MFSOWAA Chapter 10

Chapter 10: I’m Not Him

Once they’d finished negotiating the details of their duel, Xia Lin didn’t step back this time. After spotting a familiar car downstairs, he righteously got into the car.

With utter steadiness, he fastened his seatbelt, ignoring Xue Zenan’s concerned gaze. Once the car started moving, he said, “Chief Xue, shall we have a meal some other time?”

“No need to schedule on a different date.” Xue Zenan became especially gentle. “How about we go to Chenguang Restaurant?”

Xia Lin replied, “I meant that my boyfriend and I, along with you, can have a meal together some other time.”

“Sure.” Xue Zenan’s tone was serene, as if he hadn’t heard the words “my boyfriend”. There were no signs of resistance or protest from him.

Xia Lin sensed that the atmosphere of their duel was going to be filled with the stench of blood.

On the day of their lunch date, there was a sudden downpour.

And an extremely heavy one at that. Xia Lin originally planned on going downstairs to wait for his “boyfriend” to pick him up, only to receive news that Zhang Tianke wouldn’t be able to come.

This Daddy is Prettier Than An Omega: Bad news, my car broke down in the middle of the rain. But the good news is my studio’s just downstairs of our dueling place.

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: …That’s somewhat sensible.

This Daddy is Prettier Than An Omega: The most sensible thing I’ve ever done is to set Huanghun Revolving Restaurant as the location of our duel, ahahaha. That’s half a year’s worth of my earnings, made from my blood, sweat, and tears as well as from selling my body. In short, don’t go back on your word, and hurry up!

Xia Lin had no choice but to either walk in the rain or take a taxi.

But how could he find a taxi in this stormy weather?

In the end, Xia Lin still hitched a ride with Xue Zenan.

“Your boyfriend?” Xue Zenan questioned.

Xia Lin put up a brave front. “His studio is just downstairs of Huanghun Revolving Restaurant, so he didn’t need to come here.”

(T/N: revolving restaurants are usually on the upper floors of towers, where you can have your meal while enjoying the view of the outside. You can also walk around the entire restaurant to have a 360-degree view. Think restaurants in observatory towers.) [1]

Only God knew that Xia Lin had prepared an opening act. Because Zhang Tianke’s car was a top-grade sports car! Although the car was just him posturing and trying to make his net worth seem higher, its grandeur definitely wouldn’t lose to that of the car of the branch office chief!

Even though he was a beta.

Unfortunately, this downpour didn’t care about complying with his wishes. Xia Lin could only pretend that nothing was wrong and guilelessly accept Xue Zenan’s offer for a free ride.

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: This duel is quite beautiful. I’m sitting in Boss Xue’s car when I intend to tear down his face later. Aahhhhh

This Daddy is Prettier Than An Omega: A lovely little brother came to my studio. An omega. If his family background wasn’t so frightening, I’d totally put my hands on him. It’s time to let you see my formidable social network!

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: …What are you doing?

This Daddy is Prettier Than An Omega: A real-life single omega is right in front of me. This beta’s prophecy of “meeting one’s destined omega” has been fulfilled! I can retire after this achievement!

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: Do you think any random alpha and omega on the streets can achieve pheromone resonance?

This Daddy is Prettier Than An Omega: Even though it’s just bogus, all that’s in an alpha’s heart and mind are omegas. Isn’t entering heat a sign of high compatibility?

Xia Lin thought for a while and found that Zhang Tianke made a lot of sense.

If he could believe in such a mysterious prophecy, then he would definitely believe that he’d be highly compatible with the first omega in heat he encountered.

The logic was perfect, without any faults.

He shot a glance at Xue Zenan’s calm side profile, his heart pumping. If this alpha were to direct his perverted intentions to someone else, then that would be really good for him.

Xia Lin still held a tiny amount of regret in his heart, though.

The prices at Huanghun Revolving Restaurant were crazy expensive. Being able to make a reservation depended on one’s status and capabilities. Zhang Tianke had been a stubborn tenant of that building for several years, despite the outside pressure to vacate his home. Over time, he had warmed the local tyrants’ cold hearts. Although his “warming” wasn’t the type of warming that Xia Lin wanted to know, he was still moved by Zhang Tianke’s sacrifices and immediately forgave his mistake of letting him be taken by the alpha because of his lacking physical strength.

When they arrived, Zhang Tianke and the handsome omega were already seated at a table. They sat across each other, leaving space for just one person to sit beside each of them.

