CGSA Chapter 79

Chapter 79: Everything Was All For Her Wedding Clothes

On the Other End

As the large fire in Lady Zanhua’s underground palace slowly died out, thick smoke filled the air for several kilometers. However, this type of fog wasn’t particularly eye-catching in the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda.

But at this moment, there was a skinny dark green figure swiftly flying toward it.

Seeing everything buried in a sea of flames, this person’s skinny old face went into a daze.

“Zanhua, Zanhua…” He shouted repeatedly in a sharp voice. After hearing no response, his sunken green eyes became gloomier.

He immediately rushed into the burning underground palace that was already akin to the inside of a brick kiln. He navigated his way to the dark abyss with ease and then jumped down without hesitation.

This person is Lady Zanhua’s master, Pa Lin.

Half an hour later, Pa Lin landed effortlessly. The first thing he searched for was the cave where the divine giant silver tiger was previously imprisoned.

Only the thousand-year-old black gold chains remained, messily scattered in the ground. The silver-haired giant tiger has long since disappeared.

He next looked up at the ceiling where he had personally placed a Star-Absorbing Array ten years ago. The soul pearl that was placed in the center was also nowhere to be found.

“Where’s my divine tiger? And my soul pearl?” His voice was brimming with fiery anger.

“Master…” Out of nowhere, a feeble voice called out from below him.

Pa Lin jolted in surprise before turning toward the origin of the sound. It was actually a chopped-up human swine. (T/N: Because she was chopped like a pig)

Pa Lin frowned slightly. This voice was a bit familiar. “You are?” 

“It’s me, Master…” The bloody human swine on the ground squirmed.

“You’re Zanhua?” Pa Lin’s sunken green eyes widened with disbelief.

Having become a human swine, Lady Zanhua struggled to give a nod. “Save me…”

People would usually die after getting falling from such a high place with all their limbs chopped, but Lady Zanhua wasn’t an ordinary person. The life force of a powerful tenth-grade wizard couldn’t be judged by common sense.

“How did you become like this? Who did it? The divine tiger? Did the person who harmed you also rescue the tiger?” Even when confronted with Lady Zanhua’s miserable state, Pa Lin was more concerned about the divine tiger, who he had been yearning for even in his sleep.

He had many disciples, but had only found one divine tiger!

“The divine tiger… has become… that woman’s… blood-contracted beast…” Mrs. Yanhua answered with great difficulty.

“What?” Hearing this, Pa Lin’s entire being became chilly. His eyes rounded, glittering with a dangerous sheen. “What woman? Where is she from? What’s her surname?”

Damn it. He had painstakingly used all means back then to capture the divine tiger, find a suitable place to imprison the tiger, and then search for a soul pearl and engrave a Star-Absorbing Array in order to suck out the tiger’s spiritual energy. After waiting for ten whole years, he came to forcefully establish a blood contract with the divine tiger.

But unexpectedly, his heart’s blood was simply poured into making her wedding clothes. (all his hard work ended up in her hands)

Damn it!

“I don’t… know…” Lady Zanhua shook her head. Although she and Chu Ye had crossed paths several times, she really didn’t know Chu’s identity.

“You really don’t know?” Pa Lin narrowed his eyes, his voice cold as ice.

“I really… don’t know… Master… save me…” Lady Zanhua hung on to her last breath. She refused to die.

“If that’s the case.” His voice became cruel. “You can go to hell!”

With a wave of his hand, extremely hot flames enveloped Lady Zanhua’s limbless body. Within three short seconds, a pile of ash was all that was left of her. She didn’t even have the time to scream.

Pa Lin lowered his bony right hand with indifference. What a useless thing. After losing his divine tiger, her death wasn’t enough for her.

After flinging his sleeve, he turned into a ray of light, which flew out of the exit.

The most urgent task right now was to find the woman who established a blood contract with the divine tiger. As long as the woman didn’t place it in her beast space, he’d be able to catch the divine tiger’s scent.

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