CGSA Chapter 90

Chapter 90: Shielding One’s Shortcomings and Faults Is Also a Survival Skill

“What is it?” Seeing Chu Ye’s expression, Lanxi Liuhua got curious. No one knew Chu Ye better than him. There weren’t many things in this world that could move Chu Ye.

Chu Ye stayed silent for a long time before she whispered, “Wind… elemental sprite.”

No wonder Xiao Dong’s reaction was rather strange when she had said that she wanted two elemental sprites. It was because he had a wind elemental sprite on him.

Looking at the jade bottle in her hand, Chu Ye frowned, her forehead creasing. She finally got two elemental sprites like she wished for, but… she couldn’t bring herself to be happy.

How precious were elemental sprites? Anyone who ever obtained one would keep it for themselves. Not give it to a friend who barely had anything to do with him. But Xiao Dong handed it to her since he didn’t have long left to live. Keeping it would have been useless.

After getting another shock, Lanxi Liuhua let out a sigh. How hopeless must he be feeling right now to give such a rare treasure to someone else?

Silence reigned as the two didn’t speak another word.

Half an hour passed. After several close calls, An Fen’er and Bu Moli’s situations finally turned for the better. Their injuries would only fully heal after one to two months, but this was a story later. With their conditions stabilized, the Carles teachers and students all left.

Each and every one of them had long been dying to go back home.

They stepped into the Space Transmission Array exclusively for the people of Carles Academy. Several hours unknowingly passed as they appeared in the Space Transmission Array inside Carles Academy.

Their trip merely lasted for ten days, but when everyone saw the familiar scenery before them, it had felt like a lifetime had passed. Their days in the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda weren’t humane.

To everyone’s surprise, their goddess Vice Principal Caroline was waiting outside the Space Transmission Array. She was dressed in a simple white wizard robe, looking immaculate and dignified, like a goddess from the Ninth Heaven. Her noble aura simply didn’t seem to originate from Earth.

“Greetings, Vice Principal!” All the returnees bowed almost simultaneously.

Caroline, who had been hailed as the Eastern Nation’s number one beauty for 20 years, was so beautiful that ordinary people dared not look directly at her face.

“En, everyone has suffered.” Caroline flicked her wide sleeves to signal that they didn’t have to salute. This moment of unprecedented beauty moved the hearts of all the males in the room.

After taking several steps forward, the head teacher, deferentially gave a brief overview of the students’ forays in the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda. But when he came to the topic of the unconscious An Fen’er and Bu Moli, his account was extremely detailed. He clearly explained how tyrannical Chu Ye was as she punched and kicked at the two women.

Although he didn’t exaggerate the story, his description of the scene was incredibly vivid.

From this, one could tell how dissatisfied he was with Chu Ye.

Chu Ye couldn’t help rolling her eyes. This teacher could go become a storyteller. Actually, even real storytellers might not have his degree of eloquence.

Caroline maintained her elegant small smile throughout his entire speech. It was only when the head teacher’s skillful tongue finally stopped that she leisurely asked, “Have you finished?”

“Uh…” The head teacher didn’t expect Caroline’s reaction to be this bland.

Shouldn’t she be furious and rain curses on Chu Ye? Say that she had been blind to accept her as a disciple, and expel her from Carles to show her justness as the vice president, while also dissolving their master-disciple relationship?

One should know that he had a grandson also studying in Carles, whose talent was pretty good. The head teacher then entered dreamland, imagining Caroline accepting his grandson as a disciple.

Ignoring the head teacher’s astonished expression, Caroline faced the students, elegant smile still pasted on her face. But her words made them dare not be disobedient. “An Fen’er and Bu Moli, with their crooked hearts, set up their fellow students. Such vile characters don’t deserve to be students of Carles Academy. From this day forward, they will be removed from the school roster. They will not be allowed to take even half a step into Carles Academy.”

“Gasp…” There was a collective sharp intake of breath. The crowd didn’t expect that Caroline would act this severely toward the two girls’ crimes.

The students of Carles Academy held incredibly high statuses in the wizard world. Therefore, wizard students expelled from Carles would undoubtedly be seen as a joke by the other wizards throughout their entire lives. No matter how remarkable their future achievements would be, their expulsion from Carles would forever be a stain on their reputation.

Completely unerasable.

This was also why Murong Chang hated Chu Ye so much that she would use all means to kill Chu Ye in the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda.

“Vice Principal…” The head teacher didn’t approve of Caroline’s way of handling the matter and wanted to argue.

But Caroline acted like she hadn’t seen him. After shooting a glance at Chu Ye, who was indifferently standing at the side, she faced the students and announced, “Although An Fen’er and Bu Moli made the first move in this matter, Chu Ye was too heavy-handed. Such a violent temperament isn’t suitable for getting along with other students. From now on, Chu Ye will not have to go to the classroom for lessons.”

This statement was rather vague. What did she mean by ‘will not have to go to the classroom for lessons’?”

Was she expelled?

Or did she mean something else?

