CGSA Chapter 87 Part 1

Chapter 87.1: The Loli Devil (Part 1)

Chu Ye unhesitantly carried Ming Yuexin on her back before jumping down into the hole.

A few minutes later, they both exited the other end of the tunnel, appearing outside the Screen Boundary.

“Damn bewitcher, watch what you say to me from now on.” Once she reached the surface, Chu Ye kicked him without holding back.

“Aiyaya, woman. Be gentle, be gentle. Don’t you understand what gentleness is?” The bewitching man swiftly dodged. His face held not a shred of guilt.

Across the other side of the Screen Boundary, Pa Lin powerlessly dropped to the ground. Watching them flirtatiously banter with each other while ignoring his existence, he became so angry that his head began to smoke.

But how could he still have the strength to capture them when he was long on the brink of collapse?

He fiercely gritted his teeth. Then in a dark voice, he said, “You were lucky today and escaped with your lives. But don’t be too proud. I will crush each and every one of you one day to death, no matter where you are.”

If he was smart, then under such circumstances, he absolutely wouldn’t say these words. However, Pa Lin had held a high status for a long time and was accustomed to being feared and fawned on by others. He considered himself unparalleled in the world.

His sense of danger was even blinded.

As a matter of fact, upon hearing his words, Chu Ye narrowed her eyes and swept her gaze over to him. He seriously didn’t seem to recognize his current situation which had death written all over it. Did he not know how to write the word ‘dead’? With a faint smile, she went around the Screen Boundary and towards Pa Lin.

Seeing this, Lanxi Liuhua and the others, who were walking to the Space Transmission Array, tensed. Then they followed behind Chu Ye. This was the so-called ‘taking advantage of your sickness to take your life’. How could they still leave him alone?

If they waited until Pa Lin recovered his strength, he would never let them off as he himself had said. Not even outside of the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda.

“You all… what are you doing?”

Seeing their weapons, Pa Lin finally realized something. “You dare attack me?” he said in disbelief.

He was an innate wizard sage, and at the peak-stage at that. He was one step away from stepping into the ranks of the innate wizard immortals. And above the wizard immortals was already god!

How could several initial-grade wizards have the cheek to kill an innate wizard sage like him?

He never expected that their courage would be so great.

Accompanying that cold smile on her lips, Chu Ye’s voice was just as icy. “Why would we not dare? You were asking for it.” After she spoke, violent wind elements gathered within her sword. She then took a big step forward and stabbed at Pa Lin.

Behind her, Lanxi Liuhua, Huan Cheng, Xiao Dong, and the bewitching man also revealed their own outstanding abilities.

A starving camel was still bigger than a horse. Even though Pa Lin was on the verge of collapsing, they still didn’t dare to underestimate the enemy.

Sure enough, this life-threatening situation stimulated all the hidden potential in Pa Lin’s body. He was surprisingly able to take on their attacks, even gaining the upper hand in the fight. And as they exchanged blows, he slowly inched toward the forest.

He was planning to escape.

How could Chu Ye and the others not see his intentions? But they had no way of blocking him and could only be led closer to the forest as the fight dragged on.

“Brother Xie…” At this moment, a sweet melodious voice could be heard. Her cry was filled with delight and excitement.

Chu Ye froze slightly. She didn’t cease attacking, but her gaze moved toward the owner of that voice. It was a girl wearing a pink princess dress. Her white and tender face held a blinding grin as she sprinted in their direction.

By her side was a hundred-man adventure group. Seeing the girl rush forward, the one hundred people swiftly followed her, worried that the tender young girl might get hurt.

“Brother Xie?” Chu Ye murmured. This address was somewhat familiar.

When the bewitching man heard this cry, he immediately withdrew from their battle against Pa Lin and flew towards the girl.

Seeing his figure, the hundred people behind the girl knelt, their eyes brimming with tears. They were incredibly ecstatic.

The bewitching man motioned for them to rise. His previous roguish image was gone. He was now exuding a strong aristocratic aura from head to toe, which made people not dare to look directly at him. The bewitching man spoke a few words to the two tenth-grade powerhouses accompanying the girl, and the two promptly joined in the fight with Chu Ye and the others.

With the addition of the two powerhouses, Pa Lin was defeated and captured within a few minutes.

“Brother Xie, Wan Wan found you. Where have you been these days? You made Wan Wan worry to death for you, wuwu…” The girl who called herself Wan Wan threw herself into the bewitching man’s embrace, wailing loudly.

“Don’t cry, Wan Wan. Brother Xie hasn’t been good. Don’t cry… if you keep on crying, you’ll turn into a Dragon-Li cat and become ugly.” The bewitching man patted Wan Wan’s back, his expression filled with doting and indulgence.

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