CGSA Chapter 69

Chapter 69: Sinister Magic Array

After a mere glance, Chu Ye and the bewitching man widened their eyes in shock and knelt in place as if they had suddenly been petrified.

What a colossus is, it was only at this moment that Chu Ye truly understand the true essence of this word.

In front of them was a giant silver tiger with a height of 50 meters and a length of 100 meters right in the center of the cave with its eyes closed as if resting. Its huge body occupied two-thirds of the entire cave. 

Chu Ye had never seen such a huge magical beast. She never even thought that a magical beast could grow to such an extent.

But the strange thing was that the giant silver tiger’s four pillar-like limbs were firmly restrained by four thick thousand-year-old chains made out of black gold and iron. Its neck was also covered with a cyan collar that looked like a dog chain. A cyan light emanated from it, making it look particularly strange. 

As if sensing the presence of the two people, the giant silver tiger slowly opened its two blood-red eyes, which were each as big as a washbasin. 

The two immediately intangibly felt an immense pressure and subconsciously retreated a few steps.

They couldn’t even resist one mere stare.

The expressions of their faces became somewhat ugly.

At the same time, they couldn’t help but inwardly admire the person who sealed off this giant silver tiger here. How much did he have for him to be able to lock up this formidable giant tiger? 

That person, it’s absolutely impossible for it to be Lady Zanhua.

Although as a tenth-grade wizard, Lady Zanhua is regarded as a peak expert, compared with the giant tiger in front of then, she was probably no match for even one of its paws. 

After being locked up for too long, the giant silver tiger immediately became excited upon catching sight of some living creatures. 

The tiger’s eyes were bright and emitting a strange light, as the corners of its ferocious basin-sized mouth were pulled back, appearing to be smirking.

“Awoo!” With a deafening long shout, the giant silver tiger jumped up and went straight at the two. 

“Quickly go back.” Chu Ye and the bewitching man almost simultaneously ran back to the corridor with bones everywhere at their fastest speed.

Because the passageway is only three or three meters wide, its huge head was naturally blocked at the end of the passageway and couldn’t extend even halfway in.

Seemingly unwilling to be blocked, the giant silver tiger wants to raise her right claw to swipe down, but due to it being restrained by a thousand-year-old black gold iron chain, it could only reach halfway no matter how hard it pulled.

“Roar!” The giant silver tiger bellowed in unwillingness, causing the entire cave to shake. Even a large piece of moss on the stone wall fell off.

Chu Ye and the man hid in the passageway. Although their ears were still painfully ringing, their hearts held a trace of relief.

“No wonder all those bones are piled up here.” Chu Ye now finally understood, it was because this small passageway is the only place where the giant silver tiger’s attacks don’t reach.

Therefore, when those people were still alive, they could only hide in this small passageway, so when they die, their bones will naturally be left in here.

“I am afraid that after ten days, we will also become a part of this pile of bones.” The bewitching man lifted his head and looked at the ceiling of the cave outside the passageway. His sinfully charming red eyes held desperation, which was completely inconsistent with his style.

“That person might be you, but it will definitely not be me.” Chu Ye glared at him unhappily.

One should know that there was a lot of food stored inside her spatial lock. As long as she economized them, it wouldn’t be a problem for her to last for one to two months.

The bewitching man seemed to read Chu Ye’s mind at a glance and raised his left hand, showing the silver ring on it. He said, “I know. You have a lot of food on you, am I right? I have this spatial ring which possesses three thousand square meters of space. There is everything inside, and the food inside is enough to let me eat for three to five years, but unfortunately…”

“Unfortunately?” Chu Ye’s gaze was attracted to the silver ring on the bewitching male’s hand, three thousand square meters of space, this is definitely a treasure of the sacred level.

One should know that the gold spatial lock on her body only has three square meters.

Everything on his body is so precious and rare. It seemed that the identity of this enchanting man is not ordinary.

“Even though we have a lot of food, we won’t be alive to eat them.” His facial expression very serious, the bewitching man lifted his head and looked up at the ceiling of the cave above the giant tiger’s head. He said, “Look at that, do you know what that is?”

Chu Ye followed his gaze and saw that the carvings on the ceiling were actually a complex and strange magic array whose center contained a green pearl that was the size of a large fist. It was translucent and emitted an extraordinary light, causing the entire magic array to be filled with a strange green radiance.

Chu Ye already felt dizzy with just a glance and became somewhat absentminded.

“What is this array?” Chu Ye promptly regained her senses and didn’t dare to rashly look again. Her heart was already feeling chaotic.

“Astral-Absorbing Array.” The man’s face was unprecedentedly grave.

Hearing this, even Chu Ye couldn’t help but be greatly alarmed.

Inside the memory diamond ring that Caroline gave her, Chu Ye had once seen an overview of the Astral-Absorbing Array:

The Astral-Absorbing Array, is one of the most sinister magic arrays!

It is centered around the rarely seen star-absorbing crystal stone, and most of the strange and complex array design has already been lost in time. However, once formed, it has the power to go against the force of the heavens – by absorbing the spiritual energy in the brains of the people who go near it.

If an average commoner was placed in an Astral-Absorbing Array, his spiritual energy would be completely exhausted within 3 days, thereby becoming a mentally-impaired person who will never again be capable of thinking about anything.

Now if a wizard is in the middle of it, it would depend on their own cultivation. The greater their strength, the longer they will last.

And when the bewitching man had said ten days, that applies only to him. Since he is a seventh-grade wizard, it’s not a problem for him to last ten days.

But for Chu Ye, who is currently just a third-grade wizard, it was likely that she could only endure for a maximum of six to seven days.

“How could this be…” Chu Ye looked deathly pale. At the thought of becoming an idiot within six or seven days, she was at the edge of falling into insanity.

In both her past and present lives, she Chu Ye strove to improve herself. As long as she was willing to learn something, she will surely be able to overtake others. In front of everyone and everything, she had always possessed a feeling of superiority, so if she suddenly became an idiot one day…

She dared not imagine.

No, she will never allow herself to become a brainless imbecile.


“I want to destroy it.” Chu Ye lowered her icy gaze and spread her hands out, beginning to summon and condense the wind elements.

She didn’t expect the man to shake his head. “It’s pointless.”

However, Chu Ye was already quite emotionally stimulated. How could she still listen to him? With a loud shout, she shot a couple of wind arrows at the Astral-Absorbing Array.

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