CGSA Chapter 72

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Chapter 72: I’m a Divine Tiger, You Know?

“Bear this in mind. My beast space will never have a place for you.”

“Why?” Was it because it was too noisy earlier?

“No reason. I just hate tigers.” Chu Ye didn’t turn around.

Although she knew that her death in her previous life had nothing to do with the tiger in front of her, her conflicted feelings toward tigers cannot be easily eliminated.

Moreover, she would never force her own feelings. Since she hated it, she would hate it.

“But I’m not a normal tiger, I’m a divine beast!”

It’s indeed a divine tiger, a majestic divine tiger. Others would seek but fail to capture one.

“Huh?” Chu Ye was startled but immediately scowled in anger. “Your lie is very unconvincing. If you’re a divine beast, how were you imprisoned and sealed here?

She could still believe if it said it was a sacred beast.

But divine beasts only exist in rumors!

They were unattainable.

“I’m truly a divine beast!” The tears dropped from the tiger’s face. “It was that old man’s scheme. He attacked me the moment I became a divine beast.

You should know that we magical beasts most definitely cannot be disturbed when advancing to the divine realm. Once distracted, all our efforts will go to waste. In order to complete the final step in becoming a divine beast, I can only stay unresistant.

He wanted to have a blood contract with me. I didn’t agree, so he sealed me here for a whole ten years, letting the Astral-Absorbing Array absorb my spiritual power. Once I’m mentally weak, he’ll forcibly establish a contract with me.

But unexpectedly, Master arrived. To tell you the truth, if two-thirds of my spiritual energy hadn’t been taken by the Astral-Absorbing Array, it would have been impossible with Master’s current strength to establish a contract with me.”

Blood contracting with a divine beast isn’t something an average person would dare to do. A person of low strength would explode and die from the expansion of spiritual energy.

Hearing this, Chu Ye became more serious. From its facial expression, it didn’t seem to be lying. She paused. Then she asked, “Who’s that old man? ”

“Pa Lin, a resident of the pagoda’s seventh floor.” The giant silver tiger gnashed its teeth, voice brimming with hatred.

In fact, the first reason why he surrendered to Chu Ye was that he was indeed intimidated by Chu Ye’s violence. Secondly, he hated this despicable and shameless Pa Lin, so he would rather become Chu Ye’s blood-contracted beast. But he also didn’t want to be her mount.

“Resident of the seventh floor?” Chu Ye is stupefied.

Although she didn’t recognize the name “Pa Lin” , what does a resident of the seventh floor mean?

He is definitely a peerless powerhouse!

One should know that the tenth-grade powerhouses only dare to settle in the first and second floors of the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda. The third floor is still possible, though with more difficulty. But this Pa Lin actually dared to live on the seventh floor.

It was unimaginable.

“So, you were a magical beast on the seventh floor?” Chu Ye seems to realize this problem.

“Yes, I originally wanted to go to the eighth floor after I became a divine beast…” The silver-haired giant tiger felt grieved. Above the eighth floor is the ninth floor. And above the ninth world is said to contain another world. Only the heavens knew how much the tiger yearned for it.

“Wait, since you were both on the seventh floor, why would he imprison you here on the second floor?”

“Because that woman outside who likes to collect men is his disciple. And the seventh floor is filled with powerful people. He’s worried about them discovering that he has captured a divine beast and becoming their target. He’d be the enemy of all.”

Chu Ye nodded. “You really seem like a divine beast.”

“Not seem. I am one.” The silver tiger was so angry that it glared and blew at its beard. It said so much, but she didn’t believe it.

“If you want me to believe, it’s very easy.” Chu Ye shrugged. “Break the Astral-Absorbing Array on the ceiling, force your way into that green tree, and then get me out of here.”

“Eh…” The tiger suddenly drooped its head sullenly. “Master, I should be able to get you out, but I can’t break the array.”

One must know that it currently only has a third of its spiritual energy, so it is unable to use its more powerful and lethal moves.

Bluntly speaking, although it is a divine beast, its current combat power is worse than that of a tenth-grade magical beast.

The different grades of magical beasts, in increasing order, are first-grade to tenth-grade magical beasts, innate sacred beasts, innate immortal beasts, and divine beasts.

She stayed silent, seeming to be contemplating with a deep frown on her face.

At this time, the man had finally finished recovering.

When he opened his eyes, he turned to Chu Ye. “So, can it help us get out of here?”

Because Chu Ye and the tiger used spiritual communication, he couldn’t hear a single word from their conversation.

Chu Ye simply gave a slight nod in response.

The bewitching man was thrilled. “What are you waiting for? Let’s leave this place.” The longer they stayed inside the Astral-Absorbing Array, the more spiritual energy they would lose.

In other words, if they don’t leave soon, they would be in more danger as time goes by.

However, Chu Ye shook her head and pointed to the green pearl placed within the magic array. “I want to take it.”

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