CGSA Chapter 80

Chapter 80: A Wolf Ahead and A Tiger Behind Them

The most urgent task right now was to find the woman who established a blood contract with the divine tiger. As long as the woman didn’t place it in her beast space, he’d be able to catch the divine tiger’s scent.

At the same time, two figures silently hid in a tall tree around one hundred meters away from the space transmission array of the second floor of the pagoda. It was Murong Chang and Elder Jin, the tenth-grade powerhouse she invited.

The second floor of the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda is more expansive than the first floor. Without any clue of their whereabouts, finding Chu Ye and the others would be harder than scaling the sky. Therefore, when they chased after them to the second floor, Murong Chang didn’t actively search for Chu Ye and the others, and chose to wait for them to come to her.

Her choice was indeed the most sensible one.

Chu Ye couldn’t stay in the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda forever. The quarterly assessment adventure by Carles Academy had a time limit of ten days. If Chu Ye wanted to go down from the second floor, she would have to use this space transmission array.

“Niece, how long do we have to wait?” After hiding in the tree for several consecutive days, Elder Jin was already very displeased. (T/N: Not his blood-related niece. More like the daughter of a very close friend)

It’s really troublesome to owe people. When they ask you to pay back the favor, you can’t refuse.

Elder Jin’s situation was like with Elder Rong before. He had previously received Murong Wan’s kindness, so even if he was slightly unwilling to do this shady business of killing a weak child, he couldn’t refuse.

“Elder Jin, we’ve already waited for six days. They’ll show up within the next 3 days. Carles’ quarterly assessment has a ten-day time limit.” Murong Chang’s eyes held a wicked gleam, and her gorgeous face expressed her determination to achieve her goal.

“Then we don’t need to hide in the tree. Are the both of us unable to defeat those juniors? Why do we need to hide here for a sneak attack?”

“You misunderstood. We are hiding to create the illusion that we’re not here. We would’ve scared her away otherwise. She might just hide in the pagoda for a month or two before coming out. Can we afford to stay here for a month or two? So please bear with me,” Murong Chang said in a kind voice, for fear of accidentally offending this tenth-grade powerhouse.

At this moment, in the forest, Chu Ye, Xiao Dong, and the bewitching man were sitting on Xiao Yin’s back, steadily moving toward the space transmission array that will allow them to leave the second floor.

Completely oblivious of the approaching danger.

Powerful enemies ahead of them as well as someone chasing after them. And none of them were easy to deal with!

But the concerned party was still unaware of them.

After two more days of walking, the three stopped when it was almost noon and rested under the shade of a big tree. They originally planned on eating some dry rations to hasten their journey. Until the bewitching man brought out a series of kitchen items from his spatial ring such as a beautiful table, chairs, pots, bowls, chopsticks, and various types of food.

“Ah, I haven’t had a proper meal for days. My stomach’s already loudly protesting. What do you say we have a big meal today?” He sighed ruefully. He then grabbed the Xiao Dong, and said, “Boy, I’m giving you an opportunity to perform. Today’s lunch will be handed over to you.”

And with a graceful spin, he plopped his butt down on the chair and crossed his legs slovenly, exactly like a hoodlum waiting for food.

Looking at the full range of kitchen tools in front of her, Chu Ye didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This damned bewitcher, did he think he was at a picnic?

“Okay, no problem.” Xiao Dong actually took it seriously and swiftly lit a fire to cook.

“You can cook?” This was beyond Chu Ye’s expectations. Xiao Dong’s hands were soft and tender. With one glance, they definitely looked like the hands of a young master who hadn’t done any household chores himself.

“Of course I do. I learned from my mother.” When speaking about his mother, his eyes immediately brightened but also became filled with attachment and longing.

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