Needless to say, Xia Lin decisively sat next to Zhang Tianke. Xue Zenan took the remaining seat without a peep.

Seeing them side by side, Xia Lin suddenly felt that Xue Zenan and the handsome omega really suited each other.

Alpha and omega were the destined pair according to nature. Starting from ancient times, society had gone from omega-centered to alpha-centered, but the betas always remained a part of the ruled class.

After entering society, his perception of this became especially strong, so much so that he felt a sense of oppression even when breathing.

Their so-called duel was entirely in Zhang Tianke’s home ground. Xia Lin vowed to make things clear because the handsome guy wasn’t saying a word.

The omega from Zhang Tianke’s studio looked quite sunny and smelled very good, though Xia Lin couldn’t tell whether it was the restaurant’s aroma or the omega’s perfume. He himself felt like he was witnessing a wedding and that in a few minutes, he’d say, “We hope to receive your wedding invitations sooner or later.”

He dug this pit himself because Zhang Tianke was making the same mistakes all over again.

Xue Zenan’s eyes weren’t focused on Xia Lin. He seemed to be more interested in Zhang Tianke and the handsome omega, completely disregarding Xia Lin.

Xia Lin said nothing. He even wanted to cry.

In TV series, the beta who being wooed by the alpha but still didn’t accept them was always condemned and hung on the wall, scolded by the viewers for being blind.

Oh right. TV series wouldn’t feature any alpha-beta love stories, only alphas looking for their one-true-love omega while tearing at the faces of those sinister betas.

When Zhang Tianke had invited Xue Zenan to join them in the evening, he politely expressed his refusal, gaze sweeping over Zhang Tianke and Xia Lin’s intertwined hands. “Thank you for your magnificent hospitality, Mr. Zhang, but I still have some matters to attend to tonight.” He then stood up, showing the intention of leaving.

The handsome omega intervened. “Will Chief Xue mind giving me a ride? Senior seems to be going home with his boyfriend, and I don’t want to disturb them.”

Zhang Tianke shivered, finding the little newcomer to be quite exceptional. “Then I will have to trouble Chief Xue. After all, I’m rather in a hurry.”

Xue Zenan didn’t refuse. He didn’t even send Xia Lin a parting glance before leaving with the handsome young man in tow.

“So… Regretting? Feeling sad? Feeling heartache?” Zhang Tianke asked in an exaggerated manner.

Xia Lin shook off Zhang Tianke’s hand and sighed as if a huge burden had been relieved from him. After his past relationships, he would never believe in the alphas around him ever again.

Xia Lin felt that he already had become an eternal Holy Mother as he once again acted as the springboard for another compatible alpha-omega pair to find love.

He said, “It’s a good thing I didn’t respond to Chief Xue. He and the handsome omega are a great match.”

Alphas should naturally be with omegas.

On his first day of not seeing Xue Zenan, Xia Lin finished his work without a hitch and didn’t miss him.

On his second day of not seeing Xue Zenan, Xia Lin’s work was still smoothly completed. He still didn’t miss him either.

On his third day of not seeing Xue Zenan, Xia Lin missed him, missed him, missed him.

Mountains and mountains and mountains of paperwork! Xia Lin wanted to die. He only managed to last until the third day through the luring power of money!

Finally reaching the end of his patience, Xia Lin rushed to the HR department to look for Selena. “Where’s Xue Zenan? Is his rut done?”

Selena frowned, looking quite surprised. “Chief Xue took a vacation. Didn’t you know that?”

“Vacation?!” Xia Lin was a little confused about this sudden turn of events. “He called me the day before yesterday and told me that he was going on a business trip and that he would temporarily leave his work to me! Business trip!”

“Yes, it was a business trip.” Selena gracefully rubbed her face. “But this afternoon in the main branch, he applied for annual leave.”

For the capitalist workaholics, annual leave was simply a waste of time, but Xia Lin immediately recalled the handsome young man.

Using his annual leave to go through the heat period while saving up his heat leave for a later date was also awfully in line with the style of a workaholic.

“Oh, I see.”

Xia Lin still worked conscientiously that day, just like before. Even though he worked overtime until early morning, he still rushed to get to the company on time the next day.

He needed rest, but he needed a reliable boss even more. The kind that wouldn’t go through rut.

As he was reflecting on how precarious life was, he reconsidered the possibility of writing another letter for transfer for the sake of the department. After all, Xue Zenan already had a new flame. Letting go of this innocent beta should be easy for him.

