CGSA Chapter 71

It’s insane how Chu Ye still doesn’t ask what the man’s name is. How many chapters have passed now?

Also, sorry for the late update >< I… forgot to post earlier. I also just realized that I’ve been translating for more than a year so \o/ I’m still here. But at this rate, I’ll probably finish after 2 more years.

Chapter 71: Beating You Into Submission

“Easy for you to say. The one who might immediately become an idiot isn’t you.” The man was equally stubborn. Between becoming an idiot immediately or after 10 days, who would not choose the latter.

“Roar!” The giant silver tiger seemed to have understood their conversation and let out a fierce roar, glaring at the two.

They immediately covered their ears, but they still felt like their heads were being split open. Their eardrums were bleeding.

Looking at the blood on her palm, Chu Ye, who was already on the verge of violence, completely acted upon her urges.

“You’re too noisy!” Chu Ye slowly met its gaze, her aggressive eyes hacking at the giant silver tiger like a knife.

Then she suddenly moved.

An arrow shot at the giant silver tiger.

“Shua! Shua! Shua!”

“Roar! Roar! Roar!”

It was a bad start for the tiger.

Gripping a short dagger in both hands, Chu Ye was as slippery as a mudfish, nimbly attacking different parts of the giant silver tiger.

Blood splattered wherever she went.

The giant silver tiger had its limbs shackled, magic power sealed, and more than half of its spiritual power taken by the Astral-Absorbing Array. It was just as Chu Ye said, it has already become a kitten removed of its fangs and claws. The only thing that hasn’t changed is its huge size.

Although in close proximity to Chu Ye, aside from roaring at her, it could only obediently endure her attacks.

Because its skin is very tough, Chu Ye’s strikes couldn’t reach its muscles. It merely felt itchy.

But if she were to continuously slash at it, what would happen?

15 minutes later, the giant silver tiger had cuts and bruises all over its body, streams of blood flowing out like a river.

Such a massive blood loss, even this big of a tiger wouldn’t be able to bear it. It was already feeling dizzy, body heavy and on the verge of collapse. Its roars were also weakening.

However, Chu Ye did not intend to let it go.

No one can understand the pain of being eaten alive by a tiger.

It is forever etched in her memory.

She wouldn’t forgive this tiger just because it had become an idiot.

Her hatred of tigers is bone-deep.

“Keep roaring! You think that I’ll be afraid of you because of your size? This Grand Aunt will beat you up. Die, die, die!”

Meanwhile, the man stood in place. His mouth was hanging open and his eyes were bulging out, completely dumbstruck.

This woman… is dauntless.

And not the ordinary kind of dauntlessness!

Finally, after receiving four hundred ninety strikes, the giant silver tiger fell to the ground, its limbs lying prostrate and its huge head plopping onto its forelegs.

“Stop, it’s submitting!” The man had an incredibly pleased grin.

As a beast-taming wizard, he can naturally interpret the intention behind the movements of magical beasts.

The tiger’s posture showed its willingness to submit.

Hearing this, Chu Ye stopped.

She walked to the front of its huge head, lifted her foot and stepped on its face. She snorted condescendingly. “It’s really willing to submit?”

She had long ago noticed this tiger’s ability to understand human language.

As expected, the giant silver tiger nodded its large tear-stained face, looking very pitiful.

The corners of Chu Ye’s lips raised.

Here in this world, nothing can be resolved without the use of violence.

She turned to the man. “Are you willing to lend a hand now?”

“Yes, I have no protests.” He was excited. If a magical beast voluntarily submits, a beast-taming wizard doesn’t have to worry about getting attacked.

When a human and a magical beast enter a blood contract, a beast-taming wizard has to mediate between them. Otherwise, they won’t succeed.

The bewitching man drew a complicated magic array on the ground. He then took a drop of blood from Chu Ye and the tiger and mixed it together while reciting an incantation. Brilliant light rays shot up from the array, enveloping Chu Ye and the giant tiger.


Half an hour later, the light gradually faded.

Chu Ye and the giant silver tiger have successfully established a contract.

Face deathly pale, the man sat cross-legged on the ground in order to recover.

After becoming a blood-contracted beast, the tiger was no longer affected by the thousand-year-old black gold chains and magic-sealing collar. With just one thought from Chu Ye, its huge body shrunk until it was the size of a puppy. It then jumped out of all its restraints.

“Master!” The giant silver tiger felt quite emotional, being able to jump around after countless years of imprisonment, and wanted to enter the beast space between Chu Ye’s eyebrows. (Of course, only its master Chu Ye can hear its voice. This is the spiritual communication between master and contracted magical beast.)

One must know that the owner’s beast space has a powerful healing effect on the contracted magical beast.

And it’s currently gravely injured.

“Bang!” In the next second, it was kicked back several meters.

Chu Ye let down her right leg, seeming to be casually removing the dust on her pant leg. “Master…” The giant silver tiger crawled back to Chu Ye and pitifully stared at her. It already became her contracted beast. Why did she still kick it?

“Bear this in mind. My beast space will never have a place for you.” Chu Ye curtly said one sentence, absolutely serious.

She would never accept nor acknowledge it.

It was impossible for Chu Ye to forgive tigers, no matter which life.

I feel so bad for this tiger. T.T

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  1. OMG I feel for her since she died from a tiger in her past life but poor silver tiger but i still find it funny that it was kicked away lol btw thank you for the chapter


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