MFSOWAA Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Someone Said That I’m in a Relationship

The complete silence on their ride back was actually Xia Lin’s response to Xue Zenan’s earlier attempt at explaining.

Xia Lin had always had a gentle and weak personality, but now, he resolutely kept his distance and didn’t give him any face.

The World Is My Canvas: Look at you acting like a favored concubine!

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: Scram! Giving him hope is just putting myself on the path of destruction!

Nymphos Are All Morons: Sigh, another alpha suffering from unrequited love. The scriptwriter and the heartbroken viewers are shedding tears.

Xia Lin is not Lin Xia: The male lead alpha Xue and the random female lead omega. Indeed, great works will go down in history. Zhang Tianke you bastard, still not coming out to confess?

The World Is My Canvas: Shouldn’t you ask that to yourself?

“Is it Keji 3rd Road?”

Xia Lin, who was so engrossed in chatting, was startled by Xue Zenan’s question and raised his head. Upon looking outside the car window, he saw a familiar street. He takes the bus from this bus stop in front of him every day to go to work.

“Stop stop stop!” he yelled. He almost started slapping the window. Fortunately, he still remembered that the driver beside him was his immediate superior. “Chief Xue, I’ll get off here!”

Xue Zenan slowly drove the car to the side of the road and said, “I can walk you to your door.”

“Ah?” His baffling confession had completely destroyed Xia Lin’s reverence towards him. How could Xia Lin just allow him to come? He was already itching to show this alpha some attitude so that he would give him a break. Where could he find the strength to speak to him with politeness and respect?

He said, “Forget it. I can get back home faster if I pass through this alley here. Besides, your car won’t be able to reach my building. Goodbye!”

Xia Lin got out of the car and shut the door before running away as fast as he could. He didn’t want to stay there any longer.

He wanted to find Zhang Tianke to settle accounts with him, and he also needed to write his application for transfer. In short, Xia Lin was very busy and had no time to play love games with the chief.

The HR department was busy as always. A short interview was conducted in the office, as Xia Lin directly approached Selena to hand in his application for transfer.

The Sister Yu, whose nails have been painted blood red for a long time, held onto his application with a frown. “Xia Lin, what’s wrong with you? Do you know just how many people in the company envy your good luck?”

(T/N: Sister Yu – referring to a pretty woman)

In the entire Chengxi branch, Xia Lin’s life was the best. First of all, Kai En was gentle, considerate and handsome. If these merits didn’t excite you, then the “absolutely no overtime” was enough to make all the employees in the company go crazy.

In the capital market, alphas who can accomplish their tasks without having to work overtime were practically the male leads of the entire world.

And Xia Lin was not only the assistant of one such male lead, but also had a brief relationship with him, filled with romantic memories and infinite rumors. How many depraved CP fans, who believed that alpha-alpha pairings were true love, started believing in love again?

Although they expressed grief over Kai En’s two-timing, that didn’t matter. Xue Zenan’s appearance on the stage was basically a PK towards his predecessor. How many people kept their eyes peeled for the incoming blood-filled gossip? But now one of the main stars wanted to leave?

In love stories, after the indescribable twists and turns should be the courting.

Selena acted like one of the supporting female leads and began marketing Xue Zenan’s appeal. “Nowadays, it’s incredibly hard to have an alpha as your immediate superior, but let’s not raise that issue. Let’s focus on Xue Zenan.”

“He’s twenty-three years old this year and is very promising. I heard that he’s the son of one of the senior executives in the main branch, but he worked his way up from the lowest level in the company. You didn’t have to struggle for opportunities to get promoted and increase your salary, so why do you still want to transfer?”

Xia Lin also felt quite helpless. Under normal circumstances, getting such a trouble-free leader would be an unobtainable desire, but feelings could be just as transient as clouds. “I don’t think I can get along with him.”

“Because you’re still thinking about Kai En?” Selena simply couldn’t accept such a reason. “If he’s gone, then he’s gone. Don’t burn a hole through your stomach thinking about it. Besides, Xue Zenan is more in line with Asian aesthetics. You should think about welcoming new relationships.”

“Relationships…” How do they always grasp the key point on the first try? However, he would never accept Xue Zenan.

With his “letting the alpha meet his fated omega” physique, he will never catch feelings for an alpha ever again in this lifetime!

“Sigh, I’m talking about working relationships.” Selena caught sight of Xia Lin’s worsening expression and realized that her word choice was too careless.

When it came to matters like feelings and relationships, the surrounding people’s worries were useless. They couldn’t make decisions for the concerned parties.

She could only formally state their company regulations. “According to the regulations, the transfer can only be finalized after the executives have analyzed your situation. Which means that Xue Zenan will also learn about this.”

“En.” Xia Lin had great hopes for the transfer. After all, he acted so heartlessly. Xue Zenan should at least be tactful enough to increase the distance between them.

