CGSA Chapter 84 Part 1

Chapter 84.1: You Don’t Deserve A Dignified Death (Part 1)

And as Chu Ye spoke the first word, Huan Cheng already started attacking.

From the beginning, Elder Jin didn’t think much about Chu Ye and the others. He didn’t see the need to maintain a proper distance from them, one that would have been more favorable to a wizard like him in a fight.

In the standard two-handed samurai posture, Huan Cheng charged at Elder Jin. He acted conservatively and didn’t reveal his actual warrior grade from the get-go.

Elder Jin kept up his carelessness and arrogance. He even held a teasing mentality, wanting to send him flying with one slap once Huan Cheng was close enough.

Giving you hope only to pull you into the depths of despair. This was his favorite game.

But that wasn’t the case this time.

Judging from Huan Cheng’s age, even if he had outstanding talent, an 18-year-old like him should only be a fourth or fifth-grade warrior.

A tenth-grade wizard only needed to wave his fingers to kill a fourth or fifth-grade warrior.

But when Huan Cheng was within three meters from Elder Jin, nine rings of light shined behind his back. At the revelation that Huan Cheng is a ninth-grade warrior, Elder Jin was given a mental blow.

One wrong step, thousands of regrets.

Elder Jin’s current regret was enough to last his entire lifetime.

With how close he was to Huan Cheng, there was no way to fight back. The warrior qi and swordsmanship of high-grade warriors can bring him to a flustered state. All slow-acting magic that needed buffer time were useless in this situation.

The only option left was to evade and run away.

Next to him, Murong Chang, who had been watching the battle between Huan Cheng and Elder Jin, lost her previous overbearingness. She shook her head in disbelief, face white as a sheet.

How could this be?

How was this possible? Elder Jin was actually at a disadvantage right from the beginning?

Wasn’t he a powerful tenth-grade wizard?

Shouldn’t he be able to take control over the entire situation with one wave of his hand?

As she glanced at Chu Ye who never even moved an inch during the entire fiasco, as well as the other members of her group who were glaring at her, Murong Chang subconsciously took a few steps back.

Now that Elder Jin was being held back, who was going to protect her?

She blamed herself for being careless. On the first floor, Elder Rong, who was also a tenth-grade wizard, made Chu Ye spit blood with only a wave of his hand. So that she thought that she only needed to invite another tenth-grade powerhouse to send Chu Ye to her death. She never expected Chu Ye to attract a ninth-grade warrior to her side.

Her plan couldn’t keep up with these changes. She miscalculated!

“Murong Chang, you should settle your own grievances yourself. Always seeking others to help you, that’s simply the cowardly behavior of a little girl who hadn’t weaned yet. If you have the guts to face me head-on, I can let you have a dignified death.”

Chu Ye slowly strode towards Murong Chang, her long skirt fluttering in the wind as she did so. Her beautiful eyes were as cold as the devil.

Lanxi Liuhua and others didn’t move from their spots. They understood that Chu Ye wanted to deal with Murong Chang herself. They also had absolute trust in her abilities.

Seeing the imposing manner that Chu Ye held herself, Murong Chang whitened even more and recoiled. She lost physically and mentally.

Murong Chang had been afraid of Chu Ye ever since their fight in Carles’ Challenge Arena.

The fear had seeped into her bones.

And this deep-seated fear contributed to her current cowardly state.

“Chu Ye, if you dare to touch even a single finger on my body, my entire Murong family will not let you go.” Murong Chang’s voice shook. Chu Ye’s “let you have a dignified death” sent her spiraling into panic.

Would she actually kill her?


She is Murong Chang. Who dared to kill her?

Only she can kill people. No one can kill her.

However, when faced with Chu Ye’s oppressive aura, she felt constricted and out of breath. She suddenly felt scared, really scared. She really planned on killing her. No, she didn’t want to die, she didn’t want to die, she didn’t want to die…

“Elder Jin! Save me, save me…” Unable to keep her composure anymore, Murong Chang cried to Elder Jin, who was still entangled with Huan Cheng.

