CGSA Chapter 67

Chapter 67: If I Wish To Die, We Must Die Together

Once they entered through the tree door, it was another paradise.

She had to say, Lady Zanhua was a person who absolutely knows how to live in pleasure. Under the intricate roots of the tree was clearly just a simple and huge underground cave, but she decorated and turned it into a dazzling sight. Such a magnificent place, a huge sum of money was needed as capital in order to build such an underground palace!

The entire palace spanned more than 500 square meters. All appliances and equipment were available, the layout was very aesthetic, and there were all kinds of fine luxuries. Since there were no walls nor curtain screens as partitions, you can view the entire palace at a glance.

Almost at the same time, Chu Ye and the bewitching man’s gazes coincidentally fell on the only sliding wooden door on the right wall of the palace, but at the center of the door was two big characters shockingly written with blood. “Forbidden Region!”

When Lady Zanhua’s handsome male pets passed by the wooden door with the words “Forbidden Region”, all of them would take a detour, as if they were wholly scared.

Even Lady Zanhua herself was subconsciously walking to the left. It seems very taboo.

“Come, bring all the torture instruments to me.” Madame Huanhua said with a sigh while walking to the side.

Immediately, two young men obeyed her orders and moved the torture instruments.

Chu Ye knew that these instruments were arranged for her. When will she not escape and stay at this point?

Just when she passed by the wooden door, Chu Ye fiercely broke out of all the restraints placed on her. Her right hand touched the gold spatial lock and a longsword appeared in her hand instantly. She then immediately poured wind elements into it and totally destroyed the door.

In the next second, the wooden door broke.

Chu Yuan originally planned that after breaking the door, she would immediately escape into the so-called “Forbidden Region”. Who would’ve thought that after the door was broken, directly behind it was a pitch-black bottomless hole with a frigid and sinister aura? All the people couldn’t help but shiver from a chill due to the black hole. 

Chu Ye suddenly appeared and shocked everyone.

Those male pets’ complexion changed successively, and they subsequently ran ten meters away from it.

The bewitching man became free without having to struggle.

“Stop!” Lady Zanhua screamed. Her right hand raised and a giant hand condensed from water elements rushed toward Chu Ye and the bewitching man.

She still wasn’t close to the black hole in the Forbidden Region.

This hand, how familiar.

On the first floor, the Elder Rong who had been invited by Murong Chang originally used this hand to beat up Chu Ye to the point of vomiting blood.

“Jump!” At a sign of imminent peril, the bewitching man moved, charging toward Chu Ye, and did not offer any explanation before dragging Chu Ye to jump into the bottomless black hole together.

Chu Ye cried out in shock as they both fell, but their fall only lasted for a moment when they were left suspended in mid-air.


Because the fingertips of Lady Zanhua’s big hand made out of water elements was pinching the bewitching man’s elegant robes.

Because of this, Chu Ye and the bewitching man’s plan to escape was obstructed in an instant.

“Let go!” Chu Ye turned her head and fiercely directly looked into the bewitching man’s eyes. “If you want to die, don’t pull me with you.”

“Not letting go!” He raised his eyebrows, and his mouth curved in a roguish smile. “If I wish to die, then I must also pull you with me!”

“Da**ed bewitcher.” Chu Ye resentfully spat, no longer arguing with him.

If they continue to fight, both of them would be finished.

“Ss!” With the sound of cloth being ripped apart, Chu Ye did not hesitate to swing her sword and rip open the robes of the bewitching man.

Compared to Lady Zanhua this perverted kidnapper and abuser, Chu Ye would rather fall into this bottomless hole and find another way out.

When the robes tore apart, the two immediately fell at lightning speed.

The wind whistled past their ears.

Lady Zanhua’s grieved raving from above could still be vaguely heard. “You’re just waiting to die down there, rotting and stinking…”

But unexpectedly didn’t chase after them.

The two fell faster and faster, and the pressing wind seemed like a knife cutting them apart. They couldn’t even open their eyes.

However, the arm of the bewitching man holding Chu Ye’s waist wasn’t willing to let go. On the contrary, his hold was still getting tighter and tighter.

Chu Ye never considered that he was just protecting her.

She was afraid that when they land on the ground a little while later, this da**ed bewitcher will definitely use her as a cushion.

And the reason why he dragged her to jump together with him, was likely for that moment.

Wanting to use her as a cushion?

Not so easy.

Within the space, Chu Ye made a ring with her arms, tightly clinging around the bewitching man like an octopus.

Who would make who the cushion?

At the last moment, the question will be answered!

“Hey, woman, let go of me.” When Chu Ye suddenly tightly wrapping around him, the bewitching man’s voice distinctly became panicked. The woman’s uniquely fragrant and soft body made him unable to suppress the pounding of his heart.

“Won’t let go!” Chu Ye clung even more and imitated the roguish tone he had used earlier, saying: “If I wish to die, then I must also pull you with me.”

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