CGSA Chapter 85 Part 3

Chapter 85.3: Please Shit Elsewhere (Part 3)

“Hey, if you’re going to talk, can you please put aside your farts?” Chu Ye made a show of speaking in earnest, before once again descending into laughter.

In any case, the space transmission array could only be used again after an hour, which meant that they wouldn’t be able to make a clean escape from Pa Lin. It was better to let everything go and leave it all to fate.

Hearing that, Pa Lin flew into a rage. “The younger generation shouldn’t be so arrogant. Look at me–” Another loud fart sounded, followed by a grumbling coming from his stomach.

Pa Lin couldn’t bear it anymore. He clutched his stomach with one hand while holding onto his butt with the other. He was becoming so anxious that he just wanted to resolve it right then and there.

But he wasn’t brazen enough to defecate in public.

He instead removed his right hand from his stomach and waved it in the air. He cast a Fire Screen Boundary which formed into a big fishnet and hurled it at Chu Ye and the others.

Because of its size and speed, they had no time to escape the net’s range, so they were all trapped underneath it.

“You wait for this old man. Watch how this old man will deal with you once I come back.” Pa Lin placed his right hand back on top of his stomach. Then in the blink of an eye, he disappeared from everyone’s sight and went looking for a covert place to relieve himself.

Once Pa Lin left, Chu Ye and others immediately stopped laughing.

“Let’s see if we can break this Fire Screen Boundary before he returns.” Chu Ye looked solemn. This was the only way they could save themselves now.

Everything would be fine as long as they shatter the Fire Screen Boundary and escape into the vast second floor. By the time Pa Lin came back, it wouldn’t easy to find them again, even for someone as powerful as him.

“Okay, everyone attack the same spot.” Lanxi Liuhua gave a simple strategy.

Huan Cheng and Xiao Dong were the first ones to attack. They condensed their warrior qi and simultaneously aimed for the same spot in the Screen Boundary.

To their surprise, their attacks rebounded.

“Bang!” Hit by their own attacks, the two men were blasted dozens of meters away before painfully landing on the ground. They groaned, blood flowing down the corners of their mouths.

“Not good. This is a dual boundary, not an ordinary one. It can trap living creatures and reflect attacks. This enchantment cannot be attacked; otherwise, we will get injured,” the bewitching man timely explained. This spell can only be perfectly cast by an innate-grade powerhouse.

“What a genius in retrospect. Only explaining after the deed was done.” Chu Ye gave him a cold glare. Why didn’t he say so earlier? At this point, everyone could guess that based on what happened. Walking toward Huan Cheng and Xiao Dong, she concernedly asked, “Are your injuries serious?”

“This is nothing.” Huan Cheng pushed himself up and wiped off the blood. He observed Xiao Dong through his peripheral vision. This kid’s warrior qi wasn’t inferior to his. He actually failed to see that he was this type of character.

When Xiao Dong met Chu Ye’s gaze, he swiftly looked away and lowered his head, twisting his fingers. In a low voice, he said, “I’m fine, Sister.”

Ever since he revealed his true strength, he had been worried that Chu Ye wouldn’t forgive him for his earlier deception. Although he held no malicious intent, Chu Ye might think otherwise, but he dared not speak up for himself again. Sometimes, the longer the explanation, the more counterproductive it would be.

What to do?

What should he do?

At this moment, Chu Ye also was also similarly worrying about something.

She crossed her arms, eyebrows slightly creased. How can they escape?

Her drooping eyelashes, which were resembled the shape of a fan, gently quivered, creating a shadow on her fair skin.

Chu Ye wasn’t aware of how beautiful she looked at that moment. Her violent and callous aura mellowed, and she seemed slightly sweeter and gentler. Lanxi Liuhua, the bewitching man, and Xiao Dong were all captivated. Even Huan Cheng was watching her quietly, head tilted to the side. A trace of passion could be seen within the depths of his inky black eyes.

Ming Yuexin, who had been so quiet that her existence was practically forgotten, was also staring at Chu Ye in a daze. She didn’t blink even once.

“Ah, I got it!” Chu Ye raised her head.

Lanxi Liuhua, the bewitching man, Xiao Dong, and Huan Cheng immediately retracted their gazes, eyes shifting around in guilt. They had a hard time looking at her again. Ming Yuexin had a similar reaction.

“What’s wrong with you? I said that I’ve found a way to escape. Can’t you give any sort of reaction?” Chu Ye was baffled at their expressions.

The bewitching man was the first to put away his guilt. He smiled flatteringly, exposing his dimples. “Ah… what is it?” 

“We…” she started. Everyone’s cooperation was needed for her plan to work, so she planned on sharing all the details.

However, who would have thought Pa Lin would already be done with his business? He returned from the forest in the speed of lightning, bringing with him a gust of wind.

“This old man has come back.” He laughed, looking refreshed after being able to solve his digestive problem. He faced Chu Ye from outside of the Fire Screen Boundary. “Little girl, you better let the divine tiger out right now. If you don’t, I will kill one person for every minute that you stall.”

Then with his right hand extended forward, he cast another Fire-Elemental Hand. His target this time was the feeble and pale-faced Ming Yuexin.

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