CGSA Chapter 86

Chapter 86

Then with his right hand extended forward, he cast another Fire-Elemental Hand. His target this time was the feeble and pale-faced Ming Yuexin.

Actually, Pa Lin this old ghost had other intentions for choosing Ming Yuexin. Besides Chu Ye, Ming Yuexin was also quite the dainty beauty. Although she was missing an arm and seemed so frail like she was about to fall to the ground at any time, it didn’t affect her slim body and pretty looks.

If the texture of her skin was good, he didn’t mind tumbling with her right there on the ground. He believed that this would provoke the girl more than if he were to directly kill them. Hahaha, he was actually this smart. But he wouldn’t let himself grow too proud.

“You scoundrel…” How could the others not notice the perverted light in Pa Lin, this old ghost’s eyes? They were angry, but they could only put up a final struggle like trapped prey on their last legs, and let out their all to defend against the Fire-Elemental Hand that was aiming to grab Ming Yuexin.

Needless to say, all their attacks were like pieces of tofu or paper in front of Pa Lin’s power. His Elemental Hand broke through all of their attacks without pause.

In the blink of an eye, the Fire-Elemental Hand was already right in front of Ming Yuexin.

However, just when Chu Ye and the others were just about to lose all hope, a certain sound of nature could once again be heard, which was normally hated by all people. “Poot…”

Pa Lin trembled. His old face suddenly turned into the color of pig’s liver, and he held onto his belly and buttocks in the same posture as earlier. He couldn’t help but throw a stomping fit on the spot.

Because he wanted to poop again.

Since the caster lost control of the magic, the Fire-Elemental Hand naturally dissipated in the air.

Chu Ye, who had been high-strung the entire time, could finally relax, and she moved to block Ming Yuexin with her body.

Ming Yuexin’s clear eyes quivered, and the slightest flush appeared on her pale cheeks.

“You wait for this old man.” Pa Lin sped into the woods again, going at a somewhat faster speed than the previous time.

Seeing another opportunity arrive, Chu Ye immediately pulled everyone closer to her and explained the plan that she came up with earlier in simple terms.

“Dig a hole?” After listening, everyone almost simultaneously voiced out in shock.

“Shh!” Chu Ye hissed while rewarding Xiao Dong with a knock on his forehead because his voice was the loudest. “Keep it down. Pa Lin might hear us. And we all don’t want to wait for another chance to escape. ”

Xiao Dong touched his aching forehead, a silly smile appearing on his face. Sister knocked on his forehead, just like in the previous days. Did that mean that she was no longer angry with him?

“I think that will work.” The bewitching man nodded approvingly. Then, he subsequently added, “But the Double Screen Boundary’s reputation isn’t without substance. It has already penetrated deeply into the ground. If we want to dig out a path to the outside of the boundary, it will take at least two hours.”

Chu Ye flashed a confident smile. “Not necessarily. I’d estimate that an hour is enough.”

She closed her eyes, calmed her mind, and spread her hands out. Suddenly, her skirt flapped in the air even though there was no wind. Her long silver hair turned into the brown color of earth wizards at a speed visible to the naked eye. Her eyes snapped open, flashing a brown light. Her silver eyes also became brown.

“Heavens… it’s an immortal physique that can use wind and earth magic.” Xiao Dong couldn’t help but exclaim.

Lanxi Liuhua, the bewitching man, Huan Cheng, and the others were the same. They blankly stared at Chu Ye in disbelief.

An immortal physique was rarely seen. There’s usually only one within a thousand miles.

Although Chu Ye’s talents in the earth system awakened when they were facing the group of ant locusts, she only used wind magic in front of other people. The only time she cast earth magic was in the marsh when they were dealing with the blood leeches, having no other choice at that time. No one noticed it.

“Snap out of it and hurry up.” Chu Ye already started casting Earth Spikes, which loosened the originally compact soil. “I’ve already loosened the soil. That way, the digging can be twice as fast. ”

After hearing the words, everyone was happy and wordlessly began digging.

Except for Ming Yuexin, who lacked the strength to help, and Chu Ye, who was on the lookout.

“This is going to take an hour, but we may not have that much time. That old devil should be back soon.” Ming Yuexin finally summoned the courage to speak to Chu Ye.

Chu Ye shook her head with a smile. “He may try to head back here soon, but he will just as quickly return to the forest.”

“What do you mean?” Ming Yuexin looked at Chu Ye in puzzlement.

“That old devil was obviously drugged.” Chu Ye already noticed this from the start. Otherwise, with the physique of an innate-grade wizard, how could he easily fart and have diarrhea?

She just didn’t know how high the dosage he had been given was.

It would be better to drag this old devil to his death, Chu Ye thought viciously.

Think of Cao Cao, and Cao Cao will appear. Chu Ye saw Pa Lin come out of the forest while holding his belly.

