CGSA Chapter 81

Chapter 81: Need Two

“Of course I do. I learned from my mother.” When speaking about his mother, his eyes immediately brightened but also became filled with attachment and longing.

Chu Ye also thought of Lu Shi who was also skilled at cooking. She would always prepare a table of small dishes every time Chu Ye went home. A smile would then spread over her face as she watched her eat, eyes shining with happiness and love.

“My mother is also good at cooking,” Chu Ye muttered subconsciously.

Compared to her parents in her previous life who only gave her life and never cared for her, Lu Shi was more qualified to be her mother.

“Want me to help you?” Chu Ye quickly put away her thoughts. Thinking about matters from her past life wasn’t useful. People prefer living in the present.

“Don’t. Sister can just rest at the side. No need to dirty your hands.” As he spoke, Xiao Dong covertly glanced at Chu Ye’s hands. Smooth, white and slender with beautiful joints. He had never seen a woman with such perfect hands. His heart would uncontrollably start pounding just by looking at them. How could he let her cook?

“Okay.” Chu Ye went to sit in front of the bewitching man. She was worried that if she really tried to help, she’d just be getting in the way.

She was outstanding in many ways, but that doesn’t include cooking. As the eldest young miss of a rich family, she never needed to cook herself.

As for this life… enough said.

After coming to this world, all the cooking was done by Lu Shi. Later on, when she entered Carles, it was handled by Ming Yuexin. Her hands had only been used for cultivation practice.

Thinking of this, Chu Ye’s thoughts drifted back to Ming Yuexin’s condition. She gently stroked the spatial lock on her waist, which contained the elemental sprite she had obtained a few days ago.

However, one wasn’t enough.

Chenzhu and Ming Yuexin both urgently needed them.

Who should she give it to?

Chu Ye didn’t think about finding another elemental sprite. Elemental sprites can only be encountered, not sought. Some people searched for decades but have never even seen one. She was able to meet one, which was already extremely lucky.

During their two days of travel, Chu Ye seemed absent-minded, but she was actually looking around, not letting off even the shadow of any suspected elemental sprites. Unfortunately, she found nothing.

“What’s wrong? Do you have any troubles? You can tell Brother Xie. Brother Xie will help you settle it.” The bewitching man saw that her furrowed eyebrows hadn’t smoothened out yet, so he uncrossed his legs and sat up straight, looking at Chu Ye.

Chu Ye rolled her eyes. Since two days ago, his guy had been calling himself Brother Xie. “I want an elemental sprite. Can you settle it?” 

The man was shocked. “Don’t you already have one?”

But he clearly saw that in order to obtain the elemental sprite, this woman would rather put herself under Lady Zanhua’s claws.

The bustling Xiao Dong suddenly paused and looked up at Chu Ye. He was also there when Chu Ye snatched the elemental sprite from Lady Zanhua’s hand at the risk of her own life.

At that time, he was intimidated by her fearless and calm temperament.

“I need two.” Chu Ye’s face was solemn.

“With how rare the elemental sprite is, the fact that you can get one shows that the heavens are taking care of you. You can’t be greedy.” The bewitching man sneered, a lecturing gesture saying “you must know how to be content”.

In his opinion, Chu Ye must have taken a fancy to the elemental sprites’ ability to rapidly raise one’s cultivation, so she wanted to get more.

As soon as he adopted such a revolting behavior, Chu Ye, who was originally already distraught with anxiety, exploded in anger. “You damned bewitcher, please don’t presumptuously criticize others until you fully understand the situation. You should know that not everyone in this world is who you think they are. ”

The implication: don’t judge the heart of a gentleman using that of a vile character.

The man let out a sound of disagreement. “Then why do you want two?”

“I am under no obligation to tell you.” Complaining about her grievances was never her style.

“Ha, then there’s no reason. I thought you had such a great reason.” Unable to get to the bottom of this matter, the man suddenly didn’t want to stand up.

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