CGSA Chapter 83 Part 3

Chapter 83: How Little Birds Depend on People (Part 3)

On the Other End

After Pa Lin, this old ghost, waved his hand to burn Lady Zanhua to ashes, he spared no effort to track the divine tiger’s scent on the second floor.

But with how vast the second floor was, he wasn’t able to catch a trace of it even after searching for two days and two nights.

He sat under a big tree, feeling dejected. Just as he sighed hopelessly, a group of adventurers passed by him.

There were hundreds of people in the entire group, including two tenth-grade wizards, but with one look, the astute Pa Lin could discern that these people were only there to protect the pink-skirted girl.

The young girl seemed to be fifteen to sixteen years old. She had tender snow-white skin, a standard baby face, and a big pair of shiny jet-black eyes. She also tended to wander around but was very quick-witted. Coupled with the lovely pink skirt she was wearing, all these factors put the icing on the cake to her loli persona.

She was a loli type, one that seemed to be carved from jade.

“Elder, why are you sitting here all sad and alone?” The loli girl waved to stop the entire adventure team. As the girl stepped toward Pa Lin, the two tenth-grade wizards closely followed behind her in unison.

Looking at the young girl’s beautiful round face and slender body, the old ghost Pa Lin gulped. His sunken green eyes twinkled with a vulgar light, but he quickly concealed it.

Lady Zanhua was a beauty-con. Whenever she encountered a handsome man, she wanted to own him. As Lady Zanhua’s master, how could the Pa Lin this old ghost be of noble character?

For several decades, his thirst had been insatiable. As long as he caught sight of a beautiful woman, he’d want to obtain her using any means.

He accepted Lady Zanhua as a disciple mostly because she was beautiful enough, unrestrained enough, and willing to let him do whatever he wanted. That was why when he saw that Lady Zanhua had become a disfigured human swine, he burned her to ash out of disgust.

Seeing him merely fix his gaze on her without answering her, the loli girl tilted her head in thought before taking the pink water bottle hanging on her waist and handing it to Pa Lin. In a tender voice, she said, “Elder, if you’re thirsty, let me give you some water. This is spring water that I brought from home. It’s the sweetest and the most delicious water. Well, I still have to hurry on. Bye-bye.”

She then turned and walked away in little steps. The steps slowly walked away, and the two tenth-grade powerhouses promptly followed.

“Where are you going, little girl?” Pa Lin played with the little pink water bottle in his hand. The corners of his lips raised into a strange smile. Still wanted to leave after stirring this father’s (Laozi’s) interest?

Hearing this, the two tenth-grade powerhouses frowned and raised their guard.

But the girl seemed to have not heard the ill intent in Pa Lin’s tone. She turned back and gave a sweet smile, exposing two lovely dimples. “I’m heading to the exit so that I can go home. Elder, you drink that water. Don’t be sad.”

“To the exit?” Pa Lin, whose mental state was already quite shaky, was ecstatic when he heard these three words and abruptly sprang up. “Yes, the exit, the exit. How did I not think of intercepting that woman by the exit?”

He couldn’t find her on the second floor of the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda, but she’d definitely plan on leaving the pagoda at some point. As long as he seized all the women and interrogated them one by one, wouldn’t he eventually find the one who established a blood contract with the divine tiger?

The more he thought about it, the more excited he became.

And sometimes, when people get too excited, it is easy to ignore some issues that they would pay attention to on weekdays.

Pleased, Pa Lin opened the lid of the pink water bottle and tilted his head to the sky as he finished the entire bottle.

He then tossed away the pink water bottle and flashed the loli girl a peculiar smile. “You’re lucky today, little girl. This old man still has urgent matters to attend to and can’t play with you, ha ha ha.”

He gave a hearty laugh before speeding off like lightning to the exit of the second floor.

Between women and the divine tiger, the tiger is obviously more important.

As they watched Pa Lin who was already so distant within second, the two tenth-grade wizards lost their confidence and blanched. Their maximum speeds likely weren’t even half of Pa Lin’s.

