CGSA Chapter 66

Chapter 66: I Won’t Beat You To Death, I Want To Infuriate You To Death

Such a man could undoubtedly raise all the women’s heart rates, and Lady Zanhua, this extremely sophisticated and extravagant woman, couldn’t resist loving him.

After the young man’s words, she promptly swayed amorously and brushed her finger against the bright red cinnabar, and eager to caress the man’s demonically charming face.

The bewitching man leaned his head back to avoid her hand, and his demonic red eyes are full of hatred and disgust.

“Pa!” With a crisp sound, Lady Zanhua ruthlessly and heavily slapped his face. It was evident that the bewitching man’s disdainful eyes thoroughly angered her.

She soon fiercely said, “It seems that you still haven’t understood your situation. It doesn’t matter how noble your previous identity was since you are now in the hands of this lady. In the future, you will be like them, just one of this lady’s many male pets. Firstly, if this lady wants you to live, you will live; if this lady wants you to die, you will die. So you better be obedient, or else… This lady has plenty of methods that will make you say that life is worse than death.”

Blood flowed from the corner of the man’s mouth. It was clear that Lady Zanhua’s slap was quite heavy, but he didn’t even furrow his brows. His eyes were cold, and he looked directly at Lady Zanhua without fear. The corners of his mouth were raised in a demon-like bloodthirsty smile, causing one to feel a trembling chill.

Even if he didn’t say anything at this time, Lady Zanhua and other beautiful men felt an intangible pressure. Intuition was telling them that this person wasn’t simple.

Lady Zanhua also restrained her murderous thoughts at this moment. Such a man is too dangerous.

It was a pity that she was so obsessed. Who would be willing to kill such a top-quality man that is rarely seen in a hundred years? She suddenly had a plan in her heart. She will bring him back, and when she becomes tired of him, she will throw him directly into the forbidden region as food for the tigers.

Finally, the tree’s door completely opened.

Lady Zanhua wanted to go in first, but unexpectedly, the bewitching man suddenly exclaimed, “Elemental sprite!”

What type of precious supreme treasure are elemental sprites? Even if one is a powerful tenth-grade wizard, they also yearn and look forward to it.

Therefore, when Lady Zanhua heard the words “elemental sprite”, she immediately turned around and followed the bewitching man’s gaze to the earth elemental sprite, who Chu Ye had been chasing for two days and two nights, hanging from the treetop several tens of meters away.

“It really is an elemental sprite!” Lady Zanhua was overjoyed. She tucked her sleeve, soared up to the air, and rushed to the elemental sprite on the treetops.

And the bewitching man, during the second that Lady Zanhua flew up, fiercely struggled to break the binding ropes on his body and took the opportunity to slip away.

“Damned bewitcher!” Hiding in one side this whole time and not daring to come out nor make the slightest movement, Chu Ye gnashed her teeth in resentment.

Seeing the elemental sprite that she had chased after for two days and two nights about to fall into Lady Zanhua’s hands, Chu Ye was not reconciled.

Thinking about Chenzhu’s disfigured body and thinking about Ming Yuexin whose right arm she had chopped off with her own hands, Chu Ye suddenly, like a panther coming out of the mountain, rapidly pounced like lightning toward the elemental sprite.

One red and one black, two figures shot up at the same time. The elemental sprite seemed to have been frightened out of its wits and stuck to the treetop, shivering. Even its strength to escape was gone.

So, whoever arrived first will obtain it.

Chu Ye was only three to five meters away from the elemental sprite. Although she isn’t as fast as the tenth-grade wizard Lady Zanhua, she was closer to it. Without a doubt, Chu Ye was one step ahead than Lady Zanhua and used five fingers to grab, finally placing the elemental sprite into Chu Ye’s hands.

Chu Ye then swiftly took out the jade bottle that she had prepared and placed in the gold spatial lock in advance, sealed the elemental sprite in the jade bottle, and then put it back into the gold spatial lock. All the movements were done in one breath and even barely used a second.

Then, without any inclination to continue fighting, she turned around and fled.

“Where are you escaping?” Lady Zanhua’s fierce shout was directed to Chu Ye, who had snatched her elemental sprite, and was also directed to the bewitching man who misdirected her in order to take the opportunity to escape.

With both arms spread out and her fingers in a circle, two small Water Screen Boundary were instantly released separately toward Chu Ye and the bewitching man who were in opposite directions with unstoppable power.

With the metal on the ground as a prison.

Chu Ye and the bewitching man were momentarily in the Water Screen Boundary and were unable to take a single step.

Even as they used all their strength to attack, it was like a thousand catty (~500g) hitting a flabby sponge. The Water Screen Boundary only slightly rippled before turning back to normal.

“It’s you?” As Chu Ye was trapped, Lady Zanhua immediately saw Chu Ye’s face, and then a strange evil smile appeared on her face. “This lady had said not to let me see you again. Who would have thought that you would voluntarily send yourself to my door? It is truly ‘there is a path to heaven but you don’t walk on it, there is no path to hell but you stubbornly charge through’. Obediently hand over that elemental sprite, and this lady can give you a quick death, or else… you will regret coming to this world. ”

Chu Ye herself knew she couldn’t escape but was contrarily not worried. She stopped her futile struggles and looked straight at Lady Zanhua through the transparent Water Screen Boundary. Calm and unruffled in the midst of chaos, she straightened her shoulders. “Da Ma (father’s elder brother’s wife), not seeing you after a day, you’ve been saying more and more nonsense.” Only a ghost would believe her words.

“What, who is your aunt?” The lady’s eyeball suddenly bulged, as if she was a contrived chicken and all the feathers on her body stood up.

She hates people who talk about her age the most.

This was because although her appearance seemed to be only thirty years old, in fact, she already passed 60 years of age long ago. It was only because she had practiced some evil cultivation techniques that allowed her aging to halt.

She remembered that the last time she had met Chu Ye, she called her auntie (Ah Yi) and then changed to Da Shen. This time was even more horrendous, she was upgraded to Da Ma.

(T/N: Ah Yi – used to address older women that aren’t in the same generation as the speaker; Da Shen – father’s younger brother’s wife; Da Ma – father’s elder brother’s wife)

She was infuriated to death at her.

“Grandmother, you are really a female hero. Tsk tsk tsk, a woman with thirty men. Every night, 30 men can take turns with you, I see that your days are blessed with copious amounts of s*x! “Chu Ye continued to speak with an indifferent face.

If I can’t beat you, I’ll speak to you.

To infuriate you, this old monster that specializes in “tender grass”. (younger people)

“You…” Lady Zanhua’s breathing was getting heavier. She was afraid that if she was careful, her lungs would burst.

Grandmother? (T/N: XD)

In a blink of an eye, she was once again upgraded from a Da Ma to a grandmother.

And obviously those men were her male pets, but she called them…

Anger increasing.

Deep breath, take deep breaths! Lady Zanhua regulated her lung capacity, try to make herself calm down.

“Speak, take advantage of the fact that your tongue is still in your mouth.  Continue speaking and don’t hand over the elemental sprite. It’s completely fine, I will ask you to obediently hand it over later.” Lady Zanhua said hazily, pausing after each word.

Then she turned and stepped toward the tree’s door. “Escort them both and give them to this lady. This lady will properly take care of them.”

As soon as she ordered it, there were several handsome young men who immediately brought Chu Ye and the bewitching man, who wasn’t able to escape, to the tree’s door.

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