CGSA Chapter 88

Chapter 88

Chu Ye looked around for any sign of Murong Chang but found nothing. Murong Chang was probably hiding somewhere on the first floor.

No matter. She wasn’t in a hurry to kill her.

Take your time. It’s more interesting that way.

“They’re over there. Let’s go.” Lanxi Liuhua pointed toward the several groups of individuals standing fairly close to each other. It was the students and teachers of Carles Academy.

“Okay,” Chu Ye responded, but her clear silver eyes slightly sharpened.

Because she saw An Fen’er and Bu Moli among the students and teachers.

“Oh, you’re here at last. We were only lacking your group.” Upon catching a glimpse of Lanxi Liuhua and Chu Ye’s group, the head teacher immediately stepped forward to greet them. However, he scrunched his eyebrows when he noticed that their sorry state. Their clothes were tattered, and their bodies were riddled with wounds and bruises (caused by the explosion from Pa Lin’s Fire Elemental Hand). “How did you rough yourselves up like this?”

Recalling the direction where Chu Ye and the others came from, he suddenly became astonished. “Did you… just come down from the second floor?”

“Yes.” Lanxi Liuhua nodded calmly.

“Heavens, the second floor…” Hearing this, all the teachers and students behind the head teacher cried out. The students’ faces were full of yearning and envy.

“You troublemakers!” After the initial shock, the head teacher’s face sank, and he scolded them. “Teacher Lanxi, how did you lead the team? The school expressly stipulates that you can only stay on the first floor. How could you bring students to the second floor? Don’t you know about the dangers on the second floor? You’re really…” The more he spoke, the angrier he got. In the end, he was so furious that he couldn’t speak another word. If someone died during this trip, how would he explain it to Caroline?

“We were forced to…” Lanxi Liuhua explained, still maintaining his mild temperament. Beside him, Chu Ye walked towards the group of students behind the head teacher without saying anything else.

To be more specific, towards An Fen’er and Bu Moli among the group of students.

An Fen’er and Bu Moli had already seen Chu Ye as early as when her group was approaching them. They had stared at Chu Ye with blank dumbstruck looks on their faces, forgetting how to respond. Now, when they saw her wordlessly and expressionlessly approaching them, they fell into a panic.

“How did she not die…”

“How can this be…”

The two looked at each other in dismay, their voices trembling.

Didn’t Murong Chang say that she would definitely die?

How was she still doing fine then?

With their guilty consciences, they subconsciously stepped back. Then they remembered their identities as fifth-grade wizards. Why should they be afraid of a third-grade wizard?

Thinking of this, they lifted their heads and arrogantly faced Chu Ye.

They actually thought that Chu Ye was still that third-grade wizard from before.

Moreover, they didn’t believe that Chu Ye dared to beat them up in the presence of so many people.

But it turned out that they were wrong. Incredibly wrong.

As Chu Ye neared them, with her silver hair and skirt swaying in the wind, the fear in their hearts only grew. Her eyes were as serene as a thousand-year-old deep lake that had never witnessed any ripples in its waters. Under the gazes of the crowd, her every step invoked a sharp intake of breath.

She finally stopped right in front of An Fen’er and Bu Moli.

There weren’t any warning signs nor preliminary remarks whatsoever. Under hundreds of eyes, Chu Ye barbarically grabbed An Fen’er and Bu Moli’s hair and slammed their heads together.

“Ah!!” “Ah!!” An Fen’er and Bu Moli simultaneously screamed. They never expected that Chu Ye would dare to hit them in public. And with such brutality too. She really wasn’t treating them as girls.


“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Chu Ye did it three more times, not giving them the chance to recover and fight back.

In an instant, An Fen’er and Bu Moli saw stars. Their scalps felt like they exploded as blood seemed to splatter everywhere. They wouldn’t be fighting back in the near future. They couldn’t even tell which direction is which.

The other students in their vicinity cried out in alarm.

The boys’ eyes were as round as a gong while the girls covered their mouths, shocked at Chu Ye’s actions.

“Chu Ye, what are you doing?! Stop!” Finally coming to their senses, the nearby teachers gave her a reprimand as they tried to stop her.

“Fellow teachers, before this matter has been clarified, it’s best to remain as bystanders.” At this time, Lanxi Liuhua stepped forward to block the charging teachers.

Huan Cheng and Xiao Dong had also brandished their swords to obstruct their path. They even released a small amount of warrior qi, which caused nine circles of light to appear behind their backs, exposing their identities as ninth-grade warriors.

It was evident that anyone who dared to step forward to disturb Chu Ye would also be pitting themselves against them.

“Ninth-grade warrior! And there are even two?” Several teachers gulped to relieve their dry throats. They were absolutely no match for them.

Because the most powerful teacher among their group this time, the head teacher, was only a ninth-grade wizard.