However, he underestimated an alpha’s obsession with omegas, as well as Xue Zenan’s methods.

The next morning, he spotted Xue Zenan’s car on the narrow driveway below. Even if Xia Lin were to ignore the man and stubbornly take the bus, he would still arrive at the company at the same time as Xue Zenan.

When it was time for him to get off work, Chief Xue had disappeared into his office 10 minutes prior. Xia Lin took advantage of this and bolted out of the company building, breathing a sigh of relief. That was, until he found a familiar car parked outside the entrance. Moreover, he used overtime as an excuse to make him get on the car, and he safely drove him back home until that narrow driveway.

Xia Lin eventually couldn’t bear it anymore. “If you drive in, you’ll block the entrance.”

The area around Xia Lin’s apartment building didn’t have a good transportation system. Even if the road were wide enough for a car to pass through, the only vehicles using this road were mostly bicycles.

Xue Zenan’s 3-million-yuan car, which exuded the aura of a local tyrant from its rear-view mirrors to its tires, was totally incompatible with this common apartment building.

“That’s not a problem. Stop delaying me.” No self-awareness at all, just like the style of an overbearing chairman.

Xia Lin saw the change in his eyes. One who was unaccountably solicitous was hiding evil intentions. Apart from making Xia Lin sigh in lament, it didn’t make sense.

He spoke, “Chief Xue, have you forgotten that I have a boyfriend?”

“The boyfriend who didn’t accompany you to and from work for two days. Doesn’t seem to have any sense of presence.”

In truth, Zhang Tianke was still acting pretentiously every day in the chat group. Xia Lin knew that it was his own fault for falling into the tiger’s mouth, so he didn’t tell Zhang Tianke off anymore.

Based on the frequency of his posting of photos within their friend circle, he was going to various nightclubs, still as lively and vigorous as a dragon. He shouldn’t disturb his life of indulgence. If he were to raise this matter, Zhang Tianke would adopt the philosophical thought of a socialist utopia and condemn his wasteful nature.

(T/N: I guess because it’s wasteful to not flaunt ZTK’s self in nightclubs and just keep it to himself? XD)

This Daddy is Prettier Than An Omega: What can I do? I’m also despairing here. Your Chief Xue looked like he wanted to beat me up. Do you have the heart to see a delicate beta like me get beaten up by an alpha until he can’t stand anymore?

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: …Go kneel on the washboard.

This Daddy is Prettier Than An Omega: Hey, Xue Zenan is pretty good. His temperament, figure, and face are first-class. Just try it, darling. Strip off that single status!

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: Go mind your own business, darling.

Xia Lin wasn’t the type to speak with his actions.

Even though he had continuously been disappointed by reality, he still believed that a Prince Charming would arrive on a multi-colored magical cloud and love him with all his heart.

It was slightly naive and romantic.

Completely unlike an adult that has already been exposed to this world of capitalism and benefits.

As Xia Lin sighed for the third time, Zhou Zuo blurted, “What’s worrying you lately? Why not share it with me? I may be able to give you advice.”

“Actually…” Xia Lin originally wanted to speak out but found himself unable to say anything. This narcissistic feeling of being pursued by an alpha was just like in a fantasy story. “It’s nothing.”

“Oh…” Zhou Zuo dragged out the syllable. “Then let me guess. It surely isn’t relationships, so is it about work?”

“Yes, I want to transfer.”

Zuo said, “Sigh, you’re so considerate of Chief Xue.”

Xia Lin : ? ? ?

“It is indeed better to transfer so that you can avoid the gossiping of other people.”

Xia Lin felt that something wasn’t right, so he asked, “What gossip?”

Zhou Zuo elaborated, “The gossip circulating around the entire company that you’re in a relationship with Chief Xue.”

Xia Lin went WTF in his heart, and an incredulous look appeared on this face. “Why don’t I know about it?!”

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: Heard someone say that I’m in a relationship. And I was actually the last one to know! Are there still human rights in this world?!

Nymphos Are All Morons: My awesome brother, in this capitalist world, dating doesn’t require your consent.

The World Is My Canvas: I think your boss is too much. However, his capturing of you is more difficult to deal with than Kai En.

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: Zhang Tianke! Zhang Tianke!

This Daddy is Prettier Than An Omega: …I’m here, darling.

Xia Lin felt that this was all Zhang Tianke’s fault. If he hadn’t conceded to Xue Zenan and handed his drunk self over, this horrific tale wouldn’t have spread!

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: I’m blaming you!

This Daddy is Prettier Than An Omega: How can my beta self save you from the clutches of an alpha? Besides, life is like a powerful x. The beastly natures and capabilities of alphas are recognized as the best in the world. You just enjoy it.

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: Enjoy, your ass! Why don’t you come out for me! Let’s duel!!

Xia Lin felt like exploding.

He must dispose of Xue Zenan, this big scourge!

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