CGSA Chapter 70

Chapter 70: Beast-Taming Wizard

However, Chu Ye was already quite emotionally stimulated. How could she still listen to him? With a loud shout, she shot a couple of wind arrows at the Astral-Absorbing Array.

“Clang! Clang!” But they only heard some resounding clanging sounds. A nearly transparent barrier emerged on the surface of the Astral-Absorbing Array. When the wind arrows collided with it, they disintegrated back to wind elements.

“How could this be…” Chu Ye felt shocked. She had used all her strength in that one attack.

It can be seen how formidable that defensive barrier is.

However, Chu Ye was never one to easily admit defeat. With a stubborn gaze, she once again issued her next strongest attack.

Since her wind attack is useless, Chu Ye quickly acted. Her hair and pupils became brown within a second, and she then cast earth magic.

Beside her, the bewitching man blankly stared at her.

“Wind magic, earth magic… You actually possess the two elements-in-one sacred body!” He looked at Chu Ye with shock, before regretfully saying, “What a pity!”

“Shut up!” Chu Ye unhappily glared at him. “Rather than expressing your regret, it’s better if we work together to break this sinister Astral-Absorbing Array.” She didn’t stop attacking during the time she was speaking.

The man shook his head again. “Don’t waste your energy. You’re not looking at who this array is made for. If even the tiger can’t break it, how can we?”

At his reminder, Chu Ye’s complexion changed again.

This Astral-Absorbing Array was clearly to trap this giant silver tiger here.

“This person is too wicked.” Chu Ye hates tigers the most and wants to kill them, but the person who trapped the giant silver tiger in this underground cave is slowly taking away its spiritual energy until it becomes a puppet who can’t think for itself.

He airily said, “There is no way. That person wants to tame this giant silver tiger for his own purposes, but it’s too powerful. Absolutely no beast-taming wizard would dare to tame it, so that person came up with this cruel method, gradually absorbing its spiritual power. Once its spiritual power is weakened, they will conduct a blood contract and take it as their blood-contracted magical beast.”

Hearing this, Chu Ye gained her reasoning back, but she was still skeptical. “How are you so sure?”

“Because…” The bewitching man charmingly smiled. “I am a beast-taming wizard.”

Though shocked, Chu Ye was slightly doubtful. “Really?”

If there is 1 elemental wizard in 10,000 ordinary people, then 10,000 elemental wizards may not be able to produce 1 beast-taming wizard!

Which was why there have been very few sorcerers since ancient times. Even in the large Eastern Nation, the number of known beast-taming wizards can be counted on both hands.

Their rarity caused them to have an incredibly high status, more revered than the four types of elemental wizards.

“Do you think I need to lie to you?” His eyebrows raised in pride.

Chu Ye’s eyes were bright. She approached him and suggested, “Then it shouldn’t be a problem to tame this giant silver tiger?”

“Hey!” His face darkened. “Let me make this clear. That giant silver tiger is, at the very least, an innate sacred beast. Taming such a magical beast can only be attempted by an innate beast-taming wizard sage, and even then it is still extremely dangerous. It can turn on its owner at any time and place.”

He is currently only a seventh-grade beast-taming wizard. Although this was already enough to run amuck in the outside world, it was still far from the level of an innate wizard sage.

“Innate sacred beast? Innate wizard sage?” This is definitely the first time Chu Ye ever heard of such strange titles.

Then she suddenly recalled Caroline once telling her that a wizard can only truly be called a wizard once they reach the tenth-grade. The tenth-grade is not the peak but the starting point. One must know that above the tenth-grade wizards are the real powerhouses. Countless of them.

This man had also said that innate wizard sages are more powerful than the tenth-grade wizards.

But this is obviously not the time to ask about this.

Temporarily letting go of the questions in her mind, Chu Ye said: “This giant silver tiger has been stuck here for at least a few years, and I reckon that it doesn’t have much spiritual energy left after being subjected to the array. If I’m not mistaken, the cyan collar on its neck should be a sacred-grade magic-sealing collar. In other words, not only is it weak in spirit, even its magic has been sealed. It has become a kitten removed of its fangs and claws. It should not be difficult to tame it at this time.”

“That is all just your estimation, your guess.” He rolled his eyes. “With one careless mistake, I can easily be turned into an idiot. I won’t take this risk.”

As the saying goes, a starving camel is bigger than a horse. And as a tamer himself, he knows better than most people. The miserable fate that often falls on beast-taming wizards who try to tame a magical beast that is stronger than themselves.

“But if you don’t do anything, you’ll end up becoming an idiot in 10 days.” Chu Ye was very angry. “It’s better to take a gamble.”

“Easy for you to say. The one who might immediately become an idiot isn’t you.” The man was equally stubborn. Between becoming an idiot immediately or after 10 days, who would not choose the latter.

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  1. I am so hooked! Also her harem is so cute! A water wizard, an earth wizard, a warrior, and now possibly a fire wizard who is also a beast tamer. Top it off, she has a female companion too who is a wind wizard! Awes!

    Thank you for updating! I can’t wait for the next chapter/

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