CGSA Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Absolutely the Face of Bewitching Sin

More precisely speaking, she previously had karma with these two faces.

She still remembered that rose-scented and seductively graceful Lady Zanhua whom she had “encountered by chance” on that day in the garrison area in East Gate Town outside the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda. And trailing behind Lady Zanhua were two fair-skinned and handsome young men, who were exactly the two in front of her.

“What is this situation?”

“So many beautiful men gathered here, are they all Lady Zanhua’s male pets?”

“Could this place be Lady Zanhua’s residence?”

Chu Ye muttered to herself, a hundred thoughts running through her mind before immediately putting on a serious face.

Huancheng had said that Lady Zanhua is a resident of the second-floor.

Moreover, Chu Ye saw it very clearly on that day. When Lady Zanhua looked at the callous and stylish Huancheng, even with many eyes staring at that time, she was still completely unrestrained and hardly concealed her coquettish glances. If she wanted to be frivolous, she would be frivolous. If she wanted to be lascivious (censored), she would lasciviously (censored) move. So, for Lady Zanhua’s female body to support nearly 30 male pets was not impossible! 

Of course, these have nothing to do with Chu Ye. At the moment, she was worried that the elemental sprite hanging on the treetop would be discovered by them. If that happens, it would be a big inconvenience.

Because from the color of their hair and eyes which were different from that of ordinary people, Chu Ye could see that several of them were wizards.

Fortunately, they all had their eyes closed and quietly enjoyed the bright sunshine.

Chu Ye leaned out from the dense grass and was about to silently grab the elemental sprite from the treetop.

Suddenly, a woman’s shout rang loudly. “Your ten days of sunbathing are over. Are you still not going back?”

As the voice fell, Lady Zanhua, who was wearing an astonishingly revealing and provocative red dress, walked over from the opposite side with an unnaturally shy look.

Chu Ye withdrew her body and immediately went back to her former position.

On that day outside the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda, she had severely offended Lady Zanhua because of Huancheng’s sword. If she were to be discovered, she’ll likely have to face her wrath.

Upon seeing Lady Zanhua, those beautiful men shivered and immediately approached her together, not daring to speak even half a word. Their lowered eyes were filled with hidden resentment and anguish, as well as a trace of fear.

As if they hated the cruel Lady Zanhua but had no way out.

“What are you still dawdling around for? Open the door for this lady.” Lady Zanhua brutally kicked a weak young man that was closest to her.

The young boy fell flat on his face but did not dare to complain. He immediately got up and hurriedly said, “Yes!” As he spoke, he walked several meters to the towering tree that surpassed 5 meters in diameter. Then, his hands pressed on what seemed to be a protrusion on the tree’s trunk.

In the next second, a magical sight occurred, and a tree door slowly opened on the body of the enormous tree on its own.

The tree door gradually opened wide, slowly revealing another world inside – the underground palace.

The tree door may be connected to some certain mechanisms, which was why it was quite slow to open. Another fair-skinned young man near Lady Zanhua was afraid that Lady Zanhua would be impatient and think of him as a nuisance, so he smiled and tried to find something to say. “Congratulations my Lady for obtaining a new person. He isn’t an ordinary beauty. Lady’s eyes are getting better and better.”

As he said this, Chu Ye, who had been paying close attention, discovered that behind Lady Zanhua was a tied up red-haired man, and the other end of the rope used to tie him up was held in Lady Zanhua’s grasp.

With only one glance, Chu Ye was stunned.

In her past and present lives, the number of pretty boys that she had seen can be said to be countless, but only this red-haired man before her eyes could stop her in her tracks at first sight.

Such a man can no longer be described as beautiful, but rather bewitching.

His features were silk-like, his thin lips were flirtatiously pretty, and his red eyes looked demonic.

A body of demonic charm.

A body with no restraint.

Even if he became a fish at this moment and was to be slaughtered, it wouldn’t affect his ability to emanate nobility and pressure by the slightest bit.

This is why they say beauty is both a blessing and a curse. I feel kind of bad for these pretty boys. They have done nothing wrong except for being too handsome haha.

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