spirit jade, the jadeite communication spirit device, the gold storage lock, and the jadeite pendant wasn’t on her waist anymore.

“Thief!” Realizing that she had encountered a pickpocket, Chu Ye got a huge fright and turned to look. The thin young man, seemingly drunk the moment before as he bumped against people left and right, became like a nimble monkey. He forcefully squeezed through the crowd, rushing to the front like his life was at stake.

He obviously had a guilty conscience.

Not saying anything further, Chu Ye gave chase.

However, this little thief wasn’t working alone.

Many people blocked Chu Ye’s path. Although Chu Ye was able to send them flying with one move, these delays were enough for the thief to disappear into the crowd, out from Chu Ye’s sight.

“Damn it!” Chu Ye had never been so angry. She wouldn’t have bothered to chase if the thief had stolen something else, but inside the gold storage lock that he stole was the two elemental sprites that she had worked hard to get for Chenzhu and Ming Yuexin.

Everything seemed to have come to a perfect ending, only to discover that there was still a final scene.

Chu Ye was going on a complete rampage.

She pushed herself up with her two hands and stepped on people’s shoulders in order to jump higher.

At the same time, she condensed her magic power, and an earsplitting shout resounded in the air, terrifying enough to level the ground. “Everyone lay down for me!!”

In the next second, the constantly congested and bustling main street, where an endless stream of people come and go, fell into a strange silence.

All the people stopped in their tracks. They twisted their bodies toward Chu Ye’s direction, eyes shifting upward to look at her, who was still in midair.

To be more precise, all except for the thief. After hearing her furious roar, he ran even faster, overcome with guilt and fear.

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