CGSA Chapter 89

Chapter 89: Sister, Please Don’t Forget Me

Chu Ye let her hands fall to her sides, faintly frowning. Then she once again walked towards the two girls. “Stop, stop! Chu Ye, you actually still won’t stop for me…”

The head teacher’s entire body was trembling with fury. Although Lanxi Liuhua had just stated An Fen’er and Bu Moli’s crimes, Chu Ye acted too arrogantly when she beat the two girls so cruelly in public. It was like she held no regard for them teachers.

Moreover, at this time, it was unknown whether they’re still alive.

Turning a deaf ear to his words, Chu Ye didn’t stop until she stood in front of the two. She then crouched to probe the girls’ necks, before standing up again. She lightly said, “Teacher need not be scared. I can confirm that they’re not dead.”

“You…” The head teacher’s complexion turned ashen. “If they die, you would be a murderer who maliciously killed someone in public. By then, even Vice-Principal Caroline wouldn’t be able to protect you.”

“Really?” Chu Ye was indifferent. “Unfortunately, they aren’t dead yet. However, if Teacher doesn’t call for a doctor, that may not necessarily be the case anymore.”

After speaking, she went back to Lanxi Liuhua and the others. “Let’s go. We can leave now.”

The crowd had had their complete attention on Chu Ye all this time, so it was only after Chu Ye spoke that they realized the East Gate of the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda was already two-thirds open. It would be fully open very soon.

“The gate has opened, the gate has opened. We can go out…” Everyone broke into cheers upon seeing the gate opening.

They chaotically dispersed, all scrambling to be at the front of the line so that they could exit earlier.

Once the East Gate was completely wide open, numerous people flowed out of the pagoda as another group was preparing to come in.

Immediately after exiting the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda, the headteacher requested for a physician for An Fen’er and Bu Moli. And while waiting for the physician’s arrival, he cast a few high-level healing magic on the two girls to soothe their injuries.

The 40+ people from Carles could only wait together.

Meanwhile, the other adventurers have already entered the garrison area and into the Space Transmission Array, which can send people to any part of the Eastern Nation.

“Hey, Woman! I’m leaving now. Come and give me a farewell hug!”

The bewitching man, who stayed with Wan Wan and the hundreds of imperial guards, walked over to Chu Ye with his arms spread wide and with a radiant smile on his face. This increased his demonic charm, making him look more alluring.

“Sure!” Chu Ye followed along with him this time, which was quite rare, and really gave him a proper hug. A hug between friends and nothing else.

From the very start, she already had the feeling that the bewitching man’s identity wasn’t simple, and that it may be difficult to meet him again in the future. Although they initially schemed against each other, they later became friends. Despite the fact that he was secretive and vague with his responses. Despite the fact that she was always vicious to him.

When Chu Ye’s warm and tender figure suddenly got closer, the bewitching man stiffened. His heart pounded, and his eyes were full of disbelief. He didn’t expect that Chu Ye would actually hug him, and his hands froze mid-air. He didn’t know where to place them.

Just when he came to his senses and was about to return a more ambiguous hug, Chu Ye patted his shoulder and stepped back.

She faintly smiled and waved at him. “Goodbye.”

After pulling back his hand in embarrassment, the bewitching man winked and returned a light smile. “We’ll see each other again soon.”

Chu Ye’s face twisted in suspicion. Why did she feel like the bewitching man was implying something?

“Bye-bye, everyone.” Finally, the bewitching man waved at Lanxi Liuhua and the others. He then tried to pull Wan Wan along with him, intending on leaving in advance.

Unexpectedly, Wan Wan swatted his hand and trotted over to Huan Cheng, who stood behind Chu Ye with his sword still in hand.

Her big black eyes held a peculiar light as she looked up at Huan Cheng’s aloof face. “I know that your name is Huan Cheng. I will call you Brother Cheng in the future, okay?”

Huan Cheng didn’t respond. The only reaction that could be seen from him was a slight downturn of his lips.

Wan Wan momentarily fell silent from the awkwardness. However, she was still able to smile afterward, causing her dimples to appear. “My name is Wan Wan, and this is my address. Once you get back to Bian City, come and play with me. I… I’ll be waiting for you,” she said sweetly.

After saying her part, she shoved a slip of paper into Huan Cheng’s hands before running away with a flushed face.

It wasn’t only the bewitching man who was stunned. Even Chu Ye and the others received a big shock too.

It turned out that Wan Wan likes Huan Cheng!

However, after some thought, Chu Ye also felt that there was nothing to make a fuss about. Huan Cheng was an unfettered youth and had a tall and upright figure. Moreover, he always wore black, and paired with his standoffish handsomeness, he was exactly the type that girls like Wan Wan, who only just began exploring their feelings, liked.

The bewitching man’s eyebrows furrowed, and he sent a deep analyzing look towards Huan Cheng. In the end, he said nothing and signaled to the hundreds of imperial guards behind him to keep up with Wan Wan’s pace.

However, as soon as the bewitching man turned around, the slip of paper that was forcibly pushed into Huan Cheng’s hands fluttered to the ground.

