CGSA Chapter 84 Part 2

Something I noticed while looking through the past chapters is that the color of the wind system mysteriously changed from silver to cyan. I completely overlooked that one.

Also, my translations were horrible, at least compared to now (I think/hope). I’ve cleaned up the first 3 chapters and will go through the rest sooner or later.

Chapter 84.2: You Don’t Deserve A Dignified Death (Part 2)

When Chu Ye was attacked by the golden-striped tiger, she instinctively took a few steps back.

The space transmission array was quite spacious. It wasn’t crowded even after accommodating the four-meter-tall golden-striped tiger. However, Chu Ye was standing right at the entrance of the array.

And these few steps caused her to exit the space transmission array.

“Roar!” The golden-striped tiger was used to acting tyrannically with Murong Chang. As it lept up, it opened its mouth wide, sending out a raging high-temperature fireball the size of a soccer ball toward Chu Ye.

This is a fire-elemental golden-striped tiger.

But at this moment, Xiao Yin, who had been lazily nesting in Xiao Zhenzhu’s arms, opened its eyes and jumped out of her arms. She shot like lightning towards the golden-striped tiger.

As it went against the wind, its originally small kitten-sized body grew bigger and bigger until it turned into its ten-meter form.

And that was merely a tenth of its original size.

“Aooo!” With an ear-splitting tiger growl filled with aggressiveness, the power of the divine beast erupted.

The air from this growl instantly extinguished the fireball just as it licked the tips of Chu Ye’s hair.

The giant silver tiger extended one of its paws to swat its opponent away. Though a four-meter height originally seemed gigantic, but in front of Xiao Yin, it looked terribly tiny and was no match for Xiao Yin.

The golden-striped tiger was sent flying on a beautiful parabolic trajectory.

“Meow ao!” Once it was swatted away, Xiao Yin immediately reverted to its kitten-like appearance. It faced Chu Ye and shook its little tail, attempting to curry favor with her. It even remembered to make its unnatural meowing sounds.

This guy had become addicted to acting like a cat.

Well, it felt that since Master had an aversion to tigers, how about a cat?

If Master didn’t hate cats, then he would rather be Master’s little kitty. Of course, that was only when they weren’t in a non-combat situation.

Chu Ye shook her head, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. For f*ck’s sake. If it wanted to act like a cat, it should fix its inaccurate meowing sounds first.

She directed her gaze toward the space transmission array. After the delay with the golden-striped tiger, the array had already finished its buffer time. Its perimeter was filled with an extremely bright light, making it difficult for outsiders to approach.

They failed at the very last part.

Chu Ye put away her sword and looked at Murong Chang, who was already greatly obscured by the light around the array. Her face didn’t show a trace of anger or resentment.

She then turned toward the golden-striped tiger, who lost consciousness after it was sent flying. She felt sorry for it. It risked its life to save Murong Chang, while Murong Chang sacrificed it in order to save herself.

It can be assumed that as early as the moment Murong Chang had summoned her blood-contracted beast, she was already prepared to abandon the pawn to save a more important character.

The tiger was much more pitiful than that Elder Jin.

“It’s a pity that she was able to run away.” Xiao Dong walked over to her, along with Lanxi Liuhua and others. Staring at the empty array, he felt aggrieved and couldn’t help but wave the sword that he had gotten from Chu Ye in anger.

“She can’t escape.” Chu Ye smiled indifferently, but cold bloodthirst could be seen in the depths of her eyes. “She can run and hide, but she won’t be able to do so forever. That Murong Chang is definitely going to run back to her family. Does she think I wouldn’t be able to do anything to her once she returns to her Murong family? How naive!”

(T/N: She can run and hide, but she won’t be able to do so forever.
Original phrase: A monk may run away, but the temple remains – a person can run away, but they will eventually be caught because they are dragged down by certain affairs.)

Murong Chang has successfully stirred up her bloodthirst.

Hmph, wait and see! She will kill her at some point in the future.

She won’t rest until Murong Chang is dead.

“Hey Woman, don’t tell me you’re planning on infiltrating the Murong family in order to kill Murong Chang. It’s not a good idea to offend the Murong family.” The bewitching man finally stopped covering his face with his sleeve and gravely stared at Chu Ye.

“Why? Want to inquire about my plans so that you can disclose them to others?” Chu Ye gave him a sidelong glance.

When Murong Chang was about to die at her hands, he never spoke up for her. It was safe to assume that he didn’t care about her.

However, she couldn’t overlook the fact that he covered his face as he saw Murong Chang. He clearly didn’t want Murong Chang to know that he was here.

If he didn’t care, why cover it up?

