CGSA Chapter 75

Chapter 75: My Figure is Better than Theirs

One hour later!

Chu Ye and the bewitching man silently reached the forbidden region’s entrance.

Under Chu Ye’s instructions, Xiao Yin didn’t let out even the slightest sound. Silence reigned in Lady Zanhua’s entire underground palace, with only the faint sounds of breathing.

The man cautiously peeked outside the entrance to gauge the situation. But after one look, he immediately shrunk back, his face flushing into a bright scarlet.

“What’s wrong?” Chu Ye whispered. She wanted to have a look now too.

“Don’t look!” he exclaimed in an urgent voice as he extended an arm to block her.

This stimulated Chu Ye’s curiosity even more. After pushing his hand to the side, she also took a peek.

The bewitching man wanted to stop her again, but was too late. He massaged his temples, afraid that the woman would scream after one glimpse, and wake up all the sleeping people in the underground palace.

But unexpectedly, there were no screams coming from her, only a blood-spurting evaluation of the scene. “One woman handling ten men. She sure has a blessed sex life!”

The man staggered, nearly falling down the hole again.

Is she really a woman? He struggled to calm the raging waves in his heart.

On the other side of the entrance was the big luxurious bed where Lady Zanhua and ten male pets all lay naked. Although they were already asleep, the scene still looked unspeakably obscene. A grown man like him had turned pale from the shock.

But this woman even gave an evaluation while keeping a straight face.

“If we’re not going out right now, then how long should we wait?” Chu Ye ignored the astonishment in his eyes and jumped with lightning speed towards Lady Zanhua, who was sleeping face-up in the middle of the bed.

It must have been quite a tiring night. Lady Zanhua’s defenses were completely down after excessively indulging in debauchery. That is, until Chu Ye started slapping her fair skin. She woke up with a start from the slap.

However, it was too late.

Chu Ye speedily gave her 7 to 8 slaps before drawing back several tens of feet.

“You didn’t die…” Stunned, Lady Zanhua lept up.

But when leaping up, a bone-devouring pain engulfed every part of her body, like sharp needles circulating in her bloodstream, causing people to wish for death.

“Thump!” She fell back down on the bed and started rolling from the pain while shrieking hysterically, eventually falling on the ground and getting dirt on her. “Aaah! Aaahh!”

The male pets eventually woke up due to the screams.

Upon noticing Chu Ye, a woman, in the vicinity, the naked male pets were filled with shame and frantically tried to search for some clothes to cover themselves.

“Hey woman, can’t you close your eyes for a moment?” The bewitching man had arrived by the side of Chu Ye at an unknown time.

“No.” What if Lady Zanhua took the opportunity to attack when her eyes were closed? Her Wind Needle Torture was effective on Murong Chang and the excruciating agony should have drained all her strength to resist, but she can’t underestimate tenth-grade wizards.

So she continued to fixate her gaze toward this debaucherous scene.

“You can’t look.” He didn’t know why, but he felt uncomfortable at the sight of Chu Ye’s unchanging face as she stared at this scene. At Chu Ye’s disregard for his request, he simply covered her eyes himself, a constipated smile showing on his face. “If you like staring at men’s bodies so much, I can let you see mine some other time. My figure is much better than their– ahhh!”

The bewitching man hadn’t finished speaking when he let out a scream.

Because Chu Ye ferociously stomped on his left toes.

“Is your figure really as good as you say it is? Then it’s better to take off your clothes here for a direct comparison. We can let Lady Zanhua judge. This old sorceress has plenty of experience in inspecting male bodies.” Chu Ye shot the man a gloomy side glance before stomping on his right toes, using more force for good measure before letting up.

“Ow, damned woman…” The enchanting man clutched his toes, the pain making him jump in place while spinning.

He dares to eat her tofu, hehe.

Chu Ye no longer paid attention to him, eyes sweeping over the panicked male pets. “I don’t think any of you are voluntarily following this old witch. If you want to be free, then don’t interfere. I promise I won’t harm you, so if you’re willing, you can leave now.”

There aren’t just a few wizards among the group, and it doesn’t lack warriors either. They knew that one less enemy is better than having one more.

The male pets exchanged glances amongst themselves, their gazes filled with hesitation. They appeared to be struggling to make a decision.

Face twisted in pain and dirt-covered body twitching, Lady Zanhua wasn’t able to cast magic, but her mind was completely clear. She didn’t know what Chu Ye had done to her, but it was so excruciating that she wanted to die.

She saw Chu Ye hitting the right spots and knew that this wasn’t going to end well if she didn’t do anything. “Don’t forget, if I will die, you will die too. So kill her! Kill her… ahh…” she yelled with a malevolent face.

Sure enough, the male pets’ expressions changed. Three of them clenched their fists, intending to fight against Chu Ye. Eight rings of light illuminated on their backs.

They were actually eighth-grade wizards!

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