“Teacher Lanxi, how can you act as an accomplice to the tiger? Don’t forget that you are also a teacher. Quickly tell Chu Ye to stop.” The head teacher stomped his feet in anger. However, Teacher Lanxi was the young master of the Lanxi family. He didn’t dare scold him too much.

The Lanxi family is the third most powerful family in the Eastern Nation. They’re not a family that a mere teacher like him could offend. Right now, he could only reason with him.

“All the teachers need not get angry. Please listen carefully as I tell you the truth of this matter.” Lanxi Liuhua flashed his usual elegant smile. In a pace that is neither slow nor fast, he proceeded to talk about what An Fen’er and Bu Moli did to Chu Ye before entering the pagoda.

At this point, Chu Ye’s violent beating intensified.

She displayed extreme ambidexterity as she used both hands to dish out a flurry of slaps at lightning speed.

A whirlwind was released, which brought the two girls spinning up into the air before letting them freefall. However, they had yet to hit the ground when Chu Ye sent a reverse whirlwind to quicken their speed of descent, and as soon as they were within her range, she ruthlessly struck their stomachs.

“Bang! Bang!”

“Ah!!” “Ah!!”

Accompanying the sound of two bodies hitting the ground was An Fen’er and Bu Moli’s nth scream, followed by their inarticulate cries for help.

However, the teachers who were being blocked didn’t dare come to the rescue, let alone the students.

Chu Ye’s reputation in Carles was definitely impressive. Her name had widely spread all across Carles after her fight against Murong Chang on the Challenge Arena. Afterward, she became Caroline’s sole disciple. Moreover, she only took one month to promote herself as a talented first-grade genius, and three months to advance to third grade. Any one of these was enough for all the students to stop in their tracks.

No one dared to help An Fen’er and Bu Moli. They couldn’t even let out a word of persuasion.

Chu Ye’s actions were really too flashy. After a while, other adventurers who were in groups of three to eight came over. In just a few minutes, hundreds of people circled around them.

At the sight of Chu Ye’s savage beating method, their eyes bulged out, and their jaws dropped. Their mouths were wide enough to stuff a duck egg in them. But after the shock came rowdy jeering, fueled by their desire to see the world in chaos.

“Woo!!” Most of them even cheered and applauded Chu Ye.

Although they didn’t know the cause, as they watched Chu Ye domineeringly beat people up, their visual and auditory senses were telling them that they were watching an awesome sight.

Could she have grown tired of beating them up? After An Fen’er and Bu Moli painfully fell to the ground, Chu Ye flung her long sleeves and placed her hands behind her back, coolly glaring at them.

Once the two girls were done howling like wolves from the pain, they struggled to get up. The surrounding people were now able to get a good look at their faces.

They all gasped at the sight. But soon after, they were unable to restrain their laughter.

Because how could the two girls’ faces still be called faces? Aside from being completely swollen, their faces were a mixture of red, blue, and purple. Their faces resembled pig heads. Moreover, because of the wet blood running down their foreheads, dirt clung onto their skin, covering their entire faces.

It was practically impossible to distinguish their features anymore.

What is change beyond recognition?

At this moment, everyone finally understood the true meaning of these words.

Faced with the sneering crowd, the two girls were incredibly embarrassed and indignant. The two looked at each other, holding a similar ferocity within their eyes. Then focusing on the raging anger welling up inside them, the two girls endured the pain and summoned the elements in the air together.

They will fight with Chu Ye to the death.

Otherwise, this humiliation would stay with them all their lives.

However, it was merely a short moment of lofty aspiration. In the next second, the two of them were beaten to the ground, no longer able to resist.


Because, just as they cast the fifth-grade magic that they felt so proud of, Chu Ye had already collected wind elements in her hands, ready to face their attack head-on.

Six rings of light materialized behind Chu Ye, signaling that she was a sixth-grade wizard. The sight stung their eyes.

In fact, it stung the eyes of all the Carles students that were present.

Because of Chu Ye’s reputation within the school, almost everyone knew that she had been a third-level wizard prior to her entry into the tower.

But in just ten short days, she already became a sixth-grade wizard. This advancement speed was extremely out-of-this-world.

It was simply unthinkable.

Although fifth and sixth grade were only one grade apart from each other, there was a significant qualitative difference between them.

What’s more was that after forming the blood contract with Xiao Yin, Chu Ye’s spiritual energy had been growing at crazy speeds. Any magic she cast carried its full potential force behind it.

“Boom!” Chu Ye singlehandedly dealt with An Fen’er and Bu Moli, showing off some magic in the process. A radiant white light, alongside a rainbow of colorful ones, shot towards the two.

This time, Chu Ye was being serious.

An Fen’er and Bu Moli flew back dozens of meters and collided with two tree trunks, even toppling them. As they slammed onto the ground, they spurted a few mouthfuls of blood, and their heads leaned to the side with their limbs stretched out. Not a single movement could be seen from them after that.

Chu Ye let her hands fall to her sides, faintly frowning. Then she once again walked towards the two girls.

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