CGSA Chapter 85 Part 1

Chapter 85.1: Please Shit Elsewhere (Part 1)

As soon as Pa Lin finished speaking, he made a claw shape with his bony fingers. Fire elements condensed on top of his palm, which was thrown toward Xiao Yin. All in one quick moment.

His technique in condensing the fire elements into a tangible state uses the same principle as Elder Rong’s, the first elder Murong Chang had invited, when he condensed the water elements. However, Pa Lin was obviously more skilled at it than Elder Rong.

At first glance, apart from the unusual red flashes of light, it indeed resembled a real hand, but the energy in it was like a force pressing down on Chu Ye and the other’s throats despite them being at least a hundred meters away.

However, as early as when Pa Lin had laughed, Chu Ye knew that he would act against Xiao Yin.

As a result, Pa Lin may be fast, but Chu Ye acted faster.

Thus, Xiao Yin, who was ready to transform and fight with Pa Lin, was forcefully recalled into Chu Ye’s beast space.

When she had just established a blood contract with Xiao Yin, Chu Ye ruthlessly said that Xiao Yin will never have a place in her beast space, which was indeed her sincere feelings at that time, but after being in contact with it for the past few days, Chu Ye realized some things.

Xiao Yin was already her blood-contracted magical beast and will follow her in life and death. This was a fact that couldn’t be changed. Besides, people shouldn’t be constantly hung up on the past.

And the most important thing was that there were times when she felt that Xiao Yin… wasn’t very loathsome after all.

“Master…” A waterfall of tears once again streamed down Xiao Yin’s face, who was moved by Chu Ye’s actions.

It was truly a divine beast. It was as powerful as Pa Lin and had no reason to be afraid of fighting him. However, two-thirds of its spiritual energy was still in the soul pearl since it had only been able to absorb a small portion of the energy during the past two days of travel. So he was currently no match for Pa Lin.

Master chose to let it withdraw into her beast space, which it was previously not allowed to enter. This indicated that Master had decided to go against Pa Lin for its sake.

Even though she herself was no match for him.

The golden-striped tiger that it had swatted away earlier came to mind. Compared to how that tiger was exploited and abandoned by its master, Xiao Yin felt that it was really lucky.

Milliseconds after Xiao Yin disappeared, Pa Lin’s fire-elemental hand made a grab at the place where Xiao Yin was previously standing. Upon coming into contact with only thin air, the hand automatically dissipated.

Pa Lin’s face darkened at this. The divine tiger really became someone else’s blood-contracted magical beast. He shot a venomous glare at Chu Ye. “Little girl, this old man will say it once. Immediately break your contract with the tiger, and I will spare you and let you leave safely. Otherwise, all of you will die.”

As he said this, his green eyes flashed with greediness and obscenity. With her unique temperament, Chu Ye was absolutely the most stunning and spicy woman he had ever seen. His heart was already itching. As soon as Chu Ye broke the blood contract between her and the tiger, he would immediately capture Chu Ye and take her as one of his many concubines.

As for everyone else, they will naturally all be killed.

How could Chu Ye not see through his thoughts? Considering Lady Zanhua’s unrestrained and vicious nature, would her master be any better? She flashed a cold smile. “Even if you were to threaten me over and over again, I still won’t give you Xiao Yin. How can a despicable and insidious person like you deserve to be its master?”

As long as she wasn’t willing to break their contract, Pa Lin wouldn’t dare kill her. Because when the master dies, the beast will die with it. That is the nature of a master-servant contract. And Pa Lin wanted Xiao Yin alive, not dead.

Pa Lin grinned and let out an evil laugh. “I knew you wouldn’t just hand it over. After all, that tiger is a divine beast. Who wouldn’t want to obtain it? But this old man spent a full ten years on this divine tiger, so how could I allow others to benefit from my efforts? Fine, don’t hand it over. This old man has a thousand ways to make you obediently give it to me in the end.”

After he spoke, he once again sent a fire-elemental hand, which shot toward Chu Ye’s torso in the speed of lightning.

Almost at the same time, everyone on Chu Ye’s side, except for Ming Yuexin who hadn’t fully recovered yet, used their magic and went all out.

The cyan color of wind magic, the blue of water magic, the brown of earth magic, and the red of fire magic. The magic from all four magic systems looked gorgeous, as their combined splendor covered several hundred square meters. All four types of elements in the atmosphere seemed to have been pulled into this area.

However, Pa Lin’s fire-elemental hand easily broke through their combined attack, like a sharp needle passing through layers of tofu. It didn’t even pause for the slightest second. Its power was unstoppable.

Chu Ye and others whitened.

This was the gap!

In front of a true powerhouse, even if the number of the opposing side was in the hundreds, all resistance was futile.

To be continued…

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