Or maybe write a suggestion. “Because this department is very wicked, I hope that the succeeding chief will be a beta in order to maintain the stability of the department’s operations.” He was convinced that the main branch would surely take this suggestion seriously after the two consecutive cases of alpha chiefs taking vacations during crucial moments.

As Xia Lin muddled his way through work, most of his brainpower channeled into driving his wild imagination whilst deep into formulating his schemes, Xue Zenan returned to the office.

He returned on the seventh day, exactly when an alpha’s rut would end.

Xia Lin couldn’t help but give a like for his dedication.

However, Xue Zenan didn’t have the refreshed after-sex appearance.

His face was even pale and ill.

Indecent thoughts filled Xia Lin’s head. The first thing that crossed his mind was that the handsome young man was quite vigorous since he was able to squeeze Xue Zenan of all his essence. His second thought was that maybe Xue Zenan was sick.

As a timid subordinate afraid of getting in trouble, Xia Lin asked him politely out of concern. “Is Chief Xue not feeling well today?”

“Aftereffects,” Xue Zenan weakly responded, as he signed the left-over documents from a week ago.

As Xia Lin thought about how magical rut was to have aftereffects, Xue Zenan added, “I had surgery.”

“Ah?” Xia Lin’s brain started lagging. The honeymoon turned into surgery?

Xue Zenan looked up at him as he handed over the documents. “These papers have been finalized. Contact our business partners immediately and submit these to the main branch. Also, draw up a budget plan based on the analysis reports on the new project,” he said.

With the look of an honest public official that Xia Lin didn’t want to mention ever again.

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: So. Chief Xue actually had surgery.

This Daddy is Prettier Than An Omega: …but my family’s handsome little brother hasn’t gone to work for seven days. He didn’t come today either!

Xia Lin still believed that Xue Zenan had spent his past week in rut, and their most substantial proof was Zhang Tianke’s handsome young employee, who had requested for leave. His uncle had previously called up to ask for leave in his stead.

One wouldn’t publicize matters like heat. Zhang Tianke just casually asked if he was ill before saying that he didn’t have to rush to go to work. Immediately afterward, he conveyed his suspicions to Xia Lin.

The handsome omega asked for leave, and Xue Zenan returned to work but looked like he was recovering from a serious illness. It didn’t seem like they were together.

The World is My Canvas: …This plot direction isn’t following the standard path.

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: …Should I go ask Xue Zenan what type of surgery he had?

This Daddy is Prettier Than An Omega: Maybe it’s an X sore, if you know what I mean. Would be pretty embarrassing.

Nymphos Are All Morons: Go ask if he had his appendix removed– oh right, do alphas even have an appendix?

The World is My Canvas: I think this surgery might be somewhat scary. Xia Lin, prepare yourself.

This matter tugged at Xia Lin’s heartstrings. He didn’t know how what he should say. Xue Zenan definitely understood his intentions behind that barely successful meal, which was why he neither talked nor even looked at him.

Perfectly seeking death was the right choice.

After feeling at a loss for quite a while, Xia Lin eventually gained courage as Xue Zenan was in the middle of signing another document. He asked, “Is Chief Xue still feeling okay? Do you need to take a rest?”

“No need.” Even his tone was frosty.

After receiving such a rebuff, Xia Lin felt that Xue Zenan didn’t need his concern.

He was merely an ordinary subordinate. And keeping his distance was just what he wanted. He then headed toward the door of the office.

“Xia Lin,” called out Xue Zenan. “I hate omegas. To the point that I feel both physiological and psychological disgust towards them. That’s why I wasn’t in a good mood when I left with that omega that day.”

Xia Lin didn’t look back. He was like a snail hiding inside its shell. He wanted to use this short distance to ensure his own safety.

Then he heard Xue Zenan say, “I underwent pheromone blockage. My bad temper recently is an aftereffect of the surgery. I hope you don’t mind.”

The pheromone blockage wasn’t common, even with modern medical technology. For the alphas who went through this surgery, although their physiological performance levels weren’t affected, they were now like palace eunuchs, even when exposed to an omega in heat. They were still capable of sexual activities, but they weren’t fertile anymore, making it impossible for them to impregnate an omega. Generally speaking, unless the alpha was ill or had mental issues, doctors wouldn’t dare to perform this surgery on them.

After all, alpha-omega pairs were protected by the law.

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: What to do! What to do! What to do!