Chu Ye was almost certain that this damn bewitcher had some relation to Murong Chang!

“That’s not it!” The bewitching man felt wronged. “I’m merely advising you to not do anything stupid. The power of the Murong family can’t be underestimated, so you shouldn’t be reckless.”

These were words from the bottom of his heart. No one understood the power of Murong’s family more clearly than him. In terms of strength, they are the third most powerful wizard family, being slightly inferior to the Lanxi family.

But the Murong family is superior when it comes to the number of beast-taming wizards under their command.

The extensiveness of a beast-taming wizard’s network and connections is immeasurable, and their appeal isn’t something that people can look down on.

Even the emperor of the Eastern Nation strived to curry favor with them!

“You’ve mentioned the Murong family several times. Do you have any connection with the Murong family?” Chu Ye looked to be deep in thought before suddenly crying out in realization. She spun toward the bewitching man and scanned him from head to toe. “You’re a beast-taming wizard yourself. If I remember correctly, the Murong family is famous for its beast-taming wizards. Could you be a part of the Murong family?”

He pursed his lips. “The world is so big. Are you saying that all beast-taming wizards are from the Murong family?”

Chu Ye hummed. “Then which family are you from? ”

“In any case, it’s not the Murong family.” The man irresolutely muttered to himself, his gaze drifting to his side where Lanxi Liuhua stood. Whether this was intentional or not can’t be ascertained. “You’ll know one day. And that day isn’t very far. Don’t fall in love with me when the time comes, ok?”

Upon hearing this, Lanxi Liuhua’s facial expression remained unchanged, but inside his sleeves, his hands were tightly balled into fists. The corners of his mouth raised in a faint sneer. So he was declaring war?

Wasn’t he indirectly saying that the day he reveals his identity will also be the day he launches his offensive against Chu Ye?

Raising one shapely eyebrow, Lanxi Liuhua strode to the front of Chu Ye and took Chu Ye’s hand as if making a declaration. As smooth as water, he said, “We have to wait for an hour before it can be used again. We haven’t conversed with just the two of us for the past few days… I’ve missed you so much.”

Chu Ye originally wanted to go to the bewitching man to ask for some dry rations but was given a shock due to Lanxi Liuhua’s sudden tenderness. Especially his last sentence. I’ve missed you so much… this was the first time she ever heard Lanxi Liuhua say this…

Lanxi Liuhua had always been steady and reserved. His feelings were always buried in his heart. He tends to express his care through his actions, and very rarely with his mouth.

Therefore, faced with this Lanxi Liuhua who was uncharacteristically spouting lovey-dovey words, Chu Ye felt a momentary discomfort. But when the bewitching man and Xiao Dong came into her vision, everything became clearer.

He was jealous.

Chu Ye grinned, her mood drastically improving. She thought of teasing Lanxi Liuhua to see if he would say more lovey-dovey words. But unexpectedly, a burst of deafeningly shrill laughter sounded from somewhere above them.

“Ahahaha…” The voice hadn’t finished laughing before Pa Lin landed on the ground. He wore forest green robes and was so emaciated that he looked like a human skeleton. (T/N: The robe [kuanpao] is one with wide sleeves)

“Divine tiger, you really are here.” His moss-green eyes were unwaveringly fixed at the tiny Xiao Yin that was rubbing his face on Chu Ye’s shoe, before once again bursting into laughter. “Hahaha, the heavens have truly helped me. You won’t be able to escape from my hands. ”

“Ahhh! M-Master…” Upon seeing Pa Lin this old ghost, Xiao Yin started trembling. It seemed to be a conditioned reflex. His two front paws clung tightly to Chu Ye’s left leg. “Master, h-he’s Pa Lin… ”

This human was the nightmare of his life.

Chu Ye’s expression changed. She immediately said to everyone, “Draw closer, everybody. His name is Pa Lin, a resident of the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda’s seventh floor. Be careful.”

“A seventh-floor resident!” Even though no one except the bewitching man had ever heard of the person’s name before, hearing that he was a resident of the seventh floor was enough to give everyone an idea as to how dangerous he is.

How powerful is he, to be able to live on the seventh floor?

“Still not coming with me, divine tiger?” Pa Lin narrowed his eyes before letting out a hearty laugh. As he laughed, heaps of wrinkles appeared on his parched elderly skin.

Resembling a human skeleton… looks like someone’s overindulging *sweats*

Better think about his health more than other pretty girls. Although I’d rather he die faster…

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  1. lanxi is also a big family, murong chang tried to kill their two sons, so why just murong clan should be afraid of??!!!!! this story crushed the common sense.

    btw i hate that crown prince. I hope he didn’t include in fl harem.


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