Chu Ye saw this and called attention to it with kind intentions. “Huan Cheng, you dropped something.” At the same time, she glanced at the address on the note out of the corners of her eyes. And seeing the words “Bian City Imperial Palace”, Chu Ye was alarmed. Could the bewitching man and Wan Wan be members of the imperial household?

“That’s not mine.” Huan Cheng didn’t even look at the note. Then with a cold expression on his face, he added, “I don’t like her.”

Chu Ye suddenly saw the light. Turned out that Huan Cheng dropping the paper wasn’t accidental but deliberate.

Huan Cheng might always seem aloof and even resembled a frozen stone sculpture at times, but he could be quite perceptive when it came to emotions.

With one glance, he saw through Wan Wan’s thoughts.

“Wan Wan is rather pretty. If she isn’t your type, then what type of girl do you like?” Chu Ye leaned closer to him, wanting to get a bit of gossip.

“Girls like you,” Huan Cheng subconsciously blurted out.

As soon as the words left his lips, even he himself was startled. He awkwardly coughed. “That… I’m leaving now. See you in Bian City.”

Immediately after speaking, he disappeared from Chu Ye’s sight at lightning speed.

As Chu Ye stared at Huan Cheng’s rapidly fading back, her lips twitched. This child seemed so cool, but in fact… he had rather weak nerves.

Chu Ye didn’t feel any surprise at Huan Cheng’s unintentional divulging of his thoughts.

Because she was aware of just how charming she was!

You might say that she was being narcissistic, but this was a fact.

Therefore, even if all men were to fall in love with her, she wouldn’t find it weird or discomforting.

Lanxi Liuhua scrunched his face into a frown. More and more men seemed concerned for his fiancee. It looked like he had to find a way to… get married as soon as possible.

“Sister.” At this time, Xiao Dong, who had been keeping his head down, shifted slowly to Chu Ye’s side. “Sister, I… I should also go,” he muttered.

Chu Ye nodded. “En, you… take care of yourself.” She was no longer angry about Xiao Dong concealing his strength from her because she didn’t feel any malicious intentions from him. But facing Xiao Dong at this time who was about to leave, she didn’t know what to say.

Counting the days since they left the underground cave, Xiao Dong only had 10 days left to live. This parting was likely to be for a lifetime.

“Sister…” Xiao Dong’s eyes were hot and teary, and his voice was wracked with sobs.

How could he not hear the tremble in Chu Ye’s words? Thinking about how he only had 10 more days, he felt miserable. He didn’t hate to part with his unclean life, but… he didn’t want to part with Sister. He really didn’t want to. He wanted to stay by her side day and night for the rest of his life.

But he couldn’t.

There was still Mother, who was treated coldly in their family home. She probably went through a lot of suffering.

As a son, he should let his mother see him for the last time.

After summoning all his courage, he finally managed to say, “Sister, can you hug me too?”

“Okay.” Chu Ye reached out to wipe his tears. Then he leaned forward and gently hugged Xiao Dong.

“Sister…” Xiao Dong’s arms tightly wrapped around Chu Ye’s waist, and his tears flowed even more fiercely. He would never forget this hug forever. “Sister, please don’t forget me.”

“I will remember you.” Chu Ye’s nose slightly stung and her eyes felt hot. These were Xiao Dong’s dying words to her.

“Thank you, Sister.” Xiao Dong reluctantly let go, wiping the tears on his face and trying to calm himself down. He then stroked the purple belt on his waist, and a jade bottle appeared in his hand.

His belt was a storage spirit tool, much to her surprise. There seemed to be a lot of good things on Xiao Dong’s body.

“Sister, this is for you.” Xiao Dong handed Chu Ye the jade bottle. Although his eyes held some reluctance, he was resolute. “Sister will need this.”

“What is it?” Seeing Xiao Dong this serious, Chu Ye had the urge to open it right then and there out of curiosity.

Xiao Dong stopped her. “Sister, wait for me to leave before opening it.”

“OK,” Chu Ye agreed.

After exhaling a long sigh of relief, Xiao Dong said goodbye to Lanxi Liuhua and the others one by one, before unwillingly turning and walking away.

“Xiao Dong…” Chu Ye clenched the jade bottle in her hand, feeling like her heart was crushed by a ten-tonne boulder. She was so gloomy that she found it hard to breathe. This was the first time she felt this powerless. She had to watch a beloved friend die bit by bit and day by day, unable to help even a little bit.

“Open it and see what Xiao Dong gave you.” Lanxi Liuhua stared at Xiao Dong’s lonely back and also deeply sighed. In spite of the jealousy in his heart due to the bewitching man and Huan Cheng, he couldn’t muster the slightest bit of jealousy when it came to Xiao Dong.

Chu Ye softly grunted, and unhurriedly removed the cover of the jade bottle. However, after one casual glance, Chu Ye trembled and quickly covered the bottle again. Lanxi Liuhua couldn’t tell whether the emotion that crossed her face was joy or grief.

No one knew Chu Ye better than him. There weren’t many things in this world that could emotionally move Chu Ye.

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