CGSA Chapter 68

Chapter 68: You’re Playing With Fire

“Won’t let go!” Chu Ye clung even more and imitated the roguish tone he had used earlier, saying: “If I wish to die, then I must also pull you with me.”

Because the two people were hugging each other and were like one big lump, their speed of falling was fast and not slow.

The two had already preparations to land at any time, but unexpectedly, after 15 minutes, the two were still in the void and continued to fall.

“What’s going on, could this really be a bottomless black hole?” The bewitching man painfully questioned. Of course, most of his pain came from Chu Ye.

One should know that Chu Ye, this woman with an utterly impressive figure, wrapped around him was like a test of will. In addition, he still had to worry about being flattened into a meat patty. At this moment, it can be said that his mind and body were both being tormented!

“How childish. Even a three-year-old knows that this is impossible.” Chu Ye’s voice was flat. He couldn’t hear a single trace of panic or alarm.

She is this type of person. The more dangerous, the calmer. Awfully calm.

“What? You say I’m childish?” The voice of the bewitching demon carried a dangerous aura, and the corners of his mouth were raised in a naughty smirk.

With an arm tightly circled around Chu Ye’s waist, he pressed Chu Ye closer to his strong and flexible body. Between his legs, the stiff object that had been tortured earlier by Chu Ye scorchingly bumped into her flat stomach.

Then, he whispered into Chu Ye’s ear. “Woman, better talk a little more carefully; otherwise, it is easy to catch on fire.” 

The expected screams and panic didn’t happen. Instead, the voice of the woman in front of him carried a bit of charm. “Bewitcher, you should know that you’re playing with fire now. Provoking and offending me, I can learn Lady Zanhua and force you. Moreover… it appears to be more exciting in mid-air.”

“Ah!” A raven flew past the top of his head.

The bewitching man was instantly thundered by a wild tenderness.

“You… are you really a woman?” The bewitching male surrendered for the first time in his life.

Chu Ye laughed and smiled proudly.

Little boy, playing tricks in front of her, what type of man had she not encountered before in her previous life. With regards to a man’s thing, for her, there is no mystery about it. During their conversation, their falling situation still had not changed. 

15 minutes later.

The two felt that the chilly air from below became thicker. It seemed that they were about to land.

“Our momentum is too fast, I am afraid that someone would have to act as a cushion. If it doesn’t help, we’ll join hands.” The enchanting man spoke very seriously.

Without knowing why, he suddenly changed his original intentions.

“Fine.” Chu Ye agreed, even if she made him as her cushion, who can tell whether there is no other danger below?

It is better to live together. With one more person, they have more strength.

“Pu!” The bewitching man’s left hand waved, and a flame directly shot out, immediately illuminating several tens of meters all around them. Although it was only short-lived, it was enough to let them see the situation before their eyes.

This abyss is absolutely natural. The earth is naturally formed, and the stone wall is smooth without any created marks, and because of the dampness and chilliness, it is covered with thick moss to the extent that the four sides aren’t slippery. It is very ugly and strange.

“I seem to see the ground,” Chu Ye said. Then, she and the bewitching man didn’t hesitate to cast a Wind Tornado together.

With the combined Wind Tornado, although the two spun over and over, dizzy and staring stars, it quickly eased their falling momentum.

After a few minutes, the two were safely on the ground.

Of course, the one firmly pressed against the ground was the bewitching man.

“Why don’t you resist?” Chu Ye got up and couldn’t help but wonder. How did this bewitching man suddenly become kind-hearted? He could clearly resist just now, but he obediently became her cushion.

“Because…” The bewitching man also sat up, patted off the dirt and dust on his body, and charmingly winked with his right eye. “I suddenly find that pressed down by you is very pleasurable.”

“Eh?” This time, it was Chu Ye’s face that was covered with black lines.

This dam*ed bewitcher…

Simply disinclined to pay attention to him, she sized up her surroundings.

Different from the darkness earlier, because there were many luminous stones inlaid on two sides of the stone wall, a type of meteorite that can emit a faint light in the darkness, their surroundings were faintly illuminated, which saved a lot of trouble for the two.

At this time, the two were in a small passageway three to four meters wide. They were trying to find a way out, but blocking the path ahead of then was a pile of eerie white objects.

Chu Ye fixed his eyes on the pile and alarmingly discovered that they were… skeletal remains.

A quick estimate would be no less than a hundred of them.

In other words, approximately 100 people died here.

She didn’t have to guess. This must be Lady Zanhua’s “masterpiece”.

“That old woman is really wretched.” It might be his fickleness but at this moment, staring at the ghastly white skeletons in front of him, he couldn’t help but feel indignant.

“Look behind you.” Chu Ye was inwardly scared, but her face remained calm and collected. She had seen too many dead people in her previous life. Compared to the number of deaths in a large-scale industrial fire, this situation before them was just child’s play.

Listening to her words, the bewitching man turned and saw a male leaning on the rear wall corner. Under the faint light, his face was like white paper, but his skin was terribly bruised. With one look, she could see that he had already been dead for several days.

However, this place was so damp and chilly that the body had not yet rotted and stunk.

“Looking at his clothes, he must have previously been Lady Zanhua’s male pet.” Chu Ye analyzed, rubbing her chin. It was very likely that the man had done something wrong and offended her; thus, he was angrily thrown down by Lady Zanhua. It was no wonder that when she had hacked down that wooden door with the words “Forbidden Region” on it, the male pets ran away with such fright.

It turned out that they had since long ago become skittish due to past experiences.

It seemed that this pile of bones were mostly from Lady Zanhua’s previous male pets.

How pitiful.

“Let’s go.” Chu Ye avoided the pile of white bone and walked out of the three-meter wide passageway.

In the next second, she jumped and saw a cave much wider than Lady Zanhua’s palace.

There was nothing in the cave, except for one thing.

After a mere glance, Chu Ye and the bewitching man widened their eyes in shock and knelt in place as if they had suddenly been petrified.

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