“Could he be… an innate-grade powerhouse?” The two people simultaneously speculated and affirmed it to themselves soon afterward.

Only someone of the innate-grade could reach such a speed.

How rare are innate-grade powerhouses? Well, there were only very few of them in the entirety of the Eastern Nation.

The two tenth-grade wizards sweated profusely. If this person had punched them, they likely wouldn’t have the chance to return one back.

“Master, let us quickly depart,” the two cordially said.

“I know. Don’t lecture me!” The smile on the loli girl’s face had already disappeared without a trace. Her rosy face was now filled with indignation. “This old man wasn’t very discreet. I asked him with good intentions, but he actually used such filthy eyes to look at me. So loathsome.” Don’t think she didn’t see it, she just pretended not to.

“Which is why we request for Master to not mingle with the people in the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda in the future. Your kindness will not be reciprocated.”

“Hihihi (giggle).” Unexpectedly, the girl was suppressing a smile. “Do you really believe he’ll do nothing after looking at this princess (ben gong zhu) with such obscene eyes?” As she said this, she glanced dully at the pink water bottle that Pa Lin had thrown to the ground.

T/N: Ben gong zhu – ben (本) is used to refer to oneself in third person, usually used by a high-ranking person when speaking with people of equal or lower status; gong zhu means princess

The two tenth-grade wizards looked at each other for a while, understanding what she was saying, and couldn’t help but laugh. They worried for nothing. Who was their master? She even had the title of “Little Demon Princess”!

Whoever wanted to take advantage of her was definitely tired of living.

“Let’s go.” The girl clapped, taking the lead with her small chest stuck out in pride. Then she turned her head and asked, “Yes, have you found any trace of your brother?”

“Not yet.” The two tenth-grade powerhouses suddenly held sour expressions.

“Damn it, our deadline is approaching. We almost have to return, but we still haven’t found Brother. Brother has been missing for five days, but we can’t find him. Father Emperor will surely not let us off lightly.”

The faces of the nearly-100 guards behind them were as white as a sheet.

His Highness the Crown Prince has been lost. Once they go back, they’ll definitely be given the capital punishment. Of course, this didn’t include their adorable loli princess.

After all, they were of royal blood.

Right now, they dispatched more people to search for him.

For a moment, the atmosphere of the entire group became oppressive.


The sun was brightly shining and the silhouettes of the trees gave shade.

Far far away, Chu Ye and the others could already vaguely spot the large-scale space transmission array that will let them exit the second floor.

After waiting on top of a tall tree for so long that she looked sickly from the serious lack of sleep, Murong Chang sat up straight, her face full of joy.


Because Chu Ye and the others have appeared.

“Elder Jin, that person is here.” She did her best to suppress the excitement in her heart. Their many days of waiting weren’t in vain. This time, she wanted to wash away her previous shame.

“En.” Elder Jin opened his eyes after taking a nap. He softly snorted with a nasal sound, while keeping a straight face.

Frankly, he never really attached importance to Chu Ye, who was from a younger generation. Although he held some reluctance, it only stemmed from his ego and had nothing to do with kindness.

Among the genuine powerhouses, how many of them were kindhearted?

Practically none.

Several minutes later, Chu Ye’s group was within a few hundred meters of the space transmission array.

With a jeering sound, the gold-robed Elder Jin brought Murong Chang down from the tree with him, blocking Chu Ye and the others.

“Chu Ye, who would have imagined that we’d meet again. Did you seriously think you can escape from my grasp? Oh! I didn’t notice. After not seeing you for a few days, you seem to have hooked up with a few more men…” Murong Chang haughtily lifted her head, her eyes sweeping over Huan Cheng, Xiao Dong, and the bewitching man, who began to cover his face again.

But she hadn’t finished her words before Chu Ye sneered and interrupted her. “Murong Chang, you always speak too much nonsense.”

And as Chu Ye spoke the first word, Huan Cheng already started attacking.

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