CGSA Chapter 82

EDIT: Huancheng -> Huan Cheng

Evil Brother -> Brother Xie (which means evil; demonic)

Chapter 82: Who Should I Give It To?

“It’s useless trying to provoke me. Not telling you means I’m not telling you.” Chu Ye gave the bewitching man a scornful side glance.

“Then can you tell me, Sister?” Xiao Dong, who had been cooking, scooched closer to Chu Ye. And because he got too close, a faint womanly scent that solely belonged to Chu Ye entered his nostrils. It made his entire soul tremble.

“Little boys shouldn’t gossip. Obediently go cook. ” Chu Ye flicked Xiao Dong’s forehead.

“Ow…” Xiao Dong subconsciously took a step back from the pain.

His manly pride took a critical blow at Chu Ye’s “little child” comment. With a pout, he loudly protested, “I’m not a little boy. I’m only a year younger than you, Sister.”

“Fine, you’re a big boy. Go back to your cooking.”

Xiao Dong felt like he was completely defeated, so he didn’t bother arguing further about this topic with Chu Ye. Instead, he brought back his previous line of questioning. “Sister hasn’t told me why you need two elemental spirits.”

“What do you care so much?” Gazing into Xiao Dong’s black eyes, Chu Ye sensed that he seemed to be especially interested in this issue.

Xiao Dong’s eyes flashed. He didn’t answer Chu Ye but continued to plead. “Sister, you can tell me.”

Seeing his insistence, Chu Ye frowned. If she didn’t speak up, she would seem coquettish. She paused before speaking. “I have two friends who are seriously injured. One was disfigured, the other lost an arm. I must find two elemental sprites to help them, but I’ve only found one.”

Who should she give it to?

Chenzhu’s disfigurement was caused by her, and she had promised him from the very start.

But in the first place, she had personally chopped off Ming Yuexin’s arm. Although she didn’t promise her anything, just like with Chenzhu, Chu Ye was willing to take her life just to save her. How could she turn her back on Ming Yuexin?

This was really giving her headaches!

“So that’s the case. Why didn’t you say so earlier?” The bewitching man suddenly looked embarrassed at how he had chided her just moments ago.

“So what if I had said it earlier? Can you find me an elemental sprite?” Chu Ye directed her gaze to him.

At a loss for words, the man could only weakly shrug.

He was indeed similarly powerless regarding her dilemma. Even an emperor wouldn’t necessarily have an elemental sprite.

“Sister… are your friends that important to you?” Xiao Dong was silent for a while before raising his head and staring at Chu Ye seriously.

Chu Ye nodded, equally serious. “Yes, very important.” 

Perhaps it should be said that she was very important to them.

Otherwise, how can they use their lives in exchange for hers during life-threatening moments?

She will pay them back for their sacrifices tens or even hundreds of times.

She was such a person. She can be domineering, cold-blooded, and fierce, but these are only toward strangers. Toward the people who cherish her, she will cherish them even more.

Xiao Dong was frozen as he stared at Chu Ye in a daze. Looking at her firm and bright eyes as she answered him, he parted his lips and wanted to say something, but ended up keeping silent. He bit his lip, bowed his head, and turned away, going back to his cooking.

Chu Ye raised a brow in doubt. Xiao Dong’s expression seemed strange!

However, it was obvious that he didn’t want to talk anymore, so she didn’t ask.

Half an hour later, Xiao Dong was almost done cooking. The captivating smell coming from the dishes wafted through the air.

The dishes were placed on the table one by one, and the bewitching man was about to start eating when Xiao Yin, who lay curled up on a chair next to Chu Ye, suddenly stood up. Because it was in its shrunken form, it looked like a snowy kitten.

“Roar!” Xiao Yin looked behind it, snarling.

“What’s wrong?” The man’s hand stilled, and his expression turned serious in an instant. Xiao Yin usually only roared like this when there were signs of movement nearby.

“Someone’s coming.” Chu Ye also looked grim. The roar was actually Xiao Yin telling her through their spiritual communication that an unknown person was approaching them.

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