“Cough cough…” After making coughing sounds, the others immediately stopped digging and flew to the surface, because this was their secret signal: If Pa Lin was coming back, Chu Ye would cough to notify them.

Chu Ye’s 7-man group were arranged in two rows so as to conceal the hole they dug up.

Regardless of how sly he is, Pa Lin wouldn’t imagine that they’d break out his Double Screen Boundary in this way. So even though their postures seemed strange, he didn’t think too deeply about it. He just wanted to extend his devilish hands toward Ming Yuexin. Who would’ve guessed that his stomach would make noises again?

The time interval between his diarrhea attacks was getting shorter.

With no alternative, Pa Lin stomped his feet angrily and went inside the forest for another time.

“Ha ha ha…” Ming Yuexin muffled her laughter. It was really just as Chu Ye had said. Upon directing her gaze toward Chu Ye, she saw that she was already commanding Lanxi Liuhua and the others to continue digging. Her eyes shined with calmness and astuteness.

It became a cycle. Whenever Pa Lin came back, they would immediately leave the hole and stand in their previous spots as if nothing happened.

Then as soon as he left, they would jump into it at their fastest speed and continue to dig.

After half an hour of this secret struggle, they finally reached the edge of the Double Screen Boundary. The next step was to dig upwards to the surface, eventually creating a tunnel leading to the outside of the Screen Boundary.

At this moment, Pa Lin’s legs were already trembling. His body lost all strength, and his head was spinning.

He unsteadily walked out of the forest step by step while supporting himself on the trunks of any nearby tree. His green eyes seemed even more sunken, and his originally skeletal body became even thinner. He was completely famished and thirsty.

“Who… who drugged this old man…” Pa Lin’s legs folded, causing him to fall onto the ground, but he still kept his gaze fixed on them, fiercely glaring at them.

It seemed that he still had some fighting strength left.

At this point, Lanxi Liuhua and the others had already exited the pit. They stood behind Chu Ye and looked on coldly, paying no attention to Pa Lin.

“Ha, here it comes again…” Pa Lin’s face once again contorted in pain. Leaning on tree trunks, he wobbly trudged back into the forest.

Once Pa Lin’s figure couldn’t be seen anymore, they immediately jumped back into the hole and continued their exhausting digging work.

One hour later…

The tunnel was finally done.

Chu Ye and Ming Yuexin hadn’t entered the tunnel yet when Pa Lin returned.

He crawled back at a pace slower than that of a snail’s, already on the brink of collapsing.

Lifeless eyes, deathly pale face, strengthless body, jelly-like limbs. He looked as if he was thrown into the sea and was left there for 10 days and 10 nights. He was practically driven into insanity. Actually, forget insanity, he didn’t even have the strength to say a word.

But when he raised his head and saw that only Chu Ye and Ming Yuexin remained inside the Screen Boundary, his lifeless eyes widened to the size of gongs. He exclaimed, “T-they… where are they?”

“We’re here, old man!” The sound of the voice hadn’t faded when the rest of their group jumped out of the recently completed tunnel outside the Double Screen Boundary.

If it were half an hour ago, they still might be scared of Pa Lin, but now… hehe, the one doing the bullying wasn’t certain anymore.

“You… you…” The shock on Pa Lin’s face couldn’t be expressed in words. He raised one trembling hand and pointed at them with great difficulty. Their teeth-gritting appearance made him want to tear them a new one.

But he was currently in an incredibly bad state. How could he muster even an iota of strength?

At this moment, the bewitching man shouted at Chu Ye, “Woman, quickly hand over your woman.”

Blood rushed to Ming Yuexin’s head. She almost fainted.

Chu Ye’s forehead was full of black lines. She glared at the damn bewitcher, before supporting the tottering Ming Yuexin. Somewhat awkwardly, she explained, “Don’t be nervous, that damn bewitcher can’t see through your thoughts. The words “your woman” from his mouth actually meant “your girlfriend”– Uh no, no, I missed a pause. It’s girl friend…”

The more she explained, the worse it got. Chu Ye was already sweating buckets.

“You…” Ming Yuexin felt more and more bashful as she listened to her words. Especially Chu Ye’s “Don’t be nervous, that damn bewitcher can’t see through your thoughts”. How was that a consolation? In fact, that was tantamount to covertly saying “Only I know your thoughts. You don’t have to be nervous about other people since they can’t see through them.”

The more she thought about it, the more chaotic her qi became. Her breathing turned ragged, her eyes closed, and her body softened. The originally feeble Ming Yuexin who could faint at any time… finally lost consciousness.

“Ming Yuexin!” Chu Ye called out in worry. She inspected her before exhaling a sigh of relief. She only temporarily lost consciousness. This was fine. This way, no one would need to feel embarrassed.


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