This Daddy is Prettier Than An Omega: I’m guessing that the handsome omega went into heat along the way, triggering resistance from Chief Xue. His mental illness broke out, and so the doctor started the surgery. So scary. Xia Lin, your constitution’s poisonous!

Nymphos Are All Morons: If I were you, I’d go ask your boss instead of spamming “what to do” in this group.

The World is My Canvas: +1

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: …I feel guilty. This sounds narcissistic, but I think that he did this surgery for me!

This Daddy is Prettier Than An Omega: Although I want to say that you are narcissistic, I agree that he did it for you.

Nymphos Are All Morons: Asking the world to explain what love is and to teach these fools about the loyalty and the interdependence of life and death between couples.

The World is My Canvas: For alphas, pheromone blockage is the same as cutting off their dick. Though it could just be a temporary removal, which means that the pheromones can be recovered if they were to have another surgery. However, the grief of having their dick cut off is everlasting… Does he have huge mood swings? I heard that many alphas would fall so deep in their anguish that they’d try to kill people.

This Daddy is Prettier Than An Omega: F*ck, sounds really terrifying. You’re gonna have to deal with this yourself, Xia Lin. You better quickly pack your things and run away. Who knows when he’d have an extreme mood swing… Terrible!!!

Nymphos Are All Morons: I was actually moved by this alpha. What is with his courting method? Castrating himself to gain affection? [Black-man-????-meme.jpg]

The World is My Canvas: Xia Lin, you should observe some more. Although betas are weak at sensing pheromones, pheromone blockage is tantamount to losing one’s sense of smell, taste, and hearing. It’s easy to rebel and doubt life.

This Daddy is Prettier Than An Omega: Xia Lin? Xia Lin? You still here?

Nymphos Are All Morons: Xia Lin? Did he go confess already, swearing to look after the alpha for a lifetime? Victory by injuring oneself to gain the opponent’s confidence? Xia Lin?

The World is My Canvas: I was talking about a 1-in-10,000 possibility. I know two or three alphas who underwent this surgery. They’re as lively and healthy as ever. Not even the slightest adverse aftereffects. Xia Lin, come back, come back, come back!

Overtime was practically a daily occurrence at the branch office.

Xia Lin lingered outside Xue Zenan’s office for a long time. After learning that Xue Zenan underwent a pheromone blockage surgery, he inwardly felt regretful. He was beginning to feel that even if Xue Zenan and Kai En had the same goal, he should just grant their wishes.

It was merely an ordinary breakup between an ordinary couple. With a little bit of two-timing.

For Xia Lin, that wasn’t a big deal.

However, Xue Zenan even went to have pheromone blockage surgery, risking various kinds of aftereffects in order to prove…

Xia Lin didn’t know what to say or do. He didn’t feel like he had enough charm to gain an alpha’s loyalty and devotion to this extent.

So the one who Xue Zenan liked shouldn’t be him.

The object of his desires was the beta in his memory, who he had met on a cloudy day after a rain shower, who had bought ice cream for this unfamiliar alpha, who had said that if he met someone he liked, he should bravely strive to win them over.

It was that beta who held an irreplaceable position in Xue Zenan’s heart.

And not Xia Lin.

Xia Lin knocked on the door to the office and chose to enter even before hearing Xue Zenan’s “please come in”. In a straightforward manner, he asked, “Chief Xue, why did you undergo the pheromone blockage surgery?”

Xue Zenan was broken away from his hectic work. His face twisted into a frown, evidently not as relaxed as before.

It was actually just a minor operation and didn’t require a long recovery time, but Xue Zenan had felt irritable on the first day of his discharge. Human beings were also considered beasts. They used their different senses to understand the world. As an alpha, he was used to a world full of pheromones. But all of a sudden, he couldn’t sense them anymore. Even Xue Zenan, who had a mild temper, was on edge.

So he took a five-day break before returning to work.

And now this beta, who had led him to make such a significant decision, asked why he had this surgery despite already knowing the answer.

“I’m hurt,” Xue Zenan said. Though his words were childish, there was a cold, sharp edge to his voice. “I offered up my heart for you to see, but you push me to other people.”

He continued, “Xia Lin, are you aware that I know all of the omegas in the entire west area of the city, including the main branch area? That includes your “boyfriend’s” junior. He was once one of my blind dates, but I had refused to meet him.

“I’m an alien among alphas. You can say that I’ve brought shame to my family, because I should want to be with an omega but have always held a beta in my heart. But this beta has been deceiving me. He lied that he has a boyfriend, and he even made his fake boyfriend introduce an omega to me, who I’ve already once refused.

