CGSA Chapter 85 Part 2

Chapter 85.2: Please Shit Elsewhere (Part 2)

In the blink of an eye, the elemental hand was right in front of her, but just as it was about to touch the cloth covering Chu Ye’s chest, two dark purple rays of warrior qi struck the hand, one from the left and one from the right.

“Clang!” Dozens of cracks appeared on Pa Lin’s elemental hand under the force of the two powerful rays of warrior qi until it exploded with a loud bang, right in front of Chu Ye’s chest.

Thousands of sparks shot outward like arrows, some of which hit Chu Ye and the others, who had nowhere to hide.

“Si…” The sound of burning fabric and flesh could be heard.

Lanxi Liuhua, the bewitching man, Xiao Dong, Huan Cheng, Ming Yuexin, Little Liuxing, and Xiao Zhenzhu were all hit by the sparks. Their clothes had flames in many places.

“Ah!!” After a few screams, they immediately extinguished the flames on their bodies, but the flesh underneath their clothes was still emitting thick smoke. The smell of burnt flesh pervaded the air.

Due to the explosion, Chu Ye was blasted dozens of meters away before colliding with the ground with great force. In a flash, blood rushed up to her throat, but she forcefully swallowed it.

Apart from the trauma due to being sent flying, she had no other injuries whatsoever.

It stood to reason that because the fire-elemental hand exploded right in front of Chu Ye, she should be the one with the most injuries. However, one second before the explosion, a silvery light appeared before her and formed a protective layer over her skin, so those flaming sparks were all blocked.

If that weren’t the case, her burns and injuries would likely be more severe than Chenzhu’s.

“Single-use protective spirit tool.” Thinking back, Chu Ye was 100% sure that that light screen was from a single-use protective spirit tool just now.

However, she already used her single-use protective spirit tool a few days ago when she had faced Elder Rong.

Who was it?

Who would unhesitantly waste their single-use protective spirit tool on her?

“Sister… did you get any injuries?” Xiao Dong worriedly ran to Chu Ye first.

The silver pendant hanging on his chest was still exuding silver light.

With one glance, Chu Ye could discern that Xiao Dong’s silver pendant was a precious single-use protective spirit tool. “Xiao Dong, thank you…” Before she even finished, her gaze was drawn to the sword in his hand, which was surrounded by purple qi.

The purple qi on the sword was none other than warrior qi. Powerful warrior qi.

“Xiao Dong, you…” Pointing at the sword in shock, Chu Ye exclaimed in disbelief, “You’re a warrior?”

Based on how deep the color of his warrior qi is, his rank wasn’t low.

She suddenly recalled that when Pa Lin’s fire-elemental hand almost touched her, two powerful rays of warrior qi from two different directions saved her. One was from Huan Cheng who had returned after chasing Elder Jin away, and the other…

Among them, only Huan Cheng was clearly a warrior.

But now it seemed that Xiao Dong, who she thought lacked the strength to even truss a chicken, was actually a talented warrior not inferior to Huan Cheng.

“Yes, I’m a ninth-grade warrior.” Xiao Dong looked somewhat frantic. He lowered his head, afraid to meet Chu Ye’s gaze. “Don’t be angry, Sister. I didn’t mean to lie to you. I just– I just want to walk together with Sister…”

If he didn’t say that he was weak and couldn’t go down the second floor alone, why else would Chu Ye take him along?

Hearing this, Chu Ye was struck dumb. He actually concealed his true strength so that he could travel together with her for a while?

Although she didn’t understand why he wanted to walk with her, his action was first and foremost a kind of deception.

To think that she had always treated him like a brother. Her face turned slightly colder, and she didn’t say a word. She only waved her hand to reject Xiao Dong’s offer to help her up, got up by herself, and expressionlessly patted off any dust on her body.

At this time, Lanxi Liuhua, the bewitching man, Huan Cheng, and the others had rushed over to her and were staring at Xiao Dong in shock, as well as caution.

Xiao Dong hung his head, having the urge to cry. He silently took two steps back, his large eyes already starting to moisten.

He knew it wasn’t good to lie, especially to those who treated him well, but he really wanted to stay with Sister, even if it was only for the last few days of his life.

“Oh! This old man actually failed to notice that there were two ninth-grade warriors here.” After failing once again, Pa Lin was starting to grow angry and embarrassed. But contrary to his flourishing anger inside, he let out a loud belly laugh. “Haha, so what about two ninth-grade warriors? This old man merely used half of his full strength. Did you seriously think you can resist this old man? This old man will now let you see his full strength. Hehehe… ”

He hadn’t finished his speech when an incredibly crisp and long… fart sounded. The timing was very inappropriate.

Suddenly, everyone’s faces were full of black lines.

“Who is farting at this time?” Pa Lin trembled in rage. That person had the impertinence to fart while he was in the middle of his lecturing. This was simply an insult to him.

He was fuming!

“Who?” Chu Ye and the others exchanged glances with one another.

And then broke into incessant laughter.

“What are you laughing at?! Tell this old man the truth… pooot… ” He was once again interrupted by a loud fart.

Pa Lin froze and promptly straightened up.

This time, he didn’t ask. His moss-green eyes deadened, and his face was already incredibly flushed.


Because he finally realized that the one who farted was him.

“Poot…” Out came another very inelegant sound, as if to remind Pa Lin that this horrible stench couldn’t be attributed to someone else.

“Turns out this is your true strength, hahaha…”

“Made me laugh to death…”

They all bent over in laughter.

“Shut up! Shut up– poot… poot…” As his enemies stared at him, he actually kept on farting. Pa Lin felt so ashamed and infuriated. His elderly face looked as if he had eaten something much worse than a dead housefly.

But as the saying goes, you can control heaven and earth, but you can’t control your fart. Regardless of how formidable Pa Lin’s strength is, he couldn’t hold in his farts. As a result, a series of farts sounded, followed by the rumbling of his stomach. Thoughts of going to a toilet unwittingly crossed his mind.


“I’m dying, hahaha…”

Chu Ye had already begun beating her chest, about to die of laughter.

This old fellow, why are you so amusing!

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