CGSA Chapter 74

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Chapter 74: Too Cruel

“You’re… not going to keep it for yourself?”

Chu Ye raised her eyebrows. “Did I ever say that?”

“Oh…” The man was stupefied. Looking back, she really didn’t say anything of the sort. From the very beginning, it was actually him gauging the heart of a gentleman with that of a vile character.

Meanwhile, tears were streaming down the silver tiger’s face as it sensed the powerful and ever-so-familiar spiritual energy from the soul pearl in its paws.

It stared at Chu Ye in a daze. The turbulent waves in its heart cannot be expressed in words.

The tiger also had similar thoughts, that Master desperately wanted to obtain the soul pearl for herself, but it was unexpectedly for… it.

Before this moment, although it had called her Master, it didn’t truly consider her as its master.

It even inwardly cussed at her, grumbling about the injustice of the heavens and of its own ill fate.

“Master!” With a heartfelt roar and a loud thump, the giant silver tiger sincerely knelt on its two hind legs. “From now on, my life is Master’s. Ten thousand threats won’t stop me. Whether we are on the top of the mountains or underwater in the fiery seas, I’ll always be ready to risk my life to protect you!”

With the soul pearl, which contained two-thirds of its spiritual power, it can regain its former strength. Otherwise, it would’ve only been an empty divine beast, having the form but lacking in substance.

Although the man merely heard an elated roar, he can roughly understand its intentions through its facial expressions and body language.

This is a genuine submission!

As he gazed at Chu Ye, the corners of his mouth subconsciously curved up. In his mind, he exclaimed, “Exceptional!”

If she used the soul pearl for herself, she could indeed greatly increase her own cultivation, but this requires a lengthy process. After all, the spiritual energy in the soul pearl isn’t hers. It would be quite troublesome to absorb.

The giant silver tiger is already her contracted beast anyway. It’s better to cultivate positive emotions with it. If it’s strong, then she will naturally also become stronger.

He once again wronged Chu Ye.

“You don’t need to be grateful. This is originally yours. I don’t take in trash. Since you’ve become my contracted beast, you must be strong. Otherwise, don’t even speak of others looking down on you. I would be the one to do so,” she said.

Regarding the tiger that is now contracted to her, Chu Ye doesn’t have any wicked intentions. She really wished for its full recovery. It’s best to advance her cultivation one step at a time in order to have a solid foundation.

“Yes!” The giant silver tiger responded in reverence.

After opening its mouth and swallowing the pearl, it started to absorb the spiritual energy in the soul pearl as quickly as possible.

“Can we finally go?” The bewitching man’s eyes kept darting back and forth around the room. He didn’t want to stay in this spooky place for any longer.

The tiger immediately turned to Chu Ye to seek her opinion.

After 10 years of imprisonment, God knows how much it looked forward to seeing the outside world again.

“Okay, let’s go!” Flashing a faint smile, Chu Ye pointed to the direction they would be heading.

“Roar!” The silver tiger let out a roar out of excitement. Its originally small body enlarged and then slowly floated into the air.

Chu Ye and the man met each other’s eyes, before jumping on the back of the tiger.

One should know that magical beasts gain the ability to fly upon reaching the tenth-grade.

Although the tiger’s strength has been greatly reduced, it can still fly for a while.

Their violently speedy fall had lasted for around half an hour. But the speed of the tiger was not inferior to the speed of their descent.

“Do you want to know my name?” The bewitching man tried to start a conversation during their flight.

“Not particularly.” Chu Ye’s answer was unhesitant.

“Why?” He felt like his plans had been thwarted.

“No reason.” Chu Ye poked the silver tiger, who was flying in complete seriousness, with her index finger. “Right, what’s your name?”

“Hey!” The bewitching man suddenly had the urge to walk away. “Woman, the person you should be asking is me.” She would rather ask the name of a tiger than ask his. Had she mistaken? How could he be inferior to a tiger?

“Fine. Then tell me, what’s your name?” Chu Ye helplessly asked.

He became unhappy. Her tone sounded as if he’d forced her to ask. “I won’t tell you!”

“Then you don’t have to. I asked you, but you wouldn’t answer. I’ll naturally just ask my blood-contracted beast.” As Chu Ye continuously poked the giant silver tiger’s head, she asked, “Do you not have a name?”

The tiger replied, “No, Master.”

“Then you’ll be Xiao Yin (Little Silver) from now on.”

The silver-haired giant tiger shivered. This name is too cutesy. “Master, I want to declare something. I’m a mighty tiger of indomitable spirit!”

“Hm, I know.”

“Then can’t you change the name?”



“Your body is colored silver, so it’s right to call you Xiao Yin.”

Fine, it’ll take a step back. “Can’t it be Da Yin(Big Silver)?”




During this dispute between woman and tiger, the bewitching man already had a black line on his face. He had to admit defeat. It seemed that Chu Ye isn’t the slightest bit curious about him.

This seriously hurt his ego as a man. With his peerless appearance, any woman who looked at him would crazily approach him.

This woman is too cruel. Just too cruel…

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