CGSA Chapter 76

Edit: Little Silver -> Xiao Yin (transliteration)

Chapter 76: First Chopping off the Arms, Then Legs, Before Disfiguring

They were actually eighth-grade wizards!

But they were immediately blocked by the other male pets around them.

“Don’t help her.”

“Death is death, better than staying alive like this.”

“Yes, I’ve had enough of this kind of life.”

“We’re better off dead.”


Many of the male pets’ eyes were tense, but it was also apparent that they were not afraid of dying.

Hearing their words, the three eighth-grade wizards hesitated. In the end, they sighed and unclenched their fists, their heads drooping.

Among the male pets, a beautiful teenager, around fourteen or fifteen years of age with cherry-red lips and white teeth, stepped forward and did a 90-degree bow toward Chu Ye. His voice shook a little as he said, “Do it, miss. We won’t intervene.”

Chu Ye slightly frowned, sensing that there’s more to the situation. But at present, that didn’t matter. She just wanted Lady Zanhua’s life.

She nodded and signaled them to back away a little.

At the sight of her own male pets stepping back by a few meters, Lady Zanhua’s bloodshot eyes viciously glared at them. But with her body cramping from the pain and her mouth frothing, how can she still speak? The only thing that came out of her mouth was white froth.

Chu Ye wanted to walk towards Lady Zanhua, but the bewitching man extended his arm. “Woman, look at me.” Then, he strode forward until he was directly in front of Lady Zanhua.

With a glint of silver, he unsheathed his sword. And blood sprayed.

“Ahhh!!!” Lady Zanhua’s scream was horribly wretched as her right hand was chopped off at the wrist. The hand fell to the ground with a dull thump.

The man drew back his sword, red blood dripping down from its sharp tip. His demonic red eyes brightened, and a devilish smile tugged at his lips. He was glad for that small chance at revenge.

Chu Ye’s long eyelashes slightly trembled. If she remembered correctly, Lady Zanhua had used her right hand to slap him two days ago.

He sure is quite the fierce demon. No grievance was left unaddressed!

And he still wasn’t done.

The bewitching man’s eyes narrowed, a dangerous light entering his eyes, looking like the devil from hell. “This is additional interest!”

With another flash of cold metal, blood sprayed once again, resulting in another terrible scream. Her left hand was also cut off.

After venting his anger, he turned to Chu Ye, his face mellowing into a slight smile. “Ok, how do you want her to die?”

“Since you took her hands, I want her legs.” Chu Ye tagged along, mirroring his smile.

“No problem!” He slashed down, and Lady Zanhua’s legs also had to say bye-bye to her body.

This time, Lady Zanhua couldn’t even scream. Despite lying in a pool of blood, she turned and showed her fiercest glare toward Chu Ye, still unwilling to yield. “If I become a ghost… I won’t spare you…” she screeched with the last of her breath.

“What’s next?” Like a gentleman, he once again sought for her opinion.

“Doesn’t she care the most about her looks? Cut her face, then throw her into the pit.” Chu Ye said indifferently, pointing her finger at the pit where she and the bewitching man had fallen into.

“Good idea.” Very much in favor of her suggestion, he approached Lady Zanhua once more, brandishing his sword.

“No…” Lady Zanhua let out the last desperate scream she will ever make.

As Lady Zanhua’s limbless body was kicked into the black abyss in the forbidden region, her scream grew fainter and fainter. To the side, the silent male pets finally collapsed.

Each of them stared at the two, their gazes filled with horror and fear.

How can there be such a vicious pair in the world?

After every question and response, they severed her arms, then her legs, and disfigured her face, before throwing her them into that abyss. This display of torture and brutality is really inhumane!

At this moment, they can’t help but feel thankful. Fortunately, they didn’t go against them; otherwise… they probably wouldn’t be in one piece anymore.

But they’ll still have nightmares about it!

“Let’s go!” The bewitching man sheathed the sword and returned to Chu’s side.

After getting dismembered and thrown into the cave where Xiao Yin had been imprisoned, Lady Zanhua had no chance of surviving.

“Wait.” Chu Ye’s eyes swept through the entire underground palace, before falling onto the valuable jewelry. Pearls, jade, gold, and silver.

“You can’t be thinking…” The man’s eyes widened.

“What, you got a complaint?” Chu Ye cast a side-glance at him.

Lady Zanhua is gone now anyway. These things will probably be left unused and gather dust.

“No complaint. ” He hurriedly shook his head.

This woman is actually also a robber.

Chu Ye no longer paid him any attention and began to pick up all the valuable things in this underground palace.

She is currently very poor. Lanxi Liuhua had given her 200,000 gold coins last time, but several days ago, she used it to pay Huancheng as a protection fee for Ming Yuexin. So at the moment, she is indeed poor.

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  1. Wtf, she used up all her money to pay him? She really doesn’t have any business sense. I’m pretty sure she could’ve given him 1-10k and that would’ve been extremely generous lol


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