But how could Elder Jin still find the time to care about her at this moment? Not even half a minute into the battle and he had already suffered multiple sword injuries.

Murong Chang’s cry for help not only didn’t arouse his fighting spirit, but also made him feel that he had already lost. He simply thought of getting out of this situation as he slowly retreated toward the forest during the fight.

Yes, he was thinking of escaping.

Caring less about Murong Chang’s fate.

“Elder Jin, come back! You can’t go, you can’t…” Murong Chang’s complexion turned ashy. Seeing Elder Jin run even faster, she cursed at him. “You old sack of bones, if you don’t save me, my father won’t spare you! You’ll spend the rest of your life being chased by my Murong family.”

“Birds of the same feather flock together. Murong Chang, you don’t need to be angry. You’re actually no different from him. I’d say that if you had the chance to run away, you’ll probably run faster than him.” Watching this scene of betrayal, Chu Ye sneered. In an icy voice, she said, “You aren’t qualified to be my opponent, let alone … dying with dignity.”

She brought out a sword and rushed toward Murong Chang. A deep mark was left on the ground as the tip of the sharp blade dragged against the ground. The sound it produced could make people collapse.

Seeing Chu Ye charge at her, Murong Chang indeed collapsed.

She even forgot that she was a dual-elemental fifth-grade wizard. After hesitating for only a split second, she turned and ran. Toward the large space transmission array that was less than a hundred meters behind her.

As long as she entered the space transmission array, no one would be able to hurt her.

Gazing at Murong Chang’s receding figure, Chu Ye’s lips curved even more. The space transmission array doesn’t immediately work upon entering it. It requires a buffer time of up to two minutes.

And two minutes should be enough for Chu Ye to kill her.

After all, without the protection from the forces behind her, a canary who had been raised in a greenhouse would lose her head from the fear. She didn’t even have the courage to fight one battle.

She only knew how to bully the weak and kind and fear the strong and ruthless.

100 meters was merely a short distance for wind wizards, who are known for their speed. Murong Chang used her all to summon wind elements to increase her speed. Before long, she reached the space transmission array.

After entering the array, Murong Chang released a big sigh of relief, but her heart almost jumped out of her chest again because as soon as she turned around, she saw Chu Ye already standing behind her.

How could she be so fast?

Murong Chang couldn’t believe her eyes.

She had used her all to run that fast. How could Chu Ye, a third-grade wizard, catch up to her so quickly?

Up until that point, she still thought that Chu Ye was only the third-grade wizard from before.

Chu Ye advanced to the fourth grade within a few days. If this abnormal speed wasn’t personally witnessed with one’s own eyes, who would believe it!

“Murong Chang, give up. I think Lady Zanhua’s method of dying will suit you.” Chu Ye smiled, and she brought her sword down on Murong Chang’s left hand without hesitation.

If it weren’t for Murong Chang, Ming Yuexin wouldn’t lose her arm, Chenzhu wouldn’t be disfigured, and she herself wouldn’t be caught up in life-threatening situations over and over again.

This Murong Chang is even viler than Lady Zanhua. Replicating Lady Zanhua’s death on her is already an act of mercy.

“Ah!!!” Murong Chang shrieked. She quickly drew back and summoned her blood-contracted magical beast, a golden-striped tiger.

Although she was able to save her left hand, she was severely injured. The cut was deep enough to see bone, with blood gushing out of it like a spring.

“Roar!” The summoned golden-striped tiger, who was four meters tall, stormed toward Chu Ye who was waving her sword to dismember Murong Chang.

Murong Chang firmly pressed on her heavily bleeding wound, sweating like a pig from the intense pain. But she still gritted her teeth and ordered the golden streaked tiger. “Push her… out of the space transmission array…”

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