CGSA Chapter 83 Part 1

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We’re 1/3 into the novel! And according to the author, this is the start of a new volume. This chapter is really long (8k Chinese characters vs the previous ~1.5k characters), so I’ll split it into parts. I’ll do this for long chapters.

The next chapter is a long one too, although slightly shorter than this one.

Chapter 83.1: How Little Birds Depend on People (Part 1)

“Someone’s coming.” Chu Ye also looked grim. The roar was actually Xiao Yin telling her through their spiritual communication that an unknown person was approaching them.

“Who?” The bewitching man also stood up.

“How would I know?” Although Chu Ye’s focus was directed toward keeping guard, her mouth was still as sharp as ever.

The man gritted his teeth. “Can’t you be kinder to me, Woman?” However, he was also on the alert for any approaching person.

“Kinder? Sorry, I don’t feel like doing it.”

He raised an eyebrow and ambiguously said, “Then what can I do to make you feel like doing so?”

At the side, Xiao Dong finally couldn’t bear to watch anymore.

“Hey you two, why are you still bickering? We don’t know whether they’re an enemy or a friend. Be careful,” Xiao Dong interjected, his cheeks bulging and his childish face flushing in anger.

Chu Ye and the man scowled at each other but stopped fighting.

This was because the sound of the footsteps was becoming clearer, likely within 100 meters. However, it was hard to give a precise number since the surrounding vegetation was too dense.

Based on the voices, there were at least five or six people.

As their figures became faintly discernible, Chu Ye gave them a good look and suddenly relaxed, looking overjoyed.

It was Lanxi Liuhua and the others.

Huan Cheng was at the front of the group, while Lanxi Liuhua was at the back. Between them was a dispirited Ming Yuexin with Little Liuxing and Xiao Zhenzhu at her left and right supporting her, since she seemed like she could fall to the ground at any time.

“Chu Ye…” At the sight of Chu Ye, everyone’s faces uplifted.

Ming Yuexin’s lowered head immediately raised. After the few days they didn’t see each other, her eyes were dim but were also filled with affection, with no trace of blame and resentment. Seeing Chu Ye’s intact body, she was assured and once again drooped her head, while concealing her wrapped up arm stub behind her back.

Chu Ye greeted, “Is… everyone alright?”

Her original plan was to first send Xiao Dong down from the second floor before returning in order to look for them. But they unexpectedly found her instead.

She supposed that it must have been the scent of the food that attracted them. After all, in the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda, it was rare to smell food that was only available in the outside world.

“Everything’s okay. This hired bodyguard isn’t just for show.” Huan Cheng raised his sword-like eyebrows while gripping the sword in his hand.

Lanxi Liuhua stepped toward Chu Ye, gaze containing deep affection. He previously had a lot to say, but at that moment, it was like he had lost his voice. The heavens knew just how worried he had been during the past few days.

Chu Ye averted her eyes, her cheeks flaming hot. They have an audience here. Couldn’t he curb the passion in his eyes a little bit?

“Sister Chu Ye…” At this time, Little Liuxing and Xiao Zhenzhu quietly called out her name. Their eyes held some fear toward her.

Although Lanxi Liuhua already explained to them that Chu Ye had to chop Ming Yuexin’s arm in order to save her, the scene was too shocking and left a shadow in their young minds. They still felt some fright upon seeing Chu Ye again.

Chu Ye slightly nodded, directing a smile at them. She knew that the two kids were scared of her from that day. She then walked to the front of Ming Yuexin. “I’m… sorry for your arm.”

It wasn’t easy for the word ‘sorry’ to come out of Chu Ye’s mouth. One should know that there were no more than three instances where she said sorry. In her previous and present life combined.

“You don’t need to say sorry. In fact, I should thank you for saving my life.” Ming Yuexin understood that Chu Ye was apologizing for chopping half of her arm off without her consent.

(T/N: If you need a recap, CY chopped at the base of her elbow, so she still has her upper arm.)

At that time, she was already unconscious from excessive blood loss. Even if Chu Ye tried to ask her, she’d just be delaying.

“Let me help you sit down.” Chu Ye extended her hands to help her.

She wanted to take out the elemental sprite then and there at the sight of Ming Yuexin’s wrapped arm stub so that she could regrow a new arm within a day. Then she wouldn’t need to feel so guilty, but… if she gave it to her, what about Chenzhu?

Two opposing voices were fighting so intensely inside her heart that it was giving her a migraine.

“N-no need. I can… walk on my own.” Ming Yuexin knitted her eyebrows and promptly took a step back.

That day, when she got the impulse to bravely lead the deadly blood leech away from Chu Ye, she realized her own feelings.

She originally believed that she was going to die, so she hadn’t felt self-conscious, but now that she’s still alive and in front of Chu Ye, she can no longer be as casual as before.

Chu Ye had a stiff smile on her face. Even if Chu Ye understood Ming Yuexin’s mentality, she was afraid that she might still feel uneasy when facing her. Her smile turned awkward as she turned to the bewitching man. “Um, can you take out a few more chairs? They’re all my friends,” she requested in a polite tone.

“Here you go.” He surprisingly didn’t kick up a fuss, which was quite a rare and refreshing sight, and took out several chairs from his spatial ring. However, he had his left arm raised the entire time, using his wide sleeve to cover his long demonically charming face.

In fact, he had been maintaining this posture ever since Lanxi Liuhua and the others showed up.

It’s like… he was afraid of them seeing his face.