“Xia Lin, don’t you think I should be angry?” Xue Zenan’s eyes held a dark glint as he fixed his gaze on the timid Xia Lin, the creases between his eyebrows growing deeper. In a placid tone, he declared, “I have only one person in my heart. And he is a beta.”

But despite his seeming indifference, Xia Lin could feel the suffocating inquiry in his gaze.

However, these questions shouldn’t be directed toward Xia Lin.

“I’m not him.” Xia Lin met his blazing gaze.  “I couldn’t have been the one who gave you ice cream, and I never… I never said those words. I’m not him, Xue Zenan. I’m not the one you like.”

Out of nowhere, tears fell from Xia Lin’s eyes. He longed for such a persevering love, but he was too scared.

Xue Zenan straightened in shock upon seeing Xia Lin’s tears. Helplessly, he got up from his chair and strode towards Xia Lin.

He knew that omegas were generally fragile creatures, so he always maintained a respectful distance from them and even disliked them. He had never shown pity for any omega.

But now, Xue Zenan felt pity for a beta for the first time.

Just because it was Xia Lin.

Xue Zenan reached for Xia Lin’s face and gently wiped his tears with his thumb.

“You just forgot, Xia Lin. But it doesn’t matter. Just think of it as me running into someone else who told me, ‘If you meet someone you like, you have to bravely strive to win them over.’”

Xia Lin raised his head toward him. This was the first time he had felt this unreasonable and humiliated.

However, this man, whose face had been filled with irritation just moments ago, suddenly looked so gentle. “I’ve met the person I like, so I used a terrible method like pheromone blockage to gain your sympathy,” he said. “So Xia Lin, since you now sympathize with me, will you agree for us to be together?”

This Daddy is Prettier Than An Omega: ……

Nymphos Are All Morons: ……

The World is My Canvas: I’m a little flustered and jealous. So, which keyboard should we buy that looks good to eat?

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: ???

This Daddy is Prettier Than An Omega: Alright! Eat a keyboard!

Nymphos Are All Morons: Helplessly watching Xia Lin become a member of the fools’ club.

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: This isn’t a question of eating a keyboard!

This Daddy is Prettier Than An Omega: My heart is completely unmoved. Thoughts of the keyboard have filled my mind.

The World is My Canvas: If you want to get together, then get together. The pheromone blockage has been done. This kind of alpha is practically looking for someone to keep while offering his dick in exchange. He has the money and looks, but you’ve been acting so difficult. PS. You can invite him to eat the keyboard together.

And so Xia Lin and Xue Zenan started dating, though the people in the company believed that they’d already been together for a long time.

As a lover, Xue Zenan was simply perfect.

As a colleague, Xue Zenan’s work efficiency was exceptionally high, though he occasionally experienced some aftereffects from the surgery.

“Xia Lin, my head’s aching.” Xia Lin’s face tightened in pain as he rubbed his temples.

Xia Lin unhesitantly placed down the materials in his hand and rushed over to give him a massage.

Although the pheromone blockage didn’t have severe adverse effects, Xue Zenan had been having head-splitting headaches for 3 days. Xia Lin was very worried.

“What should I do? Maybe you should see a doctor or simply undo the pheromone blockage?”

“I won’t.” Xue Zenan grabbed his hand and kissed it. Then wanting a mile after getting an inch, he attempted to have an office tryst but was mercilessly rejected by Xia Lin.

“Head hurts.” Only one second after getting pushed away, Xue Zenan’s headache somehow returned.

Xia Lin suspected that this was an act, but he couldn’t just ignore him. He searched for a lot of information regarding pheromone blockage and even asked some doctors with knowledge in this area. They said that headaches may be a part of the aftereffects and that he should still continue observing.

But Xia Lin had no way of distinguishing whether Xue Zenan was just faking it or not. He said, “You don’t always have to cry wolf. You should go see a doctor if your headaches grow too painful.”

Xue Zenan flashed a faint smile as he gripped his head. “Maybe you can invite me to stay over at your house for one night.”

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: What’s with this unfathomable request???

This Daddy is Prettier Than An Omega: Group admin, quickly kick this guy who’s in a relationship. That way, I can be at peace.

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: I’m the group admin, and I’m asking for help.

The World is My Canvas: Your lovey-dovey display through the screen pricks my heart.

Nymphos Are All Morons: According to my experience, the part that’s aching isn’t your man’s head, but somewhere below.