Moreover, when An Fen’er and Bu Moli were beaten up, Chu Ye revealed her status as a sixth-grade wizard. Everyone saw it. In Carles, you can graduate upon reaching the fifth-grade. But Chu Ye had already rushed to sixth-grade. She naturally didn’t need to come to class.

From this point of view, could Caroline’s “punishment” really be called a punishment?

“Vice Principal, you said…” The head teacher was once again the first to stick his head out, wanting to understand.

But he barely said anything before Caroline abruptly turned and directly met his gaze. Although she still had a smile on her face, her eyes held not even a hint of one.

The head teacher immediately bowed his head, not daring to speak any further.

Unfortunately, he had already provoked Caroline.

Who was Caroline?

The number one beauty of the Eastern Nation?

One of the most powerful in the Eastern Nation?

All of these were correct.

However, before news of her beauty or her strength had spread, she still had another title: the number one demoness.

Perhaps these many years of being nice to people made people forget about this particular title of hers.

“Teacher Bai Lingda, I heard that the announcer in the broadcasting room fell sick today, and it seemed like it’ll take a while for him to recover. I have seen Teacher Bai Lingda’s outstanding eloquence, so why don’t you temporarily replace him?”

A few sentences could determine one’s prospects.

Bai Lingda was the head teacher’s full name.

“Vice Principal, this…” Bai Lingda raised his head and stared at Caroline in disbelief. She would send him, a stately ninth-grade wizard, to the broadcasting room to be a lowly announcer?

Even an ordinary person could do a great job at such a minor task as broadcasting. Caroline was clearly demoting him.

“Why, you have something to say?” Caroline’s voice suddenly cooled.

“No-nothing.” Bai Lingda was sweating buckets. In the end, he didn’t have the guts to say anything.

Beyond Caroline’s position as the vice principal, her ability to influence even the most powerful person in the Eastern Nation frightened him even more.

He just hoped that this temporary assignment truly was temporary.

That elder had been scolding them throughout the entire trip. Seeing him also get scolded while forced to suffer in silence, all the students present covered their mouths to prevent their laughter from escaping. As did the younger teachers who went with them.

They weren’t any less angry with this old guy either.

“Okay, everyone can leave now and take the day off. Go home and rest, then come to class on time tomorrow. As for An Fen’er and Bu Moli, immediately send them back to their respective clans. If their clans ask for the reason, just repeat what I said earlier. Also, Chu Ye, follow me. ”

Caroline settled all the matters in one go. After giving her orders, she turned to leave with a flick of her sleeve.

Chu Ye followed closely behind her. Before she left, she asked Lanxi Liuhua to send Ming Yuexin to the small courtyard where her mother lived and tell her to wait for her return.

Lanxi Liuhua could vaguely guess Chu Ye’s intentions.

Ming Yuexin hugged her left shoulder. So far, no one found out about her stump of a left arm. Although she also knew Chu Ye’s intentions in her heart, she still felt apprehensive. An elemental sprite was such a precious thing, yet Chu Ye was willing to use one on her.

If she really used an elemental sprite on her, then wouldn’t that mean she…

Ming Yuexin didn’t dare to let her thoughts wander further. Her face was so hot that she started jumping.

Chu Ye followed Caroline all the way to her office.

Caroline sat down on her chair and smiled at Chu Ye. “You seem to have gained a lot after just ten days.”

“Thanks for your blessing. Actually, I nearly wasn’t able to return.” Chu Ye also found herself a chair to sit on.

Caroline made a light “oh” sound and blinked, before breaking into a mocking smile. “Did you get into any interesting situations? Why not share it with me? It just so happens that I’m free right now.”

“But I’m not.” Chu Ye pulled up her tattered clothes and dangled them in front of Caroline’s eyes. “Look at my current state. Please. If you have something to tell me, please hurry up. I’m in a hurry to go back home!” It would take several hours to finish talking about all the matters that transpired in the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda in detail. She just wanted to go home and give the elemental sprites to Chenzhu and Ming Yuexin so that they could regain their previous appearances.

For some reason, Chu Ye couldn’t muster any amount of veneration toward Caroline. Perhaps it was because she and Caroline were similar in certain aspects.

For example, when shielding their shortcomings and faults.

Anyone with eyes could see what Caroline was doing earlier, but no one could say what exactly was amiss.

Therefore, sometimes, shielding one’s shortcomings and faults was also a survival skill.

Another example: their beauty

Both were such gorgeous and exceptional women. Caroline’s beauty was of the elegant type, her aura brimming with otherworldly nobility. On the other hand, after Chu Ye’s soul gradually fused with the original Boling Yili’s body, her beauty was of the domineering and wild type, alluring and soul-grabbing. This was opposed to the original’s delicate young miss type of beauty who rarely left her boudoir. With smooth skin, pearly teeth, round cheeks, and flower-like countenance.

Rather than master and disciple, it would be better to say they were more like sisters since Chu Ye could only bring herself to treat Caroline like a sister.

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