“Since you’re Sister’s friends, let’s eat together. Not to brag, but my cooking will leave you speechless.” At the side, Xiao Dong placed five more bowls and pairs of chopsticks on the table, after which he finally introduced himself. “My name is Xiao Dong. I’m also Sister’s… friend.”

He then stole a glance at Chu Ye. Her facial expression didn’t change, which boosted his confidence. It seemed that Sister also considered him a friend.

His gaze moved toward Ming Yuexin’s chopped arm. This should be one of the two friends Sister was pertaining to.

Sister can be such a duty-bound friend. I wonder if she’d do the same for me?

However, as he wondered this to himself, his face darkened. His body contained the child gu. Two days have already passed, so he had only 13 days left. What’s the use of thinking about this?

Moreover, his body had long been dirtied. He didn’t deserve her help.

When Chu Ye saw that after Xiao Dong introduced himself, his eyes grew distant. She reached out to knock him on the head. “Your head’s in the clouds again. Sit down and eat.”

“Ow!” Xiao Dong yelped in pain, and all his thoughts were pulled back.

A smile brightened his face. He liked her knocking him on the head. Very much.

Lanxi Liuhua fixed his attention to him, his blue eyes lingering on Xiao Dong for three seconds. As a fellow male, how could he not see the adoration, admiration, and unexpressed… affection in Xiao Dong’s eyes when he stared at Chu Ye?

However, he could also see that Chu Ye’s gaze toward Xiao Dong was purely that of a sister staring at her little brother. There were no romantic feelings.

Soon after, he stared at the bewitching man who had been covering his face with his sleeve. He didn’t expect to see Chu Ye again within a few short days, and with two men at that. Although he couldn’t see the man’s features, he could see his red hair and robes, which flowed like the wind. As he quietly sat there, he held an elegance and beauty that couldn’t be ignored.

This man was much more threatening than this Xiao Dong.

Lanxi Liuhua inwardly felt gloomy. Turning to Chu Ye, he gently asked, “Is he also a new friend of yours? Why is he covering up his face?”

Chu Ye only noticed when he mentioned it. That damned bewitcher had been maintaining this action from the very start. She immediately slapped away his left hand. “Why does a big man like you need to cover up?”

She didn’t notice that Lanxi Liuhua stiffened when the bewitching man’s hand was slapped away by her, causing his face to be revealed. He stared at him, wide-eyed.

“Too (Tai)…” Lanxi Liuhua hadn’t finished his words yet, when the evil man interrupted, “Too hot. This awful weather is too hot.”

He stood up laughing and weaved his way to Lanxi Liuhua’s side, patting Lanxi Liuhua’s shoulders and beaming. “Brother Lanxi, I haven’t seen you in a long time. Is your father still doing fine?”

Lanxi Liuhua was still in a stupor. After quite a while, he dumbly smiled back. “It’s indeed been a long time. Thank you for your concern, my father is all right.” Since he didn’t want to disclose his own identity, he wouldn’t expose him, lest he brings consequences onto himself.

“You know each other?” Chu Ye stared at them.

“Of course we are the iron brothers (very close male friends).” The bewitching man continued to laugh heartily, but his laugh seemed to be hiding something.

“There is a connection.” Unexpectedly, Lanxi Liuhua simultaneously told Chu Ye the truth.

Having his lie exposed right in front of his face, the bewitching man forced a laugh, returned to his seat, and began talking to the others. “Eat and drink well, everyone. Don’t be shy. By all means, don’t be shy.”

Chu Ye’s gaze toward the two strangely acting men became filled with skepticism. But before long, she simply buried her head in her bowl.

If they didn’t plan on speaking, then she wouldn’t ask.

She had never been a very curious person.

If they wanted her to know, then they’d tell her voluntarily.

Half an hour later, the food on the table was swept clean.

They rubbed their bellies in satisfaction. All of them hadn’t been able to eat such fresh and delicious food since their entry into the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda.

Then they packed up and continued their journey.

The kitty-sized Xiao Yin nestled in Xiao Zhenzhu’s arms after eating its fill and started wiggling around. It was no longer willing to do the laborious task of being their mount.

“Sister Chu Ye, where did you pick up this kitten? It’s so cute.” Xiao Zhenzhu ran her fingers through Xiao Yin’s fur with a look of tenderness.

Many girls really like adorable little animals.

Xiao Yin aptly meowed. But since it never tried to mimic a cat, it sounded a bit off.

Knowing that it made a mistake, it extended its neck and licked Xiao Zhenzhu’s rosy face.

“Hihihi,” Xiao Zhenzhu giggled uncontrollably from the tickly sensation, temporarily forgetting about the little white kitty’s weird meow.

The bewitching man, who was walking ahead of the group, shook his head at Chu Ye: “Its name isn’t inaccurate. Xiao Yin (silver; real name), Xiao Yin (wanton; homonym). It really deserves this name. ”

This time, Chu Ye didn’t quarrel with him because she also felt the same. Her beast wasn’t virtuous.

They didn’t know that Xiao Yin actually felt sad. It actually preferred the big beautiful woman, but her owner, the big beautiful woman clearly didn’t want to look at it.

It didn’t dare go up to her.

Although the newly-acquainted Ming Yuexin also conformed to its aesthetic tastes, seeing how sickly she was that she needed someone to support her, it wouldn’t be good to climb onto her, so it simply settled for Xiao Zhenzhu’s embrace.

In any case, it’s okay as long as the person’s female. It turned its head away and gave a toothy grin, pleased with itself.

If the jubilantly cheering Xiao Zhenzhu knew of its thoughts, she might directly drop it and then stomp on it a few times out of anger…

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