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: ???

This Daddy is Prettier Than An Omega: How could pheromone blockage always cause headaches?! The only possible aftereffect is a more violent temperament!

Xia Lin Ain’t Lin Xia: ???

Nymphos Are All Morons: Silly boy, he wants to sleep with you.

On their sixth day together, which is also Xue Zenan’s sixth day of complaining about headaches, Xia Lin’s house finally had another visitor.

Xue Zenan’s scoundrel nature was completely revealed as he invaded Xia Lin’s bed, not at all showing symptoms of a headache. He even conveniently took the bed’s owner along the way.

Perhaps the foolish Xia Lin was still concerned about the aftereffects of the pheromone blockage, so he worriedly asked about Xue Zenan’s health afterward.

“Shouldn’t you worry about yourself?” Xue Zenan frankly asked in return.


“If you get together with me, you may never have any children in the future.”

Even though the fertility of a beta wasn’t as good as that of an omega, it was still possible for them to get pregnant. However, Xue Zenan had undergone pheromone blockage, blocking the factor that would allow a beta to conceive.

Xia Lin laughed. “I actually don’t like children very much. My dad acted just like a child, which seriously annoyed me. He was an adult, but he still loved to eat sweets. He even made me go out in the rain… ah!”

Xue Zenan flinched in surprise. “What’s wrong?”

Xia Lin stared Xue Zenan’s face as if he saw a ghost. He even extended his hand to pull at it. Xue Zenan carried a rare tenderness in his post-coital state. His bangs weren’t as stiff as they were during the day and fell softly over his forehead, giving him a youthful appearance befitting his age.

Xia Lin hesitantly asked, “When you were a child… were you often called… cute?”

Xue Zenan scrunched his eyebrows, looking like he hated those memories. “When I was a child, my father always made me wear skirts. I was very unhappy at being raised as a girl and often ran out of the house to play. That’s how…”

He didn’t finish his sentence.

“That’s how you met the person who bought you ice cream, right?” continued Xia Lin in his stead.

Xia Lin, who hated ice cream the most, was always sent to run errands by his father, who loved ice cream the most.

With regards to why he hated ice cream, it was mostly because his father had loved to send him on errands no matter the season or the weather. He’d also always ask him to buy ice cream “along the way”.

But one day, he encountered a little cutie.

The adorable little cutie also loved to eat ice cream. She was standing outside of the ice cream shop in her pink skirt with an indifferent look in her eyes, pretending that she wasn’t tempted by the sweet delights inside.

The child-hater Xia Lin was dazzled by her charm. No one, irrespective of age, would not like this type of behaved and sensible child. At that time, Xia Lin had turned eleven and had just discovered that he was nothing more than a beta doomed to struggle at the bottom rungs of society.

However, he felt that there was nothing to complain about. After all, most people were ordinary yet still led a good life.

The little girl was very adorable. One look and he could tell that she would become a soft omega once she entered puberty. It would be somewhat of a waste to match her to one of those alpha beasts.

And so Xia Lin quietly told her, “Little cutie, I hope you’ll find someone who sincerely likes you.”

Xue Zenan said, “Although I’m no longer that little cutie, you’ve become very cute.”

Xia Lin was convinced at his own memory. He had loved adorable creatures since he was a child. When he saw the little girl in the pink skirt, she was emitting strange pheromones. Even a dog would understand that it had to stay away. Naturally, he thought that she would become an omega, never considering that someone so adorable would grow to be an alpha.

He said, “A sentence that I casually said actually became so philosophical in your ears!”

“Because…” Xue Zenan licked Xia Lin. “That memory has always been beautiful to me. You’ve brought light into my heart.”

But what he didn’t say was that he was only a mischievous little kid at that time. How could he clearly remember every word he said?

Xue Zenan only remembered that the weather was bad, the ice cream was sweet, and his beta was beautiful.

He searched for many years based on the appearance of the beta in his memory, but he didn’t meet the person who stole his heart ever again.

That was until Kai En transferred. At that time, Xue Zenan heard about the rumor that Xia Lin was popular among alphas. It was only then that he looked into the “pitiful two-timed” beta’s personnel profile.

Xue Zenan said, “I’m sorry. If I were a little smarter, I wouldn’t have searched for a peerless beauty among the betas.”

Xia Lin : ? ? ?

Xue Zenan added, “It’s obviously because of your personal charisma that alphas are attracted to you.”

Translator’s Notes:

[1] Photo of a revolving restaurant:

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