CGSA Chapter 87 Part 2

Chapter 87.2: The Loli Devil (Part 2)

“Don’t cry, Wan Wan. Brother Xie hasn’t been good. Don’t cry… if you keep on crying, you’ll turn into a Dragon-Li cat and become ugly.” The bewitching man patted Wan Wan’s back, his expression filled with doting and indulgence.

When Chu Ye came over and saw this scene, her eyes twitched.

Catching sight of Chu Ye approaching, the bewitching man wrapped an arm around Wan Wan’s shoulders, feigning an ambiguous smile, and introduced her. “Her name is Wan Wan. She’s my… little beloved.” He deliberately made his words vague.

(T/N: In the raws, he said beloved sister, but if you change one of the characters to another similar-sounding one, it becomes an endearment for a lover, like sweetie, honey, etc. He made the intonation indistinct so you can’t tell which word he said.)

When the words entered Chu Ye’s ears, her mind went to the romantic implication.

She cast a wooden glance at Wan Wan’s tender face before shaking her head, a frown appearing on her face. “Seducing a minor is a sin. Truly a bewitcher!”

The bewitching man staggered and almost fell. He directed a fierce stare at Chu Ye, gnashing his teeth in anger. “You heard it wrong. I meant that she’s my beloved little sister.”

“Oh.” Chu Ye indifferently tipped her head forward in acknowledgment before turning and walking to the already subdued Pa Lin. Outside of the bewitching man’s sight, her lips unconsciously formed a smirk. It was actually his sister.

“That’s it?” The bewitching man watched Chu Ye’s retreating figure, dumbstruck. She wasn’t even the slightest bit jealous or surprised?

He sulked.

At this time, Wan Wan had already wiped her tears, so she spotted Pa Lin on the ground. “Eh, it’s him?”

When Pa Lin heard this familiar voice, he raised his head, eyes stormy. He looked like he wanted to swallow Wan Wan alive.

He already understood what happened. The only thing he consumed today was that girl’s water, and after that, he got incessant diarrhea. Even a dumbass would realize that.

“You know him?” Chu Ye turned to Wan Wan. She found the girl to be extremely cute, like an intricately carved porcelain doll. No wonder the bewitching man doted on her so much.

“I don’t, but this person is so annoying. I came across him on the road earlier and kindly greeted him. But he dared to look at me with such vulgar eyes, so I gave him water to drink. I added a very powerful ‘Immortals Also Can’t Escape’ in it.” Wan Wan appeared very proud of herself.

“Immortals Also Can’t Escape?” Chu Ye was puzzled. What’s that?

“It’s a powerful laxative,” the bewitching man explained. “It’s called ‘Immortals Also Can’t Escape’ because even if an immortal were to consume it, they won’t be able to escape from getting diarrhea.” This kind of drug was hard to buy in the market, but with Wan Wan’s princess status, she can get as much as she wanted.

Chu Ye couldn’t help but laugh. “So that’s it.”

Although she guessed that Pa Lin must have been drugged, she didn’t think it would be the bewitching man’s sister. What a curious coincidence.

When Pa Lin heard this, he became furious and desperately tried to break free. But how could he do so when he was being restrained by two tenth-grade powerhouses? He could only glare at Wan Wan. “This old man was really blind. I didn’t expect for an angelic face to have the heart of a viper,” he said through gritted teeth, emphasizing every word.

He succeeded because of this girl (found Chu Ye and the tiger), but was also defeated because of this girl (the drugged water)!

“What? You actually compared me to a viper? You damn old man, see how I sort you out.” Wan Wan’s face flushed in anger. She waved her hand and ordered, “Dig out his eyes, cut his tongue, sever his meridians, then disembowel him and use his intestines to hang him on a tree. Let him feel himself die bit by bit!”

Hearing her orders, Chu Ye blanched. This girl… really had the face of an angel but the heart of a devil.

Better not to get too close to this type of girl in the future.

Pa Lin was as white as a sheet.

The bewitching man and the hundred people behind him didn’t react at all. It’s as if this was a common occurrence for them.

Chu Ye didn’t comment and turned to Lanxi Liuhua and the others. “Let’s go.” And together, they headed for the Space Transmission Array.

She no longer needed to deal with Pa Lin. After all, Wan Wan could definitely do it.

Sure enough, moments later, Pa Lin’s miserable shrieks rang in the air behind them.

A dignified peak-stage innate wizard sage was tortured to death in this manner.

One never gets a good ending in old age.

Of course, this was what he deserved.

The young Little Liuxing and Xiao Zhenzhu tried to look back out of curiosity, but Chu Ye held onto their heads to stop them. “Don’t look. I’m afraid you might not be able to eat or sleep for three days and nights if you did.”

Their hearts skipped a beat. They stuck out their tongues, and didn’t dare look back again.

Chu Ye’s group stepped into the Large-Scale Space Transmission Array, followed by Wan Wan’s group. Familiar vertigo washed over them. The array activated!

The world seemed to be spinning. When they opened their eyes again, they’ve already returned to the first floor of the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda.

It was currently around 8am, almost time for the opening of the pagoda’s East Gate.

This was why the exit was crowded with all kinds of adventurers. There were as many as two to three hundred people.

Moreover, around five hundred people came down from the second floor alongside Chu Ye’s group. A sea of people was all one could see. It was quite lively.

“Today is the last day. The other teams should also be here.” Lanxi Liuhua’s azure eyes swept the crowd, trying to find the other students and teachers.

Chu Ye looked around for any sign of Murong Chang but found nothing. Murong Chang was probably hiding somewhere on the first floor.

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