CGSA Chapter 73

Chapter 73: The Heaven-Defying Soul Pearl

However, Chu Ye shook her head and pointed to the green pearl placed within the magic array. “I want to take it.”

The bewitching man stroked his pointed chin with his slender fingers. “You can order your blood-contracted beast to destroy the array.”

“It said it can’t break it.”

“Then there’s no other way. You should know that I’m also incapable of doing it.” The man shrugged.

Chu Ye was serious. “I must get it.”

His pretty eyebrows furrowed. “Well, the green pearl has stored up a good portion of the silver-furred tiger’s spiritual energy. If you manage to get it, you can slowly absorb the energy, which is comparable to ten years of cultivation. But one mustn’t overreach themselves. Let’s go out first!”

“No!” With resolute eyes, she picked up the thousand-year-old black gold chains, firmly wrapping her hands around it. She then infused it with wind elements before forcefully swinging it upwards, toward the Astral-Absorbing Array on the ceiling.

On her back emerged six cyan rings of light. Chu Ye had jumped to sixth-grade from third-grade.

If contracted to a powerful magical beast, the master will get a power-up.

This is the benefit of contracting with a divine beast.

Chu Ye had felt her own magic power rapidly increasing even as early as the contract-binding process, but she didn’t expect to advance by three grades. Thus, her mood right now is quite good.

It was just like with the previous attack. The defensive barrier turned visible and blocked Chu Ye’s attack. It merely trembled for a short while.

Chu Ye was not discouraged and launched another attack. “Don’t just stare. Let’s attack together!”

The giant silver-furred tiger immediately obeyed and went to help.

The man crossed his arms, not moving. He looked on helplessly as he said, “Can you hear my request? If you stubbornly want to waste time here, can you let the tiger send me out first?”

As for how Chu Ye suddenly advanced three grades, he wasn’t too shocked, because as a beast-taming wizard, he knew better than anyone the benefits of contracting with such a powerful beast.

“I won’t.” Chu Ye disagreed. “Unless you help me break this array.”

“You ungrateful woman. Don’t forget who helped you establish a contract with that giant silver-furred tiger. Be more kind and sincere!” The man felt extremely outraged.

Chu Ye’s expression didn’t change. “I didn’t say that I would leave you here. Once we break the array, we will leave together.” The black gold chain in her hand was again swung towards the ceiling.

The silver-haired giant tiger learned from Chu Ye. It also took a black gold chain to repeatedly hit the defensive barrier.

The tiger knows the clearest about the preciousness of the green pearl.

The green pearl, which is called the soul pearl, can store spiritual energy from humans and beasts through the Astral-Absorbing Array, which is enough for it to be branded a heaven-defying treasure.

The number of soul pearls in the entire continent is very few.

And this soul pearl, which contains two-thirds of the tiger’s spiritual energy, is incomparably precious. It’s simply priceless!

If it leaves this place without it, the soul pearl will undoubtedly go to that old devil from the seventh floor. The silver-furred tiger doesn’t want that to happen.

Since it has already become Master’s contracted beast, then it would prefer this soul pearl to be taken by Master rather than fall into that old devil’s hands.

It severely hated that old devil!

The man watched this persistent master-and-beast pair. He wanted to say a few words to Chu Ye, but eventually gave in and begrudgingly approached them.

After two days and one night…

“Crack!” A crack finally appeared on the barrier.

“Look, we’re almost there. Give it your all!” Chu Ye, who had been on the verge of exhaustion, was once again full of energy.

Constant perseverance yields success.

Before this moment, Chu Ye had never understood the essence of this phrase better.

No matter how strong you are, you still won’t be able to completely endure continuous damage.

The man also heaved a sigh of relief. Upon seeing Chu Ye’s persistence, he was really worried about prolonging their stay underneath this Astral-Absorbing Array if they were unable to shatter it.

Fortunately, it only took two days.

Two hours later…

“Boom!” The defensive barrier surrounding the array finally couldn’t withstand the attacks and shattered!

Chu Ye released a small whirlwind, and the soul pearl at the center of the array landed on her palm.

Up close, the soul pearl looked more of a darker green and had a weird radiance. Quite strange.

However, just as the bewitching man extended his neck to take a closer look at the soul pearl, Chu Ye raised her hand and threw the soul pearl to the giant silver tiger.

The tiger hurriedly stretched out his claws to catch it. Then he sent Chu Ye a suspicious stare. “Master…”

“I’m returning it to you!” That sentence was casually said, but both the man and the tiger froze in shock, unable to react for a moment.

“Master…” The tiger’s eyes were filled with disbelief.

“You’re… not going to keep it for yourself?” The man’s astonishment was even greater than that of the tiger.

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